(Korean Movies) The Taste Of Money, 2012

The Taste Of Money, 2012

The Taste Of Money, 2012
Youth not allowed
running time
115 minutes
cumulative audience
1166107 people
21st Buil Film Awards 2012


A chaebol who coveted a young body, a youth who coveted their wealth!
Between lust and shame…

Geum-ok (Yun Yeo-jeong), the greedy hostess of the chaebol Baek family, who rules Korea with money!
Her husband, Chairman Yoon (Baek Yoon-sik), who feels insulted about his life who has been addicted to money!
Youngjak (Kim Kang-woo), a secretary who knows the taste of money while taking on the secret behind-the-scenes work of the Baek family!
The eldest daughter, Nami (Kim Hyo-jin), approaches such a 'youngjak' with a strange feeling!

Their intertwined relationships of power, lust, and obsession that ruled over money!

The best taste of this era!
The hidden story of the top class in Korea who is addicted to the taste of money is revealed!

Do you look at the taste of money and buy it?

2012. 04 Supervised by Im Sang-soo

more or less money
Are we really living a dignified life?

Whether nationally or socially,
Or at work, at school, at home, among friends.
Aren't you living a life full of insults?

taste of money,
put an end to that insult
give us back our dignity
Will you set us free?
only money?

I wanted to draw a beautiful young man of this era.
In this turbid age, an ordinary young man who struggles alone to avoid being drowned in the turbulent flow of money.
Suddenly, I realize that there is no such beautiful young man without beautiful love.

Nami, the young lady who begins to fall in love with this young man.
'If you treat the other person kindly and politely, at first glance, it seems like you are raising the other person.
The little girl who knew that I was actually going to go higher,
This is how Nami from 'The Maid' grew up.

Keep an eye out for Mission Impossible at the end of the beautiful couple.

The taste of money is the taste of power.
Whoever comes before me, kneels and bows his head, does not respond to any of my words.
invincible power.

We have no choice but to accept the insults radiated by that power.
But do you have to insult me like that in order to release your personality?
Are you happy after such an insult?
The revenge of those who have been insulted is minimal,
It breaks our hearts.

I believe there is no evil in the world.
There is only the position of the wicked.
The taste of money once tasted,
I don't want to forget it again, I understand.
But please refrain from insulting.

The taste of money is the taste of sex.
It's simple, but the taste set in the movie,
Please enjoy, although it tastes like in a movie.

The taste of money can be an insult, and more.
To those who had no choice but to drown while chasing money in the turbulence of money
I offer my condolences.
The world needs money even after death.

General complaints about Im Sang-soo's films,
Unkind, pretentious, suggestive, cynical…etc.
Sorry, I admit.
This time, I wanted to make a fun, really fun movie that blows away all the complaints.
Is that method a combination of Shakespearean narrative and Hitchcockian suspense?
In addition, I added an ensemble of cute characters.

Thierry Fremo at Cannes Film Festival discusses 'The Taste of Money'
You commented that it was 'the best directed film in this section'.
I understand the nuance as something like 'Isn't it a good movie just because it's made well?'
Anyway, with Kim Woo-hyung (shooting), Lee Eun-soo (editing), Kim Hong-jip (music), and Blue Cap's Kim Chang-seop (mixing)
We have been working together for over ten years now.
The history of work with those silent craftsmen,
The build quality of this film is truly enjoyable.

Please enjoy the taste of money.

From "The Cheating Family"
“More eccentric”

Than <The People at that time>
“more dangerous”

than <maid>
“More lascivious”

2012 new film directed by Im Sang-soo
taste of money


Director Im Sang-soo entered the competition section of the 65th Cannes International Film Festival!
Following <The Maid> in 2010, <The Taste of Money> was invited to Cannes for the second time in a row!

<Taste of Money> made a feat of advancing into the competition section of the 65th Cannes International Film Festival. As a result, director Im Sang-soo, who entered the competition section of the Cannes International Film Festival with <The Maid> in 2010, stepped onto the red carpet of the second Cannes International Film Festival in his career. The world's most prestigious Cannes International Film Festival also received great attention from the world's most prestigious Cannes International Film Festival for the new work of director Im Sang-soo, who has been talking out loud about 'money' and 'sex', the biggest topics of people living in this era, no matter where in the world. seems to have been seen Director Im Sang-soo, who has established himself as the best issue maker by creating a sensation in every work he has released so far, has a cynical view of society, which has become more sophisticated and deeper as he turns towards the chaebol family through the medium of 'money' in this film. Kim Kang-woo, who I worked with, said, “I have a very sharp eye for parts that others cannot see. Sometimes it feels like a real microscope.” His attitude toward his work has become more serious and meticulous enough to be evaluated as: The honesty about sexuality shown in <Dinner of the Virgins>, the criticism of the destroyed family relationship shown in <The Cheating Family>, and the sharp point of the collapsed moral consciousness hidden in the splendor of the upper class shown in the previous work <The Maid>, etc. The topics of politics, sex, and money that he has thrown in during his work will be expanded in depth in <The Taste of Money>, and it is expected that the most director Im Sang-soo's film will be born.

A huge sensation notice with an unconventional love affair scene!
Kang-Woo Kim and Yeo-Jeong Yoon, Kang-Woo Kim and Hyo-Jin Kim, Yoon-Sik Baek – Eroticism colored by the greed of a maid!

<Taste of Money> is foretelling another huge sensation as an unconventional love affair scene with a clinical formula that goes beyond <Dinner for Virgins>, <Cheating Family> and <Maid>. The dirty desires hidden in the splendid skins of the chaebol figures, the so-called top class of Korea, are portrayed in director Im Sang-soo's unique eroticism in The Taste of Money. 'Chairman Yoon' (Baek Yoon-sik), who blamed himself for living an insulting life in the taste of money, chooses 'maid' as his last love and has a physical relationship with her. In addition, 'Park Geum-ok' (Yoon Yeo-jeong), a fierce hostess of a chaebol family, controls the world, coveting the young body of her secretary 'Young-jak Joo' (Kim Kang-woo) and embraces him. The second-generation chaebol Yoon Na-mi (Kim Hyo-jin), who grew up with whatever she wanted, also, like her mother, feels a physical longing for the male 'Young-jak Joo' and digs into his arms. Through the depiction of the erotic relationships of the characters who enter into such a dangerous relationship, it presents a breathtaking suspense by unfolding the dramatic emotional depiction of spying, jealousy, anger, and despair.

Korea's representative middle-aged actors, Baek Yoon-sik & Yoon Yeo-jeong
Chungmuro Next-Generation Representative Actors, Kang-Woo Kim & Hyo-Jin Kim
4 people 4 colors! The hot energy created by the combination of actors and actresses!

<Taste of Money> is an acting ensemble created by the middle-aged actors of Baek Yoon-sik and Yoon Yeo-jeong, and the younger actors of Kim Kang-woo and Kim Hyo-jin, each with their own personalities and passions. Actor Baek Yoon-sik, who has built a unique character and played a strong role in the past, took on the role of 'Chairman Yoon', who has become a slave to money and lives with the taste of sex, challenging the first love affair and creating another character that Chungmuro will remember. . In addition, Korea's representative actress Yoon Yeo-jeong, who has solidified her mother image through TV dramas, transformed into 'Park Geum-ok', a mistress of a greedy chaebol family who coveted a young body, and tried to transform herself by challenging the daring sex scene for the first time in her life at a very young age. It is evaluated that she succeeded in showing a new side of her beyond the limits of a middle-aged actress once again following <The Maid> with infinite trust towards director Im Sang-soo. Kim Kang-woo, who has received a lot of love from the public with his attractive mask, kneels down to the power of money and presents delicate emotional acting as a 'Joo Young-jak' character representing the position of confused citizens. will confirm through In addition, Kim Hyo-jin, who had accumulated acting skills by participating in numerous works as a model-turned-actor, chose <Taste of Money> as her first screen challenge after marriage, and was placed in the ranks of director Im Sang-su's persona following Moon So-ri and Jeon Do-yeon.

Revealing the hidden side of Korea's top class that everyone was curious about!
Through the story of the chaebol family, stabbing the ruins of capitalist Korean society!

<The Taste of Money> reveals the hidden side of Korea's top class that everyone has been curious about. In the meantime, we have seen dramas on TV and movies that deal with numerous power struggles and love battles surrounding the chaebol families. To that extent, money is the number one topic in Korean society, whether in a good or bad sense, and <The Taste of Money> covers that topic in its entirety. However, The Taste of Money differs from his previous works in that it reveals the rotten inside rather than the glamorous exteriors of the chaebols, and through it, blatantly sneers at the ruins of capitalist Korean society. And it shows their true face with their masks removed, not their beautiful and glamorous appearance. In a Korean society where money = power, the people of the Baek family have obtained the highest power through the highest wealth. 'Platinum Jade', who brings young women to his old father to inherit his fortune, 'Chairman Yoon', who has to constantly trade in black because he cannot give up the taste of power that money gives, is fascinated by the taste of money and sacrifices his body and suffers. Through characters such as 'Joo Young-jak', the movie throws a meaningful message about what money really means in Korean society.


#One. Korea 0.01% Perfectly reproduces the appearance of the top class!
Provides visual pleasure with luxurious sights!

A large mansion of 400 pyeong! The set production cost alone is 350 million won!
Most of the events in the movie <Taste of Money> take place in the large mansion where Chairman Yoon's family resides. Therefore, the production team had to conduct a meticulous pre-production to express the characters and their relationships through the living spaces of the characters. The set production cost was 350 million won, and a total of 400 pyeong was produced. The mansion space in the movie is largely divided into the main hall, Chairman Yoon's room, Baek Geum-ok's room, Yoon Na-mi's room, and the gallery. The production team, who lived in the same enclosure, never mixed like water and oil, and understood the intention of director Im Sang-soo to visually express the relationship between people who doubt and hate each other, giving each space a personality and separating it. These separated spaces were reconnected through a space called a corridor. And with the cool texture of marble and the modern wall treatment of black & white, it perfectly expresses the living space of the Royal Family, which is proud of being the top class in Korea.

50,000 won, 50,000 won! 50,000 copies of 100 dollar bills! A total of 8.2 billion won worth of cash was produced!
As it is a film that dramatically depicts the obsession and desire for money of the top class in Korea, 'money' appears as an important prop in the movie. In the movie, huge bundles of money appear from time to time, such as the scene where the people of the Baek family are making black deals with politicians and business people, and the scene of the Baek family's 'Room of Money', where they have piled up cash comparable to that of the Bank of Korea. , it smells like money and makes the hearts of the viewers beat. In order to bring out the reality of these scenes, the production team actually produced cash props, 50,000 copies of 50,000 won bills and 50,000 copies of 100 dollar bills, totaling 8.2 billion won in cash. Of course, the money was marked as 'for filming cooperation', but since it was a site with 'money', the production team was always on the lookout to manage the props.

A large number of expensive art works by middle-class artists from the East and the West have appeared!
Presenting visual beauty and reality!

When it comes to film art, director Im Sang-soo paid particular attention to the interior gallery space of the mansion. In order to realistically express the noble taste of the people of the chaebol family, the production team airlifted expensive art works as genuine, according to director Im Sang-soo's order, and appeared in the movie in large numbers. Thus, western paintings by Korean artists such as 『Requiem』 and 『Insect Gathering』 by artist Hong Kyung-taek, 『Waterfall』 and 『Time』 by Hwang Se-joon, 『Brain Death Gyeonggi』 by Roh Jae-woon, and 『Organic Geometry』 by Hong Seung-hye, and Koh San-geum’s Dozens of works appear in the film, including works of oriental paintings such as 『Cheongpunggyedo』, 『Haesanjeongdo』 and 『Mujin Journey』, as well as works by leading Western artists such as Arman, Erro, Yuri kuper, and Jim dine. In addition, from Western flower books with geometric patterns to oriental paintings, they are arranged throughout the space to transform the spaces in the movie, which could have been monotonous with achromatic colors, into artistic spaces and deliver visual beauty.

A total of 20 suits made in-house! Luxury brands are all out!
Another fun of watching the movie <Taste of Money> lies in the visual fun of seeing the luxury costumes worn by the members of the Baek family, a chaebol family. First of all, for the male characters in the movie, the costume team produced a total of 20 luxury suits, including 8 sets of Kim Kang-woo, 6 sets of Baek Yoon-sik, and 5 sets of On Joo-wan. By reflecting the meaning and unique personality of each character in the costumes, the details such as the fabric, design, and color of the suit were maximized, and efforts were made to express the upper-class clothing culture. In addition, special attention was paid to the costumes to express the feminine character of noble taste. In response to director Im Sang-soo's command, "'Geum-ok' and 'Nami' want to showcase the finest and most beautiful and feminine lines of clothing." In addition, the personal costumes that Yeo-Jeong Yoon and Hyo-Jin Kim usually wear appeared in the movie, trying to naturally reflect the character of the actors as much as possible.

#2. Reunion of the best staff members of <The Cheating Family> <The People at That Time> and <The Maid>!
Another sensation is foreshadowed by fantastic breathing with director Im Sang-soo!

The film <Taste of Money> was completed by reunion with director Im Sang-soo and talented staff who have built trust and trust through various works. Cinematographer Woo-hyeong Kim, who won the Best Cinematography Award at the Stockholm International Film Festival in 2003 after forming a relationship with director Im Sang-soo for <The Cheating Family>, joined this film following <Those People> and <Old Garden>, and is his specialty, modern yet sensuous video. will present In addition, producer Seo Jeong-hoon, who worked with director Im Sang-soo from <Those People>, expressed the aspiration that <Taste of Money> will be an extended version of <The Maid>, and meticulously prepared a production to show the unmasked appearance of a chaebol family. . In addition, music director Kim Hong-jip, editor Lee Eun-soo, and staff members who have worked together with director Im Sang-soo for a long time and have perfected teamwork participated to complete director Im Sang-soo's seventh work.

#3. Korea! United States of America! Philippine! Global Supporting Enthusiasm!
'Joowan On – Darcy Parquet – Maui Taylor' Saves Characters with Multinational Supporting Actors!

The movie <Taste of Money> adds to the fun of the play with the customized casting of multinational supporting actors from Korea, the United States, and the Philippines. The role of Yoon-cheol, son of Chairman Yoon and Geum-ok, was played by On Joo-wan, who proved his vivid potential as a movie actor in <Typhoon Sun> and <Ballet School>. 'Yoon-cheol', a second-generation chaebol who has become more addicted to the taste of money following his father and mother's generation, meets On Joo-wan, a boy-like innocent masked man, and shows the fallen appearance of the top class of Korea who hides the dark inside differently from the splendid side. show clearly The role of 'Robert', an American business partner of the chaebol Baek family, was played by film critic Darcy Parquet, who also appeared in the omnibus film One Night Stand (2010) directed by Min Yong-geun, Lee Yu-rim, and Jang Hoon. Through an American 'Robert' who helps the Baek family but sneers, saying, “Korea is a very interesting country,” director Im Sang-soo asks, “What are the existences of Americans and Westerners to Koreans?” It is sending a serious message. Filipino actor Maui Taylor takes on the role of 'Eva', a maid named 'Chairman Yoon', who has been addicted to money and led an insulting life. Although she is still unfamiliar in Korea, she is a veteran actress who is active in both the music industry and the film industry in the Philippines. In the movie, Eva, a maid from the Philippines, who is the weakest and weakest person in Korean society where money = power, is portrayed as a victim of the power wielded by the people of the Baek family. allow it to be engraved.

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