(Korean Movies) The Pirates : The Last Royal Treasure, 2021

The Pirates : The Last Royal Treasure, 2021

The Pirates : The Last Royal Treasure, 2021
Audience over 12 years old
running time
125 minutes
cumulative audience
1339242 people


“Let’s go find the treasure!”

Muchi (Kang Ha-neul), the self-proclaimed first sword of Goryeo, the leader of the Uijeok gang
Haerang (Han Hyo-joo), the owner of the pirate ship who calmed the sea.
These are the people who shared their destiny in the same boat
From birth to the mountains and seas, they collide with each other in every way, and continue sailing without wind.

Then one day, those who cleared out the Japanese
He finds out that the treasure of the royal family that has disappeared without a trace is hidden somewhere.
A pirate embarks on a perilous adventure in search of the greatest treasure that will never happen again.

But they weren't the only ones looking for the missing treasure!
The rebel 'Buheung-su' (Kwon Sang-woo), who does not choose any means and methods to get what he wants, also
He jumps into the sea to claim the treasure…!

Pirates, Rogues, and Rebels
Lost Treasure! The seeker is the master!

[ About Movie ]

The return of the 'pirates' who marked a landmark in the Korean entertainment blockbuster
The greatest adventure ever to open the door to the new year <Pirates: Goblin Flag>
New Year 2022, cool and refreshing!

The 'Pirates', who marked a milestone in the Korean entertainment blockbuster, returns with an adventure with a fresh idea story, an attractive character corps, and a spectacular sight that unfolds on the sea stage. <The Pirates: The Bandit Who Went to the Sea> was released in 2014 and captivated the entire nation by mobilizing 8.66 million people. <Pirates: Goblin Flag>, which returns in the new year of 2022, will solidify its position as Korea's only marine adventure series, armed with a completely new story and imaginative incomparable sights.

<Pirates: Goblin Flag> is a film about the spectacular adventures of pirates who gather in the sea to become the owner of the royal treasure that has disappeared without a trace. The movie <Pirates: Goblin Flag> begins with the self-proclaimed Goryeo First Sword, the leader of the bandit, Muchi, meets the renowned pirate leader, Haerang, and gets on a boat. It creates laughter and fun with the delightful chemistry it creates. In particular, the adventure unfolding while sailing through the sea adds tension to the confrontation with pirates, pirates, and rebels who fight each other and advance together, and from a pillar of fire in the sea to an island of lightning is a spectacle based on an interesting imagination. The sights provide a thrilling catharsis. Writer Cheon Seong-il, who showed strong writing skills through the drama [Chuno], the movie [Level 7 Civil Servant], and the prequel [Pirates: The Bandit to the Sea], wrote the screenplay, Director Kim Jeong-hoon, who has proven his sensuous comedy directing ability and box office success to double the charm of the character, takes on the role of directing, raising expectations for <Pirates: The Goblin Flag>. From casting to story to spectacle, everything has been upgraded and the new <Pirates: Goblin Flag> will captivate theaters in the new year of 2022 with exhilarating laughter and fun.

Pirates gathered at sea in search of lost treasure
Eight people, eight colors, character corps armed with different personalities sortie!
From exhilarating laughter to tense tension, chemistry and fun explode!

Featuring a diverse corps of characters from pirates to thieves and rebels, <Pirates: Goblin Flag> offers a wealth of chemistry and fun that you can't take your eyes off of from cool laughter to tense tension in the adventure to find the last treasure of the royal family.

Muchi, the leader of the bandit gang, runs away as a traitor during his bandit activity, and meets Haerang, the owner of the pirate ship, and manages to save his life. 'Muchi', who unexpectedly sits on a pirate ship, makes laughter with his unique witty and powerful attitude that goes all the way to the place of 'Haerang', but when he uses a sword, he has a reversal charm with his overwhelming swordsmanship, which is like the self-proclaimed first sword of Goryeo. to offer 'Haerang', a pirate who calmed the sea, is a pirate master with strong leadership, charisma, and elegant martial arts skills that freely use a medium-sized sword. Haerang, who has a particularly cold judgment, but takes care of the pirate members on a boat like family, and has the courage and warm humanity to take risks before anyone else, is a character whose charm is between hot and cold. On the other hand, 'Maggi', who is a member of the pirate ship, but ambitiously dreams of becoming the pirate king, drives big and small accidents with an overflowing ambition, and gives life to the play by giving unpredictable laughter. Here, another character, the rebel 'Rebel Revival', who seeks treasure, adds tension while chasing the treasure in the midst of confrontation with the pirates with a fierce momentum that does not choose any means. And ‘Hangung’, a reticent and reliable white-haired white-middle shooter who assists ‘Haegeum’ and ‘Haerang’, who are born cheaters with irresistible charm and splendid speaking skills, ‘Kangseop’, the vice-boss of the Uijeongbu and right arm of ‘Muchi’, and Sodanju of the pirates. The characters who climbed on the pirate ship even to the stone fist 'maw' complete a light teamwork with different personalities and breathing. As such, the activities and chemistry of the 8 characters and the various characters of 8 colors will become a major viewing point for <Pirates: Goblin Flag> that cannot be missed.

Popular actors that Chungmuro pays attention to are on board
Kang Ha-neul, Han Hyo-joo, Lee Kwang-soo, Kwon Sang-woo, Chae Soo-bin, Oh Se-hoon, Kim Seong-oh, Park Ji-hwan
In 2022, the most anticipated golden lineup is completed!

<Pirates: The Goblin Flag> features the most colorful and fresh casting lineup in 2022 with the most popular actors from Chungmuro, including Kang Ha-neul, Han Hyo-joo, Lee Kwang-soo, Kwon Sang-woo, Chae Su-bin, Oh Se-hun, Kim Seong-oh, and Park Ji-hwan. Kang Ha-neul, who not only crosses genres from <Dongju>, <Youth Police>, and <Night of Memory>, as well as proves both her acting skills and topicality again through the drama [When the Camellia Blooms], has a unique character through <Pirates: Goblin Flag>. He seeks audiences with his friendly and human-like character, 'Muchi'. Kang Ha-neul, who plays the role of 'Muchi', the leader of the bandit squad, shows off a cheerful charm full of energy with acting that goes back and forth freely, from seriousness to comedy, to splendid action and absurd appearance. Han Hyo-joo, the owner of the pirate ship who calmed the sea, entered Hollywood with [Treadstone] and was acclaimed for her broad acting in the recent drama [Happiness], played by actress Han Hyo-joo. Han Hyo-joo, who expressed the broad spectrum of the charismatic and warm-hearted 'Haerang' character with bold acting, showed extraordinary effort and passion through steady action training such as acrobatic and swordsmanship three times a week for three months. As a result, Han Hyo-joo perfectly digested the high-level action that goes back and forth between the mountains and the sea, water and air, and further doubled the charm of the character.

Lee Kwang-soo, who dreams of becoming a pirate king, takes on the role of Lee Kwang-soo, and adds vitality to the play by expressing a character that he can't hate even though he lives with a gulp. Kwon Sang-woo, who is reunited with director Kim Jeong-hoon after 7 years after <Detective: The Beginning>, which won both favorable reviews and box office success with his comedy acting, challenges his first historical drama with the rebel 'Revival Water' who seeks treasure, regardless of means or methods. It is completely disassembled into an unfamiliar character, and it exudes an intense dark force that has never been seen before, instilling tension. Here, Chae Soo-bin, who plays the role of 'Haegeum', a con artist who is born here, reveals her presence with a different and bubbly energy than before, and Oh Se-hun, who is about to debut on the screen, takes on the role of 'Hangung', a well-known shooter with white hair, and shows off a beautiful and wonderful bow action to the hearts of the audience. Aim the Actor Kim Seong-oh, who is busy going back and forth between the CRT and the screen, plays the role of 'Muchi's right arm, 'Kang-seop'. Park Ji-hwan, who showed a good performance, is expected to show a more thorough chemistry with his skillful acting skills. The exciting acting synergy created by the popular actors of Chungmuro, a self-proclaimed public figure, will create fresh fun unique to <Pirates: Goblin Flag> that you can't find anywhere else.

Realistic pirate ship realization, spectacular and dramatic shooting
From adventure action across land, sea and air
It provides a different level of sight, fun, and an exhilarating cinematic experience!

As <Pirates: Goblin Flag> is an adventure based on fresh imagination, the production team focused on enhancing the pleasure of the genre through a more vivid experience. In particular, as it is a story of pirates who are active in the sea, designing pirate ships and ships was a priority task. To this end, not only the interior design of the ship and the details of each accessory are added, but if the pirate ship of 'Haerang' has a unique free atmosphere while showing traces of long voyages, 'Buheungsu' is a design that feels authoritative and intimidating. Differentiated and increased immersion. In addition, the ship was mounted on a huge gimbal to express the realistic movement of the ship as if riding a wave on the sea. A new type of gimbal was made and used for filming. Here, in order to effectively capture the dynamic movement and huge scale of the actor's breathing, cinematographer Shin Tae-ho used a 12mm wide lens as a standard and actively utilized a techno crane that can control the length of the camera arm. I tried to maximize the expression by changing the color according to the relationship between the characters and adding strong contrast. In the early part of the play, where the pirate and the pirate get on the same boat and start sailing, the orange color emphasizes warm and cheerful breathing, while the second half scene, where the pirate chasing treasure and the traitor confronts, gives tension in the cold blue color, Dramatic changes according to the flow of events and psychology of

Martial arts director Chul-Jun Kim put special effort into depicting thrilling adventure action that crosses land, sea, and air, from swordsmanship, fighting, and wire shooting to shooting with unprecedented intensity under water. In particular, the unprecedented high-level underwater shooting, from long-breathing diving with emotional acting and free movement to wire action in the water, is completed with a high-quality scene by adding the know-how of experts such as safety personnel and underwater filming team as well as a pre-training process. could Here, as the weapon of 'Haerang', he selected a medium-sized sword that can take speedy and sophisticated action, and added comical and rhythmic movements to 'Muchi' to express the action that does not lose its pleasure. I wanted to create fun. <Pirates: Goblin Flag>, completed with the passionate passion of the production crew and actors, will captivate the eyes and ears of the audience with its spectacular yet thrilling action and spectacle.

Breaking the formula of heavy historical dramas and breaking away from typical
About 600 costumes and makeup that reflects the character's personality
Enhance the perfection with the hands of the detailed production team!

In order to capture the pleasant synergy of the colorful character corps full of individuality in the work, the production team tried to break away from the typicality in costumes and makeup. Costume director Kwon Kwon and makeup director Huh Jeong-im, who once again boarded <Pirates: The Goblin Flag> following the previous <Pirates: The Bandit Who Went to the Sea>, showed their imaginations suitable for the adventure genre to create creative and colorful costumes and make-up that fit the character's personality. prepared In particular, for the huge cast of pirates, thieves, and rebels, costume director Kwon Kwon personally produced about 600 costumes one by one for about three months.

'Muchi', the leader of the bandit band, expressed his unique sensible and free-spirited charm through costumes with loose waist and hem and a direct perm reminiscent of a cartoon character. was taken as the basic costume concept, and through strong wave perm and faded hair color, it effectively expressed the figure of a pirate who has been living in the sea for a long time. By choosing a leather-like denim material, it was possible to increase the activity of the action and to embody the charismatic feeling of 'Haerang' through the costume. 'Maggi', which shows dramatic changes in costumes and makeup in the movie, is a character that can't be hated while being confused through clothes that do not match colors, freckles, and a hairstyle that soars high into the sky, so-called pineapple hair. 'Revival Soo', who instills tension in the play as a rebel aiming for treasure, made a costume with black leather as the main material, adding a sense of charisma and strong force. As 'Haegeum' is a character that transforms freely in order to cheat, it arouses curiosity by implementing the most colorful costumes and hairstyles from color to type, and 'Hae-rang' and 'Hangung', which escorts pirate ships, are purple-colored costumes and long sleeves. Through the hairstyle of the head, the charm of the silent yet mysterious character was emphasized. In the case of 'Muchi's right arm 'Kang-seop' and the pirates' minority 'Agwi', they used exotic and intense makeup and accessories such as earrings and tattoos to capture the character's intense personality. The character corps of <Pirates: Goblin Flag>, which was created through the detailed efforts of the production team, from the costumes to the makeup, will overwhelm the eye with its powerful charm that can be easily forgotten.

[ Production Note ]

<Along with the Gods> <Mogadishu> Participated in Dexter Studio
About 500 people are put in! 1 year working period!
Complete the overwhelming visual and scale with sophisticated CG work!

The most important task in producing <Pirates: Goblin Flag> was how to embody the extraordinary adventures of pirates who travel to and from the sea, island, and cave in such a way that the audience could accept them as if they were real. Director Kim Jeong-hoon tried to provide an exhilarating catharsis and experience with high-quality visuals by actively utilizing CG as it was based on fantasy imagination. About 500 people participated and completed a lively visual and an all-time scale after about a year of work.

As the sea is the main background of the film, the production team tried to capture the changing seas through a thorough data investigation. In particular, referring to nature documentaries and videos, supernatural phenomena that occur in the film, such as volcanic eruptions in the water, lightning strikes in the sea, and huge tsunamis, were captured more realistically. All the factors that affect the movement, such as the speed and scale of the ship, were thoroughly calculated, and through numerous simulations, a more dynamic spectacle was completed. As such, each scene was a sophisticated work that required a lot of time and data, so closer collaboration was needed between the production team. Accordingly, we were able to proceed more efficiently by building a Universal Scene Description (USD) pipeline, a file format method that facilitates data movement. In addition, the underwater scene unfolding under the sea actively utilized the pre-visualization system, which is a pre-visualization work, and based on the completed pre-visualization, it was possible to minimize the trial and error of actual high-level underwater shooting. has completed Here, as well as virtual visuals that exist only in the imagination, such as pillars of fire and lightning, as well as animal creatures such as whales, penguins, and cows, all of them are completed with CG work to create the splendid spectacle of the movie that you cannot take your eyes off of for a moment. did it The upgraded visuals of <Pirates: Goblin Flag>, completed through hard work and new attempts, will provide original and fresh fun as well as exhilarating catharsis that you will never forget even after the movie is over.

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