(Korean Movies) Twenty, 2014

Twenty, 2014

Twenty, 2014
Audience over 15
running time
115 minutes
cumulative audience
3044859 people
21st Chunsa International Film Festival 2016


The popular guy 'Chiho'
'Dongwoo', a guy with only strong vitality
'Kyungjae', a guy who only studies well

The peak of popularity, aiming for a life of surplus doing nothing,
A fresh student with strong vitality who prepares without rest for the dream of becoming a cartoonist,
Even a young college student who is the strongest spectator whose goal is to join a large company, but changes suddenly when he drinks.

A self-illuminating comedy of three 20-year-old friends who shared the most embarrassing moments of their lives!

[ Prologue ]

“Twenty, how were you?”

Twenty is 16 years ago for me.
– Director Lee Byung-hun

Twenty is the starting point for me
– Kim Woo-bin

Twenty is a gemstone for me.
– Lee Jun-ho

Twenty is soju for me
– river sky

Twenty is ing to me
– Jung So-min

Twenty is a scented candle to me.
– Lee Yu-bi

Twenty is a journey for me
– Min Hyo-rin

Twenty is a tunnel to me
– Jung Joo-yeon

Twenty is a yellow streetlight to me
– Kim Eui-seong

Twenty is a battle of stamina for me.
-Park Hyuk-kwon

Twenty is a time when I was happy just to have a dream
– Oh Hyun-kyung


A guy who is only popular, a guy with strong vitality, a guy who only studies well
Kim Woo-bin, Lee Jun-ho, and Kang Ha-neul's 'self-luminous' comedy <Twenty>
An explosion of reversal charm hidden in a perfect appearance!

<Twenty> features three popular actors, Kim Woo-bin, Lee Jun-ho, and Kang Ha-neul, who are popular as Chi-ho, Dong-woo, who only has a strong vitality, and Gyeong-jae, who only studies well. It will give you a strong laugh.

Kim Woo-bin, who played Chi-ho, a popular unemployed man who has the charm of fishing unconditionally even if he throws his eyes, but who pursues a surplus life that does nothing in reality, throws off the intense charisma that he has shown in <Twenty> and perfects it. It radiates a disheveled charm. Kim Woo-bin said about the character 'Chiho' as 'a person who looks fine but only breathes every day' and wanted to be seen as 'Chiho' rather than Kim Woobin, so he imagined parts that were not in the scenario and became 'Chiho' itself. said to have worked for it. Director Lee Byung-hun said, "When I saw Kim Woo-bin's overflowing playfulness, I naturally thought of 'Chiho'. I felt that I wanted to do 10 movies with this actor in the future.” Lee Jun-ho, who described 'Dong-woo', who has a strong vitality to prepare for his dream of becoming a cartoonist, as 'a character like an old man with a lot to worry about and a lot of work to do', in 'Twenty', when he is with his peers, he is broken, but he is much more mature than the other two friends. and perfectly digested the deep-seated retraining with an adult side. Director Lee Byung-hun said, "Lee Jun-ho is an actor who has a face that has a face. It stood out by far, and it suited the character of 'Dongwoo' in many ways." Kang Ha-neul, who plays Kyung-jae, who dreams of joining a large company through thorough self-management, introduced the character she played as 'the terminator of building specs that is common around you'. However, he is planning to show off his anti-war comic charm as a new college student who changes 180 degrees when he drinks. Director Lee Byung-hun said, "He's really funny. You will be able to discover his hidden comic instincts.” Kang Ha-neul, who professed, will visit the audience with a different look than before through <Twenty>.

The moment you turn 20, you can do anything, but love and life are not easy. Kim “Chiho” Woo-bin, “Dongwoo” Lee Jun-ho, and “Kyung-jae” Kang Ha-neul come together to reveal the reversal charm hidden in their perfect appearance. It will show off the true face of a self-illuminating comedy that will explode.

<Speed Scandal> <Sunny> <Tazza – Hand of God>
who gave birth to the ambassador
Director Lee Byung-hun's amazing debut film of 'Master of Words'!

Director Lee Byung-hun's screenplay for <Twenty>, who has worked as a screenwriter for <Speed Scandal> <Sunny> and <Tazza-God's Hand>, drew attention from the film industry even before production due to its high level of perfection and witty dialogue. Director Lee Byung-hun, who brought laughter to the audience with his sensuous directing skills and witty dialogues through his previous work <Cheer Up, Mr.

Regarding director Lee Byung-hun, who fascinated the leading actors in Chungmuro, including Kim Woo-bin, Lee Jun-ho, and Kang Ha-neul, with the power of the screenplay, he said, "I heard rumors that the scenario was interesting, but when I read it, I fell in love with the director's witty lines and decided to appear on the spot." Kim Woo-bin), “The only reason I joined <Twenty> because it was an interesting scenario that I read all the way to the end even though it was a dinner party with 2PM members” (Lee Jun-ho), “More . It was perfect to be cast in his work I wanted to do together.” (Kang Ha-neul) The three did not spare their praise. In retrospect, director Lee Byung-hun, who said that the age of 'twenty' was the most fun, is a 'friend-like film' that can be pleasantly sympathetic to through the choices and trials and errors they go through with the subject of 'twenty', the age at which one takes the first step as a clumsy adult. ' he said he wanted to create. He said, "'Chiho', 'Dongwoo', and 'Kyungjae' are familiar characters that there is probably at least one of us around. After watching the movie, I call my friend and you appear in <Twenty>. This is completely our story!” He said, hoping that it will be a film where you can chat with your peers.

Director Lee Byung-hun, who is also a famous screenwriter in Chungmuro as 'Master of Horse Taste', said, "Since comedy is a genre that requires powerful dialogue, I have a sense of duty to make the audience laugh with words. When creating the lines, I took notes of what immediately came to mind when I was drinking or bruising with my friends.” Director Lee Byung-hun will emerge as a new star director in the film industry and a next-generation laughter maker in Chungmuro through <Twenty> in 2015.


This is the beginning!
The birth of the screenplay for director Lee Byung-hun's <Twenty>

Why the hell is 'twenty'?
Twenty is a very interesting age looking back. It's an age where you can drink alcohol, but there is no price for alcohol, a place to stay for a year before becoming an adult, or a rehearsal period to become an adult. Thirty or forty years of constant thought, choice, and responsibility are the same, but since the age of 20 is the starting point, I decided to choose 'Twenty' as the title and subject of the movie. The script adapted from a first draft I wrote 10 years ago when I was the age of Kim Woo-bin, Lee Jun-ho, and Kang Ha-neul, begins with the sick friends around me. There are many aspects that are difficult to handle, so there are parts that are beautified and cute to some extent, but most of them are close to the actual appearance of me and my friends.

'Chiho' & 'Dongwoo' & 'Kyungjae' are my alter ego
‘Chiho’ (Kim Woo-bin), ‘Dong-woo’ (Lee Jun-ho), and ‘Kyung-jae’ (Kang Ha-neul) are all clones of me and my friends. If I think deeply, it is useless, but when I listen to it, I am immersed in 'Chiho', the owner of the talkative voice, reflecting my life as a surplus person in my early 20s. Since I was 20 years old and lived like Chiho, there were no major difficulties. 'Dongwoo', who is unnecessarily serious and persuaded by Chiho's remarks, realizes after a few seconds and enjoys it again, is actually my friend's name, and the story that that friend went through was used as it is. 'Kyung-jae', who makes a thorough plan but is eventually ignored by his friends, is also my friend's name. He is now an army officer, but he is a friend who dreamed of entering a prestigious university and joining a large company. By adding a little bit of sickness to the serious personality of that friend, he created the character of 'Gyeongjae' in <Twenty>.

Bonus track 'Invasion of Kkochu Planet' in the movie
The scenario 'Invasion of Kkochu Planet', in which 'Chiho', who dreams of becoming a film director, seriously recites to the film director in the play, is a story created to show Chiho's potential as a storyteller and unique ideas. By presenting this scenario, it seemed that Chiho's wackiness became a weapon and he would be successful in the future, and I hoped that he would be curious about his future even after the movie was over. It's a nonsensical story, but it took amazing creativity and crazy imagination, so I made it over and over again. To recall this story, I did nothing for over a week and just bruised. It was quite difficult.

the hidden meaning of laughter
Commentary on the famous scenes of director Lee Byung-hun's <Twenty>

# watching? The standard of Kim Woo-bin-pyo's work! A raid on the illegal dating tutoring site!
'Dong-woo' (Lee Jun-ho) and 'Kyung-jae' (Kang Ha-neul) watch the work site of 'Chi-ho' (Kim Woo-bin) and the girl behind the closet, holding their breath. The two suddenly jump out of the closet and join hands in the 'Om Mani Ban Me Home' posture to avoid the situation. Director Lee Byung-hun said, "This scene depicts the malevolent fantasy of men, but there are probably very few men around me who have done this. In <Twenty>, I added exaggeration to situations that few people have ever actually experienced like this.”

# If you drink alcohol, that person (?) will come to Kang Ha Neul! A revolutionary is born at the welcome party for new students!
New college student 'Gyeong-jae' (Kang Ha-neul) shows off an unimaginable injection at a freshman reception and becomes a social media star as a 'revolutionary man'. “There were many complaints about the irrational social situation. I thought the freshman reception was a small microcosm of such a society. The stories of the drunken 'Gyeongjae' are all true, but no one listens. I want you to see this scene as my own struggle against a stuffy society.”

# What style does your social life start with? Junho Lee's 2:8 part, who is straight but too straight!
Dong-woo (Lee Jun-ho), a retraining student who worked tirelessly to earn a living at a convenience store and a chicken house, for his dream of becoming a cartoonist. Eventually, he gets a job at his uncle's factory and surprises his friends by transforming into a 2:8 part that is straight but too straight. Manager Lee Byung-hun said, "If you don't have a job and don't have money, you lose more than you win. Seeing a compromise with reality is not a complacency, but a step back. It is a choice for a stepping stone for a leap forward.”

# Drunken Melody! The song 'What's your name' was sang with desperation.
'Gyeongjae' (Kang Ha-neul) is broken up by 'Jin-ju' (Min Hyo-rin), a senior in her club, whom she usually admires, and gets drunk and sang 4minute's 'What's Your Name?' The screams of 'Kyungjae' and 'Chi-ho' (Kim Woo-bin) and 'Dong-woo' (Lee Jun-ho) who hug him and grieve together are quite serious, but the audience bursts into laughter. Director Lee Byung-hun, who revealed that it is not a simple comedy but a scene of desperate emotions between the three people, said, “I am asking a meaningless question that is not very important to the frustration of the reality of not being able to take a step at the fork in life and getting drunk. 'Chiho' and 'Dongwoo', who feel the same way when they see 'Kyungjae' screaming, also cry, and the truth of the two people is just as impressive as 'Kyungjae's shot'.”

# A real hand-to-hand battle between Kim Woo-bin, Lee Jun-ho, and Kang Ha-neul, reminiscent of an action drama!
The real firefight of the three friends fighting against the demolition team that hit their hideout Chinese restaurant 'Sosobanjeom' is the highlight of <Twenty>. Director Lee Byung-hun picked Kim Woo-bin, Lee Jun-ho, and Kang Ha-neul's comic acting that reached the climax as a really funny but sad, 'funny' scene. But you can lose. I think that even if you fight ten times and win once, you are still successful. Maybe the will to fight is important,” he said, explaining the intention of the scene. In addition, the famous saying of Kurt Cobain, leader of Nirvana, 'the duty of youth is to fight corruption' was added to the meaning by quoting 'Kyungjae' as the line of 'Kyeongjae'.

[ Special Story ]

The shooting site exploded with not enough 24 hours!
Behind-the-scenes stories from the actors are revealed!

We introduce the story behind the shooting of <Twenty>, in which actors of the same age, Kim Woo-bin, Lee Jun-ho, and Kang Ha-neul, breathed easily and burst into laughter throughout the day to the extent that 24 hours a day were not enough.

Woobin Kim, laughing and NG! “It’s the first time in a scene like this”
Kim Woo-bin, who plays Chi-ho, said, "If you convert the three-month filming period of <Twenty> to 24 hours, 22 hours of that were spent laughing." "Every day was a series of episodes. There were a lot of scenes where the three of them matched, and it was really happy and fun when the three of them were together. It may be easier to shoot alone, but it was rather weak and less enjoyable.” He said, "I got a lot of NG from laughing at the <Twenty> site! In fact, the scenario was fun, so it was the hardest to hold back my laughter while acting.” He also compared the filming of <Twenty> to a ‘happy and enjoyable trip’.

Junho Lee's hand-to-hand combat, "The 'chemistry' of actors of the same age explodes"
Lee Jun-ho, who played the role of 'Dong-woo' in <Twenty>, in which the three actors of the same age, Kim Woo-bin, Lee Jun-ho, and Kang Ha-neul, showed off the male-male-male chemistry, said, "Even with ridiculous jokes, we laughed at each other. I was fortunate to be able to act together with actors my age, so I think I was able to show my true self without hesitation.” “Especially in the last Chinese restaurant scene, what is often referred to as 'chemistry' exploded. Please pay attention to the scene where the comic reaches its climax with an unintentional hand-to-hand battle.”

Kang Ha-neul's drunken joke, "I love <Twenty> team!"
Kang Ha-neul, who played the role of 'Kyung-jae' in <Twenty>, said, "It was always a fun filming location that I couldn't miss. During the local filming, while everyone was sleeping, while everyone was sleeping, I was so drunk that I shouted at the whale whale saying I love the <Twenty> team. The next day, the scene remained intact as a video, and I became a 'public enemy' and uploaded the mortal sin. It was a similar experience to the humiliation episode of 'Gyeongjae' in the movie," he said, telling a funny story. He also expressed confidence that the audience would be able to empathize with the happy filming atmosphere that the actors felt through the movie.

From lovers' love songs to the men's chorus
<Twenty> Special OST release!

Lee Jun-ho & Lee Yu-bi's sweet love song 'Sniping Taste'
<Twenty> Special OST Part 1 'Sniping Taste' participated in Lee Jun-ho, who plays 'Dong-woo', and Lee Yu-bi, who plays 'So-hee', 'Dong-woo' who tirelessly hits 'Dong-woo'. The bouncing melody and funny lyrics expressed the sweet love line between the two and the tug of war between the two of them. Lee Jun-ho's sweet voice and Lee Yu-bi's beautiful voice harmonize to convey the excitement of a 20-year-old couple who just started falling in love.

Kim Woo-bin & Sweet Sorrow's delightful harmony 'Twenty'
<Twenty> Special OST Part 2 'Twenty' wittily tells the story of a 20-year-old full of energy to match the content of the movie. Kim Woo-bin's voice, which captures the playful charm of 'Chiho' in the play, and the harmony of the luxury vocalist Sweet Sorrow exquisitely harmonized to create a song with a light rhythm. In particular, the lyrics of 'Twenty' are composed of the first verse, which seems to have transferred the pleasant chatter of three friends of the same age, 'Chiho', 'Dongwoo' and 'Kyungjae', and the second verse, reminiscent of the past, stimulating the audience's sympathy.

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