(Korean Movies) Veteran, 2014

Veteran, 2014

Veteran, 2014
Audience over 15
running time
123 minutes
cumulative audience
13414484 people
25th Buil Film Awards 2016


Do-cheol Seo (Jung-Min Hwang), an action group who sees the end unconditionally once he’s stuck, Team Chief Oh (Dal-Soo Oh), a gamer with 20 years of experience, “Miss Bong” (Yoon-Ju Jang), a camouflage specialist, “Detective Wang” (Dae-Hwan Oh), Even the youngest Detective Yoon (Kim Si-hoo) is fearless, has nothing to catch, and has nothing to look out for.

While trying to catch his breath after solving a major crime he has been pursuing for a long time, Seo Do-cheol meets the third-generation chaebol Jo Tae-oh (Yoo Ah-in). Jo Tae-oh, who has nothing to fear in the world, and Choi Sang-moo (Yoo Hae-jin), his right arm who always stands by his side. While chasing a mysterious case, Seo Do-cheol senses that they are behind it.

Despite the advice that he will get hurt if touched, the plate grows out of control due to Seo Do-cheol's tenacity who does not give up, and Jo Tae-oh leisurely escapes the encirclement as if laughing at him…

Veteran Metropolitan Investigation Team VS Infant Conglomerate 3rd Generation
In the summer of 2015, the battle for pride begins!

[ Director's Note ]

“The movie ‘Veteran’ is a fight that shouldn’t be fought.
It is the story of veteran detectives who make it into a playable version.

'Isn't it good that we have at least one detective like this?
I wish there was someone like Detective Seo Do-cheol.”
<Veteran> started with this idea.

A person like an uncle who was always on my side even though I was bullied for making a mess at home.
I hope you enjoy their cool and exhilarating performances that make you want to support them together.”

– Director Ryoo Seung-wan –

[ About Veteran ]

Exhilarating fun, delightful laughter, cool action
The 2015 crime entertainment action directed by Ryoo Seung-wan is coming!

In 2010, <Illegal Transaction>, which was acclaimed as a well-made crime film by depicting the hidden world and the entangled trade between crime and power, with action-packed action and solid storyline, and 2013's 2013 Korean action blockbuster, <Unfair Transaction>, received 7.16 million viewers. Dongwon, even to <Berlin>, which set the highest box office record for a Korean spy action. Director Ryoo Seung-wan, who has pioneered the Korean crime action genre with excellent directing skills with well-structured storytelling, realistic action, and characters, returns with <Veteran> this summer.

<Veteran> is a crime, entertainment and action movie that depicts the activities of a wide-area investigative team in pursuit of the third-generation chaebol who is an independent young boy. If <Unfair Transaction> depicts the power behind the serial murder case with a detective as the main character in a compelling story, in <Veteran>, director Ryoo Seung-wan adds humor and wit to the character of unstoppable and lively charm, making it more light-hearted crime entertainment action. has completed Do-cheol Seo, a veteran detective who pushes with one firm principle of 'let's not live in handcuffs and shamelessly', and the individualistic wide-area investigative team that shows perfect teamwork as if it's clumsy, are likely to be around us, or to be with us. It conveys the differentiated fun and sympathy of <Veteran> with the human aspect of wishing for And the cunning of a third-generation chaebol, Tae-oh Jo, who slowly escapes the siege despite the persistent pursuit, leads the play with a tight tension, and the battle that begins as they fight in earnest provides a refreshing pleasure and exhilarating catharsis that runs without knowing the end. <Veteran>, which depicts the performances of true veterans who face the third generation of chaebols head-on with perseverance, pride, and persistence that does not give up, is a crime and entertainment action film with cool action, lively characters, and solid directing and humor from director Ryoo Seung-wan. Summer will heat up the theater district.

Veteran Metropolitan Investigation Team vs. Ahn Ha Muin, the 3rd generation chaebol
A battle against the pride of individual characters begins!

Although <Veteran> has different personalities and charms, it provides pleasant laughter and fun with the performance of the veteran wide-area investigative team, which is excellent only in teamwork. Veteran detective Seo Do-cheol, who believes that even Gao should not be lost even if he has no money, leads the team as a mainstay of the wide-area investigation team with a crude but deep human beauty in a manly and wild appearance. In particular, the character of Seo Do-cheol, who is gentle to the weak and pushes harder on the strong, delivers the exhilarating catharsis unique to <Veteran> with a daring figure who does not measure back and forth even in front of opponents that everyone is afraid of. Seo Do-cheol always hurts his head but gives strength at the decisive moment, 'Team Leader Oh' with 20 years of experience; The three-dimensional characters and chemistry of the team members with different innate personalities, skills, and charms, even to the youngest Detective Yoon, who is not behind Man, doubles the rich fun of <Veteran>. And the appearance of the wide-area investigative team that fights every time, but demonstrates stronger teamwork as the opponent gets stronger, is based on common sense and humanity that only the bad guys should be caught, not special abilities or power, and it evokes a sense of cool pleasure and sympathy for everyone to support together. .

On the other hand, the third-generation chaebol 'Tae-oh Jo' and the right arm 'Sang-moo Choi', who are surrounded by the sanctuary, radiate taut energy at the opposite point from the wide-ranging investigation team. Jo Tae-oh of Ahn Ha-mu-in, who does not lose his leeway under any pressure and who does not care about anything but himself, and Choi Sang-mu, who prepares a strong backup and a meticulous plan for him, create tension with a cool yet detailed character. From the wide-ranging individuality investigation team to the third generation of chaebols, the characters that come alive as if they exist in reality and the fun they create by collided with them will be the biggest viewing point of <Veteran>.

Hwang Jung-min, Yoo Ah-in, Yoo Hae-jin, Oh Dal-su, Jang Yoon-ju, Oh Dae-hwan, Kim Si-hoo,
Jung Woong-in, Jeong Man-sik, Jin-kyung, Yoo In-young
Meet the fantastic teamwork of Korea's best veteran actors!

<Veteran> completed a gorgeous casting line, from top actors who can be trusted just by name, to actors that Chungmuro is paying attention to. Actor Hwang Jung-min, who became one of the 10 million actors in <International Market> and solidified his status as Korea's best actor, took on the role of 'Do-cheol Seo', a detective in the Metropolitan Investigation Unit. Seo Do-cheol, who has deep humanity in his rough charisma, and Hwang Jung-min, who form a perfect synchronicity, lead the center of the play with his unique humor and strong presence. The third generation of chaebol, Jo Tae-oh, will take on the role of actor Yoo Ah-in and show off a radical transformation. Yoo Ah-in, who has represented youth by acting on screens and on CRTs such as <Wandi>, <Kangcheoli> and [Secret Meeting], challenged a villain for the first time since her debut through <Veteran>, exuding cold charisma in a confident and relaxed appearance. It adds tension. And actor Oh Dal-soo, who is the main character of a personal record of exceeding 100 million viewers and who made a 10 million pair with Hwang Jung-min in <International Market>, takes on the role of 'Team Leader Oh' with 20 years of experience and once again shows off a luxurious collaboration with Hwang Jung-min, the movie < Actor Yoo Hae-jin, who has established himself as a box office maker through films such as The Pirates: The Bandit Who Went to the Sea, and “Tazza: Hand of God,” will play the role of Choi Sang-moo, the right-hand man who backs up the third-generation chaebol, and has an attractive first breath with Yoo Ah-in.

In addition to this, actors with unique personalities and skills added strength to the casting of <Veteran>. Jang Yoon-ju, a top model representing Korea and active in various entertainment programs, took on the role of 'Miss Bong', Hong Il-jeom, of the Metropolitan Investigation Team, challenging the first screen acting in her life, performing a comical yet energetic performance, and recently appeared in the drama [The Queen's Flower]. Oh Dae-hwan, who is active in various works including Kim Si-hoo, who has left a deep impression by appearing in <Sunny> and <Kind Venus>, shows off a new charm by disassembling as the youngest member of the Metropolitan Investigation Team, Detective Yoon. Here, the perfect acting synergy of veteran actors with different colors, including Jung Woong-in, Jeong Man-sik, Jin-kyung, and Yoo In-young, will fill the screen with fun that you cannot take your eyes off of.

Vivid episodes captured while running
Exciting action by action veteran director Jung Doo-hong
Enjoy the cool sights that blow away the sweltering heat!

<Veteran> amplifies the pleasure with realistic fun and spectacle, from vivid episodes and lines created by director Seung-wan Ryu based on real-world coverage, and upbeat action created by the best action veteran in the Korean film industry, martial arts director Jeong Doo-hong. Director Ryoo Seung-wan, who wanted to create a new detective story at the opposite point of his representative work <Unfair Transactions>, raised the realism of the characters and stories through research and coverage of frontline detectives. From the opening of the movie to the exciting development of the international used car crime gang arresting operation, the bizarre charm of 'Do-cheol Seo', who instructs the criminal to wear handcuffs directly, and the comic "The smell of farts among the same team members should be the same." The living and breathing episodes encountered through the coverage, such as the humorous lines of 'Team Leader Oh', which are human and yet full of humanity, are placed in the right place to build an engaging story with humor and wit that you never know when it will explode.

Here, various actions that unfold rhythmically show the essence of 'Ryu Seung-wan's action', which consists of a chewy story, a situation full of urgency, and laughter. Director Ryoo Seung-wan, who made a mark in Korean action with his original attempts in every work from <Dead or Bad>, <Compatible> and <Berlin>, wanted to create a different action style from his previous work with his perfect partner, martial arts director Jeong Doo-hong. As a result, violent or artificial actions are thoroughly excluded and the character and the emotions of the characters are vividly alive in any situation, creating an exciting action style unique to <Veteran>. The colorful actions of <Veteran> sometimes bring unexpected laughs, from the action full of personality that unfolds in the background of Busan Port, the fighting scene in an enclosed garage, the chase on the roof of a shabby residential area, and the large-scale car chasing on an 8-lane road in the middle of Myeong-dong. It captures the eye by capturing the explosive emotions of the characters at times. And the action, which gradually increases in intensity as the story unfolds, culminates in the movie's climax, giving the viewer an exhilarating pleasure with intense spectacles that seem to break even the viewer. The fun and spectacle of <Veteran>, which is armed with cheerfulness, exhilaration and vividness, will captivate the audience with a refreshing feeling to cool off the sweltering heat this summer.

<International Market> <Berlin> <New World> <Archies> <Watchers>
shooting, lighting, art, costumes, martial arts, music
Korean film industry veteran staff unite!

In <Veteran>, veteran staff who boast of Korea's best skills gathered together to enhance the level of perfection. In <International Market>, the dramatic changes and emotions of characters are delicately expressed, and in director Ryu Seung-wan's <Berlin>, the intense and dense action was captured with sophisticated camera work and thrilling shooting. Lighting director Kim Ho-seong, who brought life to the play by the director and the harmonious light coordination, captured the video with more powerful energy in <Veteran>. <New World> <Watchers> <War on Crime: The Golden Age of Bad Guys>, the headquarters of the Metropolitan Investigation Unit and the office of the 3rd generation conglomerate, created by art director Hwa Seong, who has created a space that is perfect for works such as <New World> <Watchers> The living set design enhances the realism of <Veteran>, and costume director Jo Sang-gyeong, who won the Grand Bell Awards Costume Award last year for <No Blood or Tears> and <Couple> by director Ryu Seung-wan and <Kundo: Age of Rampant>, is a commoner and active. The stark contrast of the characters was expressed through the costumes of the third-generation chaebol, which were tightly arranged with the enemy's wide-area investigation team. If martial arts director Jeong Doo-hong, who is director Seung-wan Ryu's eternal partner and representative of Korea, catches the eye with a variety of attractions, from humorous and light action to intense and dangerous action, he worked with director Ryoo Seung-wan in <Partner> and <Crying Fists>. Music director Bang Jun-seok, who is present, added the joy of listening to colorful sights and exciting stories by directing music from various genres, such as the intense guitar sound that flows when the wide-area investigation team appears, light jazz-style music, and familiar old pop. In this way, <Veteran> will captivate the audience with its meticulously crafted fun and craftsmanship.

[ Production Note ]

Add realism to the thrilling chase!
In the middle of downtown Seoul and Busan Port in the background
Vivid sights and action!

1. Korea’s first to control the middle of an 8-lane road in Myeong-dong!
About 80 vehicles were put in, 4 nights of shooting, and a thrilling car chasing scene was born!

The final chase and fighting scene between Seo Do-cheol and Jo Tae-oh, the climax of <Veteran> and the scene where the emotions of the characters reach their peak, was filmed in Myeong-dong, a representative landmark of Seoul where high-rise buildings and citizens are dense, creating a differentiated attraction. . Filming in Myeong-dong, the busiest and most complex space in Seoul, the production team, who wanted to capture the vivid chase scene unfolding in front of their eyes, worked hard to get cooperation and support from numerous related ministries from the pre-production stage. In particular, director Ryoo Seung-wan and the production team, as well as actor Hwang Jung-min, came out and sought the cooperation of the Namdaemun Police Station, which is the jurisdiction of Myeong-dong.
The car chasing of <Veteran>, which was filmed over the night of the 4th with full control over the middle of an 8-lane road in Myeong-dong, is a car-chasing action with about 80 vehicles including a police car, providing the ultimate pleasure. The scene in which the third-generation chaebol, Tae-oh Jo, who is trapped in a clogged road, rushes through the cars standing in a row without measure, overwhelms the viewer with an unpredictable development. In addition, colorful scenes such as the colorful night of Myeong-dong, Seo Do-cheol and the wide-area investigation team operating on a tall building, and fighting action in the underground parking lot are filmed all over Myeong-dong over three weeks to bring life to the play. The action unique to <Veteran>, which takes place in the middle of downtown Myeong-dong, will captivate the audience with realistic sights and special fun that have not been seen in existing Korean films.

2. Capture the splendid night view of Sinseondae Pier at Busan Port, the largest in Korea!
After a lot of hard work, the location location is confirmed! A chase scene at Busan Port with over 100 staff and actors!

The wide-ranging investigation team and the international illegal used car dealers' chase scene, set against the vast Busan Port, decorates the opening of the movie and catches the eye from the start. The production team of <Veteran> tried to capture the sense of urgency from the space through the location of Busan Port, the largest in Korea, but for safety reasons, more than 100 staff and actors each had to go through an entrance check and time was limited. filming was not easy. In addition, the filming was possible only with the permission of all transportation companies related to containers, cranes, and large ships filling the Busan Port. Accordingly, the production team was able to start filming after confirming the location of Busan Port after a lot of effort to send the relevant data that reflected the filming schedule as well as the storyline, the staff, and the actors' movements to the relevant ministries. The Busan Port chase scene of the regional investigation team and the international crime corps, completed through these efforts, will give you special pleasure with an impressive opening sequence where you can feel the delightful energy and thrilling action of the movie <Veteran>.

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