(Korean Movies) Tune in for Love, 2019

Tune in for Love, 2019

Tune in for Love, 2019
Audience over 12 years old
running time
122 minutes
cumulative audience
1245540 people
29th Buil Film Awards 2020


"A miracle happened today."
In 1994, the day singer Yoo Yeol first became a radio DJ,
Mi-su (Kim Go-eun), who was working at the bakery left by her mother, met Hyeon-woo (Jung Hae-in), who happened to visit.
He feels excited, but due to an unexpected incident, contact is cut off.

"At that time, I thought you wouldn't come back. But I waited…"
The two meet again like a miracle, and grow their hearts between excitement and affection, but the situation and time of each other just keep diverge.
Two people who repeat coincidence and inevitability with 'Yooyeol's Music Album' on the radio even in the midst of the continuous intersection…

Can they tune to each other like the radio they listened to together?


[Yoo-Yeol's Music Album], a miraculous medium that connects two men and women in the movie, started on October 1, 1994, and aired on the radio until April 15, 2007. [Yooyeol's Music Album], which we shared every morning with listeners every morning from 9 am to 11 am on KBS Cool FM (89.1MHz in the metropolitan area), was the radio program we loved at the time in the movie <Yooyeol's Music Album>. as still remains in the memory.

The title of the movie <Yooyeol's Music Album> may be familiar to some and unfamiliar to others. It depicts the moment when a man and a woman miraculously meet when the radio program of the same name, <Yoo-Yeol's Music Album>, started airing. At that time, while listening to the voice of DJ Yoo-Yeol, they evoke happy, sad, gloomy, joyful memories and moments of remembrance. Just as radio existed back then and now, I think that universal 'sensibility of love' is always with us. Thus, the title gradually found its place. It wasn't something we decided arbitrarily, but I thought that the power of the title was finding its place. Like 'music' that we want to keep in someone's memory, like 'album', we will flow with the time in the movie like this.
-Director Jung Ji-woo-


A retro-sentimental melodrama we meet for the first time in 2019!
The 'memories' I wanted to keep in the album are coming!

<Yooyeol's Music Album>, a retro-sentimental melodrama film that we meet for the first time in 2019, brings out an album of memories in each audience's time. The movie <Yoo-Yeol's Music Album> is a retro-sensual melodrama depicting the process of two people Mi-su (Kim Go-eun) and Hyeon-woo (Jung Hae-in) who met by chance like a song on the radio, staggering and facing each other for a long time and matching each other's frequencies. The film <Yoo-Yeol's Music Album> met with the KBS FM radio program [Yoo-Yeol's Music Album], which first aired in October 1994, as a medium, and met like a miracle. follow the story of

The movie begins in 1994 on the day when the DJ of [Yooyeol's Music Album] changed, college student Mi-su and high school student Hyeon-woo, who were running a bakery, met by chance and had a miraculous time. Mi-soo gradually opens her heart to Hyeon-woo, who cautiously approached Hyeon-woo while keeping the secret of the past, but their relationship unfortunately breaks down, and time passes, and in 1997, like a coincidence, they meet again at a bakery like fate. And the movie <Yooyeol's Music Album>, which draws a vague chronology of love, depicting each other in memories that do not seem to continue even into the 2000s, touches emotions so that anyone can empathize with the emotions of those days and moments.
Just as everyone has the story of everyone who had to love passionately and break up coldly at one time, the film touches the hearts of the audience by gathering those memories that can be universally sympathized with one by one.

<Yoo-Yeol's Music Album> is a story about a time that is like a miracle and precious memories that will remain in your heart for a long time. The film will seep into the hearts of the audience as a retro-sensible melodrama that they meet for the first time, recalling my precious memories and names that I want to recall once again.

Go-eun Kim X Hae-in Jeong, the emotional chemistry that everyone wants to include in their album!
The best emotional couple of 2019 to include in the album

If there was a love that could not be achieved in the drama [Goblin], it would not have been them. In the winter of 2016, in the popular drama [Goblin], which aired on tvN and received worldwide love, Kim Go-eun and Jung Hae-in met as their first unrequited love. Jung Hae-in, who appeared briefly as a senior in the baseball team that Kim Go-eun, a high school student, had a crush on. The two, whose chemistry exploded from the first meeting, reunited with a genuine passion through the movie <Yooyeol's Music Album>. Kim Go-eun and Jung Hae-in, who said that they could not meet for a short time, said that they could feel that they were partners of fate as soon as they first met after the movie casting was decided. The two, who had to do most of the scenes together, frankly brought out all their feelings about that awkward and young moment, and built up a story in the movie together again. Director Jung Ji-woo, in charge of directing, said, "During the filming of the movie, they perfectly expressed the miraculous moments and emotions of 'Misu' and 'Hyun-woo' in the scenario, to the extent that it was thought that they were 'Misu' and 'Hyunwoo' from the beginning." He did not spare words of praise. The two actors said in unison, "I think the word 'trust' is the most appropriate expression. It would be interesting enough for the two of them to meet and show a sweet melodrama, but with the director and with each other, the trust that the various things hidden in it will be seen better is what supported the film and made it special.” , expressed pure passion and affection for the film.

Kim Go-eun, who met director Jung Ji-woo in <Eungyo> (2012) and reunited with a more mature image after 7 years, presents 'real acting' that feels more explosive because it is not exaggerated. Kim Go-eun, who has built up her filmography step by step through dramas [Goblin], [Cheese in the Trap] and the movies <Chinatown> and <Memories of a Sword>, plays the role of 'Misu' that fits her age in <Yooyeol's Music>. Album> will show a broader spectrum of acting.

In addition, Jung Hae-in, who perfectly portrayed the most splendid but painful youth from teenagers to 20s and around 30s, is different from the dramas [Wise Man's Life], [Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food] and [Spring Night]. , will show off a charm that has never been seen before and will meet movie fans.

Two people living in the present in 2019 Kim Go-eun, not Jung Hae-in, but Misu born in 1975, Misu born in 1975, Hyunwoo born in 1975 It is expected to lead the journey of

Anyone who wants to meet again
An album of time and love, the theme of eternal life!

The movie <Yooyeol's Music Album> is a retro-sensual melodrama film that was completed over time. The representative works that have been successful as melodrama films in Korea include <Introduction to Architecture>, <I'm Going to Meet You>, and <About Time>. The characteristic of emotional melodramatic films loved by Koreans regardless of time, including these works, is that they deal with 'time'. In the minds of us and the audience, there is a unique sympathy for 'a long time' and 'memories' derived from it. The strange memories and emotions evoked by time will form a hot sympathy through the film. In the movie <Yooyeol's Music Album>, 'time' is not only a 'connection device' that connects the two main characters, but also serves as a background that can be perfectly immersed in them.
On October 1, 1994, the day the first broadcast of [Yoo-Yeol's Music Album] was aired on the radio, a man and a woman met like a miracle, and the IMF, which they experienced unexpectedly in 1997, separated them by only sharing their e-mail addresses. From the advent of the millennium in 2000 to the advent of visible radio in 2005, in a world that rapidly changes with the passage of time, what makes this film unique is that it takes a deeper look into the story of an ordinary young man and an ordinary couple. that there is 'music' that penetrates The movie <Yoo-Yeol's Music Album> has a strange charm that makes each person travel through the forgotten time of my life with the theme of eternal life of time and love.

Director Jung Ji-woo said, "If you run like crazy day after day, honestly, you don't know where you're going, but you don't care only about speed! By the way, only the speed of others with a squint!!! it's okay! Pause for a moment, take a breather… Please think about when my youth was.” As I said above, this movie is not just a melodrama, but a new time travel that connects the past, present, and future to look inside my heart.

Just as the air and fragrance of that moment in time and space create an unforgettable 'déjà vu', viewers who watch the movie <Yooyeol's Music Album> will also be immersed in a vague and strange feeling throughout the running time. will be.

From hidden masterpieces that only I want to know to world-class musicians
Music list from the 1990s to 2000s that you want to include in the album

The movie <Yooyeol's Music Album> summons Korea's hidden masterpieces and popular songs from the 1990s to the 2000s as a playlist in the movie. From the 1990s, when single album sales alone exceeded 2 million copies, to the early 2000s, when streaming was not yet active, the music in the movie was a masterpiece that hit Korea at the time. Gem-like masterpieces, as if they were heard as requested songs on a favorite radio program, are played together throughout the movie. Music that responds to your sympathetic nerves just by listening to a song, a song that feels like the hearts of the main characters who want to understand each other's feelings with lyrics like a poem, and 'Listen to' is the OST of the movie <Yooyeol's Music Album>. It gives rise to another expectation.

Music director Yeon Ri-mok, who was in charge of the film's music, said, "I wanted to leave the impression that the music in the movie <You-Yeol's Music Album> is like a radio request album. When I listen to the radio, various stories come out, music keeps coming out, and various genres come out, and I think this movie is just that kind of movie. There are stories that are as moving as listening to the radio, you can shed tears with sympathy, and you can listen to the music because you like it. I think it would be good to listen to music and watch a movie as if listening to the radio,” he said. Director Jung Ji-woo also said, “If you look for music from the 1990s to the 2000s, there are a lot of really unforgettable lyrics. All the staff worked hard to find music that could replace the feelings and situations of the two men in the movie with lyrics.”

The movie <Yooyeol's Music Album> will invite the audience to the screen with the music that exists deep and dimly in our daily life like the radio that was once our daily life.

Reminds me of the moments and memories we loved back then
Retro visual meets well-made production!

As the movie <Yooyeol's Music Album> is a retro sensual melodrama genre, it put great effort into directing the situation and background of the times. Director Jung Ji-woo and key staff poured sweat and effort into everything visible, including clothes, space, and art, to realize the 'present in the past' in this film. Director Jung Ji-woo said in this regard, “In dealing with the past, there is a tendency to treat the era as the old and the old by looking at the present as the starting point. But, in fact, if you look at tomorrow, just as today was the past, the moment in which the main characters in the movie live is the 'present'. So it was important to us that the film's past should not be seen as outdated and outdated. Because of that, we made it with the idea of 'present' as artistic, spatial, and even their emotional problems, but when we call them, we just call them 1994 and 1997.” said the intention.

Director of Photography Cho Hyung-rae also said, "I tried to capture the anxiety of the times and the imperfections of the generations. It seems that the world before and after the IMF and the world before and after the millennium were times of upheaval for everyone. In the movie, it seems to have worked effectively when using a handheld camera to realize that part, when setting an angle, and when setting a shooting location,” he said.

Art director Bae Junsu said, “I have been thinking deeply about props and spaces that the so-called Newtro generation is curious about and interested in. First of all, it was difficult to set up the shooting, but when I was shooting, I really liked the space. In particular, the house of Mi-su, the main character, is particularly affectionate because the warm personality of Mi-su is represented by the space. In order to give a new retro sensibility that can be felt in alleys and neighborhoods in the movie, we put a lot of effort into the selection of places and art settings.”

The 1990s and early 2000s, which seem vague but can be clearly remembered by many generations, have become memories that convey analog sensibility. The unique sensibility and retro visual created by the well-made production with the participation of the producers of <I'm going to meet you now> and <Introduction to Architecture>, and the movie <Yoo-Yeol's Music Album>, gives viewers living in the present a new and pleasant past. It will be a memory recall button.

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