(Korean Movies) The Spies, 2012

The Spies, 2012

The Spies, 2012
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“There are 50,000 local spies in South Korea, especially infiltrating the core of power.
By chance, I saw the documents on the desk in Kim Jong-il's office.
The contents of the meeting of the key passport authorities and the remarks of the participants were recorded in detail.”
– A letter from former Labor Party secretary Hwang Jang-yup at the time of exile in April 1997

50,000 South Korean spies…
How will they live in 2012?

An ordinary householder who sells illegal Viagra and suffers from a tax increase.
It turns out that the code name of the 22-year-old South Korean spy leader is 'Chief Kim'

Living or working, a tough neighborhood real estate woman with a busy day
It turns out that the code name of a female spy specializing in location is 'Kang Dae-ri'

An elderly person living alone at Tapgol Park after retiring from public service.
I found out that the identity laundering spy codename was 'Yoon Go-moon'

A young farmer who raises cattle and takes the lead in opposing the FTA,
It turns out that the code name for a spy specializing in hacking is 'Woo Dae-ri'

In front of life-style spies whose inflation in South Korea is scarier than reporting spies
North Korea's best assassin 'Chief Choi' has appeared without blood or tears!

And the first cancer in 10 years that fell to them!!
Will they be able to succeed in the operation?

The double operation of transcending the thoughts (?) of life-type spies who are busy eating and living begins!


[N. noun – spy, 間諜]
1. A person who secretly finds out the secrets or circumstances of a country or organization and provides it to a country or organization in a competitive or confrontational relationship;
2. An expression that refers to a person who frequently speaks and acts out of context with the times or culture

[synonym] agent, spy, informant

[Derivative word] Lifestyle spy
1. It is a word that reflects the reality of fixed spies who have been in the South for more than 10 years, and refers to spies who are tired of waiting for the North's instructions and set out to find a way to make a living.
2. The reality of 50,000 spies, equivalent to about 1/1000 of the Korean population, whose inflation is more fearful than reporting spies.

one command. Forget the obvious spy movies!

A full-fledged 'living-type spy' born after being chased by the rental price, hanging on 100,000 won, and busy raising cattle!
A real spy drama with clever humor, sincere drama, and action full of tension!!

In September 2012, the movie <Spy> announced the birth of a full-fledged life-type spy, heralding infiltration into the Republic of Korea. Living-type spies are people who escape from the dark and miserable image of spies we know and live as ordinary neighbors, colleagues, and families around us. The spies we know so far are blind and coherent beings who have been hard trained to carry out orders and live in hiding by exchanging operations in secret. However, the life-style spies in the movie give a fresh shock with a lifestyle that is hard to believe that they are spies. In addition, the setting that he had a job that made use of his own abilities and strengths to make a living in the face of rising prices, rather than reporting a spy, gives a sly smile.
As a leader of spies, Manager Kim, who is quick to turn his head and has excellent speech skills, disguises himself as an illegal Viagra dealer to support his family, and Dae-ri Kang, who is responsible for the location and has excellent map knowledge, lives a busy life as a real estate broker and working mom. Go-moon Yoon, who is good at laundering identity and forging documents, started as a civil servant at the lower end of the district office, and after retirement, she spends time living alone as an elderly person living alone. have.
Director Woo Min-ho revealed that he conceived the film out of the question, "How do spies, who are only perceived as fearful by the public, live now that inter-Korean relations are smoother?" It is not simply an action drama about espionage, but an ordinary story of people in a special situation called a spy, showing the ironic situation and realistic anxieties they face, and trying to melt the humanism. Like the director's intention, "Spies are people, fathers, mothers, old people, young people, and humans who live with the same worries and concerns as we do," <Spy> overturns common sense about spies. It will disarm the Republic of Korea, transcending men and women of all ages. In addition to this, the chase and gunfights in downtown Seoul, including Gwanghwamun, Myeong-dong, and Hongdae, and large-scale shootings in Busan and Changwon are added. .

two orders. Pay attention to Kim Myung-min's life acting!

Korean acting master Kim Myung-min, transformed into Nucksal main director Kim!
With Kim Myung-Pyo's life acting, he completely conquered the 2012 theaters from <Love Poetry> to <Spy>!!

Korean acting master Kim Myung-min has been released! Kim Myung-min, who played the exciting character of a living spy in the real spy drama <Spy>, which depicts the double operation of transcending the thought (?) of living spies whose inflation is more fearful than reporting spies will be presented
Kim Myung-min, played by Kim Myung-min, is a 22-year-old South Korean spy, codenamed Manager Kim, who illegally sells Viagra smuggled from China and makes a living using the profits. He is the representative head of the country who does not hesitate to do hard work. At the same time, he is a person who takes on the leadership of the Ri Yong-seong assassination operation under the direction of Chief Choi, the best assassin in North Korea. In the process, they boast of the spies' brain-down driving force and operational design ability, but behind the scenes, they plan a double operation to intercept the 10 billion won in compensation given to Ri Yong-seong, and they plan to show hidden wit, naughtiness, and humor.
From the genius doctor in the drama <The White Tower>, which clearly imprinted Kim Myung-min's presence, to the maestro in <Beethoven Virus> that caused a craze in Korea, to the incurable disease in <My Love By My Side>, which gained attention by losing more than 20kg A patient, Kim Myung-Min Pyo, a detective in <Detective Chosun: The Secret of a Helmet Flower>, who showed the essence of comic acting, and a marathoner in <Pacemaker>, who changed dramatically with braces and no make-up, etc. Kim Myung-min, who took the main title. In this work, although he is a spy, he is expected to fascinate the audience once again with Kim Myung-min's natural life acting, which is decomposed into the ordinary and humanistic director Kim who seems to live around us. Attention is focused on whether he, who has already proved that he is the highest box office guarantee in Korea by breaking through 4.5 million audiences with the infectious disaster movie <Sonata>, which was the most talked-about movie in the first half of the year, will completely take over the theaters in the second half of the year with <Spy>.

command three. Look forward to the casting's 5-color ensemble!

Kim Myung-min, Yoo Hae-jin, Yeom Jeong-ah, Byun Hee-bong, and Jung Gyu-woon are the only films that you can trust and watch!
A luminous ensemble of 5 colors, personality, charm, and presence, foreshadowing Korea's 'spy' syndrome!!

One of the biggest reasons why the real espionage drama <Spy> is the most anticipated work of 2012 is the gorgeous casting that makes people believe and watch just the actor's name. From Kim Myung-min, who is famous for acting in Korea, to Hae-jin Ha, a stormy presence, actress Yeom Jeong-ah, and 10 million actors, Byeon Hee-bong. Those who have transformed into life-style spies whose operations have become a part of their lives are already gathering hot expectations as they plan to show off the charm of a reversal that has not been shown in their works before.
First of all, from dramas such as <White Tower> and <Beethoven Virus> to films such as <Detective of Joseon: The Secret of the Helmet Flower> and <Love Story>, Kim Myung-min, who is a box office guarantee just by the name alone, is the head of the household who is excited by the frequent rent increase for the role of the code name Manager Kim. Decomposition presents a full-fledged life performance. From <Reconstruction of Crime> to <Woochi Jeon>, Yeom Jung-ah, who has been recognized for her acting skills with a charm like the eight colors, and shows a new appearance every time, is expected to decompose into a hot-blooded woman who risk her life for 100,000 won in the code name of Kang Dae-ri. Byeon Hee-bong, a national actor with 40 years of acting career, who has reached her second heyday with the 10 million movie <Monster>, delivers laughter as she disassembles as a neighborhood grandfather who kills time in Tapgol Park as Yoon Go-moon. Jung Gyu-woon, who has captured the hearts of women as an attractive handsome man in the CRT, is also disassembled into a Chungcheong-do rural bachelor who raises cattle after returning to farming as the code name Dae-ri, and makes viewers happy with his slurred speech mixed with North Korean and Chungcheong-do dialects and sincere and candid actions in everything. . On the other hand, Yoo Hae-jin, who has shown a strong personality in films of various genres such as <The King's Man> <Jeon Woo-chi> <Moss> and <Illegal Transaction>, appeared as North Korea's best assassin who came down to deliver orders to those who are busy with eating, showing a sophisticated yet strong charisma. It will heighten the tension of the drama.
Kim Myung-min, Yoo Hae-jin, Yeom Jeong-ah, Byun Hee-bong, and Jeong Gyu-woon, who are armed with such different personalities, charms, and presence, will confirm the synergy with the acting ensemble that shines the more they work together, and will bring about the espionage syndrome in theaters.

The espionage operation begins REPORT

No.1 Tangent STYLE

Receive orders from Gwanghwamun, plan a strategy in Myeong-dong, and meet in Hongdae?
A big filming machine of life-type spies who took over Seoul's busiest street!

After 10 years of espionage, operation becomes life?! The movie <Spy>, announcing the birth of a full-fledged life-style spy, also goes beyond the common sense and expectations of the audience in the area of spies' activities. From Gwanghwamun to Myeong-dong to Hongdae, the scenes filmed in the best downtown areas of downtown Seoul most clearly show the setting that spies live right around us, and while providing wit in itself, it is added with several episodes to complete an exciting drama. . First of all, the place where Director Kim, who received the North's command to say, 'The tree is open' after 10 years, receives the order of Director Choi, an assassination spy, is in front of the statue of Admiral Yi Sun-sin in Gwanghwamun. In order to capture the spies they encountered in the center of Gwanghwamun Square, where large numbers of people come and go, and at the Gwanghwamun intersection where major media outlets are concentrated, the production team started recruiting assistant actors of various age groups to create a lifestyle in Gwanghwamun, the most commonplace. We filmed the start of the operation of the spies. The operation office for the assassination of Ri Yong-seong was set up in Myeong-dong. With the setting that the operation office is located in Seoul's largest downtown area, the selection of the production team was narrowed down to Jongno and Myeong-dong, and it was finally decided to Myeong-dong, which is crowded with tourists day and night, with numerous shopping malls. In order to capture the scene where the spies, led by Director Choi, come out of the operation office in the basement of Myeong-dong Street and mix with the crowds of Myeong-dong, the production team unusually introduced about 200 auxiliary actors. In addition, in order to minimize the inconvenience of numerous shopping malls, they gathered from dawn to prepare and move busier than usual to capture the OK cut before the start of business. The breathtaking street chase between Chief Kim, the leader of the Ri Yong-seong assassination operation, and NIS agents was also filmed in Myeong-dong. The crew, who filmed on the weekend when the street turned into a car-free street for the scene going back and forth in every corner of the alley, had difficulties due to the street stalls filling up the street. carried out In Hongdae, life-style spies, Choi's subordinates, and NIS agents were filmed meeting and chasing vehicles. Although it was the first episode, the filming that started from Hongik University Station with a lot of floating population also continued to fight against the crowds of spectators, the real-time changing alley situations, and the sweltering heat. Gwanghwamun, Myeong-dong, and Hongdae, which took place in a tense state as if walking on thin ice during midsummer, will bring joy to the audience with scenes that are as realistic as the efforts of the production team and actors.

No.2 Operation STYLE

From Seoul to the provinces, I found a double operation after searching everywhere!
The production crew's Pyeongchang-dong recruitment operation was as difficult as the spies' double operation!

The most difficult place in the process of selecting a location for <Spy> was the filming location of the house where the spies' double operation took place. After searching all over Seoul and the provinces, Seongbuk-dong and Pyeongchang-dong of Seoul were finalists, and after much deliberation, it was agreed to film in Pyeongchang-dong. Pyeongchang-dong is often filmed for dramas and movies, but complaints from residents are frequent and it is difficult to get permission to shoot in advance. First of all, on the first day of filming, the important parts of the outside of the house in Lyon-seong were filmed first, on the second day, the inner yard, and on the third day, a big plan was made and detailed strategies were made. In case of any complaints, department store gift sets were also mobilized, and the staff had to visit house to house to explain the purpose of filming in Pyeongchang-dong. With minimal noise and road control, the staff safely filmed the scene where they broke into the house and the spies who completed the double operation. Because the amount of filming was large and the time allowed was short, filming in Pyeongchang-dong continued all night for three days. In a situation where both the staff and actors were very exhausted, on the last day of filming, a large-scale filming with cranes was waiting for them. Kim Myung-min, who appears as the leader of the spies in the movie, took care of each staff member and led the atmosphere of the filming site to the end, and was able to finish filming without any problems despite the tense atmosphere.

No.3 spy STYLE

10 lane control, 50 vehicles & 400 auxiliary appearances mobilized!
Action, explosion, chase, and shooting at the largest Changwon crossroad ever!

<Spy> is the largest action scene ever filmed in line with the genre of real espionage, and presents various attractions to the audience who visited the theater in September. In particular, the large-scale action scene at the Changwon intersection, which appears in the highlight of the movie, gives an idea of the scale of the spy in the movie, and announces the birth of a real spy drama that combines solid drama and tense action. In June, the action scene, filmed over three days in the sweltering heat, was directed by Choi, a spy specializing in assassination around North Korean defector Ri Yong-seong, the North Korean assassination target, the NIS agents who went on an espionage operation for the safety of Ri Yong-seong, and Choi. It contains a breathtaking confrontation between life-style spies who have to make extreme choices to protect their families and the rest of their colleagues in South Korea. As it is the highlight of the movie and the scene where the conflict and confrontation between the characters reaches the extreme, both the production team and the actors worked on the filming while maintaining extreme tension. With the full support of Changwon City, the 10-lane road at Changwon Intersection, which has the most moving vehicles in downtown Changwon, was completely controlled, and it was necessary to control all vehicles entering the intersection under the command of about 30 police officers and police officers. In addition, 50 vehicles and 400 auxiliary actors were mobilized to create the chaos of General Choi, who is engaged in a bloodless and tearful slaughter battle with Ri Yong-seong, the target of the assassination, in front of his eyes. This happened. <Spy>, which is an exciting drama in which the spies who received the North's orders for the first time in 10 years, plan a double operation to carry out the orders and plan a double operation for a hot pot, with the unique subject of life-style spies, as well as splendid actions completed on the largest scale, will be released in theaters in September. It will captivate audiences of all generations with the most talked-about work.

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