(Korean Movies) What a Man Wants, 2018

What a Man Wants, 2018

What a Man Wants, 2018
Youth not allowed
running time
100 minutes
cumulative audience
1194239 people


"Why are you lonely even if you're in love or married?"
The immature adults who want to be loved endlessly are coming!

Seok-geun (Lee Seong-min), a legend of 'wind' with 20 years of experience, leads Bong-su (Shin Ha-kyun), the husband of his sister 'Mi-yeong' (Song Ji-hyo), who is in love with SNS, into the world of 'wind'.
However, with the appearance of 'Jenny' (Lee El), the owner of a fatal charm who appeared in front of the three, the lives of four people are twisted out of control…

I'm more and more excited, it's over when I get caught
lonely no matter what
Comedy for adults is coming!


Whether in love or married, lonely
A super-strong laughter wind blows for adults!

<Wind Wind Wind>, which has been confirmed to be released on April 5, heralds the refreshing energy of spring and a wind of laughter. <Wind Wind Wind>, the only comedy genre in theaters in April, foretells a so-called 'comedy for adults' that utilizes director Lee Byung-hun's unique taste, raising expectations even more. The sarcastic lines that only adults can do make the audience laugh in reality, and the four-person, four-color character chemistry that fits perfectly with the comedy genre is expected to bring a box office wind to the theater this spring.

<Wind Wind Wind> is the story of Seok-geun (Lee Seong-min), a legend of ‘wind’ with a 20-year career, Bong-su (Shin Ha-kyun), a brother-in-law who later entered the world of ‘wind’, and ‘Bong-su’ who falls in love with SNS. It is a comedy for adults that depicts a situation where 'Jenny' (Lee El), who has a fatal charm, appears in front of 'Miyoung' (Song Ji-hyo), and gets twisted out of control. <Wind Wind Wind> is a comical yet sympathetic portrayal of young adults who are lonely even if they fall in love or get married. In particular, director Lee Byung-hun said, “I made a film focusing on the emotions of the characters. As the story unfolded, I thought a lot about how the audience would feel and created a relationship between the characters.” will provide

On the other hand, <Wind Wind Wind> is attracting a lot of attention even before its release just by talking about the 'wind' that stimulates curiosity by director Lee Byung-hun of <Twenty>, who has brought a new wind of comedy with his sharp words. Director Lee Byung-hun said, “It was a very important film to control the tone. It is a film that tells about emotions that are rarely easily revealed.” Shin Ha-kyun, who plays the role of 'Bong-su', also said, "The method of unraveling the subject matter is fresh. It is like a fairy tale that adults see in a fun way.” He said, raising expectations for <Wind Wind Wind>, a 'comedy for adults' that will bring a new wind of comedy.

Equipped with rustic and savage horse taste and savage beauty
<Twenty> Director Lee Byung-hun's proprietary comic style is back!
Director Lee Byung-hun, who captivated 3 million viewers with <Twenty>, which became a new milestone for comedy films with his witty directing and witty taste in 2015, will return with a fresh smile this time, although he is twenty years older than twenty, but still immature adults. am.

Director Lee Byung-hun took on the adaptation of <Speed Scandal>(2008), <Sunny>(2011), and <Tazza-God's Hand>(2014), and started to introduce the unique witty comedy to the public. Then, through works such as <Cheer Up, Mr. Byung-Hun> (2013), which deals with the stories of friends dreaming of entering the film industry, and <Twenty> (2015), which deals with the friendship of three energetic 20-year-old friends, he plays characters with extraordinary storytelling and bold directing skills. has presented outstanding works. This was born a comedy that empathizes with reality that goes beyond simple laughter, and gained the audience's sympathy with the dialogue that made use of the sharp taste of words and the honesty conveyed in it. In particular, the movie "Twenty" created a comedy film that can be sympathized with by all generations beyond the 20s by depicting the trials and errors of the protagonists' youth, establishing the 'Lee Byung-Hun Director's Table' comedy genre.

Director Lee Byung-hun returns to the theater in spring once again after three years, foretelling explosive laughter and box office winds with the movie <Wind Wind Wind>. The movie <Wind Wind Wind> depicts the story of four men and women who face a more dangerous 'wind' than a typhoon driven by a woman with a fatal charm that can shake anyone. If <Twenty> is a delightful story about the growth of an under-grown youth, <Wind Wind Wind> is a sympathetic and comical depiction of a comedy for grown-ups who want to be loved endlessly, and who are lonely even if they are married even if they are in love. In particular, he said, “Like ‘Twenty’, you can have a lot of fun, but it is a work that will leave a deeper impression after you laugh. You will be able to think a lot about various emotions, from what is right and wrong to loneliness and responsibility.” Like this, <Wind Wind Wind>, which has both a burst of laughter just by looking at it and a lingering aftertaste that makes you think about it even after leaving the theater, will dominate the theaters this coming April.

I came back as an immature adult with only my heart in my twenties
Trustworthy actors Lee Sung-min, Shin Ha-kyun, Song Ji-hyo, and EL!
A fresh wind chemistry is coming!

<Wind Wind Wind> is gathering a lot of attention just by meeting the leading actors in Chungmuro, Lee Seong-min, Shin Ha-kyun, Song Ji-hyo, and Lee El. Director Lee Byung-hun, in charge of directing, said, "The chemistry of the actors who perfected everything through their acting" as the reason that the audience should never miss this movie, raising curiosity by foretelling the special chemistry of the four actors to be shown in the work.

First, Seong-Min Lee, who has mastered all genres across TV screens and screens, such as the drama tvN [Misaeng] (2014), the movies <The Sheriff> (2017), and <The Attorney> (2013), will present a new acting transformation. Lee Seong-min, who took on the role of 'Seok-geun', the legend of the 'wind', who has not heard his wish for 20 years, has created a character with the charm of a demonic character that is fluent and cannot be hated with his outstanding acting skills. He said, "I put a lot of effort into expressing the charming 'Seok-geun' character. You will be able to see a joyful and pleasant appearance.” On the other hand, Shin Ha-kyun, who showed overwhelming performances in the movies <Bat>(2009), <Gojijeon>(2011), and <The Villainess>(2017), was accidentally born from an incompetent and helpless husband, whether outside or inside the house. He was perfectly divided into 'Bongsu', who became a prodigy of the wind. The process of entering the world of wind by 'Bong-soo', who knew nothing, will be perfectly expressed with skillful acting, giving the audience a big laugh. In particular, Shin Ha-kyun, who showed confidence by saying, "I think I can give you more fun than the audience expects," amplifies the curiosity by foretelling an unprecedented 'brother-sister-in-law chemistry' with Lee Seong-min.

On the other hand, Song Ji-hyo, who is loved by the public for her impressive acting in JTBC [This Week's Wife is having an affair] (2016) and as 'Bad Ji-hyo' and 'Mong Ji-hyo' in SBS [Running Man], is 'Bong-soo'. ' will play the role of 'Miyoung', the wife of ', and show the image of an 8-year-old wife who fell in love with SNS instead of her husband. In addition, the real sibling chemistry with Lee Seong-min, who plays the role of his older brother 'Seok-geun', will give you a big laugh throughout the movie. In addition, Lee El, who recently showed a unique presence through tvN [Goblin] (2016) and [Hwayugi] (2017), will create another life character as 'Jenny', who will shake up all the three people's relationships. am. In order to express the 'Jenny' character that captures all the opposite sexes at once, EL, who said that she focused on acting after emptying her body and mind, raises curiosity more about the charm she will show in the movie. As such, the four actors of <Wind Wind Wind> are expected to captivate theaters with their different charms and the best new wind chemistry ever.


Perfect digestion of comic acting!
200% synchro rate of actors, character birth

Director Lee Byung-hun of <Wind Wind Wind> put all his energy into setting the four characters that realistically and without any additions or subtractions to the emotions and bare faces of adults. “All the actors we wanted for each role were cast. I am a lucky person.” As director Lee Byung-hun said, the fantastic casting that perfectly expresses the characters full of personality heralds the birth of an unadorned comedy that will spur a box office wind in the theaters.

#One. Model taxi driver 'Seok-geun' / Lee Seong-min
Director Lee Byung-hun chose a special job as a model taxi driver in Jeju Island, a former roller coaster designer who traveled the world to set the character of 'Seok-geun'. Now that Seok-geun, who used to drive his own wind freely around the world, has become a model taxi driver, the curiosity about what kind of wind he will drive in Jeju Island will give the audience curiosity throughout the movie. In addition, director Lee Byung-hun emphasized that only Lee Seong-min was able to perfectly express 'Seok-geun', a character who can feel a huge emotional change as he goes through as many events as a roller coaster. Director Lee Byung-hun said, "Lee Seong-min was an actor who could adjust 1mm and 1mm. I thought Seok-geun would soon be Lee Seong-min.” He said, raising expectations for the clever but cute glee of ‘Seok-geun’, which was created by actor Lee Seong-min. Shin Ha-kyun, who plays Bong-soo, who will show the chemistry that has grown through the fourth meeting after going through <Cafe Noir>, [Brain], and <Big Match>, said, "Actress Lee Seong-min is a new actor that has never seen before through perfect synchronization with 'Seok-geun'. I will show you.” He also raised expectations for his transformation.

#2. Chef Bong-soo, who expresses his emotions through cooking / Ha-kyun Shin
Shin Ha-kyun, who runs an Italian restaurant, but has always been unable to stop the 'wind' towards Chinese cuisine in his heart, is expected to show off a reversal of charm through this <Wind Wind Wind>. Bongsu, who was infinitely helpless when he was the manager of an Italian restaurant, met 'Jenny' and started cooking Chinese cuisine while spinning the wok and stroking in a realistic way, gaining confidence and finding vitality in life. Director Lee Byung-hun believed that actor Shin Ha-kyun would perfectly digest 'Bong-su', which boasts 180 degrees of different charms over time, unlike his timidity in the beginning. In fact, director Lee Byung-hun's words, "In <Wind Wind Wind>, you will be able to see different performances of veteran actor Shin Ha-kyun."

#3. 'Miyoung' who loves SNS more than her husband / Jihyo Song
Even ordinary people feel lonely, and director Lee Byung-hun thought that SNS was the most commonly used to relieve that loneliness, and he thought that SNS addicts were the perfect setting for 'Miyoung'. In addition, Song Ji-hyo's natural life acting perfectly digests the chemistry between her brother 'Seok-geun' (Lee Seong-min) and her husband 'Bong-su' (Shin Ha-kyun) as a married couple, heralding the birth of a character who seems to be wearing custom clothes. As director Lee Byung-hun said, "Actress Song Ji-hyo's usual image fits Mi-young perfectly."

#4. 'Jenny' / EL, who shines even more on the inside
'Jenny', chosen by the actors as the most attractive character in the movie, is a character whose inner dignity and candor shine more than her outwardly fatal charm. 'Jenny', who was born as a character wearing natural costumes without makeup, rather than with dark makeup and fancy clothes, will captivate the audience with her irresistible charm. Director Lee Byung-hun, who was contemplating casting for 'Jenny', thought that he could not do it without a veteran actor, but decided that the mysterious and attractive parts of actor Lee Elman would suit him well. Director Lee Byung-hun, who said, "Actor EL was more technically superior than I thought and expressed his emotions perfectly."

A special atmosphere created by a special space!
& a pleasant behind-the-scenes story that we wanted to do together 365 days a year!

The spatial setting of <Wind Wind Wind> plays an important role in bringing out the emotional lines of the characters naturally. For this, director Lee Byung-hun chose Jeju Island as the location, and the director said, “When the main characters act and feel various emotions, the location was chosen with the intention of putting them in a space where there is no escape and focusing on these characters. set,” he said. The intertwined relationships and unpredictable events shown by the four characters will unfold in the background of Jeju Island, increasing the audience's immersion. In addition, the various spaces and colors appearing in <Wind Wind Wind> support the relationship between characters and will add fun to viewing. First, the houses of 'Bongsu' and 'Miyoung', who appear as one of the main spaces in the movie, mainly use blue tones. Blue is a color that represents 'Miyoung', and the interior of the house also intentionally places blue-based colors, revealing that 'Miyoung' is more dominant than 'Bongsu' in the relationship between the two. In addition, 'Bongsu', who was running an Italian restaurant, met 'Jenny' and gained confidence, and red color was added to the setting of running a Chinese restaurant to depict the emotional change of the character.

In line with the comedy genre, a friendly atmosphere was created even outside the camera. At the filming site, everyone called Lee Seong-min the 'captain', so he took care of the actors and staff with his senior leadership and tolerance. Shin Ha-kyun also showed a warm and considerate attitude and held the center between the actors, and EL volunteered as a restaurant tour guide, and it is said that he made a great contribution to strengthening teamwork by visiting restaurants throughout the location filming. In addition to this, the strong trust between the director and the actors was added to make <Wind Wind Wind> a delightful and warm scene. There were a lot of parts, but the actors understood exactly what I wanted and built trust by sharing opinions with each other. It was so moving,” he said, boasting a fantastic collaboration with the actors.

A fantastic chemistry that will blow with the spring breeze!
It's all in here!
Seong-Min Lee X Ha-Kyun Shin / Big Brother – Brother-in-law Chemie

Actors Lee Seong-min and Shin Ha-kyun, who worked together in 4 works, reunited with <Wind Wind Wind> after about 4 years and completed the unprecedented 'Brother-Sister' chemistry, raising expectations for their performance. In the drama, they plan to show off their opposite charms, such as personality, behavior, and atmosphere, that are hard to find in common.

Hakyun Shin X Jihyo Song / 200% empathy for reality
Actors Shin Ha-kyun and Song Ji-hyo realistically portrayed a couple in their eighth year of marriage. From their infinite indifference to each other, to the unexpected 'wind' blowing and facing a reversal, the audience's sympathy is stimulated, making the movie even more exciting.

Lee Seong-min X Song Ji-hyo / Sibling chemistry that bursts with bread just by looking at it
Actors Lee Seong-min and Song Ji-hyo's realistic breathing will give you a big laugh with the comical sibling chemistry that makes you laugh. In particular, the appearance of being on each other's side at decisive moments without sparing scolding and nagging each other heralds the birth of a national brother and sister.

Hakyun Shin X EL / Dangerous Spring Wind Chemie
Actors Shin Ha-kyun and Lee El showed off the chemistry of the spring breeze that goes beyond excitement and thrill by playing the role of 'Bong-su', who became a prodigy of the wind from a shy man, and 'Jenny', the goddess of the wind, who possesses fatal charm. It stimulates curiosity about what kind of ending the relationship between the two will end when the spring wind blows, which is more and more ecstatic and is the end of the day.

Song Ji-hyo X Lee El / Breathtaking female chemistry
Actors Song Ji-hyo and Lee El perfectly digested characters with different charms, and completed the breathtaking chemistry. The relationship between the four people, which becomes more entangled as 'Jenny', who is attractive enough to captivate both men and women in the play, becomes close with 'Miyeong', the wife of 'Bong-su', will further increase the tension.

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