(Korean Movies) The Priests, 2015

The Priests, 2015

The Priests, 2015
Audience over 15
running time
108 minutes
cumulative audience
5443232 people
3rd Korean Film Writers Association Award 2016


Seoul in 2015
A girl (Park So-dam) suffers from mysterious symptoms after a hit and run car accident. 'Father Kim' (Kim Yun-seok), who has been outside the eyes of the church due to frequent protrusion, prepares his own plan to save the girl amid everyone's opposition and suspicion.

In order to do this, another priest who meets all qualifications is needed. In the midst of everyone's avoidance, a seminary student named Buje Choi (Dongwon Kang) is selected, and he is given a mission to help and monitor Father Kim.

And finally, with a one-day chance to save the girl, Father Kim and Father Choi begin a dangerous ceremony that could cost everyone's lives…

“Never look at me. From now on, you are no longer here.”

[ Prologue ]

Rituals of the Roman Catholic Church to Release from the Captivity of the Spirit

solemn exorcism
ceremonies that may be specially celebrated in accordance with canon 1172 of the Code of Canon Law
In 2014, the Vatican officially approved the solemn exorcism, which had previously been held unofficially.

A collective term for bishop and priest

Priest helping the priest by receiving the deacon

as soon as
A person whose spirits exist inside the body even without activity

12 shapes
Types of demons classified by the Rosicrucians as signs of boouma

There are 12 figures pursued by the Rosicrucians.
They always threaten us by hiding inside someone's body.

that existence now
In the middle of Seoul, hiding in the body of a girl

You only have one chance to catch him

it's today

2015 in the middle of Seoul
The chosen ones began to move
black priests

[ About Priests ]

Materials and genres that have never been seen before in Korean cinema, and a fresh and daring style
The newest and most intense movie of 2015 is coming!

Two priests standing in a dark alley behind the colorful lights in the middle of the city, crowded with crowds of people heading to different destinations, begin to move quietly. The movie <The Black Priests> is based on the original imagination that there is a priest with special abilities and performing secret missions right next to us in 2015 in Seoul, and tells the story of them jumping into danger to save a girl in a fresh and bold style. A painted work.

The movie <Black Priests>, which depicts the story of two priests fighting a mysterious incident to save a girl suffering from mysterious symptoms after a car accident, is a new material that has not been seen in Korean movies before, with attractive characters and unpredictable development. It is a mystery drama contained within. Based on the firm belief that there is only one way to save a girl with mysterious symptoms that cannot be explained by reason or science, the mission is to help and monitor the problematic character 'Father Kim' who prepares for a dangerous ceremony. The seminary student who received 'Choi Buje'. The delicate lines of tension between a seasoned bride who does not easily reveal her intentions and a young priest who does not want to be swayed by it add fun to the drama of <Black Priests>, and their characters with unique personality and vitality, breaking away from the heavy and static image of a general priest, are It creates a novelty and tension in the story itself. The two priests, who were preparing for the ceremony by clashing with doubt and faith, freshness and skill, finally face the girl they have to protect and face at the same time. It catches the eye with more explosive energy. <Black Priests>, which adds attractive characters and original sights to this bold attempt on materials and genres, will shake the theater district in November with newness and intensity that is differentiated from existing Korean films.

Two men who met again after 6 years
Yunseok Kim + Dongwon Kang, transformed into the most special priest in the world!

<Black Priests> raises expectations just by the fact that the two actors, Kim Yun-seok and Kang Dong-won, who are considered the best in Korea in name and reality, met again after 6 years since <Jeon Woo-chi> in 2009. Here, the new transformation of the two actors who returned as special priests is the biggest highlight of <Black Priests>.

The charisma overwhelms the opponents of <Tazza> and <The Thieves>, the human and friendly charm of <The Turtle Runs> and <Wandeuk>, and the heavy presence that leads the dramas in <The Chaser> and <Top Secret Investigation>, she conquers the audience with various charms. Kim Yun-seok, the best actor who plays In <Black Priests>, Kim Yun-seok, who is a priest who endured opposition and suspicion from everyone with one conviction to save the girl, and 'Father Kim' branded as a problematic figure by the denomination, is an extraordinary but realistic, rough but human three-dimensional character. has completed In particular, Kim Yun-seok took on the role of a priest and created a special character with realistic charm that seems to exist next to us in reality through efforts to find numerous materials and books, observe the real priest, and think about the character. If Kim Yun-seok was the perfect cast as "an actor with both sides of good and evil coexist and at the same time conservative and full of affection" (director Jang Jae-hyun), Kang Dong-won is "an actor who can express all the animal senses and complex emotions" ( Director Jang Jae-hyun) gave the character 'Choi Buje' more powerful. The best star actor, Kang Dong-won, who has been constantly taking on challenges regardless of genres such as romance, melodrama, thriller, fantasy, action, and drama, will show another drastic transformation through <Black Priests>. Kang Dong-won, who is bright enough to look immature at times, but has a deep wound in it, plays the role of 'Bu-je' It leads the play by expressing it in a variety of colors. Kang Dong-won spent five days with a real priest in Gangwon-do, studying the character of the priest, repeating the Latin lines in the play thousands of times and memorizing them hundreds of times. The combination and breathing of Kim Yun-seok and Kang Dong-won, who were completely divided into priests through such extraordinary efforts, will be a viewing point that cannot be missed only in <Black Priests>.

Two priests chosen to save the girl
The charm of the strong character collides!

In <Black Priests>, the opposing characters of ‘Father Kim’ and ‘Buje Choi’, chosen to save the girl, form a special relationship of trust and suspicion with each other, forming cinematic tension and fun. 'Father Kim', a secret and mysterious character who does not reveal his true feelings, has long been branded as a problematic figure in the church and causes many misunderstandings as a self-righteous character who pushes forward without bending his stubbornness, but there is only one sincerity, a girl. that you have to save 'Father Kim', who prepares for a ceremony that is bound to be criticized even if it fails or succeeds, and continues his mission without wavering in the fight against an invisible enemy, becomes the center of creating the unpredictable tension of <Black Priests>.

On the other hand, as a person whose duties and attitude as a priest have not yet been solidified, after being chosen as a priest to assist 'Father Kim', which everyone avoids, the appearance of 'Deacon Choi' is shaken by various emotions such as anxiety, doubt, and fear. He leads another axis of <Black Priests>. The emotion and gaze of 'Bujeon Choi', who does not even know what he is going to do, while carrying out his assigned duties one by one according to the instructions of 'Father Kim', makes the audience feel empathy and empathy. bring realism to And on the day of the last chance to save the girl, the change of 'Beautiful Choi', which meets 'Father Kim' and at the same time faces the inner wounds that have tormented him, doubles the suffocating tension of the intense ceremony and at the same time is a new drama. and increase the density of the pole. “If Father Kim is a middle-aged and seasoned tiger, then the father-in-law is a tiger who is just becoming an adult like Simba. As director Jang Jae-hyeon said, "They started collided, doubted, broke, and fought, and focused on the relationship that changed." The story will leave a special fun and lingering impression on the audience.

Myeong-dong, Dongho Bridge, Dongseong-ro, Anyang 8-lane shooting in the middle of downtown!
From shooting cathedrals and monasteries to playing the first pipe organ
Add cinematic perfection to vivid reality!

<Black Priests> breathes more realistically through filming in the busiest areas, going back and forth between Seoul, Anyang, and Daegu in order to increase the reality of the mysterious story that can be happening around us as of 2015. Director Jang Jae-hyun, who wanted the audience to accept the film realistically, found an easy-to-access everyday space and place, and there were great difficulties in controlling the number of people and creating a cinematic atmosphere. was decided as the main space in which the Myeong-dong and Dongseong-ro The congested situation was foreshadowed when filming the scene where 'Father Kim' Yun-seok Kim and 'Bu-je Choi' Dong-won Kang crossed the middle of Myeong-dong and Dongseong-ro together, and Dongseong-ro had difficulties in obtaining permission to shoot, but it was completed The appearance of the two priests in the crowded crowd conveys a fresh and strong impression. On the other hand, the car chasing and road action scenes that decorate the beginning and the second half of the play were filmed on the 8-lane road of Anyang 1st Avenue and Dongho Bridge in Seoul. In particular, the production team filmed the Anyang 8-lane road with traffic restrictions for about 4 days in order to realize the urgent car chasing of 'Choi Buje' running for the last mission and the large-scale action in which a telegraph pole over 1 ton collapses. The action scenes completed through this will be combined with a sense of urgency, dynamic direction, and realistic space, adding to the fun of special sights.

The production team also paid attention to the location selection of the cathedral, monastery and seminary. We set out to search for a space where special architecture and art styles remain, and a space that matches the cinematic atmosphere. Accordingly, it is the only church in Korea with traditional Byzantine-style mosaic decorations restored inside, including the Romanesque Daegu. Filming took place at Gyesan Cathedral and Wolbae Cathedral. In order to create a special atmosphere that matches the movie not only in space but also in music, <Black Priests> inserted a pipe organ performance into the OST for the first time in a Korean film. To this end, the performance was recorded with a pipe organ composed of about 6,000 pipes, which is the second largest in Korea, and was able to create an atmosphere unique to <Black Priests> with the timbre of a special instrument that is not easily accessible. <Black Priests>, which adds cinematic delicacy to this realistic sense of presence, will captivate the eyes and ears of the audience with intense yet unforgettable sights and sounds.

Two Priests and a Girl, 40 Minutes of Late Ceremony Highlights
Decorate the highlight of the movie with breathtaking tension!

From the moment the two priests start the ceremony to the end to save the suffering girl in <Black Priests>, the film is decorated with unpredictable development and breathtaking tension for about 40 minutes. Two priests enter the girl's room in an old building located in a dark and sparsely populated place in the middle of bustling Myeong-dong. The moment they encounter the girl who is the mother, the film carefully follows the solemn exorcism ceremony and leads the audience into a mysterious danger. The first exorcist, Father Kim, who resolutely leads the ceremony, and Deacon Choi, who hides his existence by his side and assists with prayers, and the girl who confuses the two priests. The highlights of the second half, which gradually increase in intensity as the ceremony is held, deliver an incredibly surprising tension in a limited and enclosed space, tightening the hearts of the viewers. The intense performances of Kim Yun-seok, Kang Dong-won, and Park So-dam, who concentrated on expressing extreme emotions, will remain deeply in the minds of the audience as they culminate in the ceremonial highlight.

In particular, <The Black Priests> adds fresh fun by capturing the detailed procedures and scenes of the solemn exorcism ceremony from the beginning to the end through meticulous data research. The process and procedures of the history of repeating prayers and statements toward the girl in Korean, English, Latin and Chinese, including the preparation of the ceremony with books, holy relics, and candles, are realistic depictions in a mysterious atmosphere. adds focus to the film. The highlights of the latter half of the ceremony, in which the psychological warfare of attack and defense, and the nerve warfare of strategy and deception, comes and goes as intense as the actual land battle through such detailed ceremonial procedures, will give you unprecedented surprise and intensity.

[ Tip ]

'Conditions for Auxiliary Priests' in <Black Priests>
The assistant priest in the solemn exorcism ceremony must be fluent in Latin, German, and Chinese, as he must learn the language of the exorcist and translate the words of the exorcist. Since it is a job to come into contact with a dark spirit, you must have a courageous and bold personality, and you must be a tiger born with the most spiritually sensitive temperament (born 50, 62, 74, or 1986).

'The role of assistant priests' in <Black Priests>
The assistant priest is in charge of preparing the ceremony in advance on behalf of the first exorcist whose identity is already exposed. In this ceremony, the prayer is repeated in the same language as the mother-in-law responds, and the necessary tools are prepared step by step to elicit the response. You must not look at or answer the bully without permission, you must not listen to him without prayer, and you must never make your presence known.

'The Bell of Francesco' in <The Black Priests>
It is said that ancient monks rang the bell as they passed through forests with spirited animals. It was made by St. Francis himself and is an essential tool for solemn exorcism.

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