(Korean Movies) The Suspect, 2013

The Suspect, 2013

The Suspect, 2013
Audience over 15
running time
137 minutes
cumulative audience
4131338 people
34th Korean Film Critics Association Award 2014


“I am… not guilty”

Abandoned by his motherland and lost his family, he fled to South Korea.
The most elite special agent 'Ji Dong-cheol' (Gong Yoo).
His only goal is to find the man who killed his wife and daughter.

Dong-cheol, who lived as a surrogate driving after chasing his path,
He witnesses the murder of Chairman Park, who was the only one who was close to him.
Dong-cheol, who received the items left by Chairman Park before his death, is designated as a suspect in the case and is chased by everyone.

Even 'Colonel Min' (Park Hee-soon), a hunting dog that pursues the target without blood or tears, is also put in.
Dong-cheol is placed in a tight-knit siege.
But he doesn't stop chasing his own target…

[ Prologue ]

“Until you catch him.
I cannot be caught.”

The man who became everyone's target
His breath-taking pursuit begins!

Super fast real action

[ About Movie ]

Extreme real action that goes beyond the limits!
Everyone's target, another pursuit of the pursued begins!

<Suspect> is a work depicting the story of an elite special agent 'Ji Dong-cheol', who pursues the murderer of his family while being the target of everyone. draw dynamically. Ji Dong-cheol, a man who turns from a witness to a murder case to a suspect, and is chased by an NIS agent, a soldier, and an unknown SA (Special Agent). However, he cannot be killed or caught until he finds the killer of his wife and daughter, and the process of breaking through the siege of the pursuers and rushing towards his own target to the end is a breathtaking thrill to watch. Above all, he is an elite special agent who has undergone life-and-death training and mission process, and the actions he unfolds through meticulous calculations and unstoppable real-world combat are traditional Korean actions regardless of types such as car chasing, sword fighting, rock climbing, falling down the Han River, and gunfight. It was completed with high-level real action that goes beyond the limits of the movie. In addition, <The Suspect> presents a new excitement that has never been seen or felt before with a sense of reality that conveys the intensity and shock as well as the intense pleasure conveyed by the action that does not stop for a moment in an extreme situation. In addition to the intense drama of 'Ji Dong-cheol', who was abandoned by his country and lost everything including his wife and daughter, and the tense development of the plot hidden behind the murder case in which he was identified as a suspect, <Suspect> has to run without rest, driven to the limit. It adds to the immersion in the story of a man who plays and heightens the dramatic fun.

<Suspect>, which depicts the story of a man who is being chased and pursued at the same time, a man who becomes a suspect and pursuer, is an extreme action of 'Ji Dong-cheol', who has to risk everything until he finds his own target. It will give them an intense pleasure they will never forget.

Gong Yoo, the first full-scale action challenge in his life!
Unstoppable action fighting spirit to become 'Ji Dong-cheol' down to the bone!

Actor Gong Yoo, who captivated women with his gentle charm in romantic comedies such as the drama [The 1st Coffee Prince Store] and the movie <Finding Kim Jong-wook>. Gong Yoo, who made a new transformation with heavy acting in the movie <The Crucible>, which was released in 2011 and mobilized 4.66 million people nationwide, made a comeback to the screen in 2 years through <The Suspect> It shows a tough and masculine charm. '

Gong Yoo, who plays the role of 'Ji Dong-cheol', a suspect chasing his own target while being the target of everyone, is an elite special agent character who has completed the rigorous training process in which only 3% of the play survives. He directly digested various high-level actions, including falling. To this end, Gong Yoo, who had undergone intensive training before filming, showed a passionate passion for action acting by refusing to double during filming and directing dangerous action scenes. In particular, in the case of climbing a rock wall, not only had to hang from a height of 40-50 m of an 80-m cliff, relying on a single wire, but, as the filming location was a quarry, the section was sharp and the risk of falling rocks was high despite the adverse conditions. He perfectly captured the extreme rock climbing scene. In addition, the scene of the fall from the Hangang Bridge also showed a bold performance of jumping 18m down by stepping on the railing and jumping despite many dangerous variables. In addition, from the heavy emotional acting of a man trying to find out who killed his wife and daughter while embracing their sadness in the play, he portrayed a character with a deeper emotion differentiated from the characters in the existing action movies. Director Won Shin-yeon said, "On the set, Gong Yoo always went one step further and stood on the limbs than we were worried about. Also, until the very end of the movie, he showed Ji Dong-cheol's appearance in a dense way, and he was holding the character of Ji Dong-cheol until the end." In this way, Gong Yoo's intense transformation by adding emotional acting to an action hot performance that goes beyond the limits of being perfectly transferred to 'Ji Dong-cheol' will be a viewing point that cannot be missed in the movie <Suspect>.

Park Hee-soon, Jo Seong-ha, Yoo Da-in! Powerful actors united with their acting skills
A combination of talented actors in Chungmuro that you can trust and see!

In the movie <Suspect>, talented actors representing Chungmuro such as Gong Yoo, Park Hee-soon, Jo Seong-ha, and Yoo Da-in joined together to add trust and expectations to the film. Actor Park Hee-soon, who swept the Blue Dragon Film Award and the Best Supporting Actor Award at the Korean Film Awards that year for her role as a reckless detective in the movie <Seven Days>, left a deep impression with her bold acting in works such as <Operation> and <Client>. He took on the role of Colonel Min Se-hoon, who pursues Ji Dong-cheol as the best in the field of counter-espionage recognized by everyone with his unhesitating judgment and determination. The character, Colonel Min, a crazy hunting dog who never misses the target, was completed as a character with a strong presence through the efforts of Park Hee-soon, who paid attention to every detail from his eyes to his facial expression.
Kim Seok-ho, the head of the National Intelligence Service, who tracks Ji Dong-cheol along with Dae-ryung Min, won the Daejong Film Festival Best Supporting Actor Award for his intense villain character who commissions a contract murder in the movie <The Yellow Sea>. Jo Seong-ha, who shows various charms by going back and forth between the screen and the CRT, takes on the role and adds a sense of weight. Jo Seong-ha, who plays Chief Kim, a secret figure who holds another key to the power and murder case, evokes dramatic tension with his mean and overwhelming charisma based on his deep acting skills.
Yoo Da-in, who was recognized for her acting skills by winning the 2011 Korean Film Critics Association Award for Best New Actress for her impressive performance in the movie <Hyehwa, Dong>, is proud and energetic through the role of 'Kyung-hee Choi', a PD who is persistently digging for the truth in <Suspect>. He leads the play with an overflowing figure. In particular, Yoo Ah-in, who is the only person who believes in Ji Dong-cheol and who shows strong acting in a dangerous scene by taking on the role of a character who pursues the truth behind his side, breathes life into the play and leaves a strong impression that the audience will never forget until the last moment. In this way, the movie <Suspect>, in which actors Park Hee-soon, Jo Seong-ha, and Yoo Da-in, with solid acting skills unite, will enhance the immersion in the rich and tense drama by combining the talented actors of Chungmuro who believe and watch.

Juche shooting, car chasing, rock climbing, falling on the Han River, sky diving
Land, sea, air, and Hong Kong, Puerto Rico
Show the end of real action!

In order to capture a realistic and colorful action that has never been seen before, <Suspect> focused on directing new action with a bold attempt than any other movie, from juche fighting to car chasing, rock climbing, falling down the Han River, and skydiving. First of all, the Juche Martial Art was newly born as an instinctive and threatening action of the <Suspect> rather than a pre-calculated and planned action by introducing the Russian Sistema Martial Art. In addition, in order to show car action that goes beyond the limits of existing movies, the production team focused on directing a new and more explosive car chasing rather than a pattern already familiar to the audience through thorough preparation in advance. For this purpose, various car actions include cool car chasing across the city center, using the terrain of a narrow residential area to go down a steep stairway backwards, two cars running against each other at a speed of 80 km, and a sprint head-on collision scene. This was completed. In addition, for the realism of the action, actual filming was conducted in the residential area of Oksu-dong and the middle of Yongsan shopping district, and the actor took all the filming in the car himself, capturing the breathtaking sense of realism of car chasing.

On the other hand, in the play, Ji Dong-cheol's rock climbing and falling down the Han River are also scenes where Gong Yoo personally filmed, and the camera also digs into the middle of the dangerous scene and captures the expression and movement of the actor who performs emotional acting along with action without missing the end of the play. Doubles the immersion. In addition, in the airborne drop training scene of Colonel Min, the actual fall of skydiving experts is unfolded, and the dramatic scene of sweating in the cool sky is delivered vividly. In addition, <The Suspect> shows Ji Dong-cheol's activities as a special agent more dramatically through filming overseas locations in Hong Kong and Puerto Rico. The dim back alleys and shabby harbor overlooking the skyscrapers of Hong Kong, the peaceful and exotic view of Puerto Rico in contrast to the dangerous back-dealing scene, and the bombing scene that breaks the tranquility raise tension with an exotic atmosphere and a sense of scale. <Suspect>, who took a risk and took a drastic filming of the director, staff, and actors for action that goes beyond the limits and realistic action, focuses on the scale by shooting overseas locations such as Hong Kong and Puerto Rico as well as land, sea, and air. The extreme real action taken will excite the hearts of the audience.

<The Chaser> <Watchers> <The Ultimate Weapon Bow> <Seven Days>
The strongest staff of action, speed, and spectacle are dispatched!

For the movie <Suspect>, the best staff in each field with the best skills in action, speed and spectacle were dispatched to complete the unprecedented real action. Martial arts director Oh Se-young, who won the Blue Dragon Film Award for the first time in a Korean movie with bow action through <The Last Weapon Bow>, will take on the most major action direction for <Suspect>, and will show the end of the real action. From intense subjectivity to dangerously unfolding car action and falling down the Hangang River, martial arts director Oh Se-young completed a variety of technical attempts and challenges to create realistic action unique to <Suspect> and intense action that had never been seen before. Also, through <The Chaser>, cinematographer Lee Seong-je, who won the Daejong Film Festival Cinematography Award that year, shows a more spectacular video through <The Suspect>. . In particular, cinematographer Seong-jae Lee captures the fast-moving action of Gong Yoo in every scene through agile and powerful filming without missing a single moment, and at the same time expands the stage to the city as well as the sky to follow the dynamic action that unfolds, giving the pleasure of real action. I will show you this doubled video.

On the other hand, editor Shin Min-kyung, who has a reputation for speedy editing through works such as <Seven Days> and <Tazza>, and recently showed sophisticated and sensuous editing through <Watchers>, joined <Suspect> for speed and rhythm. Through editing, the pursuit of a breath-taking and action-packed experience is further doubled. In addition, music director Kim Jun-seong, who worked with director Won Shin-yeon through <Seven Days> and left a deep impression with music that adds tension, will shake the hearts of viewers with music that heightens the sense of urgency in <Suspect>. In this way, the movie <Suspect>, featuring the strongest staff in Chungmuro in each field of action, shooting, editing, and music, will captivate the audience with real action that will thrill the five senses.

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