(Korean Movies) The Policeman’s Lineage, 2020

The Policeman’s Lineage, 2020

The Policeman’s Lineage, 2020
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119 minutes
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Police standards are overturned!

Received huge donations from unknown sources and drove luxury villas, luxury suits, and foreign cars
To the team of Kang Yoon (Cho Jin-woong), the leader of the Metropolitan Investigation Team, who has been investigating criminals.
One day, a new police officer, Min-jae (Choi Woo-shik), who is a principled person to the core, is sent in.

As Kang Yoon opened a special investigation method, the two gradually became closer.
While investigating a new drug case together
Kang-yoon finds out that Min-jae is a mole digging his back, that is, an undercover police officer.
Min-jae faces the secret of the hidden police organization surrounding Kang-yoon…


A different teamwork between the police under surveillance and the police under surveillance!
You can't let go of doubts, you can't abandon missions!

In January 2022, a movie that expects a different teamwork between the police being monitored and the police watching is coming. The movie <A Police Officer's Blood> is a crime investigation drama depicting the dangerous pursuit of Kang Yoon (Cho Jin-woong), an ace of the Kwangsudae, who doesn't care about illegal investigations, and Min-jae (Choi Woo-shik), a new Undercover cop who comes to monitor him.

<The Policeman's Blood> is a movie that expects the fun of the tense relationship that unfolds as two police officers with different beliefs meet as a team and become suspicious of each other. First of all, 'Park Kang-yoon' is the ace police officer of the metropolitan investigation team that boasts an overwhelming track record of arrests. His biggest belief is that 'the pursuit of a crime cannot be illegal under any circumstances'. According to his beliefs, 'Park Kang-yoon' prioritizes the arrest of criminals and does not care about illegality in order to obtain information. The suspicion of 'Park Kang-yoon', who keeps the whole investigation process a secret, grows, and the principleist police 'Choi Min-jae' approaches him on a mission to uncover the corruption of 'Park Kang-yoon'. 'Choi Min-jae' is an exemplary police officer who believes that 'criminal investigations must be done legally'.

The movie begins in earnest when 'Park Kang-yoon', a police officer who has nothing to fear, and 'Choi Min-jae', a police officer who started the undercover mission to monitor him, meet as a team and start an investigation. In particular, the new teamwork that blooms between 'Park Kang-yoon', who believes in 'Choi Min-jae' enough to mobilize him for all his investigations, and 'Choi Min-jae', who nevertheless monitors every move to chase after his boss's corruption, will be freshly drawn. The strange tension that arises when trust and doubt intersect each other, and the passionate performance of Jo Jin-woong and Choi Woo-shik, who completes the tension in an attractive chemistry, is more anticipated.

As two police officers who suspect and monitor each other like this, are put into a new investigation, the movie <Blood of the Police>, which is expected to provide fresh teamwork and tension-filled fun, will be released in theaters on January 5, 2022.

The presence of Jo Jin-woong breathing as a character
First choice since <Parasite>, Choi Woo-shik's new acting transformation
A tense chemistry between doubt and bromance!

<Blood of the Police> is a movie that is expected to meet actor Jo Jin-woong, who shows a charismatic presence, and actor Woo-shik Choi, who will show a new acting transformation after <Parasite>.

First, Jo Jin-woong, who played the role of 'Park Kang-yoon', a police officer who receives a huge donation from an unknown source in <Blood of the Police>, said that he chose the movie after reading the movie screenplay and attracted by the charming story about the inner conflict of a police officer. Jo Jin-woong prepared detailed acting focusing on the dangers and anxiety of the character 'Park Kang-yoon', and the solidity of the person holding it, and perfectly digested 'Park Kang-yoon', which feels charismatic and heavy just by being there. Director Lee Kyu-man, who was in charge of directing, said, “Actress Jo Jin-woong breathes with that character even when he only looks at him. The place where he stands will soon become the place where ‘Park Kang-yoon’ stands.” He praised Jo Jin-woong’s acting, who perfectly blended with the character.

For the first time since <Parasite> (2019), which caused a worldwide syndrome, Choi Woo-shik chose <Blood of the Police> to challenge a new acting. 'Choi Min-jae', played by Choi Woo-shik, is an undercover police officer who monitors his boss to find out the secret of his father, who was a police officer. Choi Woo-shik said, "I wanted to show a new image after <Parasite>. <Blood of the Policeman>, with its rough action, was a scenario I wanted to try, and I was really greedy.” Director Lee Kyu-man said, "The interpretation is flexible. He clearly knew his strengths and performed a good performance through his own interpretation. Expectations that he will grow into an unrivaled actor in the future are growing,” he said, raising expectations for Choi Woo-shik’s intense acting transformation.

<Blood of the Police> is a film that will stand out with its attractive chemistry thanks to the passionate performances of Cho Jin-woong, Choi Woo-shik, and trusted actors. It is expected that the heavy charisma of Jo Jin-woong and the freshness of Choi Woo-shik meet, sometimes tense and sometimes perfect, and deliver a different kind of fun to the theater.

Following the genealogy of <New World> <Inside Men>
Creating a new paradigm for Korean crime movies!

<Blood of the Police> is a film that will create a new paradigm for Korean crime films following <The New World>, <Inside Men>, and <The Solitary War> with a solid storyline and tight acting by the actors.

First of all, <Blood of the Policeman> is a film with the intention of director Lee Kyu-man, who wanted to look into the existence of the police and their true identity. Director Lee Kyu-man wanted to raise the question of how to deal with evil from the point of view of what kind of beliefs and justice the police must face when they are forced to face evil in an urgent situation that cannot be avoided. Director Lee Kyu-man intriguingly captures what happens when two police officers with different beliefs become a team to pursue a case, and through the suspenseful relationship between the police who investigate with a huge donation from unknown sources and the undercover police who monitor him, got the fun In particular, the tense relationship between the two police officers, who believes and doubts each other, is firmly drawn until the end of the film, and the strange tension and entangled charms of the characters make the film new and stand out. In addition, through the appearance of 'Park Kang-yoon' and 'Choi Min-jae', who directly enter their world to investigate the top 1% criminals, the stylish and sophisticated directing unique to <Blood of the Police>, which has not been seen in existing crime movies, is presented. We are going to deliver another fun.

The intense performances of actors such as Jo Jin-woong, Choi Woo-shik, Park Hee-soon, Kwon Yul, and Park Myung-hoon also enhanced the perfection of the crime investigation drama <Blood of the Police>. First of all, Jo Jin-woong, who plays the role of 'Park Kang-yoon', a police officer who receives huge donations from unknown sources, is expected to perfectly digest the charismatic 'Park Kang-yoon' and reveal an overwhelming presence even at the moment of breathing. Choi Woo-shik, who plays the role of 'Choi Min-jae', an undercover police officer who has been monitoring his boss to find out the secret of his father, who was a police officer, not only presents a new image that has not been shown before, but also expresses the deep inner side of the character with his delicate acting skills to the audience. seems to get their sympathy. Park Hee-soon, who plays the role of 'Hwang In-ho,' the chief of the inspection department who digs up the rotten roots of the police, created a three-dimensional character that the audience can only be curious about until the end with her own character analysis and acting skills. Kwon Yul, who plays the role of 'Na Young-bin', a criminal who deals with only the top 1%, has put in a lot of effort, such as gaining 12 kg of weight for the character and changing the vocalization method. will be able to meet you at Finally, Park Myung-hoon, who plays the role of 'Cha Dong-cheol', a criminal who survived a deal with the police, will unleash all his acting skills in this movie to create a villain character with coolness and unique pain.

As such, <Blood of the Police> is a film full of excellent acting skills by famous actors who will provide solid support for a tense story drawn by two police officers with different beliefs. In addition to this, the stylish directing unique to <Blood of the Police> is expected to create a new paradigm for Korean crime investigation drama.

Good and Evil, Legal and Illegal
Unfamiliar catharsis felt through the police on a dangerous border

<The Policeman's Blood> is a film that tells the story of two police officers standing on the dangerous boundary between good and evil, legal and illegal to catch criminals.

Director Lee Kyu-man, who was in charge of directing, said, "I wanted to look into the true identity of the police. Inevitably, when facing evil in a very urgent reality, it seemed that each police officer had a different way of coping with evil according to their beliefs. said it was Producer Kim Min-kyung also said, “The goal was to express the attractive concept of a gray zone without losing balance.

The intention of the production team is drawn attractively through two characters, Park Kang-yoon (Cho Jin-woong) and Choi Min-jae (Choi Woo-shik). First of all, Park Kang-yoon is an ace from the Kwangsoo University who receives donations from unknown sources. Conversely, Choi Min-jae is a principled police officer who believes that criminal investigations must be conducted through a legal process. In the process of chasing a single evil, two police officers with opposite beliefs meet as a team and the beliefs of the two characters become entangled, and in the process, the tension and strange chemistry stimulates the psychology of the audience. As the investigation deepens, each person's firm beliefs about what is justice are shaken. The audience will experience a unique catharsis that has not been felt in crime films until now as they share the process of chasing crimes at the narrow borders of Park Kang-yoon and Choi Min-jae. Jo Jin-woong, who took the lead role, also said, “This is a film that can be a time for the audience to make their own judgments about what is justice and what is right. So it seems to be a very unique film.” He said, raising expectations by saying that the story of two police officers standing on a dangerous border will change the paradigm of a crime investigation drama and deliver a new charm to the audience.

The actors and the production team agree that the story of two police officers standing on a dangerous border with different beliefs will be the most powerful point of observation. A paradigm will be presented.


[Squid Game] Art Team
Complete the world of police on the border with light and dark!

<The Policeman's Blood> is a film that depicts the world of the police with the top 1% investigation method that has never been seen before. Among them, the production team expressed a new paradigm unique to <Blood of the Landscape> by using the colors and lighting of the film. In particular, art director Chae Kyung-sun of [Squid Game] is in charge of the art of [Blood of the Landscape] and perfectly expresses the unique atmosphere of the film, raising expectations.

Art director Chae Kyung-sun, who has recently been drawing attention not only in Korea but also around the world with [Squid Game], said, “I read the scenario and thought that <Blood of the Landscape> is a story about boundaries. Instead of the cynical and contemplative image of the existing noir genre, I wanted to show the unusually hot story of <Blood of the Landscape> through intense contrast,” he explained about the art concept of <Blood of the Scenery>. <A Police Officer's Blood> is the story of Kang Yoon (Cho Jin-woong), a police officer who doesn't shy away from the law when it comes to criminal investigations, Min-jae (Choi Woo-shik), a principled police officer, and two police officers with different beliefs getting entangled in a dangerous investigation at a narrow border. In order to express the two figures on the borderline between illegal and legal, black and white, art director Chae Kyung-sun actively used light and lighting with strong contrast. In particular, he expressed the subject of 'boundary' using concrete 'lines'. By placing a person outside the road or expressing the contrast between the inside and the outside differently based on a single line, the contrast of the space was visually revealed, and the overall color tone of the film was also used in a unified sense using gray, black, white, and orange series.

As such, <Blood of the Police> is an art production that delicately captures the psychology of the characters and the theme of the movie, and was able to create a new world of police that changes the paradigm of the crime genre.

A half-pyeong car trunk set, a drug dealing vessel,
Even a coffee machine that was not in the world! The crew who challenged the 1% chance!

In order to make the top 1% rhetoric of <Blood of the Police>, the film's crew had to challenge the extreme production of 1% probability.

First, the crew produced a special set of trunks for the main scenes in the movie. It was not just a trunk that could fit a person in it, but a special set of trunks that could realistically simulate the effect of a car falling into the sea and the effect of water filling up in the trunk. All the production crew, including the special effects team, the cinematography team, the grip team, and the lighting team, went through a close meeting, and after many trials and errors, we were able to create a trunk set that was perfectly suitable for shooting. The scenes shot using this set gave the film a perfect realism to the point where you can't help but believe it's real.

Next, the scene of a large drug-trading vessel on the sea is also reflected in the tremendous efforts of the production team. First of all, the production team thought about whether to shoot on a real ship or by making a set of ships. After long consideration, the production team decided to shoot most of the cuts on a real ship, which may have difficulties in filming due to the shaking of the ship, but still retains reality. Like <Blood of a Policeman>, which depicts the world of the police that has never been seen before, the location team searched the country for months to find a ship that fits the concept of the movie, and eventually found the perfect ship and succeeded in hiring. The real difficulty was this next. It was a great challenge to shoot an action scene on a ship that was moored at the pier but swayed. Director Kyu-man Lee and the production team decided to take a long take on the action scenes on the ship for a high-quality film, and prepared fiercely so that the weather and waves, the actors' action sum, and the camera walking all fit perfectly. Due to the production conditions, the production crew was given only three opportunities to shoot, and all the production crew and actors went through countless rehearsals to succeed in filming. As a result, the sum was exactly right on the second shot, and a ship action scene was created that would decorate the climax of the film.

Lastly, the coffee machine that Na Young-bin installed for drug manufacturing was also conceived and made by the production crew directly for the movie. Producer Kim Min-kyung said, "Na Young-bin's coffee machine should have the same special qualities as the top 1% criminals, but the machines in the existing coffee factories did not match Na Young-bin." The art team designed a coffee machine suitable for the top 1% criminals, and the special props team was able to express the unique texture of <Blood of the Landscape> by implementing the machine to actually work.

Jo Jin-woong, Choi Woo-shik, and Kwon Yul meet the standard of three-color suits!

<Blood of the Police> is a work that has a point differentiated from existing crime movies by the appearance of the police with the top 1% investigation method and the top 1% criminals. And it was the costumes of the characters that most conspicuously expressed this distinction.

First of all, the costumes of Kang Yoon (Cho Jin-woong), the ace of the Metropolitan Investigation Unit, were set to be stylish and solid in order to break away from the conventionally expressed image of a police officer. Kang Yoon is a person with a unique investigation method that does not hesitate to do illegal things or donations from unknown sources for criminal investigations. In line with his investigative principle that a special method is needed to meet the top 1% criminals, Kang Yoon rides a luxury suit instead of a comfortable jumper and a high-end foreign car instead of a police car. Thanks to this, the unique setting of <Policeman's Blood>, which is a police officer who investigates the top 1%, was able to perfectly blend with the character.

The costume of Min-jae (Choi Woo-shik), a principled police officer who infiltrates Kang Yoon's team under the cover, is also a device that shows the character's characteristics well. Min-jae, who believes that criminal investigations should only be conducted in a legal way, is the exact opposite of Kang Yoon, who is stylish, and wears very plain clothes. Then, as he infiltrates Kang Yoon's team and joins the top 1% investigation, Minjae's outfit is also changed to a sophisticated luxury suit that resembles Kang Yoon. Nevertheless, in order to differentiate Kang Yoon and Min-jae, who still doubt each other and have different beliefs, the production team puts Min-jae a brighter or blue-colored outfit, unlike Kang Yoon’s suit, which is very dark. We wanted to bring the concept into unity.

Lastly, the costume of Na Young-bin, a top 1% criminal who drew attention as soon as the first visual was released, was born as a result of constant thought by the production team to give a different feeling from the existing villain. I used unrealistic colors and designs to express Na Young-bin's uniqueness through costumes, but I was worried about whether it would be able to blend into the movie naturally without being heterogeneous and having a special charm. Nevertheless, the production team boldly created Na Young-bin's character with the belief that 'there is no success or failure in character creation if there is no challenge'. Kwon Yul's body, which gained 12 kg, skin tone down by tanning, intense tattoos, and custom-made costumes completed through four gabons, Na Young-bin's unique color was completed.

In this way, <Blood of the Police> expresses the realistic and unique setting of a police officer in a luxury suit with a lot of effort for the 1% visual that changes the paradigm of crime movies. In addition to the explosive charm of the three actors, Jo Jin-woong, Choi Woo-shik, and Kwon Yul, who perfectly digest special costumes, <Blood of the Police> is attracting attention as the most attractive movie that cannot be missed in the new year of 2022.

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