(Korean Movies) The Scent, 2011

The Scent, 2011

The Scent, 2011
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running time
117 minutes
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1246185 people


You went to catch the wind and became a murder suspect?!
Detective Kang specializing in adultery, the biggest crisis in life!

Even during suspension, a case is filed three days before reinstatement in front of 'adultery detective' Seon-woo (Park Hee-soon), who runs an adultery office as a side job by using an organ who has a knack for adultery cases.

Two corpses are waiting for him, who has been dispatched to the scene of an affair with a light heart! The only witness to the incident is the dead man's wife, Su-jin (Park Si-yeon)!
'Sun-woo' is in a desperate crisis of being cast as a prime suspect in a murder case in an instant.

'Sun-woo' struggles to find the real culprit and clear his name, but the situation gets worse. As he falls into a dangerous relationship with 'Soo-jin', who has a beautiful appearance and provocative charm, the truth of the case gradually descends into a labyrinth…

Can the dizzying (?) proof of innocence project of 'Sun-woo', a detective specializing in adultery who went to catch an affair and turned into a murder suspect, will succeed?

[ Intro ]

why? Is South Korea Waiting for Adultery?

There are 45,000 motels nationwide!
An average of 398 couples divorce a day!.
The second most common reason for divorce is spouse affair!
The debate over whether the crime of adultery persists is still going on!
The biggest dilemma for married men and women!
They are here to end adultery, which is more painful than headaches, toothaches and menstrual cramps!

[ About Movie ]

An adultery case that turned into a murder case! The most dizzying detective drama unfolds!
An exciting thriller full of tension is born under a unique and fresh material!

The movie <Gang Gi Nam> is a crime investigation drama depicting the process of a detective who went to attack the scene of adultery and got caught up in a mysterious murder case and was framed as a strong suspect, struggling to uncover the truth of the murder mystery that fell into a labyrinth. Investigative dramas featuring detectives have been consistently featured in movies and dramas, and Korean thriller films have been made continuously since 2009. However, the movie <Ganggi Nam> is a work that gives more than a simple investigation play or thriller, and the audience can enjoy various fun elements rather than just one fun. The movie <The Adultery Man> is a thriller and comedy about a detective who specializes in adultery, whose principle is 'not tolerating as much as adultery', and a widow, who seems weak but unknown, gets entangled in a strange relationship and falls into increasingly dangerous situations. Mixed with various genres and sexy codes, it was completed as a thriller with a new feel.

The audience is constantly immersed in watching the process of a detective who has been cast as a prime suspect in an adultery case that has become a murder case as he struggles to prove his innocence. In addition, the subtle emotional lines and erotic tension formed between the sexy widow and the detective make the film more exciting, and the unexpected comic situations that arise from the serious atmosphere and the ensemble of characters full of personality give the audience constant laughter. In this way, the movie <Ganggi Nam> fulfills its role as a true entertainment movie by making the audience never bored with its unique and fresh material, a story full of tension, and the excellent acting skills of the luxury actors.

A story only adults know! Movies for adults!
The movie <Ganggi Nam> is declared a full-fledged adult entertainment movie!

We need warm movies that both men and women can relate to, but sometimes I miss works that only adults can enjoy. The movie <Gang Gi Nam> is a full-fledged adult entertainment movie with various elements that will satisfy these audiences. As the title meaning 'a man waiting for adultery', the movie, which deals with the unconventional subjects of 'adultery' and 'murder', is a dizzying film with the perspective of a detective traumatized by adultery looking at socially immoral adultery. It contains the hidden instinct of a man who dreams of deviating. In addition, the delicate and subtle tension that flows between the detective and the widow makes the film more exciting, and reminds us of issues that any adult would have imagined at least once, such as 'marriage' and 'adultery'.

One of the factors to look forward to is the dramatic transformation of the actors who are receiving great love from the audience through recent movies and dramas and the fighting spirit that spares no effort in acting. Actor Park Hee-soon takes off her serious image so far and presents a character with comic and masculine beauty, while Park Si-yeon overwhelms the disassembled audience as a widow with a mysterious yet sexy charm. In particular, the erotic tension between the two is expected to get a warm response from adult audiences. In addition, the unexpected comic performances performed by actors full of personality such as Joo Sang-wook, Kim Jeong-tae, Lee Han-wi, and Lee Kwang-soo in a serious situation constantly bring laughter to the audience. As such, the movie <Ganggi Nam> is expected as a work like a comprehensive gift set that captivates adult audiences without any time to get bored by adding comic codes to stimulating material and thriller tension.

Actor Park Hee-soon & Sexy Jizon Park Si-yeon
A couple hotter than the general election is coming!

Chungmuro representative actor Park Hee-soon and Korea's sexiest star Park Si-yeon met. Park Hee-soon takes on the role of 'Sun-woo', a detective specializing in adultery who burns a sense of justice only in adultery cases, while Park Si-yeon plays 'Su-jin', a widow with fatal charm and the only witness to the scene where her husband was murdered. Seon-woo, who is on suspension after being caught up in an adultery case, files an adultery case ahead of his reinstatement. However, there was a murder case waiting for him, not an adultery scene, where he went to catch the scene, and the victim is none other than the husband of the only witness, Sujin. 'Sun-woo', who is suddenly in danger of being framed for murder, threatens 'Soo-jin', who wants to report it. falls into

Park Hee-soon, a detective who specializes in adultery, Seon-woo, and Park Si-yeon, who holds the key to the case, play a fierce battle to escape from a mysterious murder case. Brain games and psychological warfare are the highlight of the movie <Ganggi Man>. Park Hee-soon takes off her serious and intellectual image and transforms into a comical and masculine detective, while Park Si-yeon, who has a dual charm that crosses innocence and sexy, shows off her unique splendid and mysterious charm. Park Hee-soon and Park Si-yeon's perfect acting chemistry will leave a strong impression on the audience this coming April, who will show off their dramatic acting transformation through the movie <Gan Ki-nam>.

Complete digestion of unique characters! Synchro rate 100%!
Gorgeous acting ensemble of luxury actors!

The movie <Gan Ki Nam> adds to the fun of the movie with the appearance of actors Joo Sang-wook, Kim Jeong-tae, Lee Kwang-soo, Lee Han-wi, and Cha Su-yeon, who are emerging as a trend in Chungmuro these days. Joo Sang-wook, who has recently gained a lot of popularity through the drama "Feast of the Gods," takes on the role of 'Han Gil-ro', a detective who is straight and sincere but has no flexibility at all. Joo Sang-wook plans to break away from the image of the 'manager' and give a laugh with unexpected comical and sloppy charisma. In addition, Kim Jung-tae, who has established himself as a trend in Chungmuro through his endless variety of entertainment, dramas, and movies, adds fun to the movie with his witty wit as his friend, Detective Kang, who sees you and picks mulberries while working, takes on the role of Detective Seo, whom he envy the most.

Lee Han-wi, who has already established himself as a luxury supporting role in movies and dramas with the skills he has accumulated over the years, perfectly digested the charismatic 'Chief of Sergeant' who is worried about his car for which the installment payment has not yet been completed, even in the dire situation of the suspect running away from the police station. In addition, Lee Kwang-soo, who has recently gained great popularity through entertainment programs, appears in the role of 'Ki-poong', an assistant of zero who is confused about whether he is a genius or an idiot, and is responsible for the laughter of <Gan Ki-nam>. Cha Su-yeon, who is gradually building her career through dramas and movies with a calm image and stable acting skills, plays the role of 'Hye-yeong', a loyal female detective and the wife of 'Seon-woo', who is in the process of divorce, and enriches the film. The acting ensemble presented by luxury actors who are making the best stocks in movies, dramas, and entertainment shows makes the movie <Ganggi Man> richer, and the fresh and unique gag codes of detectives that look sloppy somewhere will get a great response from the audience. It is expected.

[ Production Note ]

Park Hee-soon and Park Si-yeon, their meeting is a relationship occupied by the sky?!
Park Hee-soon, who plays the comical and clever adultery detective Seon-woo, and Park Si-yeon, who plays Su-jin, a widow of deadly charm, met for the first time through the movie <Ganki Man>. As soon as she saw the scenario, she couldn't take her eyes off it and read it several times, but when she heard that the male lead was Park Hee-soon, she solidified her will to appear. It is said that Park Si-yeon was a long-time fan and watched all the works in which Park Hee-soon appeared. Park Hee-soon also couldn't hide her joy at the news of her work with Park Si-yeon, who is known for her good personality in the film industry.
However, there were many twists and turns before bringing Park Hee-soon and Park Si-yeon together. Director Kim Hyung-jun, who wrote the screenplay for <Gang Gi-nam> in February 2011, placed male actors in their early 30s as candidates for the role of the main character 'Seon-woo' and delivered the scenario to each actor. In the meantime, director Kim Hyeong-jun, who visits a shaman named Yong, receives an unexpected answer. The male lead will be an actor in his early 40s, and an actress other than the one we are thinking of now will appear, and that actor will help the box office. Director Kim Hyung-jun said that he did not believe the answer to an answer that was different from what he had thought. However, after meeting Hee-soon Park by chance, she fell in love with him at once, and Park Hee-soon also decided to appear in an interesting screenplay with the director's passionate courtship. The next task was to find the mysterious and sexy actress who held the key to the murder case. The director, who was looking for an actress who could play the dual charm of innocence and sexiness, saw Park Si-yeon and immediately thought, 'That's her!' The actor lineup is complete.

Travel around the country in search of a motel, 30 thousand miles in search of a police station! Jwachung-woodol location story!
A motel and a police station appear as the main stages in the movie <Ganggi Nam>, which depicts the process of 'framing off the frame' of a detective who specializes in adultery who goes to catch an affair and becomes a murder suspect. Although motels and police stations are lined up in eight provinces across the country, it was difficult to find a place that Kim Hyeong-jun liked. Director Kim Hyung-jun and the production team went around all the motels all over the country all summer to find the 'luxury unmanned motel in a shady place in the mountains' that appears in the scenario, but they couldn't find the place they wanted, so they set foot in the dong-dong area until two weeks before the crank. had no choice but to The director and production team, who could not find the motel they wanted until just before filming, eventually hired a motel with a similar building structure to shoot the exterior, and the motel lobby converted a general motel in downtown Daejeon into an unmanned motel and proceeded with filming.
Recruitment to the police station was also not easy. The movie <Gan Ki-Nam> was filmed not only inside the police station but also outside the police station, so it was an urgent situation to be hired by the police station. However, it was not difficult to find a police station that would gladly provide a place even if it was interrupted by work. As the crank-in date approached, the director became increasingly anxious and said, 'Why did you write the screenplay with the police station as the main stage of the movie?' After such a long wait, a response came from the Daejeon police station, which had continuously requested cooperation, and the filming support was made not only by the police station and police car, but also by the incumbent police officers who served as guards, which made the production team even more happy.
It was Sujin's mansion that made the production crew more difficult than the motel and police station in the location hunting work. The production team, who needed a house in Seongbuk-dong, because the address of ‘Soo-jin’ in the movie is specified as ‘Seongbuk-dong’, mobilized the staff of other films to find a place suitable for the scenario. , and was reborn as a luxury mansion through extensive interior work.

A dizzying love scene between Park Hee-soon and Park Si-yeon! Behind the scenes story revealed!
Seon-woo (Park Hee-soon) and Su-jin (Park Si-yeon), who first met as the wife of the suspect and the victim in the movie <Gan Ki-nam>, initially doubt each other and confront each other, but as time goes on, they become attracted to each other, and the incident unfolds. As the size of the secret shared only by the two of them for concealment grows, the relationship between the two becomes more subtle. This subtle emotional line flowing between 'Sunwoo' and 'Soojin' in the movie <Gan Ki Nam> creates an erotic tension throughout the film. In the movie, the kiss scene in the rain, where 'Sunwoo' and 'Sujin' confirmed their feelings for each other, which they had been hiding, was born after two days of filming. After this kiss, the relationship between the two enters a different phase than before, and the murder case also plunges further into the labyrinth. To film this scene, Park Hee-soon and Park Si-yeon had to be exposed to cold rain throughout the night while wearing only one thin coat. Although it was physically and mentally hard work, Park Hee-soon and Park Si-yeon, like professional actors, performed perfectly without any emotional shake during the two-day overnight filming, which drew the admiration of my staff.
However, the kissing scene in the rain was easier compared to shooting the dizzying and shocking love scene in the movie <Ganggi Man>. It is said that Park Hee-soon and Park Si-yeon were extremely nervous at the time of filming the love scene in a solemn and serious public place. Director Kim Hyung-jun also left all the staff out for the actors' immersion and concentration and took only a minimum number of people to film. The suspenseful yet dizzying love scene, completed after the efforts of these actors and staff, will be a scene that the audience will remember for a long time.

The popularity of <Ganggi Nam>, which melted the cold of Daejeon, and the fighting spirit of the actors!
Filming of the chase scene for the movie <Ganggi Nam>, which took place on Jungang-ro, Daejeon's busiest downtown area, in November had to be delayed due to a large crowd despite the strong cold, below -10 degrees Celsius. Daejeon citizens welcomed the actors with great cheers and cheers, despite the fact that it was inconvenient to go back and forth because the filming was done while controlling the streets. In particular, the popularity of Joo Sang-wook, Kim Jung-tae, and Lee Han-wi, who are well known through the CRT, surpassed any other idols, surprising the officials, and the actors also worked more passionately than ever before, thanks to the warm welcome of the citizens. However, shooting in the heightened atmosphere and large crowds was a series of hardships. Hee-soon Park, who was filming a scene of escaping through fellow detectives, banged her knee on an iron pole at the edge of the road while trying to avoid a passerby who suddenly jumped and collapsed. Park Hee-soon's knees were very swollen, and she couldn't properly strengthen her legs.
Joo Sang-wook, a young blood that has been strengthened through exercise, also could not avoid a sudden injury. Joo Sang-wook, who had shown his running skills at high speed throughout filming, suddenly collapsed and was unable to move. The staff went into an emergency state due to a sudden injury, but Joo Sang-wook sat down for a while and took a break, then returned to filming with a characteristic smile. Park Hee-soon and Joo Sang-wook not only worked to the end despite their injuries, but also thanked the citizens for their enthusiastic cheers after the filming was over, reassuring the staff. However, the results of the hospital examination after filming were shocking. Park Hee-soon suffered a knee rupture, Joo Sang-wook had a torn thigh muscle, and both were unable to walk for more than a week. Park Hee-soon and Joo Sang-wook impress their fellow actors and staff by showing their professional appearance to the end of filming despite these serious injuries.

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