(Korean Movies) Troubleshooter, 2010

Troubleshooter, 2010
Audience over 15
running time
99 minutes
cumulative audience
1843404 people


A perfect trap for a fixer…
Kang Tae-sik, a former detective who was once a prosperous person, now runs a Heungshinso. A woman is dead at the scene of an affair, which she thought was an ordinary request. At that time, when I was driven to be a criminal, I received a phone call… A man's order to kidnap someone in order to clear the frame of murder.

Kidnap the witness of a case that will turn the Republic of Korea upside down!
The police chase that started without a breath, not only his every move, but also the past, and the monitoring and wiretapping of the guy who took control of the people around him… What's more, you learn that the person you need to kidnap holds the key to an important case that will set the country up for riot.

Now, let's unwind!
Now, he starts a stormy counterattack against the man who tries to control him and the unknown behind the scenes…

They started it, but I end it!

① Literally, someone else's troubleshooter
② A person who excels at work in a specific field
③ Experts in handling crisis situations
④ Refreshing counterattack and counterattack playmaker. In one word, the best!

[ About Movie ]

This Chuseok, one big job!

Action VS Reaction with Seol Kyung-gu, Lee Jeong-jin, Oh Dal-su + Song Sae-byeok, Lee Seong-min, etc.
Script Ryoo Seung-wan + Director Kwon Hyuk-jae = Action Priest's Action Sum

nice to meet! Chuseok action is back after a long time. <The Solver>, the only entertainment action this Chuseok, and the most anticipated film of 2010. The cool action that will turn the Republic of Korea upside down started a great exhilarating move. With the monster actor Seol Gyeong-gu as the main character, Lee “Bidung” Jeong-jin, the luxury licorice Oh Dal-su + Song Sae-byeok combination from “Bangjajeon”, and Lee Seong-min, a well-known comic actor, gathered for action. Action brand director Ryu Seung-wan took charge of the screenplay, and director Kwon Hyuk-jae, who won the Grand Prize in the Action Thriller section of the Mise-en-scène Film Festival for <Short Grandson Battle>, took charge of the script. The movie <The Solver>, completed by them, is based on the refreshing counterattack of a solver who is framed for murder and falls into a trap. The stronger the opponent, the deeper the trap, the more enjoyable the 24-hour action! The hot acting, solid storyline, and powerful directing power that capture the troubled day of the solver at a fast-paced and fast-paced tempo are enough to foretell the action storm that will blow on Chuseok after a long time. You can look forward to the enjoyable action of <The Solver>, which will definitely change the game of the Chuseok market this year.

Awesome and refreshing Chuseok action

An action masterpiece that will excite Korea
The pinnacle of speed action pleasure, the essence of entertainment action

Awesome, exhilarating! The action of <The Solver> is, in a word, enjoyable. The action rushing in the fast-paced, solidly pushing development is literally a pleasure itself. Barefoot combat with a realistic feeling of hitting is a basic, simple hanger, wheelchair, toilet lid, shutter, and surrounding tools such as construction sites, as well as a life-based action that uses terrain features in the city as a special move, high-altitude jump wire action and water hitting the face. Sprinkler action unfolds, massive car chases across the city, and more. The action highlights that beat the heart and thrill the whole body let you taste the essence and peak of pleasure. A story that runs without a break, a comical nuclear bomb that puts a comma in the breath of action, and the refreshment of a cool counter punch at the end of a hit-and-run match. This is the reason why the action of the movie <The Solver> can only explode with great excitement.

Also Seol Kyung-gu!

Top box office actor, action to challenge box office legend
Premonition of the birth of Korea's representative character succeeding Kang Cheol-jung

<Haeundae> <Silmido> No. 1 box office actor Seol Kyung-gu, who mobilized more than 44 million viewers in 10 million films twice alone. He has yet to challenge himself, who has confirmed the trust of the audience in both acting and box office.
This mission to receive the certification of 'As expected, Seol Kyung-gu!' is a younger, faster and stronger action. Starting with a real fighting scene in which the body collides with the body, a high-intensity relay action 'if you beat one guy, a stronger guy appears' unfolded. For the first time in his acting career, he took on wire action for the high-altitude jump without a band, endured large and small injuries such as ruptured chest muscles, and also personally digested a large-scale car chase sequence that contained scenes of chases, crashes, overturns, and explosions.
It was also his job to infuse powerful reality into the ambitious action world of a new director. The energy created by the chemistry and synergy with the young director was also amazing. He has hard guts, tough fists, unstoppable guts and humor, and three-dimensionally characterizes the role of a 'solver' who is often angry but is an ordinary and human, dramatic performance that reveals the crisis of the solver, and an action reality 'if it hurts, hits and strikes back'. He showed his qualities as a realistic action actor without hesitation. Seol Kyung-gu's power that does not know the limit, who performed a formidable real action performance, gives a foreboding of the birth of Korea's best character 'Solver Tae-sik Kang' following 'Kang Cheol-jung'.

Jeongjin Lee, Dalsu Oh+Saebyeok Song, Seongmin Lee, etc.
All the hottest actors these days have gathered!

There are many actors who are raising their stock prices in movies, dramas, entertainment shows, and advertisements. Baro, Lee Jung-jin, Oh Dal-su + Song Sae-byeok, Lee Seong-min, etc., came out for the characters who oppose or assist Seol Kyung-gu, the 'solver', the central point of the film.
Jung-Jin “Bi-Deng” Lee is responsible for the main enemy of the solver and the solver of the forces behind him. In 'Qualification of a Man', he showed his original warm and easygoing man, and as an actor in the drama 'The Fugitive', along with Rain and Lee Na-young, he took on the role of a detective full of wild beauty. Attention is drawn to his bold transformation and powerful 'bi-dung action'. Oh Dal-soo and Song Sae-byeok, the luxury licorice licorice who created a hot laugh in the recent <Bangjajeon>, have joined forces this time as a detective duo. He takes on the role of the head of a homicide detective and his subordinates who investigate a murder case that a solver has been identified as a suspect, and sets out to help the solver. Of course, their humor in <The Solver> is at the level of a nuclear bomb. Oh Dal-soo's subtle humor and hot action harmonize with the character's good charisma, Song Sae-byeok's chic Jeolla dialect, and sloppy speaking skills do not need two words. In addition, Lee Seong-min, who appeared at once as the comic villain 'Diarrhea' in the drama 'Pasta', also joins, and Seol Kyung-gu plays the character who has to be kidnapped. He is also a secret weapon of laughter, and he plays the role of a villain that can not be hated by bursting with body gags. A genuine and interesting character battle that penetrates the pulse and sum of action, drama, and comedy can only be found in the movie <The Solver>.

A refreshing counterattack, a roller coaster of counterattack

The stronger the story, the hotter the action
The stuffy world, let's blow it cool!

A solid story makes the action even hotter. The central axis of action in the movie <The Solver> is the solver's counterattack. A counterattack in which a person who had to take a defensive stance after receiving a violent attack strikes back and launches a total offensive. The stronger the enemy's attack, the stronger the solver's counterattack, and the hotter the action.
The fact that the story structure of the movie <The Solver> is designed around counter-attack action can be found in several settings. First of all, it is interesting to see how the 'solver of other people's affairs', who was solving the commissioned case, becomes a 'solver who solves the problem on his own'. In addition, the full-scale action starts from the situation where you receive a phone instruction to 'abduct someone to get rid of the frame' and you have to deal with people who don't know who they really are. On the other hand, the double-layered confrontation composition, in which there is a stronger behind-the-scenes force behind him, also increases the tension of the action. Finally, even in a situation where all the power to counterattack is controlled, the solver character, who moves according to his instructions, gives up one and hides the two, and seeks a chance to hit behind them, is also one of the basic elements to reinforce the action. In this way, the 'action roller coaster' that is fully equipped to board the audience, a refreshing shot that blows away the stuffy world! it's worth the wait

[ 24 Hours Hot Action ]

[The best car chase in Korean movie history] Upgraded car chasing adrenaline!
An average of 7,000 vehicles per day were bypassed, 11 bus routes were drastically changed, and thousands of Daejeon citizen extras participated.
The 8-lane road in front of Daejeon City Hall opened for the first time for <The Solver> and Boramae Park, under full control for 5 days
A thrilling car chase, crash overturn, and bombing scene, which were rarely seen in Korean movies, were born!

[Barefoot battles full of hitting feeling] Run, roll, and hit without stopping!
Topographical features in the city, such as motel corridors and stairs, hospital lobbies and shutters, rooftops and bathrooms, are all scenes of action.
Real body-to-body action, fierce hitting action, and 24-hour action relay bursting like a storm!

[Life-based tool action] A weapon master who makes weapons using objects!
Guns and knives are not the only weapons! Laundry table simple hangers, chair legs, toilet lids, rubber hoses, microwave ovens, etc.
Use everyday tools as a special move. A novel and witty action that rivals the toaster explosions and magazine fight scenes that drew admiration in the <Bone Identity> series, and the action using Jackie Chan's gates, ladders, and branches!

[Cool Sprinkler Action] Dynamic Water Battle!
A bout between the sprinkler-blasted hospital hallways and smashed fluorescent lights!
360-degree rotating air spurs and iron grate lift-ups unfold while water hits the face
And, until the classic hand-to-hand combat. Realistic 1:1 action is exactly what it is!

[High-altitude jump wire action] Seol Kyung-gu's first wire action!
For the high-altitude jump scene where the solver escapes the rooftop,
Seol Kyung-gu, who ran and ran all day without a band at the height of the 5th floor, “It’s cool”, “It’s refreshing”

[ Production Note Horse, Horse, Horse ]

“The hotter the scene, the more fun the action!”

2543 cut
“There was not enough time for filming for episode 62, three months. To complete a movie with only 2543 final cuts in the movie. Even if it is said that there are 4 takes per cut, and cuts that were cut during editing are not taken into account, the total number of shots is well over 10,000. Filming that lasted up to 48 hours per episode was normal, and the schedule had no choice but to be a forced march without rest. 2543 is the price of effort to ensure speedy and lively action, fast story development and variety of scene changes.” – Scripter Minhee Jim

5 days, 7000 units, 500 million
“It took six months to prepare, more than 10 pre-examinations, designing the route with a model car and working on a digital storyline at the same time. The average number of moving vehicles is 7,000 vehicles, 11 bus routes are changed, and the number of detours is 100 million won per day, a total of 500 million won. This would not have been possible without the active control and cooperation of Daejeon City Hall. In addition, there were 100 staff members, 300 auxiliary actors, and thousands of Daejeon citizens' cooperation. Shooting A, B, and C teams were operated, 4 main cameras and POV CAM were used, and large-scale filming equipment such as Jimmy's Zip, shooting car, super crane, wire crane, and vehicle jumping platform was mobilized. The two cars overturned and crashed 10 times, destroying a total of 20 vehicles. An ambulance and a fire engine were also mobilized to shoot a difficult scene in which an overturning vehicle was blown up while hanging from a wire. It was a dangerous special effect scene, but like a miracle, it succeeded in an hour, and that too at once. The scene created by controlling the road in front of Daejeon City Hall for 5 days is the car chasing of <The Fixer>.”
– Producer Kim Jung-min

Weapon Master using objects
“When watching <Transformers 2>, when a character fell violently on a bolt that fell to the floor, the audience sympathized with the pain. You seem to be more accustomed to the pain you experience in real life. So it seems that the actual pain that everyone knows is more vivid than the pain of being cut and damaged. There are special moves in life that make you feel that kind of pain. What props can be fatal? Sugar, water, spoons and pens on the table are all weapons. What would happen if sugar was splattered in your eyes? The design process of designing an action that requires a large amount of quantity, such as the car chase scene in this movie, or creating an action using the tools of life around us is the same. That's the imagination of action. The problem is how to embody those details and how to draw empathy for the audience.”
– Martial arts director Jung Doo-hong

wheelchair, shutter
At a general hospital, the solver 'Kyung-gu Seol' tried to shoot a scene where the kidnapped character 'Lee Seong-min' was put in a wheelchair and escaped, but it was not easy to find a location due to the swine flu. It was difficult to recruit a hospital in Daejeon, and the situation had to change the course of action. However, I really wanted to save the shutter scene. A situation in which the enemy does not capture you only if you go outside the falling shutter. I wanted to keep the main points of the thrilling and tense action that makes you terrified of being trapped. With the theme of passing through a maze, Seol Kyung-gu unfolds the action of 1:12 and then slides between the shutters just before closing to create an escape action. It is refreshing to see it now, perhaps because it was difficult.”
– Director Kwon Hyuk-jae

Action oral, pectoral muscle rupture
“The majestic Seol Kyung-gu. He has a big body, and he thinks that he might be too big when practicing, but he does amazingly well when filming starts. To come, to poison. I am an actor with a power that I didn't have when I was filming. We've known each other for a long time, and we've worked together a lot, but honestly, I still don't know him well. I do not know the abilities and physical limitations of a person named Seol Kyung-gu. do it instinctively. power is good Based on that power, they act in the instinctive and unconscious realm. He said that he could use a double when filming the scene where he slammed his head and smashed the bathroom mirror, but he said he did it himself. And even in the fight with Choi Ji-ho, who is 190 cm tall, the hardship was indescribable. It's like a person who looks like 170cm in length is taking a slap with that leg, and he can't pretend to hit him because he's an athlete. It was really hard to get it right.”
– Martial arts director Jung Doo-hong

“Director Jung Doo-hong is the director who knows the body of actor Seol Kyung-gu best. So the sum was perfect. One day, he went hunting to find a scene where he jumped off a five-story building. Actor Sol Kyung-gu went with him. He went and looked at it and said he would jump directly on the wire. Since you've filmed so many movies, of course you've seen it. But it was the first time I was actually filming. But he was also good. He even ruptured his chest muscles while filming an action scene. Nevertheless, I wanted to properly capture the shutter action scene as I barely flew under the shutter. I put my sick older brother on his own and made him slide. It is a scene that I am personally very grateful for.”
– Director Kwon Hyuk-jae

Bidung Action, Farewell, Lee Jeong-jin
“Thanks to the special nature of making a pictorial of the villain’s poison, he was nicknamed 'The Vicious Villain' on the set, and on the other hand, he was also called 'Action Deng' due to his powerful action-packed performances. At the time of the production report, Lee Jung-jin's appearance and sense, who were nicknamed 'publicity lump' and 'hongdung' by Seol Kyung-gu with witty speech, were definitely an issue on the set.”
– Production Accounting Ki-hyang Song

“I was kicked by Seol Kyung-gu, who was strong enough, and I fainted for a while, and my neck was also broken. If there's that much damage, I'm usually afraid, so I can't proceed with the next shoot. I endured it and it worked really well. He is an actor with good distribution and good athleticism.”
– Martial arts director Jung Doo-hong

Oh Dal-su, Two Rooms, Asphalt
“There are a few things Oh Dal-soo is the first to do in this movie. The first detective role, and the first action. I thought it would be fun to see Oh Dal-soo as the head of the powerful class, so I recommended it. He said that it was the first time he had ironed his clothes every time, and it was the first time he had dried them so much (haha). I was beaten and beaten by Choi Ji-ho, who had a long streak, and worked hard by hitting as much as I did, but Oh Dal-su knocked him down with two fists, and I got an OK sign in one shot. After that, Dal-soo’s interest in action grew so much that I had to drink makgeolli all night and play action-matching games.”
– Actor Seol Kyung-gu

“The Solver is like an asphalt movie. A dynamic movie like the heat of the asphalt that rises eagle! Why? You know it when you watch the movie.”
– Actor Oh Dal-soo

Dalsu and Dawn, Pasta, Comedy
“Dal-su Oh + Sae-byeok Song and Seong-min Lee of ‘Pasta’ made the scene into a sea of laughter from the time of reading. Even with a light reading, the director, writer, and other actors shook the audience with his hilarious performance in a tone that was unimaginable. After that, as I talked with the actors, new additions and adjustments were made, and the point was elevated to more explosive humor and drama codes.”
– Director Kwon Hyuk-jae

“Do you know what Dawn’s nickname is, it’s slippery. it's morning isn't it? It is said that Dalsu and Dal-Su and Dal-Soo drank until dawn every day they were filming. Lee Seong-min said that he doesn't drink alcohol at all, not like his appearance. They'll do the dark comedy. It was really funny on set, so the audience will laugh too.”
– Actor Seol Kyung-gu

POV CAM *Point of view camera, also known as POV (Point of View) CAM
Before commercial release, first use of commercial films

“In addition to the A, B, and C cameras, POV CAM was used as a sub-camera in order to capture various angles that emphasize dynamism, excitement, realism, and speed within a given time. It is a compact camera and viewpoint camera that is easy to carry. It captures dangerous shots such as a narrow space that a normal camera cannot capture because of its size, an angle that the camera cannot capture, the feeling of being hit at the point of being hit, and a car chase. It was attached to hangers, tables, washbasins, walls, in toilet bowls, car tires and the bottom surface, etc. In wire action, actors wore it, or a cameraman followed or preceded it with a POV CAM and jumped down to add vividness. There are several scenes that would not have been possible without POV CAM.”
– Cinematographer Jeong Seok-won

“The amount of light is very weak compared to film cameras. If the sensitivity of the film camera is 500, the Red One is about 150, so almost 4 times the amount of light is required. Matching the amount of light for night scenes and dark sets was key. The only way to get 208 scenes in episode 62 is fast lighting settings. The lighting and action of <The Fixer>, which uses a lot of lights but has to be set briefly, was hell. It was not an easy task, such as fighting against time and risk factors, but I focused on solving it with trust in the director and trust in the cinematographer.”
– Lighting Director Kim Seong-hoon

action breath sounds, rhythm
“The action was hot and cheerful. However, tension was also needed in order to save the drama and the characters who confront or help the solver. Literally, it is a difficult task and unbalance. At the beginning of the play, the atmosphere was controlled by laying down the tension and sense of crisis, but as the car chases and street fighting scenes at the end of the game run, you can feel the exhilarating pleasure. One of the key tasks was to cook the action breathing sounds, breathing sounds, blows and bursts, and sound effects in harmony with the music.”
– Music Director Bang Jun-seok

safety first finish
“Safety on the open set or both on set is the number one priority in action films. In particular, for the apartment bathroom action scene, where frustration and pain were the keywords, such an art set was important. We considered the safety of the actors. Although it is a daily living space, in <The Solver>, it was a place where the action and movement of the characters were the most complicated because it was a space of action. I tried my best not to hurt the actors by paying attention to the finishing materials, but nevertheless, my heart swelled throughout the filming. There was also a scene where there was an action scene in the hospital hallway, but after hunting, we could not find it, so we had to make a set. It is also a space of real action. In addition, it was an action that had no choice but to get the whole body wet because it was set while the sprinklers were exploding, and it was a scene with a risk of electric shock, such as a fluorescent lamp and a lamp on the back of the set wall, so I had to pay special attention to the work.” – Art Director Jinyoung Lee “Art director Jinyoung Lee is a director who can create an optimized space for action. Ceramic sinks and toilet lids, which are used as action tools, were made with silicone on their own, so that the actors could shoot safely.”
– Martial arts director Jung Doo-hong

Who is Director Kwon Hyuk-jae?
“He is a smart friend and a director who is looking forward to his next project. He has courage, leeway, and heaviness. The back figure is Kurosawa Akira. For the first time, I met the director of a generation who liked fast food. He is definitely young and properly speedy.”
– Actor Seol Kyung-gu

“You were a rookie director? (Haha) He is a great person.”
– Actor Lee Jung-jin

“I can’t be that reliable when I see him sitting on the monitor.”
– Actor Oh Dal-soo

“The movie is fun. I get a little jealous too. Even when he was an assistant director, director Kwon Hyuk-jae was very good at managing the field, so he had faith, but he does it much better than I thought. He does it better than me.”
– Screenplay Ryu Seung-wan

“Even though he is a rookie, he knew the action well and was confident. So, I tried to implement and set what I wanted. He is the one who opens his ears to good things.”
– Martial arts director Jung Doo-hong

“He is a strict director. I know lighting very well, so I trusted it.”
– Lighting Director Kim Seong-hoon

“From the pre-stage, we shared a lot of opinions and realized the concept. On the spot, I thought about the details. Moving-following, I tried to express the original concept in a way that created an actor's movement, using quick breathing and a lot of cuts. I think we made ours with this film.”
– Cinematographer Jeong Seok-won

“Attention to detail is an advantage. There is no hesitation in communication and it is dynamic.”
– Art Director Jinyoung Lee

“It’s good motivation. not afraid to try And he is knowledgeable.”
– Music Director Bang Jun-seok