(Korean Movies) Underground Rendezvous, 2007

Underground Rendezvous, 2007

Underground Rendezvous, 2007
Audience over 12 years old
running time
107 minutes
cumulative audience
1211528 people


A 'Suspicious Teacher' has appeared in our village!
A place without a lot of laughter, <Meeting Square>

A teacher from 'Samcheong Education University' has arrived!
Cheongsol-li, a peaceful village located in a rare place in Gangwon-do. A new teacher will be appointed to this small town branch school after a long absence. However, Jang Geun (Ryu Seung-beom), a real teacher who decided to be assigned here, begins an untimely homeless (?) life in a minefield during his tenure, and Gong Yeong-tan (Lim Chang-jung), a graduate of Samcheong Education University, who happened to pass by the village, becomes a teacher. Gong Yeong-tan, who has a frustratingly big personality, teaches only addition and subtraction every day, and is somewhat suspicious to be called a teacher. The villagers of Cheongsolli are starting to have more and more doubts about this kind of Gongyeongtan…

Fake Teacher vs Suspicious Village
Where is the end of the 'wrong meeting'… !!

Then one day, Gong Yeong-tan accidentally witnesses the secret (?) scene of the village chief (Lim Hyun-sik) and his sister-in-law Seon-mi (Park Jin-hee). Gongyeongtan with a smile of conversion. The triumphant Gongyeongtan goes around the village and begins to catch the weak points of the residents of Cheongsolli one by one. The residents of Cheongsol-ri, who found out their weaknesses, are restless! But public bullets are difficult to deal with! The village of Cheongsol-ri, which has been completely devastated by public bullets… Who will be the winner of this wrong meeting?

[ About Movie ]

Lim Chang-jung, Park Jin-hee, Ryu Seung-beom, Lim Hyun-sik, Lee Han-wi, Kim Su-mi!!
An unprecedented meeting of comic bests!

Korea's best comic actors recognized by others gathered in <Meeting Plaza>. Lim Chang-jung, who made many comedy films such as <The Most Beautiful Week of My Life>, <Great Inheritance>, and <Miracle on 1st Street> and created the 'Comedy by Lim Chang-jeong', and the dramas <Come back, Mr. Soon-ae> and <War of Money>. Park Jin-hee, who reached her best heyday through And Ryu Seung-beom, who shows off his unique acting across a variety of genres, joins and presents a unique and comical character that he would never be able to digest. In addition, Hyun-sik Lim, who is loved for his sweet smile, Han-wi Lee, who talks about all situations only with ad-libs and facial expressions, and Su-mi Kim, the representative of Korea, joined <Meeting Square>, making people expect a cool laugh just by looking at them.

<Meeting Square>, which is attracting attention just by appearing together with the best comic actors, is a comic contest where all the actors have their own names, and this summer, it is expected to offer a variety of humor and fun to the audience.

I've never seen or heard of a movie like this!
Ingenious material! Wrong situation!

Where is the source of the laughter that <Place of Meeting> confidently presents? It can be said that it is an unusual situation that overturns expectations and ingenious material that could not be found in existing movies.

Various teacher characters have appeared in many films released so far, such as <Teacher Kim Bong-doo> (2003), <Female Teacher VS Female Disciple> (2004), <The Purpose of Love> (2005), and <Sir Life Teacher> (2006). However, the teachers in <Place of Meeting> are different from those I have seen so far. Gong Yeong-tan, a teacher in <Meeting Plaza>, is from the proud Samcheong Education University (?), who says that no one can attend. It shows a unique teacher that has never been seen or heard for a while.

In addition, the village of Cheongsolli, where such a fake teacher is assigned, boasts a uniqueness that has not been seen in any movies. One day, when the armistice line suddenly came in, the village of Cheongsol-ri was split in two. Due to this, the villagers, who miss each other, eventually create a 'meeting plaza', their own secret place, and demonstrate the absurdity of continuing to meet. The ingenious situation of the 'wrong meeting' between the suspicious fake teacher and the absurd Cheongsolli residents is the best laugh point of <Meeting Square>. Unexpected situations such as a real teacher who is trapped in a minefield because of a fake teacher and has to lead an untimely 'homeless life', and the 'brother-in-law and sister-in-law scandal' that caused a stir in the village due to the fake teacher's guess, make you burst into laughter throughout the movie.

As such, <Place of Meeting> will bring a cool laugh to the audience this summer with novel materials and unusual situations that have not been seen in a long time.

A comedy like the rain of summer, drought!
Gives you a sweet smile!

Following the attack of foreign currency blockbusters in the first half of 2007, in the theater district during the summer vacation, the peak season, various genres of Korean films are preparing to welcome the audience. Among them, the reason why <Place of Meeting> stands out is that it is the only 'orthodox comedy movie' that you can laugh at this summer.

A comedy film that can deliver a refreshing stream of laughter to audiences who are tired of the heat in a sweltering summer, <Meeting Square> is based on the unique subject of 'a fake teacher from Samcheong Education University vs. , Original Square Girl,' and other characters with strong personality that can be enjoyed just by listening to them, and the bizarre situations that occur due to their 'wrong meeting' will satisfy the eyes and ears of the audience.

The comedy film <Meeting Square>, which is like a rain of drought in a long time among many anticipated Korean films, will spread a pleasant laughter virus by inviting audiences to the theater this summer with a cool and refreshing laughter that can satisfy anyone of any age or gender.

[ Production Note ]

250 million won super special single set production!
There is another protagonist who provides new fun and attractions of <Meeting Square> with the suspicious fake teacher and the absurd Cheongsolli villagers. In the movie, it is a set of tunnels, a 'meeting square' secretly prepared by the villagers of Cheongsol-ri, which were split in two due to the armistice line, in order to continue their meeting. To create a realistic tunnel set, the crew built a nest in a quarry in Naesok-ri, Boeun-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do and built the set themselves. The 'Meeting Square' set, made with a huge production cost of 250 million won, including using real rocks as well as the large Daecheongmaru and pond, is a stage where a suspicious fake spring and the pleasant happenings of the villagers of Cheongsoli take place, and the It will please your eyes.

Over 40,000 km and over again! Covering all over the country!
The movie <Meeting Plaza> was filmed not only in Boeun, where the Tunnel Set, a 'Meeting Plaza,' is located, but also in various parts of the country. The production team, who had to capture Seoul and Gangwon-do in the 1980s, searched all over the country to capture the somewhat rustic but natural 1980s on camera. As a result, the filming location of Cheongsol-ri Village, which had a 1980s appearance, was in Jangseong-gun, Jeollanam-do, which was the filming location of <Taebaek Mountains> and <Pungeum in My Heart>. Jindo and Cheongsolli Wit Village were filmed in Hadong-gun. And the Samcheong Educational University scene was filmed at the Hapcheon set, and the prologue's truce line scene was filmed at Hwangmaesan Mountain. Thanks to the sweaty efforts of the staff to find the best place like this, the audience can enjoy the wonderful scenery from all over the country on the screen.

A trip to the past on the screen!! Relive the 1980s!
The era of <Meeting Square> is set in the early 1980s. In addition to the hunting team, who traveled across the country to show the audience the time of the 80s as it is, the costume team and props team are the same. Thanks to the efforts of the staff, long-haired hair, retro clothes, pony cars, and plump boats that are hard to find now were airlifted to stimulate nostalgia in the 80s, and all of these provide another pleasure to see <Meeting Plaza>. do. In particular, the blue suit and bright red tie that Lim Chang-jung wore when he went to Seoul in the movie was so hard to find that it was made specially for <Meeting Square>.

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