(Korean Movies) The Swordsman, 2020

The Swordsman, 2020

The Swordsman, 2020
Audience over 15
running time
100 minutes
cumulative audience
190237 people
41st Golden Cinematography Awards 2021


After the abdication of Gwanghae-gun, Tae-yul (Jang Hyuk), the best swordsman in Joseon, disappeared.
Meanwhile, the chaos has reached its climax due to the confrontation between Qing and Ming, which is located between Joseon.
The Qing Dynasty imperial family 'Gurutai' (Jo Taslim) persecutes Joseon by making unreasonable demands.

While the suffering of the people is increasing day by day, Taeyul's daughter is taken as a princess by the servants of 'Gurutai'. Taeyul, the best swordsman in Joseon, who wanted to live quietly with his back to the world, starts wielding a merciless sword to save his daughter…


You touched someone you shouldn't have touched! chase to the end
<Taken> <Raging Bull> <John Wick> Real pursuit action
A thrilling revenge that will wipe out everything begins

The movie <Swordsman> is a real pursuit action that begins after Gwanghae-gun's abdication, Joseon's best swordsman Tae-yul, takes up his sword again to find his missing daughter. Chosun and Qing dynasties are in chaos due to the confrontation between Ming and Qing Dynasty. The royal family 'Gurutai' (Jo Taslim) and his group of swordsmen kidnap Taeyul's (Jang Hyuk) daughter 'Taeok' (Kim Hyeonsu), and 'Taeyul' to save her. The relentless pursuit of

While various works such as <Taken>, <Angry Bull> and <John Wick>, in which the main character who has been deprived of something precious, promises revenge and performs exhilarating actions, are receiving a lot of love, <Swordsman> is drawing attention as it will continue the undefeated myth of rage action. are collecting Taeyul, who was unable to protect the king he served as the escort warrior of Gwanghae, felt skeptical about his useless power and uninhabited beliefs, and disappeared with a promise that he would never raise a sword again. He gave up the life of Mu-min to live a normal life, but when 'Tae-ok', who went to Hanyang to improve his sight, which was gradually deteriorating, was kidnapped, he finally took the sword again. ‘Tae-ok’, taken by the Qing dynasty, was the daughter of a legendary swordsman. Taeyul, whose instincts as a swordsman who had endured for only one reason exploded, began to swing the tip of his sword toward the world without hesitation. Director Choi Jae-hoon, in charge of directing, paid attention to the story of the people who were sacrificed in the whirlpool of the times in the background of Joseon, which was chaotic after the artificial rebellion. In particular, in order to protect their precious things, their lives, which moved according to their beliefs, were directed intuitively and concisely through actions, and the sword was expressed as a tool to express their beliefs.

With the instinct of a swordsman who wakes up with explosive anger, the figure of Taeyul, who pursues and mercilessly cuts down his enemies to save his daughter, presents a thrilling catharsis. In addition to 'Tae-yul' chasing enemies, as well as talented people from Joseon and Qing dynasties chasing 'Tae-yul', the best swordsman in Joseon. The chase and confrontation of the best swordsmen of the time continues, creating a suffocating tension. In this way, <Swordsman> will give you the ultimate pleasure you have never experienced with the action that rushes without a break throughout the running time.

An unprecedented project that would never have been possible without Jang Hyuk
A new world of gladiator action like you've never seen before
A high-level action sequence directly digested by Jang Hyuk, the best action actor regardless of genre

Jang Hyuk, the best action actor regardless of genre, who is recognized for his excellent acting skills as well as action through various works such as <Chuno> and <Iris 2>, returns as Joseon's best swordsman Taeyul, who has turned his back on the world. 'Tae-yul' is a character who fights enemies with emotions and natural instincts rather than brains. Jang Hyuk completed the character 'Tae-yul', a character who takes action rather than words, revealing an incomparable charisma with his empty but revengeful eyes. 'Tae-yul', who used only defensive skills to avoid the eyes of the world, changed mercilessly when his daughter was kidnapped, killing enemies with swordsmanship based on animalistic senses, minimal movement, and quick speed.

Following the director's vision of maximizing pleasure by adding realism to all action scenes, Jang Hyuk and the martial arts team created a completely new action style that suits the character. From the pre-preparation process, he surprised with his level of skill that could stand shoulder-to-shoulder with real martial artists, and he contemplated the overall action concept with the martial arts team to match them, and envisioned movements based on actual war martial arts that had not been seen in previous historical drama actions. In addition, he designed a unique anomalous swordsmanship to express the swordsmanship unique to 'Taeyul', which seems to have been learned by himself to survive, rather than being properly educated.

In addition, Jang Hyuk made the production crew stand out by directly digesting high-level actions based on his excellent martial arts skills. Martial arts director Lee Sang-ha said, “He is an actor with the best ability to digest action in Korea, and he has the same understanding of action as a martial arts director. Because of that, we were able to finish filming safely.” In particular, he did not stop despite being injured by the sword of the other actor during a bare-body action filming to revive the sense of blow, but he did not stop and performed his passionate performances until the end, drawing admiration from the actors and producers who worked together. In this way, Jang Hyuk will once again prove his reputation as the best action actor by showing his whole acting in every scene.

Unite for action! A variety of casting combinations that transcend nationalities have been completed!
From Hollywood action star Jo Taslim to Jung Man-sik and Jang Hyun-seong with solid acting skills
The next-generation stars that Chungmuro is paying attention to include Hyun-soo Kim, Na-kyung Lee, and Lee Min-hyuk!

<Swordsman>, which heralds the most intense real pursuit action in 2020, draws attention with the meeting of veteran actors with solid acting skills and rising stars who will lead Chungmuro. In addition, Hollywood action actor Joe Taslim joined in to complete a colorful casting combination that transcends nationalities.

Jeong Man-sik, who has fully immersed himself in the character in the movie <Money> and <Beasts Clinging to Straw> as well as the drama [Vagabond] [Aide 2 – People Who Move the World], and has shown strong acting, is the king's escort samurai and Joseon's No. He played the role of 'Min Seung-ho', who is called the sword. He adds tension to the play by delicately expressing the complex inner side of the character who is on the side of the anti-government forces who are trying to drive out Gwanghae while betraying his trust. In the chaotic situation, ‘Gwanghae’ of Joseon plays the role of actor Jang Hyun-seong, who adds to the richness of the work just by his presence. It radiates deep and solid acting skills that have been consolidated into a wide spectrum, and the weight of the character is expressed heavily.

In addition, action actor Joe Taslim, which Hollywood directors are paying attention to, disassembles into the Qing Dynasty imperial family 'Gurutai' and engages in a gladiator action confrontation with Jang Hyuk that cannot back down. Attention is focused on his action performance, which he will show as a Hollywood action star, who has been active in <Fast and Furious: The Maximum> and <Star Trek Beyond>. From the heinous figure that threatens the people of Joseon in a world of chaos to the action showdown in which he finds the best swordsman of Joseon to fight against, he is expected to leave a deep impression on the domestic audience by providing a sense of action that cannot take his eyes off of him for a moment. am.

Kim Hyeon-soo, who is emerging as a next-generation actor who will lead Chungmuro, takes on the role of Tae-ok, the daughter of Tae-yul, who has a secret that will surprise the world. Actor Kim Hyeon-soo has grown solidly by building his own acting spectrum, starting with the 2011 movie <The Crucible>, <Goodbye Single> and <I'm Going to Meet You>. Through this work, Jang Hyuk and Jang Hyuk, who met as a woman through this work, show a special breath by sincerely portraying how they try to protect each other from a chaotic world. Actress Lee Na-kyung takes on the role of Hwa-seon, a female swordsman who has endured the world with a single dagger to survive here, and presents a vision for a new action actress in the film industry. Lastly, Lee Min-hyeok, a member of popular idol BTOB and known as a beauty in the entertainment world, exudes intense charisma at the beginning of the play as the young Tae-yul, who is also known as Gwang-hae's casual wear.

The movie <Swordsman>, which will give you unprecedented action pleasure with the perfect casting combination that transcends nationalities, as well as the explosive acting synergy of veteran actors and rising stars, is the only movie that should not be missed in September, thanks to the passionate performances and passion of the actors. will be

The bloody effort of the luxury producers in Chungmuro!
From customized costumes that reflect the character's personality to action styles completed with detailed directing!
If you enjoy action movies, you can't miss the character action thriller.

The movie <Swordsman> needed an action style that contained the narrative of each character, including custom costumes that could bring out the personality of the characters to the fullest, in order to express the genre characteristics of real pursuit action. To this end, the production crew, who have been working hard in various genres for a long time, participated in the film and improved the quality of the work.

First, costume director Yoon Mira, who participated in works such as <Hide and Seek>, <Bongi Kim Seon-dal> and <Gonjiam>, perfectly captured the stories of different characters, took over the costumes that show the characters' individuality. Even in the dire action scenes of the swordsmen who boast the best swordsmanship, differentiated costumes for each character were very important. In particular, costume director Yoon Mi-ra, who paid attention to the character of 'Tae-yul', who leads the play, said, "I thought that it was necessary not only to emphasize the movement, but also to help the movement because there are many stories in the movement of 'Tae-yul' rather than the dialogue. ” he said. Accordingly, by layering thin fabrics in several layers, the overall look is light and nimble, but a costume that can produce rich movements was completed. In particular, the costumes of 'Taeyul' and 'Gurutai', who oppose each other, were also made to fit the characteristics of each character. For 'Tae-yul', who is dry but strong, he mainly used blue and gray tones of cotton hemp fabric, and for 'Gurutai', who has a glamorous yet strong desire for power, he prepared black, gold, and red tones of silk to reveal the character of his character. .

Above all, the point to pay attention to in <Swordsman> is not only the action style of each character, but also spectacular action scenes unfolding one-on-one or one-on-one. The detailed direction of martial arts director Lee Sang-ha, who participated in works that highlight the action of the times such as <Myeongryang> and <Homecoming>, is added, raising expectations. For the action that can express the emotions of the characters, he thoroughly prepared everything from character analysis to the action style suited to nationality and status. First, I set the martial arts that became the base for each character, second, I devised an action that suits the character's personality, and finally, I focused on the emotional line that each scene had. The gladiator action, which expresses the individuality of each character, was completed as a spectacle that cannot be missed by the audience who enjoys action movies. From 'Tae-yul', which changes from a counterattack-oriented attack to an aggressive attack with animal movements, 'Min Seung-ho', where you can feel the strength and strength of a warrior, and 'Hwa-seon', a female swordsman who stands shoulder to shoulder with Joseon swordsmen, the sharp orthodox swordsmanship, From experience to the free-spirited Qing Dynasty imperial swordsmanship, there are plenty of action spots to see. Martial arts director Lee Sang-ha said, "I paid the most attention to the subtle emotional changes of the characters as the duel begins, the nature of the person, and the work to melt the evil and fear into the action according to the situation."

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