(Korean Movies) Traffickers, 2012

Traffickers, 2012

Traffickers, 2012
Youth not allowed
running time
111 minutes
cumulative audience
1646142 people
33rd Blue Dragon Film Awards 2012


800 million heart, 400 million liver, 350 million kidney…
As soon as the passenger ship enters the high seas, their 'work' begins!

Sang-ho (Daniel Choi) and Chae-hee (Jung Ji-yoon) board a ferry bound for Weihai in China amidst a large crowd of people on a trip. It's our first trip alone, so we're just happy. But the excitement is short-lived. That night, while Sang-ho is away for a while, his wife disappears without a trace in a ferry located in the middle of the sea with no exit. What's even more confusing is that all the photos taken with my wife during the trip and all of her belongings have disappeared! Moreover, his wife's name is not even on the passenger list.

Meanwhile, Yeong-gyu (Lim Chang-jeong), who is the head of the organ smuggling site and the best in the industry, receives an offer he cannot refuse from a designer classmate, and prepares work with Kyung-jae (Oh Dal-su), a transporter Jun-sik, and Dae-woong, a man who specializes in business trips. have. The work is carried out in secret, from the purchase of customs officers to the transport of the work. Young-gyu is shocked when he sees the 'thing' on the workbench in a tension where even a single mistake cannot be tolerated. Chae-hee, whom she knew in the past, was there!

Only 6 hours left to Weihai!

Sang-ho's relentless pursuit of finding his wife begins, and Young-gyu is in a dilemma of not being able to kill or save Chae-hee…

This summer, they are coming to your heart!


A few years ago, a newlywed couple had their wife kidnapped while on a trip to China.
Two months later, I saw an article stating that the organs were all found missing.
It is said that such a shocking thing is happening in Korea as well.
In fact, if you sell all the organs in a woman in her 20s,
It is said that more than 1 billion
Patients in desperate need of organ transplantation, the absolute lack of a legal organ supply.
As a result, a horrific organ trafficking market was formed to avoid the legal system.
'Is organ trafficking a necessary evil or an evil that needs to be eliminated?'
The movie <The Conspirators> started with these questions.
Through a subsistence villain who is secretly trying to survive in the scene of organ trafficking
I wanted to reveal the other side of the cruel reality.

Whether writing the screenplay or filming, the worries continued.
Because human life is important,
In order to uphold the principle that a film must contain sincerity…

– 2012.07 Director Kim Hong-sun

The high seas between Korea and China…
Even at this moment, someone's heart is being ripped out.


A movie that will shock Korea is coming this summer!
<The Conspirators>, the first crime thriller with organ trafficking to the fore.

With the recent murder of the rare murderer Oh Won-chun, suspicions about human meat and organ trafficking arose, organ trafficking, which was only considered a ghost story floating online, emerged as a social issue and shook the Republic of Korea. The crime thriller <The Conspirators>, which deals with the crime in earnest, will tell the shocking truth of organ trafficking deeply rooted in society.

With the motif of the organ trafficking case of newlyweds who traveled to China in 2009, <The Conspirators> revealed the shocking crime scene that was perpetrated under the surface of the water for travelers on a passenger ship between Korea and China. It realistically shows the actual situation of trafficking and raises awareness. In particular, through organ smuggling, which has been perpetrated against an unspecified number of ordinary people, it imprints that anyone can become a target of crime, creating a creepy feeling. Here, the on-site general who instructs the work, a field surgeon who removes organs, and veterans in each field, such as a transporter, set a target and move thoroughly and systematically from start to finish, so that the whole process of organ smuggling can be improved. It adds a shocking setting that it is thoroughly managed by a corporateized system. With a solid story and composition reminiscent of a true story, <The Conspirators>, which emerged as the best topic this summer, will reveal the reality of organ trafficking that has been hidden so far and plunge the Republic of Korea into a crucible of shock.

The impact material of 'organ trafficking', Korea-China locations
Strong reversal, realistic and even more shocking video
This summer, there is only one crime thriller <The Conspirators>

<Conspirators>, which deals with the reality of a corporate organ trafficking organization that harvests and sells organs on passenger ships going between Korea and China, is a thrilling drama with realistic images, intense action and resonating drama that is the only crime thriller this summer. It will deliver pleasure.

<Conspirators> covers the entire process of international and systematic organ smuggling with Korea, including target setting, operational design, recruitment of extraction surgeons, importing goods through customs officers, and Chinese public security for organ harvesting in secret rooms. It was captured vividly through vast locations across China. In particular, during the 56th filming, the number of extras mobilized for the car action and duel scenes that took place over three weeks and eight times in Weihai, China reached 1,000. In addition, cinematographer Nam-joo Yoon, who won the Blue Dragon Cinematography Award for the movie <Gidam>, increased the reality of the film by shooting with an all-handheld technique to express the rough feeling of the movie. In addition, the joining of editor Shin Min-kyung, who has a reputation for speedy editing such as <Seven Days>, <Tazza> and <The Thieves>, is expected to maximize the pleasure of the genre. In addition, the delicate depiction of the desperate feelings of the victims and the underside of the organ trafficking conspirators of Inmyeonsu-sim conveys the film's message more clearly that raises questions about social absurdity that threatens human dignity.
Director Kim Hong-seon thought of a 'sauna room' in a passenger ship as a space for organ harvesting. It is a space designed with the characteristic that it requires a lot of water for organ harvesting, but ironically, it was a 'sauna room' necessary for rest and cleanliness. Another highlight of the film is the breathtaking chase between the victim, who struggles to survive while on the operating table, screaming and screaming, the husband who pursues her desperately, and the conspirators trying to hide her. Armed with shocking material of organ trafficking, urgency story development and action, and realistic and shocking images and powerful reversals, <Conspirators> is the only crime thriller that will give the audience the best thrill this summer.

Im Chang-jung, Choi Daniel, Oh Dal-su
The best actors who have proven their acting skills
Perfect acting ensemble!

Chungmuro representative actors who add trust to acting just by their name, Im Chang-jung, Choi Daniel, and Oh Dal-soo, gathered for the movie <The Conspirators>. Those who have already been tested for their individuality and solid acting skills through numerous works will show the true taste of acting in <The Conspirators> and add depth to the film.

Lim Chang-jung, who has been reigning as a representative actor in Korean comedy films and acting as a small citizen with a strong face, has changed. It is planned to show strong charisma through the character of 'Young-gyu', the field manager of the organ trafficking organization and the best in the industry. Im Chang-jung, who showed a passion for the character and performed a dense performance, such as losing weight and mastering the dialect perfectly for the rough image of life at the bottom, is expected to fill the screen with eerie and intense eyes that have not been seen before. <Yoga Academy> <Cyrano; Daniel Choi, who has built a character of pure love through works such as "Love Manipulation Team". He recently showed an impactful performance through the SBS drama [Ghost], gradually broadening his acting spectrum and establishing himself as a promising star in Chungmuro. He is emerging as the best actor in his twenties by radiating a two-sided charm that shines sharp eyes even though he shows a dandy guy with a good and bright smile. Actor Oh Dal-soo, who shows a strong presence with his lively acting skills in every work. In the past, through works such as <Detective of Joseon: The Secret of the Helmet Flower>, <Bangjajeon> and <The Thieves>, he has developed his own unique character with humor and pace even in the face of evil. Then, he took on the role of 'Kyung-jae', a surgeon specializing in business trips who forsook his vocation as a doctor and participated in organ harvesting. Oh Dal-soo, who was offered a casting offer and rejected it because it was a difficult character to handle, was accepted by director Kim Hong-seon's earnest three-year career.


Collection of over a thousand articles, close coverage for over 300 days!
Amazing tenacity to dig into the hidden truth behind the organ trafficking case!

Director Kim Hong-sun was shocked to learn that organ trafficking, which he had only known as a ghost story, was actually taking place after accidentally coming across a case of organ trafficking for newlyweds published in a weekly magazine in 2009. After that, he decided to make a film and completed <The Conspirators> through close coverage of the year in order to realistically tell the story behind the organ trafficking case.

Director Kim Hong-sun traveled to general hospitals across the country, collecting more than 1,000 articles on organ smuggling, including major daily newspapers, current weekly magazines, and online, as well as investigating the status of organ transplantation. In addition, he tried to find traces of organ trafficking hidden behind the veil by contacting them directly after seeing the 'I live for organs' advertisement posted on actual hospitals and subway toilets. The radius and the process of obtaining 'things' were vividly confirmed. As a result, I was able to succeed in realistically portraying the organ trafficking group operated as a company and the brokers who move professionally in each field. In addition to the coverage related to organ smuggling, in order to set the character of Young-gyu, the manager of Tai Gong, we conducted an accompanying coverage with Tai Gong, an actual Chinese bag dealer, several times. As such, <The Conspirators>, which was born with the director's commitment to the perfection of the film, will shock the Republic of Korea by revealing organ trafficking for the first time in a Korean film.

Find the best place!
A Chinese location that adds to the weight of the play!

Thinking of a rough and gloomy port city as a place where organ trafficking takes place in the play, the production team went hunting for three months in various port cities in China to find the best place. Weihai, the center of a fishing port, perfectly embraces the image in the scenario, from the wide sea to the unique rough and gloomy atmosphere, as the crew went to all port cities in China, including Qingdao, which is well-known in Korea as a famous resort in China. was selected as the best place. From Weihai Port, where work is transported away from the public security eye, heightening tension, to violence-stained back alley car-chasing scenes and hospitals that add realism, the Chinese filming that occupies the second half of the film adds to the weight of the play and the brutality of the incident. further maximize

In particular, the filming scene in Weihai Market, where Yeong-gyu and Sang-ho face each other, is the climax of the film's emotions. At the time of filming, the production team, who had to sweat a lot to control about 1,000 local auxiliary performers in the rapidly changing weather at the time of filming, completed an action that was as intense as effort and hard work, creating another famous scene. In addition, filming a hospital scene where organ smuggling actually takes place was the biggest challenge for the production team. Filming was rejected at most hospitals due to the subject of organ trafficking. In the end, the production team formed a guerrilla filming team with 7 to 8 head staff including actors and directors, as well as filming and lighting, and completed a scene full of tension through the filming of a thief reminiscent of Operation 007. Thanks to the blood and sweat of the actors and staff who worked together to complete a more perfect work despite these difficulties, <The Conspirators> was able to be completed as the most talked-about work of this summer, boasting a huge scale.

100% real situation!
Even if the ribs are broken and the wire is broken, do it yourself!
Acting fighting spirit, NO STUNT filming site!

One of the highlights of <The Conspirators> is probably the lively action scenes that make the most of reality. Director Kim Hong-sun and martial arts director Yoo Sang-seop, who wanted to bring life-style action reminiscent of a real brawler to the screen, eliminated unnecessary movement and movement in all action scenes and completed rough, crude, yet realistic action.

Lim Chang-jung, who has digested the most action scenes in the play, disassembled into 'Young-gyu', a general manager of organ trafficking, and tried an intense acting transformation that he had never seen before. Martial arts team actors were always on the spot, but I was surprised by directly digesting most of the high-level action scenes, such as intense physical fights and fighting scenes, without a second. In fact, Lim Chang-jung suffered a serious injury that broke his rib during filming, but he was praised by the staff for literally demonstrating his fighting spirit, such as performing a car action without a stabilizer while hanging from the vehicle bonnet before the bones were even attached. Not only Lim Chang-jung, but also the leading actors such as Daniel Choi, Dal-su Oh, and Jo Dal-hwan continued the dangerous shootings with their lives as collateral. During the filming of the actual ship deck crash scene in the sea, the wire safety device was cut and life was threatened, and in the underground parking lot car action scene, a dizzying situation was produced, such as a large-scale collision between vehicles. The efforts of the actors and staff who worked on the filming with the spirit of a dead adult in such a tense situation that made you sweat like this created famous scenes that maximize the tension of the story, not just an action as a spectacle.

A sauna room made 5 times the size of the real thing, special makeup for 5 hours!
A well-made crime thriller with vivid details is born!

As it is the first time in Korean film history to deal with organ smuggling in earnest, the production team of <The Conspirators> spared no effort to realize the subject matter more realistically. In addition to making a sauna room in a passenger ship, the place where organs are harvested in the play, expensive dummy and special makeup over a long period of time provide the audience with fun to watch.

The space the production team focused on the most was the sauna room inside the passenger ship, the space where Yeong-gyu and his crew start harvesting organs in the movie. The production team, who directly surveyed dozens of passenger ships for filming, decided that the sauna room in the existing passenger ship was too narrow for filming. As it is a very important space in which full-scale work is carried out in the play, the sauna set produced with a budget of 200 million won is made in detail even in parts that the camera lens cannot reach, conveying realism. In addition to this, as there were many action scenes, so-called prosteric makeup was mobilized to vividly express the wounded appearance of the actors. Prosteric makeup is a special makeup that can express wounds and scars most naturally by attaching artificial skin made of silicone to the actual skin. Young-gyu's crew, including Im Chang-jung, Oh Dal-su, and Jo Dal-hwan, had to endure the trouble of receiving special makeup for 5 hours for each shoot. In addition, the dummy that appears in major scenes such as excisional surgery was also made naked, including the face and body organs, as if proving the meticulous production process that took three weeks and the high price of ransom. The bloody efforts of the production team of <The Conspirators>, who did not miss even the smallest detail and improved the level of perfection, melted into the screen, foretelling the birth of the best well-made crime thriller this summer.

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