(Korean Movies) The Princess and the Matchmaker, 2018

The Princess and the Matchmaker, 2018

The Princess and the Matchmaker, 2018
Audience over 12 years old
running time
110 minutes
cumulative audience
1340149 people


“Every relationship in the world has a compatibility!”

<Contemplation> The mechanics series of the crew!
Did you have a good look? Now let's look at the compatibility!

In the Joseon Dynasty, when the severe famine continued, the king (Kim Sang-kyung), who believed that only the marriage of Princess Songhwa (Shim Eun-kyung) would relieve the drought, carried out a large-scale selection of horses. You will be in charge of compatibility.
Princess Songhwa, who has been rumored to be a ferocious eight-year-old woman or has been rejected for marriage in the past, decides that she can't have a husband she doesn't even know a face, so she steals the secretariats of the Buma candidates and goes out of the palace to spy on the candidates one after the other.
Doyun Seo, who misunderstood that Princess Songhwa was the court lady who stole the keychain, joins her on her journey to recover the keychain.

From an ambitious and talented man Yoon Si-kyung (Yeon Woo-jin), to a gentleman Kang Hwi (Kang Min-hyuk), a man of great manners, Nam Chi-ho (Choi Woo-shik), to a trending younger man!

Find the best combination to change the eight characters of Joseon!


The second masterpiece dynamics movie following <Contemplation> is about to be released!
A preview of Korean laughter penetration with dynamic comedy!

If you've seen <Contemplation>, it's your turn to watch <Compatibility>. The dynamic series movie <Compatibility> is coming to theaters in February following the blockbuster <Contemplation>(2013), which has won the support of all generations with its exotic materials and brilliant casting.

The movie <Gunghap> is the second work of <Contemplation>, <Gonghap>, and <Myeongdang> in the dynamic trilogy of Jupiter Film, the production company of <Contemplation>. <Contemplation>, which successfully opened the door to the dynamics series, is an interesting and solid story that is entangled in the historical event of the struggle for kingship in the Joseon Dynasty, attracting the attention of all generations and mobilizing 9.13 million viewers. <Compatibility>, which has succeeded in this success of the box office, is based on the year/month/day/time of birth, which determines the nature and fate of human beings. In addition to this, a cheerful story of chemistry in the marriage of the 'Pongju', who will determine the fate of the country, is added to increase the interest. It is expected to continue the box office craze based on the compatibility familiar to the entire nation.

Actors also raise expectations by conveying the charm of the subject of 'compatibility'. Shim Eun-kyung, a box-office actor who penetrates all generations, and Lee Seung-gi, a popular actor in various fields, will present a combination ensemble with Ongju, who is about to get married, and Joseon's best fortune teller. In addition, Kim Sang-kyung, Yeon Woo-jin, Kang Min-hyeok, Choi Woo-shik, Jo Bok-rae, etc.'s strong individual performances will bring laughter to the Korean audience. Shim Eun-kyung, who plays the role of Princess Songhwa, who leaves the palace to personally check out the candidate who will marry her, said, “The subject of dynamics and compatibility, which is of interest to men and women of all ages, is dealt with in a light-hearted way. It’s a movie you can watch,” and showed confidence in the material and character. Lee Seung-gi, who plays the role of Seo Do-yoon, Joseon's best fortune teller, said, "'Compatibility' is probably one of the most popular subjects in Korea. The script was very solid and interesting. I came to this movie because I wanted to try it once.”

Armed with the fantastic breath and fresh laughter created by various characters, <Compatibility> is a dynamic series that connects <Contemplation>, and will establish itself as a fresh entertainment movie that can be enjoyed by all ages in Korea.

All relationships in the world are compatible!
A generational sympathy movie preview with the national material 'Sake' and 'Compatibility'!

According to the year/month/day/time of birth, a person's innate yin and yang and five elements are determined, and the resulting fate, personality, and judging each other's combination are 'saju' and 'compatibility'. 'Compatibility' is the most important subject of the movie <Compatibility>.

Saju and compatibility have long been deeply entrenched in people's daily life, and have developed into a myongri science that predicts the fate of humans. Interest in this has not stopped in the past and continues to this day naturally. Even now, living in the 21st century, many people visit fortune tellers or cafeterias to predict their New Year's fortune, or get advice by analyzing compatibility before making important decisions such as marriage. In addition, 'compatibility' goes beyond simply implying harmony between the opposite sexes, and it means finding the best harmony among all relationships such as friends and family, and the relationship between all things in the world, such as food, place, and color. Now it is done as a custom in everyday life.

In this way, for the first time, through the 2018 movie <Compatibility>, the familiar keynotes and compatibility will be shown on the screen. Under the direction of director Hong Chang-pyo, who has built up an extraordinary career with years of field know-how in Chungmuro, a brilliant cast and a perfect production team collaborated to create an attractive film based on a subject matter that resonates with the public. The movie <Compatibility> is a work depicting the story of the best fortune teller in Joseon looking for the best match to change Joseon's eight characters by solving the compatibility between Ongju and Buma candidates who are about to get married. It contains a story that encompasses all the relationships involved in the four main characters, from the strange fate of an individual to the stories of various human beings originating from different reasons. In addition, it is expected to attract more attention by producing based on various dynamics data that can arouse the curiosity of the audience in various ways, such as seeking the advice of a professional fortune teller, seeing the compatibility of actors and characters, and setting the orders of characters in the movie.

Starting from the subject matter of compatibility, which everyone is interested in regardless of age, the movie <Compatibility>, which interestingly depicts the stories between lovers, friends, family relationships, and various other characters, will arouse sympathy for audiences of all generations.

Shim Eun-kyung, a popular actor that penetrates all generations, X Lee Seung-gi, a popular actor
Yeon Woo-jin, Kang Min-hyuk, Choi Woo-shik, Kim Sang-kyung, and Jo Bok-rae!
Meet the perfect match of the strongest actors in the year of martial arts!

<Compatibility> boasts a perfect casting, not an exaggeration to say that all the most popular actors in the 2018 martial arts year gathered. In addition to a meeting that expects the perfect match between Shim Eun-kyung, a successful actor who captivates audiences of all generations, and Lee Seung-gi, an actor who is active in various fields, as well as Yeon Woo-jin, Kang Min-hyuk, Choi Woo-sik, and Chungmuro, who boast a powerful lineup, they are known as actors in Chungmuro. Even Kim Sang-kyung, who is here, joined and completed the Avengers corps of compatibility.

Shim Eun-kyung, who grew up to be a box-office actress for all generations including <Miss Granny> and <Sunny>, took on the role of Princess Songhwa in <Compatibility>. Shim Eun-kyung takes on the role of Princess Songhwa, who leaves the palace to check out the bride-to-be candidate directly ahead of the wedding that will determine the fate of the country, boasting a unique youthful and cheerful image to the fullest, boasting a perfect compatibility with the character. In particular, in the year of the Golden Dog, the 2018 martial arts year, the New Year's theater attracting attention to the actors' performances, and 1994 Shim Eun-kyung, who is the dog, is expected to be the first to become a box-office actor through <Compatibility>.

The casting of Lee Seung-gi, a well-known all-round entertainer and a trending actor who will lead Chungmuro anew, is also a hot topic. Lee Seung-gi, who is active in various fields such as dramas and entertainment at the same time as he is discharged from the military, takes over the screen with <Compatibility>. Lee Seung-gi, who plays the role of Seo Do-yoon, the best fortune teller in Joseon who reads the fate of others without knowing his own four orders, melted all his charms into his character, from intellectual charm to his unique quickness, wit, and hot acting. The combination performance of actors Shim Eun-kyung and Lee Seung-gi, who have been loved by Korean audiences regardless of generation, raises the audience's expectations by raising the audience's expectations.

In <Compatibility>, young and attractive actors are cast as the candidates for the husband of Princess Songhwa, that is, the candidates for the bride. Yeon Woo-jin, an ambitious and talented man, plays the role of ‘Yoon Si-kyung’, an actor who is successful on screen and CRT with his friendly side. Kang Min-hyeok, who was scheming, plays the role. In addition, actor Choi Woo-shik, who emerged as a blue chip in Chungmuro with <Train to Busan> and <Okja>, added vitality to the decomposition of 'Nam Chi-ho', a filial candidate. On the other hand, Chungmuro representative actor Kim Sang-kyung appears as Princess Songhwa and the 'King' who is always worried about the safety of Joseon, taking the center of the play, and Jo Bok-rae, who is expected as an actor who will inherit the presence of Jo Jung-suk in <Contemplation>, is expected to act with comic licorice. Add a light smile to <Compatibility>. Here, actress Park Seon-young added weight to the play by taking on the role of Young-bin, who looks after the candidate for Boo-ma to protect her son, and the late years (Lee Su-ji), who emphasizes the overall sense of comedy along with the second-rate force master Ga-gi (Jo Bok-rae), appeared and laughed. gives rise to In addition, it is nice to see Minho Choi from 'SHINee'. Choi Min-ho appeared as Seo Ga-yun, Seo Do-yoon's younger brother, and completed the perfect casting compatibility by showing off the blood chemistry with Lee Seung-gi.
From 1020 to 4050, the movie <Compatibility> is expected to create a rich synergy with the popular casting that encompasses all generations. Various characters and their stories raise expectations on how they will unfold on the screen.

From <Consultation> to <Train to Busan>, the production crew of blockbuster works will appear!
The perfect match of the well-made guaranteed staff!

In the movie <Compatibility>, Korea's leading staff with the best skills will join, ensuring the birth of a well-made box office historical drama. For the fantastic <Compatibility>, the production team, who is considered the best in Chungmuro, came together to produce historical dramas such as <Contemplation>, <Sado>, and <Gwanghae, the man who became king> as well as blockbuster films such as <Train to Busan>.

First of all, director of photography Hyeong-deok Lee, who was in charge of filming for many masterpieces such as Train to Busan (2016) and Steel Rain (2017), is well-known for his strong skills based on many years of field experience. In this <Compatibility>, he uses various shooting techniques to increase immersion in the play with sensuous visual beauty. Director of Photography Lee Hyeong-deok said, “<Compatibility> is a film that well expresses the changes in people’s emotions that can be experienced within an incident. I focused on drawing things like that,” he said, sharing the behind-the-scenes footage of <Compatibility>.

Art, one of the most important elements of a historical film, was taken by art director Oh Heung-seok, who won the Daejong Award and the Blue Dragon Film Award for <Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King>(2012). Art director Oh Heung-seok said, “The scenario was very pretty. The story about human growth and relationships is heartwarming and I feel good, so I decided to participate.” He actively utilizes the five colors of yellow, blue, white, red, and black in <Compatibility> to perfectly create a space where the beauty of traditional structures stands out. It created a colorful screen.

The costume, which is called the hidden flower of historical dramas and acts as the most important device for character expression, is from the 10 million movie <The King of King>(2005), <Contemplation>(2013), <The Apostle>(2015), It would not be an exaggeration to call it a box office historical drama specialization, but costume director Shim Hyeon-seop was in charge. He created costumes unique to <Compatibility> in a tone that is different from existing historical dramas, from costumes that have proven the times to the colors that make the most of the lively and youthful atmosphere outside the palace.

Lighting director Park Jung-woo of <Train to Busan> joined as the lighting that focuses on the work, playing an active role in making full use of the charm of each scene. Regardless of genre, he maintained his style in works such as Train to Busan (2016), The Bad Guys: The World of Bad Guys, and Steel Rain (2017), while showing lighting effects that matched the mood of the film 200%. . In this <Compatibility>, the overall soft and warm feeling was drawn with excellent light tuning, adding more depth to the drama.

In this way, from filming, art, costumes, and lighting, to the best hit historical dramas and masterpieces by the staff, <Compatibility> will satisfy the eyes and ears of the audience with its build quality and completeness that does not miss out on any scale and detail. It will be the best movie ever.


'Contemplation' followed by 'Compatibility'
28% of Korea’s 2030 generation, “Have seen compatibility”
A movie that everyone can relate to is born with the charm of the subject matter that captivated everyone!

The movie <Compatibility>, which deals with a subject that arouses national interest, conducted a survey of 429 men and women in their 20s and 30s in Korea with Consumer Insight, a research company.

As a result of the survey, 121 of the 429 respondents in their 20s and 30s answered that they had experience with someone, which is about 28%. Of the total respondents, 25.3% of 207 men and 31% of 222 women answered that they had experienced compatibility.
When asked, 'How much do you trust the results of compatibility analysis,' limited to those who have seen compatibility, 'I'm half/half' (64.6%), 'I tend to trust' (19.0%), and 'I don't trust' (13.8) %), followed by 'I do not trust it at all' (2.6%). It means that one in five people who have seen the compatibility believe in the results to some extent. The reliability of the compatibility solution was also reflected in the behavior pattern. 20.9% answered 'yes' to the question 'Have there ever been any changes in behavior depending on the compatibility result?'

Opinions of the cast members about this kind of <compatibility> are diverse. In fact, Lee Seung-gi, who transformed into a genius fortune teller 'Do-yoon Seo' in <Compatibility>, went to many fortune tellers for the role and studied the tone of the fortune tellers and how to solve them. He said, “It’s not just because your business owner is good. Depending on the kind of person you meet, you can fill each other's lack of energy or vice versa. It was very interesting to study that part.”
Shim Eun-kyung said, "It seems to have a mysterious feeling as it is a field that has been passed down." Yeon Woo-jin, who said that he believed in the orders, said, "I was skeptical at first, but as I lived my life, there were things that came to me positively. We accept a lot of things that are in line with our values.” Kang Min-hyuk expressed his sympathy by saying that it was better “because it is friendly and fun to watch,” and Choi Woo-shik said, “I think there is a compatibility on the set.”

The movie <Compatibility>, which was produced based on the subject matter of motive and compatibility that aroused the curiosity of all generations of Korea, reminds the expectations of universal interest and captivated the hearts of the actors and staff who are considered to be introverts.

Participated in the advisory of the fortune teller Park Seong-joon!
The birth of a dynamic comedy completed with thorough dynamics research

The main story of the movie <Compatibility> is to solve the compatibility of Princess Songhwa and Buma candidates, who are about to get married, which will determine the fate of the country. The crew actually had to create an intrigue for the characters that matched the character settings of the movie. To this end, Seong-Jun Park, a fortune teller who is proficient in not only compatibility, but also contemplation and feng shui, and is also active as an architect and interior consultant for feng shui, was selected as an advisor.

Park Seong-jun, a fortune teller, wrote the characters' orders based on the scenario of <Compatibility>. Based on the era set as the background of the movie, it was a work to match the ages, dates of birth, and the compatibility of the characters with the key orders. Park Seong-jun, a fortune teller, not only made an injunction according to the setting of the compatibility result of the candidate characters, but also carefully set the five elements of the supporting characters such as the initiation, the king, and the court lady following Princess Songhwa, which are not revealed in the movie but are necessary for character setting. added detail.

The actors didn't miss out either. Park Seong-joon, a fortune teller, says that by interpreting Lee Seung-gi, who has the 'big water born in winter' key, and Shim Eun-kyung, who was 'born with warm fire', the sum of the bonds, once bound, is derived. In addition, Park Seong-joon, a fortune teller, also advised on the overall filming, such as the important dates of the overall production such as crank-in and crank-up of <Compatibility>, and the right time to shoot. He also directly inspected the dialogues related to mechanics, playing an active role in enhancing the film's completeness.

Thanks to Park Seong-joon, a consultant who greatly helped in solving the character's keys and creating the best match between the actors, <Compatibility> presents the audience with pleasure by dealing with the keys and compatibility that everyone is curious about in a more interesting way.

Art, photography, costumes, and even space
Add the latest historical drama visual trend to beauty!

Director Hong Chang-pyo, who directed <Compatibility>, gave instructions to the staff to “be beautiful”. From shooting, lighting, art, costumes, makeup, martial arts, to CG, all criteria for the production of <Compatibility> were beauty. The staff gathered under clear standards and made a movie by melting the latest trends in historical dramas.

First, the overall color of <Compatibility> was set to warm green. Green, the seasonal color of summer, which is the background of <Compatibility>, was used as the main color, and flowers, dancheong, and bright clothing colors were used to create color points to harmonize the colors. Director Hong Chang-pyo and art director Oh Heung-seok worked together to bring out the traditional primary colors of Korea.

Unique colors for the characters were also specified. Princess Songhwa (Sim Eun-kyung) took the theme of 'Songhwa Color' that actually exists. The color of the Songhwa is forsythia, and it is used in clothes such as long clothes and in the right place, representing the bold personality of Princess Songhwa. Do-yoon Seo (Lee Seung-gi), a fortune teller, embodies the most beautiful beauty of the time, with dark blue with an upright and clean image, and Kang Hwi (Min-hyuk Kang) with purple. In addition, the ambitious talented man Yoon Si-kyung (Yeon Woo-jin) used a dangerous-looking color green, and Nam Chi-ho (Choi Woo-shik) used dark black as the theme color. The character theme color of <Compatibility> captures the meaning and symbol of the traditional colors of Korea to make the characters more lively, while at the same time revitalizing the trendy atmosphere with bright colors.

The shooting concept was also different from the existing historical dramas. Unlike historical dramas, which tend to produce a somewhat rigid atmosphere, <Compatibility> is tailored to the characteristics of characters who move actively without conforming to fate. In line with the characteristics of the road movie, the various episodes that take place after Princess Songhwa's departure from the palace are captured using the handheld technique of holding a camera, and the movement of the camera varies according to the people Princess Songhwa meets to express the compatibility between the characters. .

A combination of colorful colors and beautiful scenery, <Compatibility> will provide spectators and stimulate emotions with the perfect production compatibility of art, photography, costumes, and space.

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