(Korean Movies) The Perfect Couple, 2006

The Perfect Couple, 2006

The Perfect Couple, 2006
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I've been praying since the first day we met… May we never meet again!
Kang Jae-hyeok, a detective with a strong sense of justice, with good looks, excellent shooting skills, and the best martial arts skills. And Choi Soo-jin, an athletic (?) native and passionate reporter who believes that PEN can change the world. The two of them become enemies as soon as Jae-hyeok, who was chasing the criminal, collides with Soo-jin, who was eating oden on the street.

The reason that their first meeting was twisted is that the oden skewers that Sujin was eating got stuck in Jaehyuk's side! Jae-hyeok, who suffered the greatest disgrace in his life as the incident became a news article, becomes angry that he wants Su-jin. However, Su-jin, who had towed a car and spilled nosebleeds due to a collision with Jae-hyeok, confronts Jae-hyeok, claiming that Jae-hyeok is responsible for the collision, and the two become convinced that they have been enemies from their past lives from the first meeting.

The more time we spend together… I hate it even more!
Jae-hyeok and Su-jin's bad relationship persists amidst endless incidents, and in the end, the two are in charge of the 'Choi (Soo-jin) Kang (Jae-hyuk) Report' under the direction of their superiors.
Jae-hyeok and Su-jin, who are forced to face each other every day, face a tighter confrontation…

Crazy hot-blooded detective VS, let's think about catching a detective,
Their bloody and bloody love battle begins!
<The Strongest Romance>

[INTRO: That man, that woman's circumstances]

He says,
I, Jaehyuk Kang, was born to get rid of all the bad guys in this land.

He has perfect shooting skills, super-speed running, and various martial arts skills.
There was only one downside that I couldn't tell others.
That's right corner phobia!

For a homicide detective, he barely overcomes the fatal corner phobia.
When he was recognized as the best hot-blooded detective in Korea,

A reporter with a strange voice started to tackle my life again and again!

I put the oden skewers I fear the most in my side,
Even the most disgraceful thing in my life by making it into an article.

In addition, he sprinkles ashes on each and every case of a painstaking investigation with the introduction of undercover coverage.

Why is this woman always there where there are incidents and accidents!!!

[INTRO: That man, that woman's circumstances]

She' says,
I, Soojin Choi, were born to publicize the absurdity of this land.

Armed with overflowing passion, uncontrollable curiosity, and no one can stop
Others say it goes too far.

To revive his passion for fighting the Uruguay Round during his college days
When I was assigned to the Ministry of Social Affairs, which I wanted so much, and just realized my dream,

Detectives with poor manners are starting to touch my temper over and over again!

I bumped into it in the middle of the road and got a nosebleed, but I just pulled it out,
They even shouted, "Why did you send out such an article?"

In addition, he appeared as a partner in the homicide plan, which he was assigned to under the direction of the superior.
He scratched the inside of me with a twisted attitude every time.

You, watch your flanks! I'll pick up dozens of oden skewers along the way!!

【 Strongest Showdown SCORE 】

Round 1_ Oh my God, this is happening!
Detective Kang is chasing the criminal and runs into reporter Choi on the street. Detective Kang, who was chasing the criminal again, suddenly felt pain, and the oden skewers Choi Ki-ja was eating were stuck in Jae-hyeok's side!
Moreover, as this case is reported in the media, Detective Kang suffers the greatest embarrassment of his life.
Gija Choi VS Detective Kang 1: 0

Round 2_ Revenge calls for another revenge!
Choi Ki-ja unintentionally uses force during the interview, and the incident escalates as his opponent is stunned by Choi's punch. The problem is that the detective in charge of the case is none other than Kang Jae-hyeok! Detective Kang threatens to report the assault to Su-jin, and the conflict grows like a snowball.
Gija Choi VS Detective Kang 1:1

Round 3_ Not in the middle of the night, but in the middle of the night!
Detective Kang raided the crime scene after a long investigation. However, instead of the evidence he was looking for, only the drunken Gi-ja Choi remains. Detective Kang brings Choi Ki-ja, who can't even control himself, to his room and puts him to sleep, but he is framed for being unscrupulous in an instant.
Kija Choi VS Detective Kang 2 : 1

Round 4_ Enemies meet at the single wooden bridge!
Gi-ja Choi receives an order from the Ministry of Social Affairs and starts an ambitious plan article. However, the reporter Choi should cooperate with is the enemy of the world, Detective Kang! It's impossible to do the coverage without his help, but it's the world's most disgusting human being. The road ahead is just rough.
Kija Choi VS Detective Kang 2:2

Round 5_ Sleeping with the enemy you want to avoid begins!
Jae-hyeok and Su-jin, who are under the title of 'Choi (Soo-jin) Kang (Jae-hyuk) Report', are forced to do a report by their superiors, and declare a ceasefire for a while, but as they spend a lot of time together, the clashes only increase…
Giza Choi VS Detective Kang Who's the Winner?

Who will be the winner of the 'Chest vs Strong Show'?

【 ABOUT MOVIE : Strongest Movie 】

No more powerful laughter!
Heavenly and Heavenly Laughter Zone! All about laughter, <The Strongest Romance>!

Comedy characters, prepared actors, bizarre and lively episodes, and even professional laughter productions. <The Strongest Romance> is a film that has all the conditions to deliver the strongest laughter to the audience.

Jae-hyeok, a hot-blooded detective who has excellent talent for making outrageous incidents, and Su-jin, a whimsical journalist. After the two people's absurd first meeting, the laughter virus will already spread throughout the audience while the two met through the planned coverage article 'Choi (Sujin) Kang (Jaehyuk) Report' and engaged in a tense 'strongest showdown' in earnest. In addition, Lee Dong-wook, who shows the absurdity that seems impossible to come out of his dandy appearance, and Hyun-young, who is cute when he is confident that he is not absurd, are added to his witty acting, and anyone can be disarmed. Also, director Kim Jung-woo, who promised a variety of fun, upgraded from <The Strongest Romance> after captivating 2.5 million viewers nationwide with <The Savior>.

If movies with men and women of different characters followed the formula of a cute romantic comedy, <Strongest Romance> will be a 'strong movie' that delivers fresh romance to the audience with powerful laughter.

【 ABOUT MOVIE : Strongest Casting 】

Loading complete! 'Strongest Casting' launched!
Ready actors, Lee Dong-wook & Hyun-young, going up one step at a time!

The main characters of <The Strongest Romance> are Lee Dong-wook, who has mainly played the character of Dandy Guy, and Hyun-young, who has been active as an all-round entertainer. Unlike sparkling stars who appear like comets and disappear at some point, Lee Dong-wook and Hyun-young are prepared actors who have broadened their own acting spectrum with steady efforts since their debut.

In the midst of pouring love calls from Chungmuro, Lee Dong-wook selected the horror film <Arang> as his screen debut only after his 8th year of debut, taking a step different from the actors who self-replicate the existing image. <The Strongest Romance>, which is becoming a hot topic as Lee Dong-wook, who has established himself as a solid blue chip after a successful screen launch ceremony with <Arang>, as his next film. Lee Dong-wook said, "It was burdensome to take on the challenge of acting in a comedy, but because I'm in a scene where I can't stop laughing, I'm naturally immersed in the character. I am already looking forward to the release date when I will meet the audience.”

The female lead, Hyun-Young, has worked hard in various works and has solidified her acting skills with passion to do her best. In particular, Hyunyoung was praised for proving her qualities as a true actress who can free herself from the existing comic image with her impressive acting in <Princess Aurora>. Considering her long acting career, Hyunyoung's lead role is a bit late. However, Hyunyoung said, "I don't think there is a main/supporting division. Before, I used to memorize all the lines that I didn't appear on. <The Strongest Romance> is the first lead role, so I will do my best to do my best.”

【 ABOUT MOVIE : Strongest Supporting Actor 】

A licorice-like mediator of the strongest couple showdown!
Lee Jung-heon, who adds a delicious comic seasoning!

In <The Strongest Romance>, Lee Jung-heon, who plays the role of 'small detective', who plays the role of a mediator in the confrontation between Lee Dong-wook and Hyun-young, provides another fun to the movie-going audience. Jae-hyeok's partner 'Small Sergeant', who doesn't care about catching criminals, adds a delicious flavor like licorice to the tense confrontation between Jae-hyeok and Su-jin with a natural comic that seems to be ingrained in his body.

Lee Jung-heon left a deep impression on the audience by accumulating solid skills on the theater stage and acting as a bold and powerful character in a movie. 'Small detective' Lee Jung-heon, who will serve as a buffer for Lee Dong-wook and Hyun-young's conflicting characters as a kind Korean detective character, will blow away the stress of the audience with a comic bomb that explodes in the right place.

Fantasy breathing with solid actors!
Laughter charisma, Jeon Soo-kyung & mean charisma, Jang Hyun-seong!

The strong supporting actors Jeon Soo-kyung and Jang Hyun-seong, who make the powerful 'strongest showdown' of Lee Dong-wook and Hyun-young more attractive, will be another attraction to watch 'The Strongest Romance'. Ogija, the only coworker who gives strength to Sujin (Hyunyoung), is a character who keeps a snake as a pet and cites bullying male junior reporters as the reason for attending the company. The actor who took on the role of 'Ogija', a character that is more wacky than Sujin, is the top star in the Korean musical world, Jeon Soo-kyung. Jeon Soo-kyung, who has mainly shown powerful acting, plans to show a cool smile as much as her cool appearance through <The Strongest Romance>.

In addition, Jang Hyeon-seong, an actor who has been recognized for his bold acting, takes on the role of 'Chi-gon', the boss of a drug gang who will terrify the audience with his mean charisma while confronting homicide detective Jae-hyeok (Lee Dong-wook). These are videos that are differentiated from the 'pattern action' shown in existing comedy movies, providing an action that is as cool as laughter, adding another attraction to watching <The Strongest Romance>.

The strongest supporting cast of <Strongest Romance> will give the audience the fun of plus alpha.

【 ABOUT MOVIE : Strongest Character 】

The most passionate but the most wacky character!
The showdown between Schinderella and the prince who can't ride a white horse!

In <The Strongest Romance>, the charm of the characters exudes from the confrontation between Jae-hyeok and Su-jin from the first meeting to the clash of every event brings laughter even more. Jae-hyeok and Su-jin are a couple that cannot easily become close due to the nature of their professions as detectives and journalists. Moreover, although Jae-hyeok is a passionate detective with perfect conditions for a detective, he has the disadvantage of being fatal to arresting criminals, has a phobia of corners, and is insensitive to women, that is, a 'man who can't ride a white horse'. Although Sujin is also armed with a strong journalistic spirit, she is a character like 'Schinderella without ignorance', which draws attention from unexpected incidents rather than receiving the spotlight for coverage.

The two are passionate, but they are similar in that they are erratic, and unlike the protagonists of other movies, the 'Strongest Couple', full of mistakes, approaches the audience more lovingly. However, because the 'strongest couple' are similar to each other, they collide as if the N poles and N poles of a magnet meet. The appearance of the strongest couple confronting each other without knowing the reason they do not match brings laughter and makes it interesting to watch how the 'strongest showdown' will end.

The 'strongest showdown' between the quirky and lovely, hot-blooded detective and the 'strongest characters', who are quirky reporters, will deliver the strongest laughter to the audience.

【 ABOUT MOVIE : The strongest fun 】

A series of bizarre incidents and accidents 'strongest showdown'
Zoom-in of an episode that doubles the fun of the movie!

From the setting that oden skewers are stuck in the side, the meeting of the ingenious 'strongest couple' brings laughter along with the powerful 'strongest showdown' that was formed by a bad relationship in an unexpected accident. <The Strongest Romance> is an attractive drama with comic characters and witty episodes as the axis even in tense situations. Even the exciting situations that detectives and reporters face, such as undercover investigations and undercover investigations, are transformed into a scene with a natural laughter bomb in <The Strongest Romance>.

The climax of laughter in <The Strongest Romance> is the 'Choi (Sujin) Kang (Jaehyuk) Report', a planned coverage article created after the main characters Jae-hyeok and Su-jin's surnames. Two people fighting over whether a homicide detective and a social worker reporter decide on the title of the article, but whether it is 'the strongest' or 'the strongest'. Choi vs Kang couple's 'strongest showdown' radiates super-strong negative energy to each other, but their confrontation becomes a driving force for laughter energy for the audience. In addition, <Strongest Romance>, armed with lively fun, including bed scenes for the entire audience and real action reminiscent of an action movie, is a synthesis of a variety of fun with various episodes while the couple Choi Gi-ja and Detective Kang are forced to work together for ‘The Strongest Report’. Gives you a gift set.

<The Strongest Romance>, which carefully selected the essence of cinematic fun around the quirky 'strongest showdown' that defies expectations, will be the 'strongest' love of the audience in 2007.

【 Strongest report _Production note 】

Countless sacrifices of oden skewers for <The Strongest Romance>
Since it was <The Strongest Romance>, where Lee Dong-wook and Hyun-young got a lot of attention with the comical setting that they had their first meeting after being stabbed in the side, the most consumed shooting prop was definitely the oden skewers. It is said that filming could not proceed without oden, so the production team always carried it with them wherever they went. Not only the skewered oden skewers used for the first meeting between Lee Dong-wook and Hyun-young, but also in <The Strongest Romance>, there were a lot of oden, so the consumption was record-breaking.

In particular, it is said that a large amount was consumed when filming the scene where Hyun-young ate oden at the food stand, but more than 30 odens were lost by only one Hyun-young, ignoring the director's warning that 'Eating movie props is unlucky for 3 years'. The owner of the food stall had to keep making oden skewers by the staff who filled their empty stomachs with oden.

In addition, oden always appears in the drinking scene in <The Strongest Romance>, and even in the poster filming site, the oden skewers are used as the most precious props, so it is expected to give different fun to the audience watching <Strongest Romance>. Watching the appearance of oden skewers carefully when watching a movie will be another viewing point.

Please sleep just once! Difficult smoke breathing with snakes
When filming was ripe, the staff and actors began to stir when the presence of a unique cast member on the set of <Strongest Romance> became known. The unique actor's name is 'Snake'! This snake, who will be called Stephanie, is the cute (?) pet of Jeon Soo-kyung, who plays the role of Hyun-young's co-worker in the play.

When the news of the actual snake appeared, the most astonished people were Hyunyoung and Jeon Soo-kyung, who had to work together. Hyun-young, who found a snake while going to her senior Jeon Soo-kyung's house, jumped and stepped on the snake, killing him instantly. because you did

Stephanie, who was cast as a particularly cute snake, had to be anesthetized to act in a scene where she died for a while, but when the actors' performances were ripe, she suddenly woke up from anesthesia and turned the scene upside down, including Hyunyoung and Jeon Soo-kyung.

After trying one more anesthesia, the filming proceeded safely, Hyunyoung's 'Oh! What a snake in the middle of Seoul! oh shit! Look at your head, mother-in-law. This is not a poisonous snake~', 'Sister. Do you know?' It was born as a scene that will bring the best laughter to the audience with comic ad-libs such as etc. and Jeon Soo-kyung's natural acting breathing.

Don't ignore comedy! I am confident in the thrilling blockbuster-level action!
If you imagined a small scale as a comedy, it's good to change your mind when watching <The Strongest Romance>. You can enjoy the big action that caused the production staff to work hard enough to say, 'I thought it was a comedy movie and took part in it comfortably, and it's a complete action movie'.

Usually, comedy movies lead the movie with witty lines and comical episodes, but in <The Strongest Romance>, it provides a wealth of things to see in the movie through scaled action scenes. This is because Lee Dong-wook's job in the play is a detective, and the incidents that occur while undercover investigation with Hyun-young, who appears as a reporter, are expressed as realistically as an action movie.

Thrilling car action at a drug trafficking scene including a large-scale bombing scene, a shooting scene in a nightclub with 300 extras, a demo scene with about 100 auxiliary actors, and a Bacchus Molotov cocktail in a junkyard. It was as good as a decent action movie. Because of this, not only the staff but also the actors suffered a lot, but the actors who saw the edited movie showed satisfaction, saying that they felt the hard work and hard work was worthwhile in the action scenes with a sense of scale.

<True Rise> and <Mr and Mrs Smith>, which reinforced the thrilling action and laughter faithful to the genre of the movie, <Strongest Romance>, which will present comic actions such as <True Rise> and <Mr. something to do.

A love scene between Lee Dong-wook and Hyun-young. have! none?
Even though <The Strongest Romance> is a comedy movie, it is true that many people were looking forward to the kiss or bed scenes between the main characters Lee Dong-wook and Hyun-young, perhaps because of the title. This curiosity was the same for the two main actors, but director Kim Jung-woo said that he left a strange lingering impression, 'If the two of them get to know each other during filming, they will shoot, or they won't shoot at all'. The director's intention of directing the love scene was somewhat open, and the staff had no choice but to focus on the intimacy of the two parties, Lee Dong-wook and Hyun-young.

However, Lee Dong-wook warmly wraps himself in a jumper for Hyun-young, who is suffering from the cold due to rain in the severe cold, and Hyun-young fanned Lee Dong-wook while filming a muggy nightclub. It is said that he calmed his worries about the love scene by showing a good relationship.

Regarding this heartwarming relationship between Lee Dong-wook and Hyun-young, director Kim Jung-woo directed a love scene in a unique way that was somewhat different from what he expected, and surprised everyone around him by showing a sofa scene and a stair scene rather than a bed scene. In each of the sofa scene and the stairs scene of <The Strongest Romance>, where there are bursting episodes, Hyun-young lays herself on the sofa and takes off her coat, misunderstood Lee Dong-wook and imagines alone and goes down the stairs. Lee Dong-wook accepts Hyun-young, who is about to fall over with a twist, and it is produced in a strange atmosphere, which will bring joy to the audience.

Lee Dong-wook, injured again… The greatest suffering since debut
Lee Dong-wook, who appears as a hot-blooded homicide detective who does not hesitate to catch criminals in the play, was nicknamed 'General Hospital' during filming. Lee Dong-wook got this nickname because he had been hospitalized the most since his debut during the filming of <The Strongest Romance>. Immediately after being cast as a homicide detective in <The Strongest Romance>, he injured his finger while receiving special training for more than 6 hours a day, which made the people who were preparing for filming tense.

In addition, he suffered for a while from inflammation that caused his skin to swell due to the cement poison rising due to the chemicals mixed in the cement he got on his body while digesting the intense action in the scene of chasing a drug smuggler. Lee Dong-wook had to be hospitalized again a day before crank-up, but while filming a training scene during his police academy, he injured his ligament and was transported to the hospital. I couldn't break it, so I got treatment and returned to the filming set.

Lee Dong-wook's ordeal didn't end with just an injury. It was recorded as the film that suffered the most since its debut, such as stabbing Hyun-young in the side with an oden skewer by her opponent Hyun-young, hitting her head with a heel, running with Hyun-young outstretched while intoxicated, running speedily on an uphill road, and avoiding a knife thrown by Hyun-young who was angry. Although Lee Dong-wook could get tired of this kind of suffering, he said, 'It was a film that suffered so much that I never wanted to see the director's face again, and it was a movie with so many injuries that I thought it was strange. Maybe all of this was a trick to make the movie a hit.'

Hyunyoung, the topic of voice humiliation!
Hyunyoung's unique voice has become her own trademark. The staff who lived together during the filming period of about 3 months felt emptiness when they couldn't hear her voice right after the filming was over. This episode, which is called 'Hyunyeong's voice humiliation' among the officials, is divided into the case of mimicking her voice and making it a laughing stock around her, and the case of altering Hyunyoung's own voice.

The main character who boldly imitates Hyun-young's voice is the opposite character, Lee Dong-wook. When asked what he thought of reporter Choi Soo-jin (Hyun-young) in the play, he said that his voice was very strange, and he grabbed his nose and said, 'Oh, baby, I'll kiss you' with a snoring voice. . Also, in <The Strongest Romance>, you can see the scene where Hyun-young changed her own voice for the first time. He covered his face and changed his voice to be bold.

Hyunyoung's voice humiliation incident gave a burst of laughter in <The Strongest Romance>, and made the audience who will see the upcoming movie look forward to Hyunyoung's new voice acting.

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