(Korean Movies) Time Renegade, 2015

Time Renegade, 2015

Time Renegade, 2015
Audience over 15
running time
107 minutes
cumulative audience
1202511 people


On January 1, 1983, high school teacher Ji-hwan (Jo Jung-suk) is proposing to her classmate and lover Yoon-jeong (Im Soo-jeong), when he meets a robber and is stabbed by a knife and loses consciousness. On January 1, 2015, homicide detective Geon-woo (Lee Jin-wook) is also shot and killed by the criminal he was pursuing. Ji-hwan and Geon-woo, who were taken to the same hospital on the same day, at the same time, 30 years apart, managed to survive in a life-and-death situation.

The two men don't believe it at first, but they learn that they are real people at different times. Geon-woo meets So-eun (Im Su-jeong), who looks amazingly similar to Ji-hwan's fiancee Yoon-jeong, whom he saw in a dream, and is drawn to her like fate. One day, while investigating an unsolved murder case in the 1980s, Geon-woo discovers a record that Yoon-jeong was murdered 30 years ago and begins to dig up the case. Ji-hwan also learns from Geon-woo that his fiancee, Yoon-jeong, is doomed to die soon. The two men start a pursuit that transcends time together to prevent Yoon-jeong's planned death…

"I love you. I will protect you.”
Different eras, one murder case
The desperate fight between two men to save the woman they love begins!

[ Director's Comment ]

If we had known then what we know now, how different would we have been?
What if you see the future in your dreams?
What if you see the past in a dream?
I first added the most extreme situation of the death of a loved one in the dream to the imagination that everyone enjoys, and I ponder what is the most valuable thing to do when I know that the future I saw in my dream is true Seeing the death of the woman I love The ardent journey of two men was put in a tense genre of fun.

The first dilemma of time-based films is that the fixed future (destiny) cannot be changed. I wanted to show the great power of the most powerful human will (love) that transcends the great force of fate. I wanted to make a story that is close to the original, not just in 1983 and 2015, but in any region of any era.

I hope that the audience will sympathize with the interesting imagination at the beginning, immerse themselves in 'Who is the culprit?' in the end, and think about why all these things happened in the end, and finally feel the emotion as a gift.


Time Chasers

1983 X 2015
Different eras, one murder.
The desperate pursuit of two men to prevent the death of the woman they love.

The movie <Time Breaker> is about a man in 1983 (Jo Jung-seok) who is about to get married and a man in 2015 (Lee Jin-wook), a homicide detective, accidentally witnesses the death of a woman he loves (Im Soo-jung) through each other's dreams, and desperately tries to save her. It is an emotional thriller that contains the content of a struggle. Director Kwak Jae-yong, who has been deeply loved by audiences for his timeless sensibility such as <Classic> and <My Sassy>, holds a megaphone and the emotional actors Su-jeong Lim, Jo Jung-seok, and Jin-wook Lee, who are recognized in Chungmuro, take the lead roles. has been considered as

Ji-hwan, a high school teacher living in 1983, and Gun-woo, a homicide detective living in 2015. On January 1, 1983 and 2015, respectively, they had an accident, and from then on, they started seeing each other's daily life in their dreams. They do not know the exact reason, and they do not know who the man in the dream is, but as time goes by, they come to believe that the other person is living with them for more than 30 years. Meanwhile, while investigating an unsolved murder case in the 1980s, a male homicide detective named Geon-Woo from 2015 accidentally discovers a record that Ji-Hwan's fiancee, Yoon-Jeong, was murdered. Through ', he learns in advance of the death of his fiancee 'Yoon-jeong'. From then on, in order to save 'Yun-jeong', the two men cross the 30-year time difference and work together to pursue the case.

In this way, <Time Breaker> is a unique setting in which the past and present time lead to a murder case and two men's dreams. Director Kwak Jae-yong, as well as the main actors Su-jeong Lim, Jo Jung-seok, and Jin-wook Lee, encountered the scenario for the first time and were fascinated by the interesting structure that connects the events of the two eras and the tense story of two men chasing time to prevent the death of the woman they love. . In addition, as the case is resolved, the three-dimensional development of events that change as the present and the past are intertwined and the delicate production of the process in a structured way will give the audience an exhilarating pleasure. Contrary to the interesting setting and solid storyline, <Time Breaker> is expected to become a must-see for the audience this April.

Time x Time

The sights and sensibility of different eras that take place as the time and space of 1983 and 2015 intersect!
April, the birth of an emotional thriller that captures the times!

<Time Breaker> contains the stories of two different eras, 1983 and 2015. By meeting an era with a time difference of about 30 years in one movie, the audience can naturally enjoy the sights and sensibility of the two eras twice. In fact, the production team did endless site hunting and data research to reproduce the year 1983, an axis of the movie, and focused on the perfect realization of the historical background by applying CG technology for a realistic image. A representative scene in which such efforts are effectively revealed is the scene of the bell ceremony of the New Year's Eve of Bosingak that decorates the opening of <Time Devourer>. I can feel it.

One of the film's strengths is the historical attraction of <Time Breaker>, which will provide vague memories to audiences who went through the 1983s and a different experience to audiences of the current generation. In addition, 'Ji-Hwan', who lives in the past, and 'Geon-Woo', who lives in the future, sees the daily life of 2015 and marvels at the technology of the future, such as smartphones. also offer

In 2015's 'Geon-woo', through the record of an unsolved murder case, and 'Ji-hwan' in 1983, through a dream, learns in advance that 'Yun-jeong' will be the victim of a murder, and investigates the case to prevent it. In this process, historical facts such as 'Chinese Army MiG defection' and 'Advanced to the quarterfinals of the World Youth Soccer Tournament' that actually occurred in Korea in 1983 and the events in the film naturally interlocked, giving the story a vivid sense of reality. In addition, it provides a breathtaking tension to the audience watching whether two men can change the fate of their lover, making them participate in the desperate situation of the two men. In this way, <Time Devourer> is a thriller in which the two eras are intertwined with each other, adding a mournful sensibility for a lover, foretelling the birth of the best emotional thriller that will capture this era.

Time Couples

Jo Jung-seok x Im Soo-jung x Lee Jin-wook
A hot acting ensemble of the representative emotional actors of this era!

From the moment the castings of Im Soo-jung, Jo Jung-seok, and Lee Jin-wook were revealed, <Time Devourer> was at the center of the topic. The trust in director Kwak Jae-yong of <Classic>, and the power of the script, which has its own unique charm, brought these three actors together into one work called <Time Breaker>.

From the day of an unexpected accident, Ji-hwan, a man from 1983, sees the daily life of a man living in 2015 in his dreams. A warm-hearted high school music teacher, 'Ji-hwan', who was having a happy day with 'Yun-jeong', a lover who promised to marry, learns of 'Yun-jeong''s planned death through a dream, and fights for her life to prevent it. In 1983, the male role of 'Ji-hwan' was played by actor Jo Jung-seok, who is showing a strong presence in Chungmuro with detailed acting. The audience's attention is focused on his acting, which vividly melts the actor's human charm into the character, like Im Soo-jung's praise, "He always considers the other actors and never loses a smile no matter how difficult the filming."

Ji-hwan's fiancee and chemistry teacher at the same school as Ji-hwan's chemistry teacher Yoon-jeong in 1983. And 30 years after that, Im Soo-jung, who plays the role of ‘So-eun’, a woman from 2015 who looks amazingly similar to ‘Yun-jeong’ who runs into ‘Geon-woo’ by chance, was praised for her performance that delicately captures various emotions in each work. She is a representative actress from all over Korea. In <Time Devourer>, the two men will take on the roles of 'Yoon-jeong' and 'So-eun', who are the reasons and goals of the two men in their urgent pursuit, challenging two roles, and presenting the charms of two similarly different characters. As a tribute to Jo Jung-seok, “a veteran actor who can handle any role softly and flexibly,” Lim Su-jeong's two-person role, who skillfully portrays the warm and friendly 'Yun-jeong' from 1983 and 'So-eun' from 2015, who is bold and lovely. Acting is expected to be a major axis leading <Time Devourer>.

Actor Lee Jin-wook, who has established himself as Korea's representative time tracker across screens and CRTs, transforms into 'Gun-woo', a homicide detective who lives in 2015 in <Time Travers>, and once again transcends time. 'Geon-woo', who was interested in 1983 because of 'Ji-hwan', finds out that one of the victims of an unsolved murder that year is Ji-hwan's fiancee. He took on the role and gave a great performance. Like Jo Jung-suk's admiration, "I felt that his deep eyes and heavy acting fit the thriller genre really well", Lee Jin-wook maximizes the genre charm of <Time Breaker> with his mysterious atmosphere and incomparable aura.

As such, the fantastic casting that makes the heart flutter with just the name alone and the acting ensemble achieved by the actors boasting perfect chemistry is the highlight of <Time Breaker>. Like the common sentiment of the actors, “Every time we act, we get along so well and it was fun to share our thoughts on how to solve the scene.” This would be a good reason to watch The Breakers>.

Timeless Director

<Classic> <My Sassy Girl> Director Kwak Jae-yong,
The return of the emotional storyteller that transcends time!

Director Kwak Jae-yong is a master who left an unforgettable footprint in the history of Korean cinema. After making his debut with <Watercolor on a Rainy Day> in 1989, he emerged as a representative director of the Korean film industry through the unprecedented blockbuster <My Sassy Girl>. In addition, he has been loved by audiences as a storyteller with a sense of time that transcends time by delivering a deep emotion to all generations with <Classic>, which is one of the representative well-made melodrama films. challenged

For director Kwak Jae-yong, <Time Breaker> was a work that came like fate. He said, "Like <Classic>, I was always interested in stories that dealt with two different eras, and it was a scenario with the thriller genre's pleasure as well as the affectionate emotion that comes from the earnest desire to save the lover. I think that directing <Time Breaker> was one of the best decisions I have made in my life, and I enjoyed all the time I was working on this film.” . Director Kwak Jae-yong, who has always been interested in stories about memories or stories that change the future through past events and memories, took on the role of directing <Time Rover> and succeeded in linking the story between the two eras, ensuring fun as a thriller genre. At the same time, it combines the romanticism that comes from a setting that transcends time.

Actor Lee Jin-wook expressed his expectations, saying, "It will be a special work that adds emotional resonance to the tension of a thriller as the director's special talents, who have been active in the emotional genre, will be demonstrated." In addition, cinematographer Lee Seong-je of <The Chaser> and <Suspect>, who claimed to be a long-time fan of the director, said, "I have a lot to learn as a filmmaker and as a human being." The filming process was fun,” he said, expressing his confidence in the distinctive charm that <Time Devourer> will show. Director Kwak Jae-yong first challenged the thriller genre and completed it with unrivaled sensibility and directing power, and it will be a monumental work that will leave another big mark in his filmography.

Timeless Love

A man's passionate love that transcends time!
A love story for the one person who will protect you even if you sacrifice everything

(Including spoilers in the content below)
The end point of all the stories in <Time Devourer> is love that transcends time for one person. Ji-hwan, who meets through a dream with ‘Geon-woo’, who lives in 2015, learns that the victim in the 1983 unsolved murder case is ‘Yun-jeong’, whom he loves so much, and starts a completely different life from that moment. . He tries to prevent a planned murder, but in the end he can't save Yun-jeong. After that, he starts the chase to find the culprit, and in an instant he escapes from the life of an ordinary teacher and is chased by the police. He throws his whole body into the case with a desperate desire to find the culprit who killed his lover.

During the investigation of an unsolved murder case in 2015, 'Geon-woo' finds out that the victim of the case is 'Yun-jeong', the lover of a man who has been linked with her in her dream, and then digs into the case in earnest. Then, 'So-eun' with the same appearance as 'Yun-jeong' appears in front of him, and 'Geon-woo' and 'Ji-hwan' realize that she is the reincarnation of 'Yun-jeong', who eventually died in 1983. In the end, the murder case that did not catch the culprit eventually threatens 'So-eun' as time passes, 'Geon-woo' protects 'So-eun' who is attracted to him, and 'Ji-hwan' takes 'So-eun', the reincarnation of 'Yun-jeong'. Together, they fight a battle that transcends time. The desperate struggle between two men who have been linked to a dream and reincarnation for the one they love in different eras shakes the hearts of the audience intensely. The reversal of reincarnation that is revealed as the film approaches the end and the heartbreaking heart of a man who loved one person very much will leave a great impression and lingering impression on the audience.

On the other hand, Jo Jung-seok, who played 'Ji-hwan', said about his character, "I thought about 'Ji-hwan''s feelings a lot while filming this movie, but he is a very brave and great person. If it was me, I would have been very scared, and I would have been afraid to know the future itself. If he knew the death of a loved one in advance, he probably wouldn't be able to risk everything like 'Ji-hwan' and jump in." He also expressed surprise at the passionate love he embraced. Director Kwak Jae-yong and the production team also said, “The dilemma of time-based films is that they cannot change the set future. I wanted to show the greatness of love, the most powerful human will that transcends the huge force of fate.”

[ Production Note ]

The production crew of <Suspect> <The Chaser> <Sunny> <Gwanghae, the man who became king> united!
The best production that properly harmonizes the times and tensions!

Even with the directing of director Kwak Jae-yong, one of Korea's leading masters, and the casting of the actors Chungmuro's most loved actors, Im Soo-jung, Jo Jung-seok, and Lee Jin-wook, <Time Breaker> was already ready to captivate the screen. However, thanks to the joining of the staff who are like a thousand soldiers, <Time Devourer> was able to be made into a work with a higher level of perfection.

Even for cinematographer Lee Seong-jae, who was famous for his excellent camera direction and mise-en-scène, who left a strong impression in films such as <The Suspect> and <The Chaser>, <Time Breaker>, a mixture of opposing keywords of the present and the past, romance and thriller, is not an easy one. It was a challenge. In particular, the process of filming scenes that give a thriller feeling while also filming beautiful and emotional scenes was like a big homework for the filming team.

In the case of art director Yohan Lee, he previously had experience in recreating the past as he was in charge of art in <Sunny>, but <Time Breaker>, which had to live up to the sense of the times in the past in 1983 and the present in 2015, was a series of new challenges. In particular, he could not give up his passion for space, and in the end, he set a great achievement in recruiting the ward office of the Jeonbuk Provincial Office ahead of the production of the space for the police station in 2015. In the end, they succeeded in creating a perfect visual beauty with a perfect concept and preparation.

Music director Kim Jun-seong, who was in charge of the music for <Gwanghae, the Man Who Became King>, was thinking about the direction of music suitable for a movie that mixes thriller and emotional drama. I composed mainly the music that was based on Showing an amazing passion for preparing about 60 songs for <Time Breaker>, he expressed confidence in the music of the movie, saying, "I hope you come to the theater to see <Time Breaker> and feel the vivid orchestral sound, deep emotion, and thriller full of urgency." did.

The perfect collaboration of the master director who left a monumental work in the history of cinema and the excellent staff has created a masterpiece with a complex and new genre of emotion-tracking thriller.

“It was like making two movies.”
The perfect location for the highlights of 1983 and 2015!

The location difficulty of <Time Devourer>, in which two eras appeared in 1983 and 2015, required more effort than filming one modern film and one period piece at the same time. This is because the place of the past and the present must be the same place, only the times are different. Accordingly, the production team goes on a long journey around the country to find a place that meets the conditions.

The Bosingak ringing scene, which intersects the beginning of 1983 and 2015, which is responsible for the opening of the film, is the result of numerous simulations and thorough planning. In order to capture the real New Year's Bosingak bell ringing where countless crowds gather, a filming team divided into six groups filmed intensely at each set angle. It was a tight filming that I didn't even have time to check the intermediate result, but I managed to capture the composition that can be checked on the screen for the first time through <Time Devourer> by getting permission to shoot in a building near Bosingak, which has never been given permission to shoot. In the case of Bosingak in 1983, it was filmed at a temple in Cheonan, taking its motif from a joke by director Kwak Jae-yong. Director Kwak Jae-yong, who provided the idea, had a decisive remark: “If you go to a temple, there are many places that have large bells similar to Bosingak.” In fact, it succeeded in recruiting a temple with a large bell, and the structure was similar to Bosingak to the surprise of even the actors who went to the scene on the day of filming.

High school, which is an important setting in the movie, is a difficult place to hire even for works set in the modern era. However, in the case of <Time Breaker>, I had to find as many places as the auditorium, science room, music room, playground, and rooftop to express the two eras. I searched all the closed schools across the country, but they had to be excluded from the nominations because they had already been introduced in other works, did not fit the movie, or were not too beautiful. In the end, I was able to complete the school, the main space where the stories of the two eras unfold, in six schools and one set that I found all over the country.

There are also buildings with the last appearance in <Time Breaker>. At the beginning of the movie, Euljiro Alley, where the main characters are injured, was able to reproduce the appearance of the 1980s without any special equipment. The police station, the main background of 2015, borrowed the entire building of the Jeonbuk Provincial Office building to create a police station space with a unique atmosphere where the past and the present coexist. The site, which was able to be cast due to persistent requests over several times, was also demolished after the filming was over, and the last appearance of the former Jeonbuk Provincial Office could only be seen in <Time Devourer>.

80's retro visual that fills the screen! Stimulate the nostalgia of the audience!
The important goal of <Time Breaker>, in which two eras appeared in 1983 and 2015, was to express 1983, where you can feel the atmosphere of the past. First of all, the production team began to grasp a specific concept by reviewing a lot of photo material and news material of the past 80s. However, the 80's appearing in the actual data had a feeling of being too old and rustic to the present day's eyes. Rather than sticking to the reproduction of the 80s that actually existed, the production team decided to focus on realizing the warm and romantic 80s that exist in our memories. So, in 1983, the focus was on showing warm tones, and according to this, the color tones also started to decorate the space with yellow, red, and green, which convey a warm feeling, and make clothes.

First, the production team went around the country to airlift and produce props that would naturally blend into the film, and as a result, they created a space that seems to have completely returned to 1983. In addition to the cute props in the classroom at the time when class was taught by turning the orbit instead of the screen, the signs and cars on the street stimulate nostalgia and add to the fun of viewing. It was especially difficult to recreate the street, and I went to collectors all over the country to find classic cars from taxis and buses of that time. It was not easy to gather the hired cars in Busan, which was the main filming location. Also, in order to express 1983, the most difficult thing for the production team was the most basic, though minor, that was the soil floor. Most sidewalks and vacant lots are now covered with concrete or sidewalk blocks, but at that time most of them were covered with soil. To reproduce this, the production team had to move the soil every time it was filmed.

On the other hand, in terms of clothes, the background of 1983 itself is not much different from the clothes we are currently wearing, so we had to focus on giving a natural difference. As much as possible, I tried to make the silhouettes and materials different from what they are now, and in particular, 'Ji-Hwan' and 'Yun-Jeong' worked hard to give the impression that they fit their profession as they appeared as high school teachers. In the case of 'Yunjeong', she mainly produced costumes with rich silhouettes, adding a warm and gentle feeling of the era. 'Ji-Hwan' also worked hard to create a sense of sensibility by mainly producing clothes made of brown tones. Conversely, for 'Soyun' and 'Geonwoo', who live in 2015, they made costumes with a tight silhouette and sophisticated colors such as blue and khaki to differentiate them as much as possible from the past.

With such meticulous efforts by the production team, 1983 of <Time Breaker> is expected to stimulate the audience's nostalgia by creating a retro visual that can feel warm sensibility.

North Korean soldiers defected from the MiG incident! Bae Chul-soo's music camp!
The Feast of Keywords in 1983

One of the two eras that make up <Time Devourer> is 2015, which corresponds to the present. Then, what is the reason why the production crew chose 1983 out of many 80s? Director Kwak Jae-yong explained why he chose 1983 as the historical background. “Originally, I set the year 1985 as the background, not 1983, but 30 years from the present. However, looking at the major events of the past, there were many cases in which impressive events occurred in 1983. So we changed the settings.” The actual events that took place in 1983 that appeared in the movie were largely the MiG incident and the youth soccer semifinals.

It doesn't happen now, but in the 1980s, there were three cases in a year when a pilot defected in a MiG between countries that were diplomatically hostile. Although it was later revealed that the North Korean MiG had crossed the airspace in hopes of defection, an air raid warning was issued for a short time and the whole country was in a state of war. In the movie, “Fellow citizens, this is a real situation. This is the real situation.” There are many civil defense broadcasts and radio news that appear several times, but this was actually the anchor's remarks on the news at the time of the MiG defection in 1983. In addition, it was unusual for the youth national soccer team to advance to the semifinals of the world championship, and it was an event that was a big topic at the time. And you will have time to reflect on the longing.

Also, 'Bae Cheol-soo's Music Camp' appears as a medium through which 'Ji-Hwan' and 'Geon-Woo' once again feel that they are connected. This was a setting that the production team came up with while looking for an icon that was and still exists in 1983 and is not affected by time. “First of all, the radio medium is symbolic, and among them, Bae Cheol-soo, a singer who sings about the troubles of youth in 1983, and a DJ who symbolizes the latest music trends, was considered such a person. ” As the production team explained, <Time Breaker> will approach the film from 1983 to the present as a work that conveys familiarity and nostalgia to the audience.

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