(Korean Movies) Will You Be There?, 2016

Will You Be There?, 2016

Will You Be There?, 2016
Audience over 12 years old
running time
111 minutes
cumulative audience
1168827 people
37th Golden Cinematography Awards 2017


In 2015, Soo-hyeon (Kim Yun-seok) accidentally gets 10 pills that can go back in time. Going back to 1985, he meets himself (Byun Yo-han) 30 years ago, and tries to change an incident in the past that he regrets his whole life through 10 chances…


In the movie "Will You Be There"
Kim Yun-seok, my favorite Korean actor, will appear.
I got to know Kim Yun-seok through the movie The Chaser.
I think he's a very impressive actor.
The novel [Will You Be There?] has been published in Europe and America.
There were many offers to make a movie, but I turned them down.
This time, the Korean proposal was accepted and it was made into a movie.

~Letter from Guillaume Musso


#1 bestseller in 30 countries worldwide!
The world's first film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Guillaume Musso!

The movie <You, Will You Be There>, which tells the story of a man who gets 10 pills that can return to the past, meets himself 30 years ago and tries to change an event in the past that he regrets for the rest of his life. The film was adapted from the novel of the same name by the French writer Guillaume Musso, who caused a stir, and the movie audiences as well as fans of the original novel are receiving enthusiastic expectations.

The writer Guillaume Musso, who published works of cinematic composition, fast-paced style, and romantic worldview, and even created a new word, the 'Guillaume Musso phenomenon', is not only in France but also in Korea as well as [Save me], [Because I love you], [ Paper Woman] is a bestseller every time she publishes a new work, and it is gaining explosive popularity by selling a cumulative 3 million copies even in the midst of a recession in the publishing industry. Among them, [Will You Be There?] captured the sympathy of readers around the world with the question 'If we were given the opportunity to turn back time, how would we change our lives?' is cited

In particular, Guillaume Musso, known for being cautious when making his work into a movie, has repeatedly rejected numerous movie proposals for [Will You, Will You Be There?] You, Will You Be There?>'s production company, Sufilm, signed a copyright contract for the first time in the world and decided to make it into a movie, demonstrating trust in Korean films. In addition, whenever new advertisements such as teaser posters and motion posters are released, they show their special affection by posting them directly on their SNS. France's most prestigious publishing magazine, Livres Hebdo, mainly deals with articles on film making, drawing keen interest in France.

Korea's representative actors who can be trusted and seen
2015 present Suhyun Kim Yunseok X 1985 Past Suhyun Byun Yohan
Suhyeon's different charms like 2 people 1 role, male and female chemistry explosion!

Korea's representative actors Kim Yun-seok and Byun Yo-han, who arouse the trust of the audience just by their name alone, in this <You, Will You Be There>, split into 'Current Soo-hyun' 30 years later and 'Past Soo-hyun' 30 years ago Captivating the screen with the fantastic acting breathing of In 1's role.

Actor Kim Yoon-seok, who has always captivated the audience with his overwhelming charisma, is a great actor with his excellent acting ability to freely move between various genres and characters such as <A Joyful Life> <The Chaser> <Wandeuk> <The Thieves> and <The Black Priests>. He has established himself as a trusted actor. In addition, Byun Yo-han, who began to receive attention as an independent film and emerged as a promising next-generation star through the drama [Misaeng], quickly emerged as a next-generation blue chip with his solid acting skills recognized in the movie <Socialphobia>.
In the play, Kim Yun-seok and Byun Yo-han, who are currently Su-hyeon in 2015 and Su-hyeon in the past in 1985, as the same person after 30 years of time in between, have similarities not only in their visuals, but also in their atmosphere, eyes, and trivial habits, making it hard to think that they are actually the same person. It shows an amazing synchronicity. In particular, the conflict between two 'Soo-hyeon', who fall into different situations around one incident, adds tension to the film and increases immersion, and the synergy created by the fantastic acting breathing of Kim Yun-seok and Byun Yo-han will dominate the screen this winter. It draws attention by foretelling the chemistry of 'Soo tongue Needs'.

Byun Yo-han made a special effort to act as a two-person role and said, "It may look similar through various parts such as clothes and hairstyle, but I observe a lot from the thought that I want to resemble Kim Yun-seok's hand gestures and even small parts from the point of view of a junior. I did,” he said in a respectful comment on Kim Yun-seok. Kim Yun-seok also said, "Byun Yo-han is a talented friend who has experienced musicals, movies, and even plays. I feel like I'm going to become a real big actor the older I get, because I'm building a very solid foundation."

From the living legend Bob Dylan, who won the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature.
From the 1980s music icon to Kim Hyun-sik
A luxury OST lineup that captivates the eyes and ears!

The song of Bob Dylan, a living legend who won the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature, is the first Korean film to be recorded as an OST for <Will You Be There>. 'Knocking On Heaven's Door' from <Knocking on Heaven's Door>, 'The Times They Are a Changing' and 'Desolation' from <Watchmen>, Bob Dylan's biopic <I'm Not There>, <Inside Lewin>, < Bob Dylan's song, which could only be seen in foreign works through the movie OST until Forrest Gump, is finally heard in a Korean movie for the first time through the movie <Will You Be There?>.
The song to be recorded this time is the representative song 'Make you feel my love' from Bob Dylan's 30th studio album [TIME OUT OF MIND] released in 1997. When I'll hug you warmly. So that you can feel my love.” Like the romantic lyrics, it will capture the eyes and ears of audiences regardless of generation by raising the film's sensibility. The production team, who requested approval for the use of 'Make you feel my love' after the crank-in in March of this year, thought it would not be easy because there had been no cases of approval for the use of Korean music so far. I heard that you could get it.

In addition, Kim Hyun-sik's songs appear as an icon of the era that will represent 1985, 30 years ago in the movie, stimulating the audience's memories. Kim Hyun-sik, who is still regarded as the best vocalist in the history of Korean pop music, is a genius artist representing the 80s, and he was loved by the public by recording an all-time hit with his second album, 'I Loved You', released in 1984. Director Hong Ji-young said, "The difference between the times between 2015 and 1985 will be shown in terms of sound, such as advertisements, news, and music in the play." It gives a faint nostalgia to the audience who enjoyed the song, and introduces a new masterpiece to the audience who doesn't know singer Kim Hyun-sik well, giving another point of observation. In addition, Kim Yun-seok and Byun Yo-han will sang Kim Hyun-sik's famous song 'Your Image' together, creating a hot topic.

In addition, British singer-songwriter Birdy's 'Beautiful Lies', Michael J. Fox's 'Johnny B. Goode' from the movie 'Back to the Future' OST, and German band Arabesque's 'Hello Mr. Monkey' and other memorable OSTs are expected to catch the eyes and ears of the audience.


Even the scars on the forehead and the little habits…
For the same two people, one station
The acting passion of the actors who do not miss a single detail!

Kim Yun-seok and Byun Yo-han, who play the present and past of Su-hyeon, a man who wants to change a moment in the past that he regrets for the rest of his life, and Kim Sang-ho and Ahn Se-ha, who played the present and past of Tae-ho, Soo-hyun's best friend. The detailed efforts to do this are raising the audience's expectations even more.
Kim Yun-seok, who plays the current Soo-hyeon, paid attention to the actual scar on the forehead of Byun Yo-han in order to reinforce the setting in the movie that he is the same person as Byun Yo-han, who played the role of the past Soo-hyeon. In 1985, on the day of filming a scene where he visited Byun Yo-han from the past and made him believe that he was from the future, Kim Yun-seok surprised everyone by appearing in the same position as Byun Yo-han on his forehead, disguised as the same type of wound. Byun Yo-han also said, “There are small habits that everyone has without their knowledge, and I observed and tried to match and resemble them with Kim Yun-seok.” He didn't spare any effort to appear as the same person.
After the movie stills were released, Kim Sang-ho and Ahn Se-ha, who gathered topics for their perfect resemblance from hairstyle to beard, also worked hard to become the same person. Director Hong Ji-young said, “From the first meeting, Kim Sang-ho and Ahn Se-ha found each other’s habits every time they had a meeting. I studied constantly,” he said, praising the enthusiasm of the two actors.

Mysterious backcountry, Cambodia & Thailand location
The story behind the opening shooting!

Most of the stories in Cambodia that decorate the opening of the film were filmed in remote Thailand, and the panoramic view of Cambodia Angkor Wat and unique floating houses were filmed with a direct camera. In order to capture the panoramic view of Angkor Wat, Cambodia, which is said to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a treasure of mankind, in the opening scene, production company Sufilm obtained permission to shoot after several months of discussions with Cambodia and Angkor Wat officials.
The opening scene, completed through an overseas location, is the first filming of the movie, the process of obtaining 10 pills that can return to the past, and the story of the movie through the conversation between the mysterious old man and the present Soo-hyeon. It was also the filming that paid the most attention as a scene that contained implicitly.
In the play, an actor who will play the role of a mysterious old man who has a pill that can return to the past was hired directly from the local area. After reviewing numerous candidates, director Hong Ji-young created a captivating opening scene by casting an 85-year-old man with a mysterious atmosphere with a height of 190 cm and gray eyes.
Director Hong Ji-young said, “It was a filming with many variables, such as an overseas location, a remote place, an 85-year-old man, a 5-month-old baby, an elephant, and a helicopter with a fixed time.” All actors and staff happily worked together with one heart and one mind in difficult conditions, such as the extreme temperature difference between the mornings as cold as midwinter and as hot as midsummer, as well as differences in local language and culture. In particular, in the helicopter scene, which had to be filmed within 5 hours, the camera equipment suddenly overheated and stopped in the middle, but miraculously, the filming was completed within the set schedule. Kim Yun-seok also said, “The sun went down early because we were filming in a remote place in the mountains, and in the helicopter scene, the hut flew away because of the strong wind, and the staff suffered a lot because it was impossible to talk.”

Even a puppy 'potato' and a dolphin!
The passionate performances of animal actors that are no less than the main actors!

Various animals from the movie, from newborn puppies to smart dolphins and elephants, appear one after another, providing a different kind of fun to the audience. In the play, the animal that Yeon-a (Chae Seo-jin) presents to her past Soo-hyeon (Byun Yo-han) is a newborn puppy. Thirty years later, Su-hyeon (Kim Yun-seok), who couldn't believe what Soo-hyeon (Kim Yun-seok) said that he came from the future, plays a decisive role in believing him when he sees him calling the name of 'potato'. The lovely 'Potato' and the cute chemistry with Kim Yun-seok and Byun Yo-han catches the eye.
In addition, a dolphin appears as an animal that works with Yuna, the first female trainer, to exude a refreshing charm. After training with the dolphins, which director Hong Ji-young praised as a clever animal, Seo-jin Chae had a deep exchange with the dolphins and even demonstrated the foot-push technique, a movement in which two dolphins push a person's feet in the water. And even the trainers were surprised. In fact, the dolphin, who is known to feel human emotions well, did not leave the side of Chae Seo-jin, who was acting worried about dolphins in the play, and created a sense of warmth.
Director Hong Ji-young said, “I decided that it would be good to have a zoo, where the space where Yuna and Soo-hyeon fall in love is different from a cold hospital. I chose the zoo because I wanted it,” he said, revealing the special meaning of animals appearing in the movie.

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