(Korean Movies) Vampire Cop Ricky, 2006

Vampire Cop Ricky, 2006

Vampire Cop Ricky, 2006
Audience over 15
running time
110 minutes
cumulative audience
1563579 people


A castle in Transylvania, Romania in 2006.
An uninvited guest (?) sneaks in!

Lightning that cuts through the air, rain falls like a waterfall over it
There was an uninvited guest (?) in the middle of the night who silently broke into the deafened old castle…
He attacks the nape of Dracula, who is sleeping deeply, ferociously without fear…
An uninvited guest in the middle of the night with a sharp stinger in Dracula's neck is an absurdly hungry mosquito!
The mosquito, who lightly escaped the counterattack of Dracula, who writhes violently with rising pain and anger, disappears into the pitch-black night sky.

600 years after Dracula…
The more powerful vampire instinct of Korea's first vampire awakens!

In the middle of the night road in Seoul in 2006…
A vampire mosquito that infiltrated Seoul on a DHL aircraft,
It flies here and there like a hyena looking for food…
At the scene of a crash that occurred in the middle of the road, the hot-blooded detective, Na-yeol, who was forced to build up his blood vessels, caught the prominent veins… A vampire mosquito that bites his neck without mercy…
From the point where the needle was inserted, the blood vessels rapidly turn green…
What will be the fate of Na-Yeol?

Hot-blooded detective by day, corrupt detective by night
Human by day (?) Vampire by night (!)
The man's spectacular double life begins!

<Vampire Detective Na-Yeol>,
about his birth story

A castle in Transylvania, Romania in 2006.
An uninvited guest (?) infiltrates!

Lightning that cuts through the air, rain falls like a waterfall over it
Invading the deaf castle without a sound
There was an uninvited guest (?) in the middle of the night…
He attacks the nape of Dracula, who is sleeping deeply, ferociously without fear…
An uninvited guest in the middle of the night with a sharp stinger in Dracula's neck
An absurdly hungry mosquito!
Lightly counterattack Dracula, who is writhing violently with rising pain and anger.
The mosquitoes that escaped disappear like flying into the pitch-black night sky.

600 years after Dracula…
Korea's first vampire's more powerful
Vampiric instinct awakens!

In the middle of the night road in Seoul in 2006…
A vampire mosquito that infiltrated Seoul on a DHL aircraft,
It flies here and there like a hyena looking for food…
The scene of a crash in the middle of the road,
Capturing the prominent veins of Na-yeol, a hot-blooded detective who uses force and builds blood…
A vampire mosquito that mercilessly bites his neck…
From the point where the needle was inserted, the blood vessels rapidly turn green…
After that, Nayeol becomes a vampire when excited (?).
Will he be able to endure the excitement (?) and control his vampire instinct?
Please look forward to the performance of Na-yeol, the first vampire detective in Korea!

<Vampire Detective Na-Yeol> to be in a Korean movie
about the impact

001| Declare a comic action hero with a funny bloodline!

<Vampire Detective Na-Yeol>
hero comic action
Will you open the cage?

Brand declaration of Korea's first hero comic action!
It's something you've never seen before!

<Vampire Detective Na-Yeol> is a genre of a new lineage that I have never seen before. By combining 'comic' and 'action' with the extraordinary hero character, a vampire detective, who has tremendous power when transformed into a 'vampire', it opens a new cage of 'hero comic action' unprecedented in film history.

<Vampire Detective Na-Yeol> was produced from the planning stage with a Korean-style hero series featuring super-powered heroes such as <Superman>, <Batman>, and <Spider-Man>. As such, the aspect of Na-yeol has all the characteristics of a hero movie. From the story, like the first part of the <Batman Begins> and <X-Men> series, <Vampire Detective Na-Yeol> also contains the story behind Na-Yeol's birth and his first activities. If <Spider-Man> was bitten by a super spider and gained superpowers, <Vampire Detective Na-Yeol> has the secret of being bitten by a vampire mosquito from Romania. On the other hand, serious concerns about the identity of the hero who has become an extraordinary being different from ordinary people are not left out. Here, it is basic to realize justice through extraordinary actions that only the owner of super power that transcends humans can do.

However, <Vampire Detective Na-Yeol> does not stop as Korea's first film that continues the lineage of heroes. It throws the number of wins with a unique differentiation that has not been seen in existing hero movies. Armed with the spirit of comedy throughout the entire film, giving unstoppable laughter! If no other hero made the audience laugh, now comes the funny hero Na-yeol.

002| Unprecedented Korean-style vampire, it must be different!

100% native
korean vampire,
What is different?

More realistic and more human…
This is a Korean-style vampire with blood!

<Vampire Detective Na-Yeol> is a film where the novelty of the characters stands out as much as the freshness of the material. He rejected the genealogy of the typical Western vampire character and created a 100% Korean version of the vampire character.

There are two main types of vampires. Like <Nosferatu> and <Dracula>, they are pale and noble vampires obsessed with the blood of beautiful women, and stylish future warriors of <Blade> and <Underworld> that can only be seen in the imagination.

On the other hand, <Vampire Detective Na-Yeol> is a friendly vampire likely to exist in real life. Even after becoming a vampire from a timid corrupt detective, he has a good nature who strives to live like a human being, and lends the power of a vampire to realize the forgotten justice, giving him exhilarating catharsis.

For a vampire of 100% pure Korean descent on the outside as well as the inside, which is inherently different from foreign vampires, artificial and unrealistic settings were avoided, and a natural and natural style was created as much as possible. Rather than exaggerated costumes and deformed faces, the focus is on the subtle changes in the eyes, teeth, and skin tones. Dracula's fangs, which are produced for the first time in Korea, can be detached from Kim Su-ro's teeth and are specially made to match the color of the existing teeth.

It would be good to look forward to the performance of <Vampire Detective Na-yeol>, which is the most Korean and humanistic both externally and internally in 2006.

003| Kim Su-ro, who took the first place in comic performance power, is the strongest one-top starring!

100% win rate
Kim Su-ro's challenge
Will you be doing your first solo lead role?

Now, 10 million audience mobilization power of the box office!
Casting 0, 1st choice actor Kim Su-ro!

Actor Kim Su-ro, who is the number one box office powerhouse, has reached close to 10 million in audience mobilization. Catching Kim Su-ro has captured the movie The public as a tantalizing delay beyond the anbon Persons appearing in nationals of the Republic of Korea, he is box-office certified check to oneself and others is authorized. <Shiri> <Gas Station Attack> in <Volcano High> <Funny Videos> <Bold Family > Up to <The Most Beautiful Week of My Life>, more than 10 million viewers have already enjoyed watching his films.

Kim Su-ro, a well-prepared actor who has mastered his major fields of comics as well as action and drama, finally stood tall as a solo lead with <Vampire Detective Na-Yeol>. <Vampire Detective Na-yeol>, which drew attention in Chungmuro even with the extraordinary character of 'Vampire Detective'! But finding an actor who is the perfect fit for me is picking stars from the sky! The actor who caught on to Lee Si-myung's radar network, who was waiting for the right time, was Kim Su-ro, who was in full swing. Kim Soo-ro was chosen by unanimous confidence, confidence and unanimity that no one in Korea could be more suitable than him. As a popular actor in <Shiri>, a professional wrestler in <King of Fouls>, and Moorim Gosu Jangryang in <Hwasan High>, this is a golden opportunity to show off your skills properly as an actor who has always boasted excellent athleticism.

In <Vampire Detective Na-Yeol>, he always showed a lively comic performance, and he will show an upgraded comic that blends naturally in the drama and high-altitude action that went through a prenatal air battle. In addition, Se-ji, who is only excited (?), is expected to boldly reveal his sexy body, known for his good body, through the role of vampire detective Na-yeol. In 2006, it is worth looking forward to seeing Kim Su-ro show off everything in comic, action, and sexy.

004| Real comic action created by Lee Si-myung!

2009 Lost Memories
Director Lee Si-myung's second hidden card
2006 Vampire Detective Na Yeol

Real fantasy armed with comic action!
It is different if Lee Si-myung makes it!

Another reason to look forward to <Vampire Detective Naked Heat> is,
It is the second film directed by Lee Si-myung of <2009 Lost Memories>, which perfectly showcases novel materials and stylish action. Anticipation for real action and hot comics that he creates, with excellent directing ability to draw sympathy by matching fantasy material that can be somewhat difficult with reality, is rising.

If <2009 Lost Memories> was a spectacle action drama that transcends time and space, <Vampire Detective Na-Yeol> is a new comic action that matches the imaginary character 'vampire' in a realistic situation.

As it is a comic action film made by director Lee Si-myung of <2009 Lost Memories>, which showed a stylish streak, curiosity about the comics he makes is triggered along with expectations. However, for director Lee Si-myung, who participated in comedy films such as <Killing My Wife> and <Two Cops> as an assistant director to director Kang Woo-seok, comedy is rather a familiar genre. It will show a new Lee Si-myung-style comedy caused by a serious character who falls into a comical situation, rather than a boring comic of characters who are one-size-fits-all in an obvious story.

In addition, following the tragic action shown in <2009 Lost Memories>, <Vampire Detective Naked Heat> will show vampire's unique high-altitude action. Hanging upside down like a bat is basic, and various blood-sucking actions developed exclusively for vampire detective Kim Su-ro, such as walking nimbly from the ceiling and jumping from high-rise buildings, are dizzyingly unfolding.

This is the second film of director Lee Si-myung, who will show a differentiated scale and catharsis by armed with real action, exhilarating comics, and exciting dramas in Korea's first attempted vampire movie.

005| The strongest supporting actors have come together for a character that is unique in Korea!

Korean cinema,
most distinctive character
Nothing newer than this!

<Vampire Detective Na-Yeol> will shine…
Herpes of the perfect supporting corps!
Infuse power with a character full of personality!

Another highlight of <Vampire Detective Na-Yeol> is the discovery of new characters that have not been seen in Korean films until now. From 'Vampire Hunter' who controls Na-Yeol's life, who became a vampire overnight, to 'Vampire Lover' who always stays by Na-Yeol's side, a heinous enemy and 'Villain chasing a vampire', there is no unattractive character. enough.

The supporting corps, which will present the first character in the history of Korean cinema, also boasts a strong power.
In Vampire Hunter, who will live a secret life with Na-yeol, who has become a vampire, and show off his charismatic acting, actor Oh Gwang-rok takes on the role of actor Oh Gwang-rok, and expectations for a new 'vampire hunter' are already gathering. In addition, Son Byeong-ho, who will create a villainous villain that is as vicious as Jack Nicholson, who played the villain Joker in "Batman" and Danny De Vito, the villain in "Batman Returns", has a delicate feminine sensibility, but is an evil man who is not afraid to kill for what he wants. will perform as
The reason we cannot slow down the tension while watching <Batman> or <Superman> is because of the villain's performance in a tight confrontation with the main character, so in <Vampire Detective Na-Yeol>, the movie will be even more exciting with the performance of the villain Son Byung-ho.

Here, Jo Yeo-jeong, the lover of the Korean version of the hero, is a lover who believes and protects an extraordinary hero until the end, just as Kirsten Dunst in <Spider-Man> and Katie Holmes in <Batman> did. In addition, it will be fun to meet the newest and most unusual characters in Korean film history all at once while watching the movie with Detective Kang Cheon Ho-jin, a real-life assistant.

<Vampire Detective Na-Yeol> was created
About the struggle process

001 The birth of another main character, a vampire mosquito!

Romanian in question
how vampire mosquitoes
was made?

80% mosquito(?) made the vampire detective!
Core CG for the decisive oriental medicine!

The vampire mosquito from Romania, which played a decisive role in creating the story behind the birth of <Vampire Detective Na-Yeol>, is not only the most important motif in the film, but also plays an important role enough to be called another main character.
Since it is the story of a detective who becomes a vampire when he gets bitten by a vampire mosquito, the mosquito bite scene is inevitably the most decisive scene in the entire story. Therefore, in order to create as realistic and plausible vampire mosquitoes as possible, Korea's first mosquito CG work was carried out. In order to create the most mosquito-like, bizarre, and eerie appearance of a vampire mosquito, it has been enlarged to 10 times the size of a normal mosquito, and its legs and snout are terribly sharp. In addition, the color of the mosquito is more intense than that of a normal mosquito to express the gloomyness of the vampire mosquito.

There was another first contribution that was no less than a vampire mosquito born with CG… It is a real mosquito Chun Ho-jin caught while filming. In the scene where the vampire mosquito bites the nape of Nayeol's neck, the mosquito that dies instantly from the palm of Nayeol's neck had to use an actual mosquito to maximize the reality. Upon discovery, the mosquitoes were captured on the spot, stored in a film canister, and then donated for filming. The Vampire Mosquito, created by the actors and staff with great care, boasts excellent perfection as it plays a decisive role in the play.

002 Cheonshin Mango Kim Su-ro's Mission Impossible!

tough and tough
Become Kim Su-ro's 'vampire'!
Where does it end?

High-altitude action, large mice, even special makeup…!
Su-ro Kim's prenatal air battle!

Kim Su-ro's hard-hitting struggle to become Korea's first vampire was truly megaton. As a vampire detective, the wire that jumps high in a high-rise building is basic, and he had to use the unusual wire action of sticking upside down to the ceiling or walking. In particular, the wire action crawling upside down from the ceiling is the first attempt in Korea. If the basic wire action is vertical, this wire is horizontal, so for this purpose, horizontal wire equipment was attempted for the first time in Korea. Since there is no wall that can support the wire during the set shooting, we made a rail for wire action so that if you look at the ceiling and attach your hands and feet, you can lay the wire rails on it. Also, the scene where he was tortured by Tak Moon-soo by hanging upside down was a masterpiece. I had to endure the pain of my back being cut as it continued, and the pain of swelling in my face as blood rushed to my head as I hung on two wires for two days and supported all the weight on my back.

The second hump after the wire is the scene where large mice are crawling over the body. One of the things that Kim Su-ro hates horribly is mice. Kim Su-ro, who had been hopeful before filming, was astonished to see a giant rat approaching 15 to 20 centimeters in size, excluding the tail. To make matters worse, as the filming continued until the 7th take beyond the promised 3 takes, the moment a mouse boldly entered Kim Su-ro's clothes through Kim Su-ro's side, Kim Su-ro became contemplative. It was the most terrifying moment of Kim Su-ro's life.

Kim Su-ro's struggles did not end there. Color lenses, which had to be worn all the time when turning into a vampire in a dusty field, were a formidable pain. If Kim Soo-ro does not appear in the 2nd part of <Vampire Detective Na-yeol>, which has a series movie in mind, it was a difficult task because of the color lenses. Kim Su-ro's <Vampire Detective Na-yeol>, who had her first starring role in a movie starring harshly, is a movie with high expectations as much as her hard work.

003 Working together to create all things vampires!

more perfect
more realistic
Make a vampire!

From masks to fangs to colored lenses…!
A more vampire-like Kim Soo-ro was born!

All the staff worked together to make Kim Su-ro a more realistic vampire. Not only the costume, but also the mask worn when transforming into a vampire hero, the fangs that are the symbol of a vampire, and color lenses to express the eyes that are changing to red were all unimportant. He also did not overlook the level of expression and conception so that each element could be harmonized. The mask used by the naive and innocent Na-yeol to defeat the villain is a new method of making a mold through a process of making a silicone mold by scooping out Kim Su-ro's face with a plaster mask, and making about 17 samples. I decided on a mask that suits me.

In addition, the fangs were crafted in stages, and they were classified according to the degree of change into a vampire. When it is not action acting, it is a partial canine that can be fitted on the canine of an actor, and when performing an action performance, it is produced in a form where the canine and incisors are connected to prevent detachment, effectively directing natural canines.

The color lens also changed the vampires in about 3 steps according to the transformation stage, so yellow for inexperienced vampires in the early stage and red for vampires who change completely in the latter half were used to differentiate them, helping to transform into the most natural and natural Korean vampire Kim Soo-ro.

When appearing as a vampire hero, in order to break away from the typical black and red combination, the basic frame was made with the line of a cowboy coat, appropriately expressing the image of the vampire detective Na-Yeol protecting the city. Kim Su-ro, a vampire created by all the staff as one, couldn't be more realistic than this.

004 Blockbuster Comic Trailer Maker!

Megaton class trailer!
home of vampires
Czech Republic next to Romania!

A large trailer with a total production cost of 100 million won!
The wacky (?) vampire Kim Su-ro wakes up!

The <Vampire Detective Na-Yeol> team, which will give you the best laugh in the new year of 2006, flew to the Czech Republic next to Romania, the hometown of vampires for the teaser trailer. This shooting, which was newly born with 100% just for the trailer, has a total production cost of 100 million won, and it is differentiated from the previous trailers with a different color from the original trailer. The local staff who participated in filming the high-growth scene of the trailer is a prominent production team that has already been recognized for its skills in the world film industry with 'Axman Production', which filmed <Van Helsing> and <Gentleman League>. In particular, the cinematographer Klaus Fuxjeger, who participated in <Mission Impossible 2> and <Blade>, completed a spooky and realistic vampire scream. This trailer, in which the best staff participated, drew attention as a blockbuster trailer that properly melted the charm of Korea's representative comedy actor Kim Su-ro in the Czech location shooting.

The trailer, revealing the majesty of the grotesque castle, stimulates the audience's curiosity from the intro. In addition, the second half of the trailer, in which veteran comic actor Kim Su-ro waved his cloak and disappeared while shouting 'Ha ha ha ha~ ang~!'

Another noteworthy thing in the teaser trailer for <Vampire Detective Na-Yeol> is that it has two narrations. The international version recorded in English and the domestic version recorded in Korean completed the sound as distinct as the video. The teaser trailer for <Vampire Detective Na-Yeol> flew to the Czech Republic and shot with great care, so it did a great job of raising expectations for the movie.

005 Kim Su-ro's ad-lib battle!

Korea's strongest!
Kim Soo-pyo Ad Lib
Is there anyone to follow?

Transcends imagination, transcends metabolism, transcends limits!
Kim Soo-ro's mischievous idol ad-lib parade!

As the best of Korean comics, Kim Su-ro's ad-lib is also the strongest in Korea.
If you know why the whole nation is passionate about Kim Soo-ro's comics, his natural and clever ad-libs play a part. Any line through Kim Soo-ro becomes delicious and humorous. By combining the comics that have been polished and polished by endlessly applying them to people around them in daily life, they create a gem of ad-lib that everyone can relate to, making the audience into a sea of laughter in an instant.

In <Vampire Detective Na-Yeol>, his skills were also shown without regret. To the extent that Kim Su-ro's ad-lib statements come out. On the way to Tak Mun-soo's racetrack, when a fellow detective in the car tells him not to overdo it, Kim Su-ro immediately replies, "Why did you stop fighting after you cut your hair?" Also, while playing hot with her helper sister at karaoke, after barely passing the sudden phone call to Yeon-hee, she throws a word to her close sister, “Cool~ Cool~ It’s too hot!”, My lover Yeon-hee, who always pulls out at the decisive moment as if giving it away, is home. After rejecting the meaningful offer to have a cup of tea in front of him, he turns around, finds out what it means, runs after him, grabs the doorknob, and uses a timely ad-lib, such as “Try something about me tonight.”
In addition, Kim Su-ro's witty and witty ad-libs throughout the movie are fun to look for.

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