(Korean Movies) The Treacherous, 2014

The Treacherous, 2014

The Treacherous, 2014
period drama/drama
Youth not allowed
running time
131 minutes
cumulative audience
1110274 people
36th Golden Cinematography Awards 2016


11 years of Yeonsan-gun, dedicate 10,000 beauties
It is infested with those who want to control the king,
Indeed, the era of the gods has arrived.

“A thousand years of pleasure in one day
I will prepare it for you to enjoy!”

Yeonsan-gun appointed Im Soong-jae as Chae Hong-sa and forcibly conscripted beauties from all over the Joseon Dynasty, and called them Unpyeong. Im Soong-jae, the worst villain, used this as an opportunity to devise a ruse to win the world, and when he caught the sons of noble families, women, and even the poor, the people's resentment pierced the sky.

"The power to rule the king is in my hands!
I am the king over kings!"

Im Soong-jae and Im Sa-hong choose Dan-hee, who has an excellent beauty, to seduce the king, and they start to train themselves. check the A fierce battle for power begins, and Dan-hee and Seol Joong-mae train to become the best colors of Joseon in order to survive…


Lim Soong-jae, the worst loyalist in history, who possessed the king and despised the times!
Ten thousand beauties of the eight provinces of Joseon are dedicated to the king!
In the 11th year of Yeonsan-gun, the story of the gods who shook the world unfolds!

Sending Im Soong-jae and Lim Sa-hong to all over the country
Call her Chae Hong-sa and have her choose a beautiful girl.
[Annals of the Joseon Dynasty _ Yeonsan-gun's Diary _ Yeonsan 11, June 16]

The movie <The Barrier> shed new light on Lim Soong-jae, a rare tyrant who took control of Yeonsan-gun, the worst tyrant in Joseon, and Chae-hong, a case in which 10,000 beauties from the eight provinces of Joseon were forcibly conscripted. In the 11th year of Yeonsangun, the main subject of the movie, 'Chaehong' is an incident where Im Soongjae and his father Im Sahong were appointed as Chae Hongsa in the 11th year of Yeonsangun and ordered to search for beauties from all over the Joseon Dynasty and bring them to the palace. Im Soong-jae, who was appointed as Chae Hong-sa, forcibly conscripted about 10,000 beautiful women from all over the Joseon Dynasty. Also, those selected by the king because of their excellent results were called 'heungcheong'.
At that time, 'Chae Hong' is an event that shows the absurdity of power possessed by Yeonsan-gun in the most intense way in that uncountable beauties were requisitioned to the palace regardless of class, such as women of the four-generation family, women, and the poor. In addition, the king's preference for the chaehong beauties soon led to power, and for this reason, the power struggles of the servants were intervened in the process of choosing chaehong. As such, <The Ganshin> contains the history of 'Chaehong', one of the most shocking events in history, and the rookies who used it to covet the king's power.
In addition, <Banksin> exposes the harsh training process that 10,000 beauties offered to the king by Chae Hongsa go through in order to be chosen by the king. The 10,000 unpyeongs who entered the palace by Chae Hongsa learned not only the songs and dances to please the king, but also the techniques to serve the king in bed. Unpyeong, who were favored by tyrants, survived the palace, and lusted for power, risked their lives for training. Reflecting this historical true story, <The Ganshin> is expected to capture the eyes and ears of the audience with a beautiful video of 10,000 beauties devoting themselves to training in order to become the best color of Joseon.

The movie <Banksin> is the story of people who have existed in history, including Lim Soong-jae, the worst loyalist who captivated Yeonsan-gun with 10,000 beautiful women and despised the times, and the scoundrels who shook the world, and 10,000 beautiful women who wanted to become the best color of Joseon. is opening a new horizon for historical drama films.


Im Sa-hong and Lim Soong-jae, the worst criminals in history recorded in the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty
The history of their absolute power that even the tyrants ruled is revealed!

The small villain is Sungjae, and the large villain is Sahong. You are the greatest heinous in the heavens.
[Annals of King Jungjong]

In the movie, Lim Sa-hong and Im Soong-jae are real people who have been recorded in history as 'the greatest and greatest heinous crime since a thousand years'. Lim Sa-hong is said to have enjoyed power following the fourth generation from King Sejo to Yeonsan-gun, as he led the sudden death by instigating the Yeonsan-gun under the pretext of the concubine Yun, the mother of Yeonsan-gun. His son Lim Soong-jae is also recorded as one of the rarest servants comparable to his father's fame. Lim Soong-jae, who was highly trusted by Yeonsan-gun, was said to have been favored by his cunning and cunning nature, expelling loyalists and taking concubines from others and offering them to the king. When Chae Hong-sa was granted full power and traveled around the country, all the people fled from him, and it is said that when he rode a chariot, it was like a royal procession. In this way, Lim Sa-hong and Lim Soong-jae, who gained the greatest trust and power as the closest aides of Yeonsan-gun, are being talked about as the worst servants in the history of Joseon.
The movie <Sniff>, which deals with the story of a rare young woman who ruled over the king using 10,000 beautiful women, is expected to provide a different kind of fun with a story from a different perspective from other works that dealt with Yeonsan-gun that I have seen so far.

10,000 beauties painted in the eight provinces of Joseon
Realistically the training process to become the best color in Joseon!

In 1505, Yeonsan-gun dispatched Chae Hongsa and forcibly requisitioned the beauties of the eight provinces.
It is said that the number exceeded 10,000, and the resentment caused by it pierced the sky.
[Annals of the Joseon Dynasty]

A large mouth that can hold large objects at once, white and fine teeth, dark silky hair, thin ankles like saplings,
The best is a woman with silky skin, warm body temperature, ample flesh, and thin bones.
From the movie <Short Shin>

The movie <Banksin> shows the harsh training process that 10,000 beautiful women who were sacrificed to the king by Im Soong-jae, Hongsa Chae, go through to be chosen by the king. The women who entered the palace by Chae Hongsa were called Unpyeong, and were classified as gisaengs managed by the state and received some kind of training. These unpyeongs learned not only the songs and dances to please the king, but also the techniques to keep the king in bed. In this process, Unpyeong, who were chosen by the king, were named as a higher class called Heungcheong, and wealth and power came to the women who became Heungcheong. On the other hand, Unpyeong, who did not catch the eyes of the king, were immediately mistreated, or became government servants or nuns. For this reason, Unpyeong, who had to be in the eyes of the king in order to survive, risked their lives for training.

Reflecting this historical true story, <Ganshin> aims to make Unpyeong the best color of the Joseon Dynasty, from the appearance of the female and the bad girl, such as a large mouth, thin ankles, and high body temperature, to the scene of educating various positions, and training to strengthen the danjeon. The harsh training process I had to go through was realistically captured. The realistically depicted beauties in the movie are expected to leave a strong impression on the audience by completing a beautiful video.

Joo Ji-hoon, Chosun's worst villain vs. Kim Kang-woo, a king crazy about art and indulging in pleasure
Their intense acting transformation that will captivate theaters in the first half of 2015!

Korea's representative actors Ju Ji-hoon and Kim Kang-woo will show off their intense acting transformation in <Bad Shin>. Actor Ju Ji-hoon, who has been recognized for his solid acting skills in the movies <Good Friends>, <The Night Before Marriage> and <Kitchen> and the dramas [Demon King] and [Palace], has been recognized for his solid acting skills, taking on the role of Im Soong-jae, Joseon's worst villain in the movie <The Barrier>. . In the play, Im Soong-jae is a real person in the era of Yeonsan-gun and is the worst villain in history who wanted to become the 'king of kings'. Im Soong-jae, who took on the responsibility of Chae Hong-sa along with his father Im Sa-hong, conscripts 10,000 beauties from all over the Joseon Dynasty and presents them to the king. Im Seong-jae, who seduced the king and coveted the supreme authority, sets up a sharp confrontation with Jang Nok-su, the king's favorite concubine.
Ju Ji-hoon, who said that he felt more attracted to the role because he was not well known to the public, showed his full-fledged acting by not only losing weight through systematic exercise through perfect character research, but also changing his vocalization to match the tone of the lines that fit the role. Director Min Gyu-dong said, "I wanted to break away from the fixed image of the trunk and create a new trunk, and in that sense, I cast actor Ju Ji-hoon. The real person 'Lim Soong-jae', who is called the king of kings, is a person with excellent resourcefulness and charisma, and I thought that there would be a fresh feeling when Ju Ji-hoon met. Journal attention is focused.

Kim Kang-woo, who has established himself as a representative actor in Korea through various works such as the movies <Cart>, <Chirashi: Dangerous Rumors> <The Taste of Money>, and the drama [Golden Cross], plays the role of Yeonsan-gun in this work <The Barrier>. radiate emptiness Yeonsan-gun is a king who is crazy about art and indulged in pleasure, and through the scheme of the youngest son Im Soong-jae, he causes a sudden death by executing all those involved in the death of his mother, the concubine Yun. After that, Yeonsan-gun, who fell in love with the winds and gloom, appoints Im Soong-jae and Im Sa-hong as Chae Hong-sa and orders them to conscript all the beautiful women from all over the Joseon Dynasty and bring them into the palace. Kim Kang-woo, who possessed the role of Yeonsan-gun in <Banksin>, is expected to captivate the audience with the most realistic and shocking appearance of Yeonsan-gun. In particular, unlike the historically known image of a tyrant, Yeonsan-gun in <The Barrier> is expected to be portrayed as a born artist who loved poetry and painting, as well as a king of misfortune. In order to three-dimensionally express Yeonsan-gun, who has sadness, anger, and madness, Kim Kang-woo made constant efforts, such as changing the acting of the eyes and the tone of the dialogue in each scene. It is also said that throughout the filming, he immersed himself in the role with unrestrained anger in his heart. Director Min Gyu-dong said, "Kim Kang-woo's acting in <The Grail> will be an example of Yeonsan-gun's character acting in the future." There was a desire to dig into explosive points that were completely different from the image Kang-Woo Kim had before. And through this film, I encountered points I didn't know myself and made new discoveries. I think it was the best performance of Kim Kang-woo's life."

Ju Ji-hoon and Kim Kang-woo, who reached another turning point in their acting careers with this work. In the first half of 2015, their intense acting transformation, which will captivate the theater district, is raising expectations and interest in the movie <Bad Shin>.

2015 Chungmuro anticipation swept the Rookie of the Year award at domestic and international film festivals
Lim Ji-yeon & Lee Yoo-young's fireworks showdown!

Two actresses, Lim Ji-yeon and Lee Yoo-young, who have been in the spotlight as a promising star in Chungmuro by sweeping the Rookie of the Year awards at domestic and international film festivals, will engage in a sparkly acting showdown in <Basic>. Lim Ji-yeon, who played the mysterious woman Jong Ga-heon in the 2014 movie <Human Addiction>, won the New Actress Award at the 51st Daejong Film Festival, the 34th Korean Film Critics Association Award for Best New Actress, and the 23rd Buil Film Awards for Best New Actress. debuted brilliantly. Lim Ji-yeon, who took on the role of Dan-hee, a woman wrapped in a veil in <Bad Shin>, is expected to prove once again that she is a next-generation star in Chungmuro by performing in eight colors, ranging from a graceful woman to a seductive figure of Unpyeong. Regarding Lim Ji-yeon, director Min Gyu-dong revealed the reason for the special casting, saying, "As an actor with very new and fresh images, through this work, I hoped to discover a new side as a very strong, provocative and three-dimensional character." The expectations of movie fans are rising as to what the amazing acting transformation she will show in this work, <Short Shin>.

Actress Lee Yoo-young, who received the attention of critics by winning the Best Actress Award at the 14th Milan International Film Festival and the Best New Actress Award at the 14th Milan International Film Festival for her role in the 2014 movie <Spring>, plays the role of Seol Joong-mae, Joseon's best master. took on Seol Joong-mae receives the call of Jang Nok-su and enters the palace to train to become the best color of Joseon with 10,000 beautiful women including Dan-hee. In the play, Lee Yoo-young transformed into a perfect snowman by performing passionately with her sensual figure and bewitching gaze acting. In particular, director Min Gyu-dong said about Lee Yoo-young's first impressions, "It was a very welcome discovery and refreshing to meet an actor named Lee Yoo-young. When I saw Lee Yoo-young for the first time, I shouted 'Eureka!' It was a moment when I felt, 'This movie can be a really special movie'.

Lim Ji-yeon and Lee Yoo-young, who showed off their acting skills perfectly by perfectly digesting the delicate inner acting as well as the sword dance and pansori dance. Attention is drawn to the acting confrontation of the two actors, who will imprint their presence with a more intense and different charm than the previous work.

[ Production note ]

The largest award banquet in the history of historical dramas is being held!
The overwhelming scale and stylish visual beauty that you can't take your eyes off of!

The award-winning banquet scene of <Sanshin>, which measures the overwhelming scale with all the modifiers such as 'a set of about 2,000 pyeong, design work for two months, and the first attempt among historical dramas', is the most spectacular visual in the history of historical dramas. will overwhelm the

The scene of the award banquet in <Banksin> boasts the most splendid yet majestic scene among historical dramas. Director Min Gyu-dong said, “In the real movie, if Yeonsan-gun, who is tired of the usual banquets, had to show a more stimulating and new banquet, what would it be like? I thought that I could hold a water banquet with a wonderful view in front of my eyes. In the midst of these concerns, I have created a different banquet,” he said, raising expectations for a special banquet scene.

As the scene was decided after long consideration, the award banquet scene shows a unique sense of scale from the set to the design. The water banquet, which was completed through a set of about 2,000 pyeong and design work for two months, had the most staff during the filming period, including the main and auxiliary actors, as well as the archery playing court music. In particular, art director Lee Tae-hoon, who paid attention to the production and design of the set, said, "The scene of the award banquet in <The Grail> will be the scene that boasts the most overwhelming visuals among Korean historical dramas."

In addition, as it was the most visually elaborated scene during the filming period of the movie <Short Shin>, a lot of attention was paid to the costumes and choreography to maximize the splendor. As if revealing Yeonsan-gun's desire to be immersed in style and gloom, the red color used throughout the banquet catches the eye as it is used as Seoljungmae's (Lee Yoo-young) choral dance costume with impressive long fluttering sleeves. In contrast to this, Dan-hee (Lim Ji-yeon)'s costume is a monotonous and intense black and white pattern, and it leaves a sharper impression in harmony with the choreography of the sword dance.
The costumes in <Basic> were made based on thorough historical research in the early and mid-Joseon period, but the costumes in the water banquet scene were designed with a reinterpretation of the circumstances of the time to add realism. In the case of the King's Gonryongpo, the size was increased to visually reflect the psychology of Yeonsangun who had to endure the weight of the king, and the costumes of Unpyeong dancing at the water banquet were decorated with colorful colors to highlight the luxurious banquet character. was made In response, director Min Gyu-dong revealed the intention of the setting, saying, "I tried to depict the scene with various colors in order to capture the desires of various colors."

In particular, producer Park Ja-myung recalled the intense production scene at the time, saying, “Even in the cold weather and wind, the female actors had to dance on the water wearing only thin clothes, and it was the scene that suffered the most due to time constraints such as filming until late at night.” did. It was an urgent and difficult environment, but everyone showed a professional mindset and was able to complete a different water banquet that broke away from the banal scene they had seen so far.

Gorgeous visuals, sensuous visuals, and even magnificent music!
A perfect ensemble created by the best production crew in Chungmuro!

<Moss> <Kang Cheol-jung: Public Enemy 1-1> Artistic Director Lee Tae-hoon
<All About My Wife> <The Temperature of Love> <Gwanghae, the Man Who Became King> Music Director Kim Jun-seong

In the movie <Basic>, the best production team in Chungmuro participated, raising expectations for a well-made historical drama. First, art director Lee Tae-hoon, who has a reputation in Chungmuro, has shown his unique sense in works of various genres such as <Moss> and <Gangcheoljung: Public Enemy 1-1> and won the Art Award at the 47th Daejong Film Festival. > reproduces the splendid palace scenery overflowing with pleasure and elegance. In the hands of art director Lee Tae-hoon, who put his heart and soul into every little prop and set with a free-spirited artistic sensibility such as folding screens and spring paintings to represent Yeonsan-gun, who was immersed in poetry and painting, the original visual beauty of <Banksin> was created. was born

Music director Kim Jun-seong, who has established himself as the representative music director of Chungmuro by winning the Grand Bell Awards twice for <Temperature of Love>, <Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King> and <All About My Wife> It is expected to captivate the ears and hearts of the audience with its magnificent yet delicately stimulating music. His music, which uses both major and minor keys, as well as the proper arrangement of traditional and modern music, will completely overwhelm the audience by clearly revealing the ups and downs of the play.

The exquisite ensemble of the top production team in Chungmuro, from the gorgeous and sophisticated set, the sensuous and beautiful visuals, and the magnificent music that shakes the emotions, will further enhance the charm of the well-made historical drama <Ganshin> in the first half of 2015.

From rough action to gorgeous group dances, composed pansori, and high-quality paintings!
The story behind the struggles of the actors for their work is revealed!

The extraordinary effort that the leading actors of the movie <Sniff> put forth for the character by mastering action, dance, sword dance, pansori, and painting is a hot topic.

Ju Ji-hoon took on the role of Im Soong-jae and had to undergo special training to freely use swordsmanship and sword dance in the play. Ju Ji-hoon's trainer, who attended action school and participated in swordsmanship training, praised Ju Ji-hoon's innate athleticism, saying, "I am an actor who gives a professional feeling in just a few days of swordsmanship training." In addition, choreography director Jeong Eui-sook, who was in charge of Ju Ji-hoon's sword dance, said, "I worked hard to develop basic physical strength to learn sword dance, and I practiced sword dance twice as hard to follow as much as other actors. I really felt the enthusiasm for the work was great.”

Kim Kang-woo, too, had to not only focus on dance practice for Yeonsan-gun and Lim Soongjae's sword dance mask dance scene in the play, but also learn how to hold a brush to digest the artist Yeonsan-gun's character. In order to more delicately express Yeonsan-gun, who boasted a painting skill comparable to that of a painter of his time, Kim Kang-woo personally met the artist, watched a demonstration, and tried not to miss every delicate movement, such as copying how to hold a brush. Art director Lee Tae-hoon said, “I wanted to act professionally by myself, even in every movement, such as how to hold a brush or draw a stroke. The artist explained how to express it a little more coolly, and I think I followed all those things accurately.”

Lim Ji-yeon, who played the role of Unpyeong in the movie, often danced sword dance, learned basic sword dance moves two months before filming and prepared the work. Lim Ji-yeon, who said, “It was harder than I thought because it was the first time I did the sword dance, and I was afraid to use a sword, but I felt more and more fun.”

Lee Yoo-young, who played the role of Seoljungmae, Joseon's best master, also practiced sound and dance two months before filming. Lee Yoo-young, who had to perfectly digest both singing and dancing as it was Joseon's most famous instrument, said, "Because I am a gisaeng who excels in both sound and dance, I practiced Korean dance hard for about two months before filming," raising expectations for Seoljungmae in the movie. have.

The movie <Banksin> is expected to captivate the eyes and ears of the audience with its full-fledged performances along with swordsmanship, sword dance, painting, and pansori, etc.

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