(Korean Movies) The Roundup, 2022

The Roundup, 2022

The Roundup, 2022
Audience over 15
running time
106 minutes
cumulative audience
6546844 people
box office
2nd place


“Can you feel it? You have to catch this guy.”

Four years after the sweeping operation in Garibong-dong,
The Geumcheon-seo gangsters are tasked with escorting a suspect who fled to Vietnam.

Monster detectives 'Ma Seok-do' (Ma Dong-seok) and 'Jeon Il-man' (Choi Gwi-hwa) feel suspicious from a local suspect,
He learns that 'Kang Hae-sang' (Son Seok-gu) is ruthless behind him.

'Maseokdo' and the Geumcheon-seo gangs go back and forth between Korea and Vietnam.
He starts chasing 'Kang Hae-sang', who commits the greatest crime ever…

There are no borders in catching the bad guys!
Exciting and hot crime eradication operation unfolds again!


Confirmed for theatrical release in 132 countries around the world, including North America, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Singapore!
Shows the new evolution of crime action in Korea!

Korea's representative crime action <Crime City 2>, ahead of its domestic release, announced the confirmation of pre-sales in 132 countries around the world, proving its keen interest abroad. This is the result of combining the pleasure of action shown in the previous <Crime City> and the true value of actor Ma Dong-seok, who enjoys great popularity abroad through <The Eternals>, and foreshadows the birth of another K-representative crime action movie.

<Crime City 2> announced the status of Korean films by signing sales contracts in North America, France, Germany, Eastern Europe, India, Brazil, as well as airline tickets around the world. Especially in Asian countries, it is sold to most countries such as China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, attracting attention. In addition, major countries such as North America, Taiwan, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Philippines are preparing for a release at the same time as Korea, so global fans' expectations are expected to increase. In response to such a hot reaction, K Movie Entertainment, the overseas sales company of <Crime City 2>, said, "The fact that <Crime City 2> is the first Korean movie of actor Ma Dong-seok after <The Eternals> has received a lot of attention from overseas buyers from the beginning of sales. come. In particular, we were able to finish the pre-sale early due to high expectations for exciting action and humor such as proprietary boxing, judo, and self-defense that returned to 'Monster Detective', which announced the full-fledged start of Ma Dong-seok-pyo's action." . As such, the movie <Crime City 2>, recognized by the world first, is a movie that can only be experienced in theaters, and will prove that the pride of Korea's representative crime action movie has worked globally.

The movie <Crime City 2>, which has been raising hot reactions by announcing the news of pre-sales in 132 countries around the world even before its release in Korea, is expected to show the status of Korean films to the world through its release on May 18 (Wednesday).

Korean action franchise & representative crime action in Korea
Comeback of <Crime City>!
Comes back with action catharsis that surpasses the first part!

<Crime City>, the legend of crime action movies and the protagonist of the box office myth of blue-and-white films, returns with a sequel. <Crime City 2>, a representative crime action series in Korea, depicts a thrilling crime-fighting operation between a monster detective ‘Ma Seok-do’ (Ma Dong-seok) and a gangster in Geumcheon-seo to catch ‘Kang Hae-sang’ (Son Seok-gu), the strongest villain who has taken over Vietnam. movie.

The movie <Crime City> (2017), in which the detectives of the homicide squad led by 'Maseokdo' (Ma Seok-seok) provided exhilarating fun as they cleared up a criminal organization that harms peace, attracted 6.88 million people to the theater and ranked in the top 3 blockbuster movies of all time. It made a new record in the box office history of crime films. In particular, the charm of characters with strong personality such as Ma Seok-do, a monster detective who unstoppably subdues criminals with one punch, and Chang Chen, who announced the birth of the most impressive villain in Korean film history, has also attracted attention. Not only did it mass-produce many buzzwords and parodies, but it was also well-received for its exhilarating action that only <Crime City> provides, and caused a syndrome in Korea. As the audience's requests to produce a sequel flooded, the news of the release of <Crime City 2> is expected to generate a more enthusiastic response than ever before.

As a sequel to <Crime City>, which has established itself as the representative action franchise in Korea like this, <Crime City 2> is expected to expand its worldview to Vietnam with the background of the previous Garibong-dong sweeping operation 4 years later, raising expectations. The overwhelming scale of the crime eradication operation that the hot and bloody Geumcheon-seo gang will show off will captivate the audience with a different kind of fun from the first part. In particular, as well as the Geumcheonseo gang including detective Ma Seok-do, it also foreshadowed the appearance of a new character and the strongest villain 'Kang Hae-sang' (Son Seok-gu) who will succeed Jang Chen, completing a strong combination that goes beyond the first part. At the same time, the production team specialized in the action genre will make a comeback, as well as director Lee Sang-yong's aspiration, "You can expect an upgraded, refreshing action and Ma Seokdo's humor compared to the first part." It arouses even more curiosity.

<Crime City 2>, armed with such a more interesting storyline and intense scale, foretells its scramble to theaters in May and anticipates that it will provide an action catharsis that will blow away the stress of the audience.

<Crime City> original crew and actors unite again!
Detective Monster and Geumcheonseo Gangbang Group's sudden comeback & new villain Son Seok-gu
Come back more refreshing and hot!

What makes <Crime City 2> comeback even more welcome is that it is a work in which the production team and actors who led the box office success of <Crime City> collaborated again. Actors who will present new attractions also joined to complete the most intense lineup.

First, in <Crime City 2>, the Geumcheon-seo gangster class, who showed the strongest teamwork in the first part, returns. Actor Ma Dong-seok, who captivated the audience with the role of 'Ma-seok-do', a monster detective who relentlessly subdues criminals, predicts that the 'Ma-seok-do syndrome' will reoccur with his hotter charm in <Crime City 2>, and expects the birth of the best K-hero in name and reality. do it Next, Geumcheonseo Gangbang, who shined in the first part, such as Choi Gwi-hwa as class leader Jeon Il-man, Heo Dong-won as 'Oh Dong-gyun', and Ha-jun as 'Kang Hong-seok', who showed a pleasant collaboration with Ma Seok-do, also announced a perfect comeback. In addition, Jung Jae-gwang, who plays the role of 'Kim Sang-hoon', the youngest member of the new Geumcheon-seo gang class, is curious about the exciting performance of the Geumcheon-seo gang class that continues the first part. In addition, Park Ji-hwan, who plays the role of 'Jang-su', the boss of Lee Soo-soo, who made a strong presence in <Crime City>, will focus on the intense and pleasant chemistry that goes beyond the first part.

At the same time, actor Son Seok-gu was cast in the role of 'Kang Hae-sang', a monster in human disguise who will face a strong confrontation with the strongest villain who is more fearful than the law or the police, and monster detective Ma Seok-do. Actor Son Seok-gu, who proved his overwhelming presence regardless of genre with <Romance in Love>, Netflix [DP], [Melodrama], and [60 Days, Designated Survivor] foreshadows the birth of a monumental villain character of

As such, <Crime City 2> is expected to present a world of intense and exhilarating crime action with a strong combination of actors who believe and watch and new actors join.

The K-Crime Action Franchise Captivated the World!
Korea's representative crime action series continues!

The movie <Crime City 2> was completed in October 2017, when the production crew and actors of <Crime City>, which rewritten the box office history of crime action movies, met again with 6.88 million viewers. Director Lee Sang-yong, who participated as an assistant director of <Crime City>, director Seong-rim Joo, director Choi Jong-ha, lighting director, costume director Nam Ji-soo, and martial arts director Hur Myeong-haeng, all worked together to present an upgraded work while preserving the originality of the film. added a lot of effort. While maintaining a sense of striking action and high level of perfection, we focused our attention on a more diversified character lineup and expanded scale. The exhilarating collaboration of those who led the box office of <Crime City> by demonstrating the perfect action breath predicts that <Crime City 2> will create more realistic action and a global scale to completely overcome the stress of viewers.

<Crime City> is a series work that started with a franchise in mind from the time of planning. Ma Dong-seok, the identity of the <Crime City> series, participated in the planning and laid the foundation for Korea's representative crime action franchise with extraordinary affection. While designing the main story of <Crime City 2>, Ma Dong-seok and director Lee Sang-yong, who came up with the setting of 'Ma-seok-do is going abroad', added novelty by expanding the main background and scope of the film to Vietnam. Here, the story was completed by closely investigating various criminal cases that occurred abroad. As a result, in <Crime City 2>, you can meet the world view and action scenes of the characters shown in the first part, as well as a larger scale and fun.

In particular, the returning monster detective 'Ma-seok-do' character is a one-shot action that only Ma Dong-seok can digest, so it has become a signature anticipating <Crime City 2>. In the meantime, Ma Dong-seok has been loved by many audiences by creating a unique new term called MCU (Ma Dong-seok Cinematic Universe) with cool one-punch actions such as <Train to Busan> and <Angry Bull>. In <Crime City 2>, you can see the upgraded action of Ma Dong-seok, who captured even the Marvel Studios through <The Eternals>, raising expectations. In addition, as the global crime eradication operation is carried out to pursue the evil deeds of the strongest villain, Hae-Sang Kang, the venue and action are expected to increase, increasing the excitement and exhilaration of the audience.
As such, <Crime City 2>, Korea's representative crime action franchise, will once again write a new box office history in the anticipation of the world in May.

Action big match that crosses the border between Korea and Vietnam!
Room of Truth, Action Catharsis, all upgraded action!

In <Crime City 2>, as it deals with a wider worldview, it seeks to differentiate it from its predecessors by adding individuality and novelty of the characters.

First, the one-shot action of 'Maseokdo', which subdues criminals at once, has become more powerful than the first. For this work, Ma Dong-seok, who has learned judo and self-defense techniques from a professional as well as boxing, which is his main specialty, is expected to present more exhilarating and exciting action. Son Seok-gu, who plays the role of 'Kang Hae-sang', the strongest villain who faces 'Masukdo', also increased his weight by 10 kg or more and made an effort to complete a threatening visual. In addition, he performed real action stunts through high-intensity training and detailed discussion with the martial arts team, perfectly expressing 'Kang Hae-sang''s ruthless and lawless action. The breathtaking action big match of <Crime City 2>, which unfolds in different action styles of the characters, has been upgraded to a variety of attractions, and it is expected to show a different facet of determination compared to the previous work <Crime City>.

On the other hand, the naked action of 'Maseokdo' and 'Kang Hae-sang', which takes place in a unique space called Vietnam, is expected to make it as fun as watching a game. In addition to this, the pursuit action presented in Korea by the Geumcheon-seo gang team team is added, foretelling a rich spectacle that goes beyond the first part. In particular, the car-chasing chase at the end of the movie is expected to provide thrilling thrills and fun to the audience. As such, <Crime City 2> planned a meticulous production to show a more extended charm while inheriting the action of originality.

The movie <Crime City 2>, filled with 106 minutes of various actions created after the hard work of the actors and production team, will give the audience a vivid cinematic experience as if they were in the scene.

Beating the bad guys knows no borders!
Perfect realization of a realistic Vietnam location in a pandemic situation!

The production team of <Crime City 2> made meticulous efforts to fully realize not only Geumcheon-seo, which was the main stage of the first part, but also the Vietnam location that crosses the border. It was a thorough investigation of data related to overseas crimes and several preliminary visits. In the time before filming in Vietnam, the corona 19 virus began to spread in earnest, and even in a situation where filming on location became opaque, it succeeded in capturing the scenery of Vietnam realistically.

The production team of <Crime City 2> made the final decision that the Corona 19 situation would not get better for the time being, and then organized an on-site production consisting of director Lee Sang-yong, major domestic staff and overseas staff. In order to realistically capture the local scene in Vietnam, where 'Kang Hae-sang''s evil deeds take place and where the incident begins in earnest, the best method was chosen in the midst of a pandemic. In Korea, when the production team of <Crime City 2> took the lead in real time, the local production filmed Vietnam, and the Korean production team shared and monitored it, and was able to capture the vivid local scene on the screen.

<Crime City 2> was also filmed overseas during the severe COVID-19, so filming on site was not easy. However, even in these circumstances, the local production of <Crime City 2> was able to capture the desired Vietnamese scenery on camera by shooting detailed shots to bring out the most exotic visuals. Actors were synthesized through CG with overseas appearances, and <Crime City 2> successfully implemented vivid overseas shooting scenes on the screen.

<Crime City 2>, which found the best way for a complete film even in the midst of this pandemic, will provide a larger scale of crime action and exotic visuals than the first, and will give you a different attraction with a different level of charm.

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