(Korean Movies) The Tower, 2012

The Tower, 2012

The Tower, 2012
Audience over 12 years old
running time
121 minutes
cumulative audience
5181244 people
50th Daejong Film Festival 2013


Christmas 2012.. The happiest moment, the worst fire disaster!
You must live for the one you love!

Single daddy ‘Dae-ho’ (Kim Sang-kyung), the manager of the facility management team of Tower Sky, a high-rise mixed-use building, promises to spend a wonderful Christmas Eve with his beloved daughter ‘Hana’ (Jo Min-ah). ‘Yoon-hee’ (Son Ye-jin), the manager of Tower Sky Food Mall, which Dae-ho has in mind, spends a pleasant time with ‘Hana’ for a while instead of ‘Dae-ho’. Meanwhile, ‘Young-gi’ (Sol Kyung-gu), the fire chief of the legendary Yeouido Fire Department, promises a date with his wife on Christmas Eve for the first time after marriage.

That evening everyone was happy,
An unexpected fire accident occurs in Tower Sky, where the Christmas party is being held…

in the worst fire,
The story of people who do not give up hope for life begins!

{Welcome note}

closest to the sky
Welcome to Tower Sky!

Tower Sky, a high-rise residential and commercial complex in Korea.
Tower Sky consists of two buildings, a river view with a view of the Han River and a city view with a view of the city.
It is connected by a bridge located on the 70th floor.
Tower Sky has a leisure space where customers can spend comfortably and comfortably.
There is a green area where you can enjoy well-being and comfortable life.
At Tower Sky, a living and cultural space that has been upgraded to a delicate residential space.
I wish you all the rich life you dream of.

December 25, 2012 Christmas
The door to Tower Sky is open!

[ About ‘Tower Sky’ ]

1) Building name: Tower Sky
2) Features: It consists of two buildings, River View in Building A and City View in Building B. There is a bridge connecting the two buildings on the 70th floor
3) Number of floors: 108 floors
4) Height: 448m
5) Total floor area: 230,508 pyeong
6) Site area: 25,052 pyeong
7) Residential size: 1,700 households, 5,700 residents
8) Parking space: 3,878 parking spaces available
9) Purpose: Apartments, shopping malls and community facilities

[ Hot Issue ]

In 2012, a new challenge for Korean cinema begins!
The movie <Tower> depicts the worst fire disaster that shook the Republic of Korea.

2012, when the number of domestic movie audiences exceeded 100 million for the first time in history (November 20 / based on the Korea Film Council’s integrated computer network), is the year of the golden age of Korean films. As the amazing potential of Korean cinema is being demonstrated more than ever, in December, the golden age of Korean cinema is expected to reach its peak with another new challenge. The movie <Tower>, which depicts the story of people fighting a large fire that took place in Tower Sky, a 108-story skyscraper, will be released on December 25th.

<Tower> is a film that deals with ‘fire’, a creature essential to humans but uncontrollably frightening if it leads to an accident. It is different from the movie. In addition, it boasts a huge scale with attractions that have not been seen in previous Korean films, such as a fire scene that is realized in parallel with live-action shooting and CG technology, and Tower Sky, a virtual space that is said to be the creation of something from nothing. The process of transforming a fire incident caused by human desire into a catastrophe that threatens the entire city is enough to give the audience a sense of tension as well as sympathy. In particular, Tower Sky, the third main character in the movie, is a virtual space boasting majesty with a 108-story high scale and a splendid exterior. . In addition, <Tower> realistically expresses various situations that can occur, including not only fire but also secondary disasters such as collapse, explosion, and even the explosion of a tank tank. also have The movie <Tower>, armed with the setting of the worst fire disaster that occurred at the happiest moment, and excellent spectacle, will decorate the end of 2012, when Korean cinema is in its heyday.

This winter, the only moving movie for all generations!
A story of people who do not give up hope for life in the worst fire!

The movie <Tower>, which is about a large fire incident in Tower Sky, a 108-story skyscraper, has another powerful weapon in addition to the sights boasting a huge scale. It is a solid drama that will impress audiences of all generations. Since Tower Sky, a virtual space, is the best place in Korea, various groups are gathered, and firefighters who jumped into Tower Sky to extinguish the fire are added to unfold a rich story of each.

First, in Tower Sky, there is a facility management team leader who is an naive single daddy, a food mall manager who has a crush on a facility management team leader who has a crush on him, an elder who has won the lottery and moved into Tower Sky, quarrelsome cooks, and the twilight of life. From an elderly couple, a janitor who works nonstop even on Christmas to pay for their son’s college tuition, a full-term pregnant woman preparing to meet the soon-to-be-born baby, the president who stakes everything in his life on Tower Sky and the manager who flatters by his side, Tower Sky is an office worker. People and people who enjoy a prosperous life here reside. And the fire chief, who promised his wife and Christmas Eve date for the first time after marriage, a firefighter who always calls himself number one, a new firefighter who has just been dispatched, and the head of the center who directs all of them, Yeouido firefighters, to put out the fire. As they go to Tower Sky, these countless people gather in Tower Sky.

The story of each character that unfolds in the first half of the movie forms a huge drama, starting with the Tower Sky fire accident that occurred on the evening of Christmas Eve. To draw the story of people who do not give up hope for life in the worst fire. Although unpredictable crises occur continuously, the drama of those who must survive for the sake of their loved ones conveys a message of love for humanity and family, and gives a huge resonance to the hearts of the audience. Armed with such a solid and moving drama, <Tower> will be remembered as the only moving movie for all generations this winter.

Korea’s best actors unite!
Starring Seol Kyung-gu, Son Ye-jin, Kim Sang-kyung
Kim In-kwon, Do Ji-han, Lee Han-wi, Kim Seong-oh, and even the most powerful supporting corps!

<Tower> is a moving story of people who have to survive for the sake of their loved ones against the backdrop of Tower Sky, a high-rise residential and commercial building in Korea. Another reason to look forward to this work is the fact that the best actors in Korea are on the show.

<Tower> is creating a hot topic with just the meeting between Seol Kyung-gu, an actor who can be trusted just by the name alone, Son Ye-jin, who is known as Korea’s best box office queen, and Kim Sang-kyung, who has stable acting skills. With a strong sense of duty and leadership, Seol Kyung-gu will play the role of ‘Kang Young-gi’, a legendary firefighter who struggles with fire suppression and rescue work even in the worst fire scene, giving a great impression to the audience. And Son Ye-jin, who made her first challenge in a disaster film with <Tower>, transformed into Tower Sky’s food mall manager ‘Seo Yun-hee’, smoothly digesting the professional career woman character, as well as encouraging and guiding people in despair in disaster with warm charisma. to perform Kim Sang-kyung, the head of Tower Sky’s facility management team, took on the role of ‘Lee Dae-ho’, a person who explains the internal structure of the building to firefighters after a fire, guides the way, and helps put out the fire. .

In addition, Kim In-kwon, Do Ji-han, Lee Han-wi, Kim Seong-oh, and Park Chul-min, such as the Chungmuro Gaeseong supporting corps, are all mobilized to provide a sense of fun everywhere, and Cha In-pyo, Ahn Sung-ki, and Song Jae-ho strongly support the play and add a sense of weight. In particular, they decompose into individual people who are fighting fire in various places in Tower Sky, telling their stories in a heartwarming way and leading a rich drama. The best actors in Korea, who raise expectations even more with their uncompromising performances, will impress the audience with their wonderful acting ensemble in <Tower>.

[ Production Note ]

A 108-story skyscraper, a perfect implementation of Tower Sky!
From the Chinese restaurant to the elevator, a total of 26 sets are produced!
Capturing the virtual space ‘real’!

Tower Sky, the second main character in the movie, consists of two 108-story buildings and boasts 1,700 households, making it Korea’s best residential and commercial complex with ultra-luxurious facilities. To this end, the production team created a total of 26 large-scale sets ranging from Chinese restaurants to elevators and overpasses to realize the various spaces that exist within Tower Sky, bringing the virtual space, Tower Sky, to life.

The Chinese restaurant, the working space of food mall manager ‘Yoon-hee (Son Ye-jin)’, boasts an overwhelming scale as one of the sets produced with the most pain by the production team. The production team paid attention to the ceiling and flooring as well as the detailed decorations to express the splendid Chinese restaurant. In particular, the 800 kg military horse statues, ornaments located throughout the Chinese restaurant, were actually airlifted from China, and the scene where the military horse statues fell and broke due to the explosion in the second half of the play could only be filmed once, even if NG was released. In addition, the observatory elevator and the set of overpass connecting the two buildings are all made of glass, and different types of glass are used depending on the characteristics of the space. For this reason, various scenes of glass shattering and shards splashing due to the fire are also captured, adding a visual attraction to the audience. In addition, the two-story set is made to resemble the actual building height and is filmed using a crane. The set of <Tower> boasts an overwhelming scale and detail as much as the number. In the space of <Tower>, which was completed with the efforts of the production team, from the exterior to small props, as well as the efforts of the production team, who did their best to make the Tower Sky look like a real building, by constantly building and removing buildings throughout the filming, the audience can see the image of a Korean film. You can feel the progress.

Helicopter rushing to Tower Sky, the start of a huge fire!
A story of shooting a flashpoint complete with clever ideas and large-scale equipment!

White snow, which was not predicted in the weather forecast, fell in front of the people who were enjoying Christmas. But for a moment, a helicopter equipped with a snow machine and spraying artificial snow suddenly gets caught up in an updraft, plummets into the middle of the tower sky, and immediately begins to soar out of control. That’s when a huge fire started.

One of the most dangerous and important scenes in <Tower> is the shooting of the ignition point where the fire starts as a helicopter rushes into the Tower Sky. The crew decided to actually shoot the shooting point for a more realistic scene, rather than relying on 100% computer graphics. However, it seemed virtually impossible to photograph the helicopter rushing into the building in real size rather than in miniature, and this is when the crew’s brilliant idea came to light. After making a model similar to the actual size of the helicopter that rushed into Tower Sky, it was welded to create a helicopter fuselage truck that looks like the truck is wearing a helicopter. The helicopter fuselage truck that was born in this way rushed to the set during filming, and the camera was able to capture the vivid ignition point scene as if the helicopter was actually rushing towards the building. Rather than relying on 100% computer graphics like this, the flashpoint scene, which could have been made possible with the production team’s clever ideas and large-scale equipment for reality, captures the audience’s attention with a more realistic and vivid image in a way that computer graphics are added to the actual filmed video. will be.

Run, run, run again!
The passionate performances of the actors who jumped into the middle of the fire! hot passion!

One of the reasons that <Tower> is receiving a lot of attention is because of the huge scale of flames that consistently make you unable to take your eyes off the screen, and the passionate performances of the actors who fought hard against the fire. In order to realistically embody the fire scene, most of the filming sites used real fire, so the actors continued to shoot dangerously in the real hot fire.

In particular, the physical pain suffered by the actors in the role of firefighters struggling to extinguish the fire that occurred in Tower Sky was considerable. Because fire was actually used, even if the wind blows, a dangerous situation can occur immediately, so I was always nervous while filming. Also, when filming on set, the smoke didn’t come out well, so the toxic gas gave me a headache. Unlike the filming staff, the actors could not wear a gas mask while acting, so the pain was doubled.

While the actors in the role of firefighters struggled to put out the fire, the other actors struggled to escape from the fire. In an urgent disaster situation, the actors had to run and roll until they had bruises all over their bodies due to the situation in the play where they had to run around to avoid a hot fire. There was no major safety accident due to the thorough preparation and preparation of the staff, but it is said that the actors wore large and small bruises every day. <Tower>, completed with the fighting spirit of the actors who did not shy away from such a hot fire, will fascinate the audience with just one hot emotion this winter.

Mobilize 6 water pumps, wire cranes, and special effect cranes!
A large-scale set of water tanks in which about 5 tons of water was poured all at once!

In <Tower>, not only fire but also a huge amount of water appear. As the ground weakens due to the fire, it is necessary to distribute the weight of the building by pouring water from the water tank stored in Tower Sky to delay the collapse of the building. As a result, the actors also had to fight a huge amount of water, which can be divided into a scene in which a large water tank is opened to extinguish a fire, and a scene in which the water pouring out of the water tank hits the person trying to escape.

First, the water tank scene in which the fire chief ‘Young-gi (Sol Kyung-gu)’ and the facility management team leader ‘Dae-ho (Kim Sang-kyung)’ opened the water tank located on the 80th floor and extinguished the fire at Tower Sky was filmed on a water tank set in Goyang. In this scene, which took place after the tank set was filled with water to a depth of about 4 meters, the actors showed enthusiasm by throwing themselves directly into the water without a substitute. Despite having to stay in the cold water for a long time, the actors showed their professional spirit by adjusting to the temperature of the water. In particular, during the shooting of the rising scene, Seol Kyung-gu said that he had to put all his strength into getting out of the water while wearing a heavy firefighter costume.

A dangerous railing scene in which a huge amount of water pouring out of a water tank hits people who are evacuating through an overpass was also filmed on the set of the tank. This scene was one of the most important scenes, with an average of 100 staff members being mobilized for 6 days. The production team installed a total of 6 water pumps to create a massive amount of water attack, and not only used 5 tons of water in each episode, but also filled the water slide with water repeatedly in every scene. In addition, large-scale equipment was mobilized, such as a water slide and four cranes to set the equipment for shooting the scene of pouring water. In this railing scene, due to the huge amount of water, the floor finish of the water tank set was raised, threatening the safety of the staff and actors. It was considered the most painful scene. <Tower> is set to captivate theater audiences this winter, with the realization of a huge scale water disaster following the fire and the passionate performances of the actors.

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