(Korean Movies) Woochi, 2009

Woochi, 2009
Audience over 12 years old
running time
136 minutes
cumulative audience
6065474 people
The 30th Korean Film Critics Association Award 2010


500 years ago during the Joseon Dynasty.
When the world is noisy because the legendary flute 'Manpasikjeok' has fallen into the hands of the monster, the gods ask for help from Daesa Cheongwan (Baek Yun-sik) and Hwadam (Kim Yun-seok), the best masters of the time, to seal the monster, and divide the 'Manpasikjeok' into two people. leave each On the other hand, when Jeon Woo-chi (Kang Dong-won), a disgruntled disciple of Master Cheongwan, deceives the king with the magic trick, and causes a commotion, the gods go to the Great Master Cheongwan with Hwadam. However, Master Cheon-gwan was killed by someone and half of his flute disappeared! Jeon Woo-chi, who is driven as a criminal, is sealed in a scroll with his dog Cho-raeng-i (Yoo Hae-jin) by the gods.

Seoul in 2009, where the ghost-catching mastermind also became a legend.
For some reason, the monsters sealed in the past reappear one by one and disturb the world. Now, the gods who enjoyed their secluded lives as priests, middle schoolers, and fortune tellers gather again to find Hwa-dam, but he is not even aware of his life or death, who disappeared for reasons of training 500 years ago. After much deliberation, the gods find a scroll that has become a museum exhibit and summon Jeon Woo-chi and Cho-raengi. Jeon Woo-chi goes on a monster hunt reluctantly at the suggestion that if the monsters are captured, they will be completely released from the seal. However, Jeon Woo-chi is busy looking at the world that has changed with the monster hunting behind him, and he meets Seo In-kyung (Lim Su-jeong), who has the same face as the woman he fell in love with at first sight in the past, and starts playing with love. Hwa-dam appears in front of the gods who are in trouble because of Jeon Woo-chi, but Hwa-dam confronts her husband over the whereabouts of Manpa-sikjeok…

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The hero in a classic Korean novel is the main character, the first Korean-style hero movie
The movie <Woochi Jeon> is a story recreated with the modern background as the main background by taking the character motif from 「Jeon Woochi Jeon」, one of the representative classic hero novels along with The Story of Hong Gil-dong. 'Jeon Woo-chi', the main character in the novel 'Jeon Woo-chi,' is classified as a hero character in that he helped the poor people and dealt with the ducks. Unlike the existing heroes, it is characterized by being free and possessing a vicious temperament. Director Choi Dong-hoon was fascinated by the fact that Jeon Woo-chi is a hero but has an anti-social code, so he planned <Jeon Woo-chi>. Director Choi Dong-hoon, who struggled for peace and defended the city alone, discovered novel hero characters differentiated from Hollywood heroes such as Superman, Spider-Man, and Batman. Years moved to Hyundai Seoul. And the storyline was born, 'The Joseon Dynasty master Jeon Woo-chi, who was framed and imprisoned in a scroll, was released from the seal in the present 500 years later, fighting against the monsters that are disturbing the world'. As such, <Woochi Jeon> is the 'first Korean-style hero movie' that recreates the heroic characters of a classic Korean novel into a fresh and attractive 21st century hero character, and puts it to the fore as the main character. Unlike Hong Gil-dong and Il Ji-mae, who have been treated in numerous dramas and movies, it is interesting to note that Jeon Woo-chi is a character that has never been recreated before.

Novel 「Jeonwoochijeon」
It is a classic novel of unknown author based on a real person 'Jeon Woo-chi' during the Joseon Dynasty as the main character. It is a full-length novel based on the life of a character named Jeon Woo-chi, and is classified into heroic novels, magic novels, and social novels. Records about the main character Jeon Woo-chi appear in several literatures, including <Joyajipyo>, <Daedongyaseung>, <Eoyadam> and <Jibongyuseo>, the librarians of the Joseon Dynasty. According to the novel, there was a scholar named Jeon Woo-chi in the Sunginmun Gate of Songgyeong (Songdo) in the early Joseon Dynasty, with extraordinary magical abilities. After witnessing the tyranny of greedy rulers and the misery of the poor people while hiding his talents, he uses his magic to punish corrupt greedy ducks and help the people injustice. The appearance of the sword and the help of the poor with the money of corrupt officials are similar to “Hong Gil-dong”, but there is a big difference in the main character. Jeon Woo-chi has a fiery temperament and shows a vicious temperament that frequently uses his abilities for personal emotions, such as chasing people who look down on him because he has a fiery temperament. Scenes such as deceiving the king and running away on the horse in the picture, or scolding the scholars who mocked him for destroying them, prove this. Also, in the novel, 'Seohwadam' hears that he has high morals and goes to confront him, but after being humiliated by Hwadam's magic, he serves him as a colleague and teacher.

A feast of exciting characters, a well-made character movie
Director Choi Dong-hoon's long-term talent, who showed excellent character creation ability through <Tazza> and <Reconstruction of Crime>, is displayed once again in <Woochi Jeon>. Starting with the characters Jeon Woo-chi and Hwa-dam, who are interesting reinterpretations of the characters in the classic heroic novels, Seo In-kyung, Cho-raeng-i, Dae Cheon-gwan, actresses, gods, and even human-shaped ghosts, all of them are characters with distinct personalities.

'Woochi Jeon', who is a hero, but is a hero of heaven, is attractive because he deviated from the epitome of a superhero character. In contrast to Hollywood heroes who hide their abilities without revealing them, Jeon Woo-chi wants to publicize and show off her magic skills. There are many times when he is not free and honest, but there are times when he is not shy. He had no interest in any cause, to the extent that he reluctantly took on the task of catching a monster when he said he would release him from the seal. Jeon Woo-chi's rival 'Hwa-dam' was named after Seohwa-dam that appeared in the novel "Jeon Woo-chijeon". In the novel, he was Jeon Woo-chi's colleague and teacher, but in the film he is a rival of fate. A thoroughly recreated character with almost no connection other than the name. Hwadam is also characterized by the coexistence of good and evil, breaking away from the typical villain, revealing and transforming the inherent evil due to the legendary flute Manpasikjeok and Jeon Woochi, who is idle and has excellent swordsmanship skills. The female protagonist, Seo In-kyung, has an innocent appearance just like the lovers of superheroes in Hollywood movies, but the fact that she hides her provocative talents and desires arouses curiosity.
The setting in which she dreams of becoming an actress in her heart and works as an actress's coordinator is also interesting. Jeon Woo-chi's friend, Choraengi, draws attention with his ingenious idea of interpersonal relationships. The relationship between Jeon Woo-chi and Cho-raengi between the two quarrelsome but close friends with the setting of 'the dog that Jeon Woo-chi carries' causes pleasant laughter. Jeon Woo-chi's teacher, 'Daesa Cheongwan', makes Jeon Woo-chi look back on the meaning of being a true adult as a fatherly being, and the top star 'actress' delivers a strange catharsis with comic elements such as ignorance, foot acting, and savagery. Lastly, the 'Three Gods', an important link between the Joseon Dynasty and the present, has a mission to seal the ghosts, but it is interesting that they are not able to catch the ghosts. The setting of the gods who live among people in the form of middle school, shaman, and priest, and the 'human youkai' who live with people in the form of humans are also interesting. It is truly a feast of unique and exciting characters, which leads to a solid storyline. This is because rich dramatic elements such as action, drama, melodrama, and comedy are drawn from the relationships between characters, such as rivalry, love lines, and friendships. It is a well-made character movie accompanied by the charm of colorful characters and the solid story they create, which will provide fresh fun to the audience.

Meeting of Korean material 'Swordsmanship' and 'Director Dong-Hoon Choi', a pioneer of genre film
An unprecedented 'magic' that transcends time unfolds

Superman has superpowers, Spider-Man has spider webs, Batman has a high-tech weapon, Iron Man has a steel suit, and Harry Potter has magic. The so-called heroic characters of Hollywood movies each have one ability that is represented like a trademark. And our Korean hero 'Woochi Jeon' is doing 'swordsmanship'. Taoism, which is based on the 'Tao' that governs the mind, is a mysterious material that contains a philosophy unique to the East, and for Koreans, it is also a familiar subject that appears in stories that begin with 'Once upon a time~'. If you are a Korean, you must have heard the story of a swordsman turning a sword into a flower by snapping your fingers, flying on clouds, and turning into a broom to dazzle your opponent. The magicians in the movie <Jeon Woo-chi> practice magic based on this native story. Recalling that most of the abilities of Western heroes who fill the screen are based on scientific civilization, swordsmanship is a very fresh subject. Various magical techniques such as cloning and cloning using amulets to create illusions, moving through space and time, hiding from objects around you freely, clairvoyance from sitting and looking at three thousand miles, and mind reading to read the mind of others, Chukjibeop It is a unique world of charm that is differentiated from Western scientific weapons and magic, including swordsmanship actions with new oriental martial arts such as , light engineering, etc. In addition, Dong-Hoon Choi, who successfully reconstructed the genre of crime fraud drama in a Korean style (<Reconstruction of Crime>), and successfully created a Korean-style gambling drama using a native material called hwatu (<Tazza>) It is noteworthy that the director As a director who has a knack for dissolving unfamiliar materials and genres in accordance with Korean emotions, he is expected to create novel and interesting films with the subject of swordsmanship. Also, it is interesting that the material of fraud (<Reconstruction of Crime>), gambling (<Tazza>), and tactics (<Jeon Woo-chi>) are in line is interesting and adds to the expectation.


“Hero movie with oriental material, captivating the world!”
Overseas markets reacted first to Korean material 'dosul'! Ahead of its domestic release, the 30th American Film Market (AFM), the world's largest film market, has only a '5-minute promotional video' in five European countries including Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, China, Australia, It has achieved a splendid feat of pre-selling to a total of 12 countries (Germany, UK, Australia, New Zealand, China, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei) including New Zealand and major Southeast Asian countries. Overseas filmmakers at AFM were enthusiastic about the magic action with oriental colors such as cloning and cloning using the amulet presented by the main character Jeon Woo-chi, and 'Woo-chi Jeon', a character re-creating a character from a Korean classic hero, is unique as a villainous hero. and added the evaluation that it was fresh. In particular, it is the back door that mentions the 'scene of waking up from a scroll that was sealed for 500 years' and showed an explosive response saying, "It is a fresh setting and scene that I have never seen in any movie in the world." <Forbidden Kingdom> <Kung Fu Panda> <The Mummy 3: The Emperor's Tomb> <Dragon Ball Z> <Ninja Assassin> The current global film market trend is expected to continue as oriental boom is expected to be used in various ways. Judging from this, <Woochi Jeon> seems to be a project that will fascinate the overseas market. Following the Korean monster movie <Monster> and the Korean Western movie <The Good, the Bad, the Weird>, the Korean-style hero movie <Woochi Jeon> is preparing to spread the charm of Korean cinema to the world.

Kang Dong-won, Kim Yun-seok, Lim Su-jeong, Hae-jin Hae, Baek Yun-sik, Yeom Jeong-ah… The perfect combination of star power and proven acting skills
All screen top stars appear, casting a dream that will excite Korea

Shortly after the news of the production was announced, the casting of <Jeon Woo-chi> created a hot topic. The reason is the accompanying appearance of the star corps, which cannot be defined as one-top or two-top. The appearance of a large number of Korea's top actors armed with outstanding acting skills and stars such as Kang Dong-won, Kim Yun-seok, Im Soo-jung, Hae Hae-jin, Baek Yun-sik, and Yeom Jeong-ah is the best casting in Korean film history, with an ultra-pretty cast comparable to that of the Hollywood movie <Ocean's> series. Following <Monster> and <Tazza>, the ensemble of star actors is expected to be one of the most anticipated films. In addition, most of the actors are foretelling an upgraded transformation, which draws more attention. Kang Dong-won, who plays Jeon Woo-chi, plays the evil master, and shows the most unconventional character transformation since his debut. “Behind the perfect appearance, I found a pleasant image of a bad boy. From the moment I remembered the <Jeon Woo-chi> project, I wrote the screenplay with Kang Dong-won in mind." Hwa-dam, a rival who forms a confrontation with Jeon Woo-chi, will be played by actor Kim Yun-seok. As each character shows a perfect transformation with amazing suction power, it is predicted to create an attractive villain. Im Soo-jung foretells a different look as Seo In-kyung, a femme fatale who goes back and forth between innocence and provocation, and her transformation is already generating a hot topic. In addition, the participation of prominent actors armed with solid acting skills such as Hae Hae-jin, Baek Yun-sik, Yeom Jeong-ah, Joo Jin-mo, Kim Sang-ho, Song Young-chang, and Seon Woo-seon, who can be called representatives of the Choi Dong-hoon division, is also an essential factor in the success of the show. The synergy of the acting synergy that the top actors called Naro unfold and the acting synergy they exude are definitely the highlight of the movie <Woochi Jeon>.

Star director + best casting in history + production team with solid skills + production cost of 10 billion won
2009's strongest project following <Monster> <Nom Nom Nom> and <Haeundae>

Director Choi Dong-hoon is called the best storyteller in Chungmuro for his attractive character expression and detailed story composition. As a director who makes 'interesting' works that do not disappoint the expectations of the audience, the public has been waiting for his next work. The expectations of the critics are also huge, to the extent that it was ranked 'the most anticipated Korean film in 2009 selected by the media', beating out prominent films. Here, the addition of top actors and producers moving the Korean film industry adds to the sense of trust. The first thing that catches the eye is the 'Dream Team' in <Tazza> and <Reconstruction of Crime>. Cinematographer Choi Young-hwan, lighting director Kim Seong-gwan, and editor Shin Min-kyung, who boast a fantastic collaboration with director Choi Dong-hoon, will present dynamic and light shooting and editing like their previous works. The thrilling action that combines modern action with Korean martial arts is also the best attraction. Director Jung Doo-hong, the best martial arts director in Korea, who has built an unrivaled action world with numerous works such as <Beat>, <Sweet Life>, <Partner> and <Warrior>, will take on the action, raising expectations even further. The CG work for the vast scale and splendid art that transcends time and space will be handled by Ageworks, the best CG company in Korea that worked on <Monster> and <Nom Nom Nom>. Following the Korean monster movie <Monster> and the Korean Western movie <Nom Nom Nom>, we plan to implement a well-made video that once again announces the dazzling development of domestic CG technology. As such, <Jeon Woo-chi> is enough to give trust in the sense that it is a meeting between the director, actors, and production team who have been recognized for their skills. As '2009 Strongest Project' that follows <Monster>, <Good Guy, Bad Guy, Strange> and <Haeundae>, it is foretelling the birth of another well-made blockbuster.

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