(Korean Movies) THE NEGOTIATION, 2018


Audience over 15
running time
114 minutes
cumulative audience
1967750 people


The best negotiator, Ha Chae-yoon, who never lost his cool under any circumstances.
At the scene of emergency dispatch, both the hostage and the hostage taker die and are shocked.

10 days after that,
'Min Tae-gu', a arms smuggler from an international criminal organization, is on the blacklist of the National Police Agency.
In Thailand, he kidnaps a Korean police officer and a reporter and points her out as a negotiator.

With no reason, no purpose, no conditions, 'Min Tae-goo', the worst hostage play in history,
'Ha Chae-yoon', a negotiator who can't step back to stop him

12 hours remaining
The life-threatening negotiation of a lifetime begins!


<Negotiation> is Korea's first film about 'negotiating' with a 'negotiator' at the fore.
With the thought of 'Let's try a new movie, a new genre'
I collaborated with director Lee Jong-suk, who we shared in <International Market>.

I will never forget the moment I read the draft of the screenplay.
From start to finish, the power of tension that you can't take your eyes off of was amazing.

Son Ye-jin, the best actress representing Korea
I challenged the first negotiating expert character in Korean film history,
Hyun Bin, the most attractive male actor in Korea
As the worst hostage criminal in history, I challenged the first villain character in my acting career.

Like a negotiator and a hostage-taker who fight fiercely in order not to lose the initiative in negotiations
Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin's explosive acting synergy was a series of surprises.

Actress Son Ye-jin challenges the character of the first negotiator in Korean cinema
Actor Hyun Bin who challenges a strong villain for the first time
And director Lee Jong-suk, who pushed this project to the end, with his tenacity for genre films.
A crime entertainment film presented by them <Negotiation>
Please look forward to this Chuseok.

Producer Yoon Jae-kyun

[ Thailand abduction case diary ]

D-7 day
Korean journalist Lee Sang-mok, who was covering crimes against Koreans in Southeast Asia, disappeared in Bangkok, Thailand.

D-3 day
During a secret investigation in Bangkok, Thailand, the head of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's crisis negotiation team, Jung Jun-gu, went missing.

D-day 6:00 AM
Min Tae-goo, an international criminal organization arms trafficker who claims to have kidnapped the two
Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Crisis Negotiation Team Inspector Ha Chae-yoon

8:00 AM
Cooperation between the Ministry of National Defense and the National Police Agency and the Special Situation Command Office under the special order of the Blue House

10:00 AM
Special forces dispatched near Naka Island in the Strait of Malacca
12 hours before the start of the operation, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Crisis Negotiation Team Ha Chae-yoon arrived at the special situation command room.

10:07 AM
Thailand IP Internet video call reception
Ha Chae-yoon and Min Tae-goo meet for the first time
Start negotiating!


The first meeting of box office queen 'Son Ye-jin' X box office king 'Hyun Bin'!
A breathtaking showdown between the best negotiator vs the worst hostage in history!

Son Ye-jin, who represents the Korean film industry, and Hyun Bin, the 'popular king', met for the first time through the movie <Negotiation>. <Negotiation> is a crime entertainment film in which the worst hostage play ever occurs in Thailand, and crisis negotiator Ha Chae-yoon begins the negotiation of a lifetime to stop the hostage criminal 'Min Tae-gu' within the time limit.

Son Ye-jin, who achieved the Grand Slam for Best Actress at a number of awards ceremonies including Blue Dragon Film Awards, Daejong Film Festival, Baeksang Arts Awards, Korea Film Critics Association Award, Buil Film Awards, and Asia Pacific Film Awards, is the first Korean film negotiator character. challenged Son Ye-jin, who has been showing off her presence on the screen and on the CRT, regardless of genre or role, played the role of 'Ha Chae-yoon', a negotiator of the local police department's crisis negotiation team, who calmly resolves cases in any situation in <Negotiation>. “The immersion and tension of the scenario was overwhelming. Son Ye-jin, who revealed the reason for appearing in <Negotiation>, said, "It was good that the character 'Ha Chae-yoon' had a subjective and human appearance." Focusing on my real self and 'Ha Chae-yoon', I completed the character," he said, foretelling the passionate performance of 'Son Ye-jin's Pyo' once again.

Through the dramas [My Name is Sam-soon Kim] and [Secret Garden], he caused 'Hyun Bin Syndrome' with sensational popularity, a meticulous escort man in <Late Autumn>, King Jeongjo in agony in <Rebellion>, and the belief of <Cooperation>. Actor Hyun Bin, who captivates the public by exuding his own unique charm in any role, whether it is a North Korean detective Chan or an intelligent con artist in <The Swindler>, takes on the worst hostage criminal character in history and challenges his first villain. “I liked the story with the pushing power of the one-on-one confrontation between the negotiator and the hostage criminal, and I found the character ‘Min Tae-goo’ attractive.” approached I tried to give it a surprise, such as using a languid, throwing tone and acting without strength in scenes that are likely to come out strong.”

Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin, who worked together for the first time through <Negotiation>, performed realistic performances reminiscent of a confrontation between a real negotiator and a hostage criminal with amazing concentration and character digestion even in a situation where they faced each other only through monitors at the shooting site. Director Lee Jong-seok said, "I wanted to show a realistic and unassuming character through <Negotiation>." "Son Ye-jin is a perfect actress. He has an excellent understanding of the overall flow of the film and knows how to create his own color within it. Hyun Bin is a deep-seated actor who gives the director trust and strength as much as his natural charm and handsome appearance. Through <Negotiation>, I will show you a new side of me that I have never seen before.” As such, <Negotiation> is a movie where you can see Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin's acting transformation, faces that have not been seen before, and new expressions. The results of the first and best breath and a tight confrontation that cannot be backed up by the two best actors representing the Korean film industry can be seen at the Chuseok theater next year.

For the first time in the history of Korean cinema, the film deals with 'negotiation'!
A breathtaking 'negotiating play' that takes place with a monitor in between.
The only crime entertainment movie that will overwhelm the Chuseok theaters in 2018 is coming!

<Negotiation>, a crime entertainment movie that will overwhelm theaters this Chuseok, is the first Korean film to deal with the subject of 'negotiation'. Drawing a real-time confrontation between a 'negotiator' and a 'hostage-taker', the confrontation between the two people, who confronts only the monitor in a limited space and time, offers instant tension and overwhelming suspense. Director Yoon Je-gyun, who was in charge of the production of <Negotiation>, said, "I came up with the word 'negotiation' while thinking about what material could put the audience in tension from start to finish."

Director Lee Jong-seok said, “The most important thing I thought about in <Negotiation> was how to bring out tension within a limited space and time,” said director Lee Jong-seok. By giving a subtle difference, the space of each other was directed to form an angle of opposition. In addition, the tone, facial expressions, and costumes of the two characters were also induced to change in slightly opposite directions. Director Lee Jong-seok judged that the confrontation and confrontation between the negotiator and the hostage-taker character is the biggest frame and key to leading the play, and introduced a real-time dual filming method that can increase tension in the movie. He said, “Because <Negotiation> is a story in which a negotiator and a hostage taker face each other and lead the play, I hoped that the acting of the two actors would feel like a real situation. Because we aimed for the direction of maximizing the sense of presence as much as possible, we chose a dual filming method in which Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin can react to each other's performances in real time with a real monitor in between."

<Negotiation> is a crime entertainment movie that will give you the first negotiator character in Korean film presented by actress Son Ye-jin and the first villain transformation of actor Hyun Bin, who emits unrivaled charm, and the chewy tension and overwhelming immersion that repeats reversals in reversals. Announcing the birth of genre films.

<International Market> <The Himalayas> <Cooperation> <That's My World>
JK Film, the best box office maker that captured the hearts of Korea
And the top box office in the Korean film industry has come together!
Reality and empathy, <Negotiation> caught both rabbits!

<Negotiation>, a new genre movie with a new material that will overwhelm theaters this Chuseok, is expected to be joined by Korea's top box office maker JK Film and a representative box office group in the Korean film industry. Starting with its predecessor, Dusabu Film, JK Film produced two 10 million films, <Haeundae> (11,453,338 people) in 2009 and <International Market> (14,262,766 people) in 2014, and <Cooperation> (2017, 7,817,618 people) and <The Himalayas>. >(2015, 7,759,761 people) <Dancing Queen> (2012, 4,058,225 people) <That's My World> (2018, 3,418,403 people) Human comedy, moving true story, spy, action, thriller, family drama, etc. He has shown various genres of films. JK Film, which continues to win the box office success by drawing sympathy from Korean audiences from pleasant laughter to warm emotions, has mobilized approximately 77.22 million viewers with 19 films before the 20th film <Negotiation>, establishing itself as the best box office maker in the Korean film industry. have. Director Yoon Je-gyun of The Negotiation, who showed strong confidence saying, “It will put the audience in tension from the beginning to the end of the movie,” said that it will be a film that draws “sympathy for the character, sympathy for the story, and sympathy for the situation.” He said that he put a lot of effort into making it happen.

<Negotiation> raised the perfection of the film by bringing together the best producers in Chungmuro along with Korea's top box office makers. The filming was directed by cinematographer Lee Tae-yoon, who won the 8th Korea Film Awards for Best Cinematography for <The Mister>, <Princess Deokhye>, <The Attorney>, and <Gwanghae, the Man Who Became King> with understated camera work. It captures the fierce confrontation between a negotiator and a hostage criminal who faced only through the monitor screen in time and time. The costumes were made by Chae Kyung-hwa, the costume manager of <1987>, <Tunnel>, <Wailing>, <Suspicious Woman> and <Sunny>. The makeup manager Choi Kyung-hee of the movies <International Market> and the dramas [Descendants of the Sun][Goblin][Mr. Sunshine] empowers the makeup manager to embody the character's job and inclination, such as hair style and skin tone, to create a sense of reality. raised The confrontation between a hostage criminal who conducts the worst hostage play without reason, purpose, or condition, and a negotiator who struggles to rescue the hostages safely within 12 hours of that, is the story of Hwang Sang-jun, music director of <That's My World> <Cooperation> and <The Prosecutor's Gaiden>. Participation created a more tense atmosphere.

Bringing realistic situations and detailed emotions to life!
The birth of a production design where reality and characters come alive!

The movie <Negotiation> is about the confrontation between 'Min Tae-gu' (Hyun Bin), who takes the worst hostage play in history, and 'Ha Chae-yoon' (Son Ye-jin), a negotiator who opposes him. Due to the nature of the film, most of the events take place within a limited space and time, so a lot of thought went through before the production design in the film was born.

The most important space in <Negotiation> is the 'Situation Room', where 'Ha Chae-yoon' and 'Min Tae-gu' play a tight match through a monitor. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, this is an open space with all of the walls made of tempered glass. At first glance, it seems safe, but there is a space to hide because dozens of people with entangled interests are working in unison wherever they are. There is also no place In addition, it is a space that perfectly fits with the situation in which the police, the military, the National Intelligence Service, and high-ranking government officials are watching each other and fighting each other in order to take the initiative in the special situation room. You can feel the frustration of 'Ha Chae-yoon', who is rushed into the case without knowing the English language, collides with high-pressure superiors on every case, and has no choice but to be nervous about 'Min Tae-goo''s unpredictable behavior.

On the other hand, the 'hostage warehouse' of 'Min Tae-gu' is a closed space. It was set up in a completely sealed concept, with no idea where it was or what time it was. The space that negotiator 'Chae-yoon Ha' can see through the monitor is more limited, so it can be seen as a space structure in which it is difficult to obtain any information. In addition, it was created as a space that more clearly shows the contrast between the two characters, the negotiator and the hostage-taker, who set up opposite angles. Unlike the 'situation room', where fierce operations are conducted to rescue the hostages, in a cold blue tone, the 'hostage warehouse' where the worst hostage play takes place is set in a warm red tone, emphasizing the paradoxical meaning of the space, as well as emphasizing the paradoxical meaning of the space. It captures the duality of the character.

In the second half of the movie, the 'VIP Room', a place where negotiator 'Chae-yoon Ha' and hostage criminal 'Min Tae-gu' meet only once in the play, and the space for people at the top of the power, is the color of the 'situation room', blue The color red was properly matched. This reveals the process in which 'Ha Chae-yoon' and 'Min Tae-goo' come to understand each other through the detailed emotional exchange and tight psychological confrontation of the last negotiation process.
The production design of <Negotiation>, which was born over the limitations of such a limited space and limited time, will give the reality and character a living, breathing life, and will make the movie more enjoyable.

Kim Sang-ho, Jang Young-nam, Lee Moon-sik, Jang Kwang, Cho Young-jin
Add the density of the play with the heavy casting of talented actors!

The movie <Negotiation> features talented actors armed with various charms and solid acting skills, not only Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin, but also Kim Sang-ho, a representative individualistic actor in the Korean film industry, Jang Young-nam, an actor with eight colors, Lee Moon-sik, an actor full of humanity, Jang Kwang, an impressionist actor, and Jo Young-jin, a new stealer. A lot of people have joined and are looking forward to it.

First, from the drama [You Who Rolled the Vine] [Very Good Times] to the movies <Wand Deuk>, <Wish> <Hae-Moo>, and the recently released <Witness>, through the CRT and screen, the friendly charm and unique acting are full of character. Actor Kim Sang-ho, who showed off "Negotiation," takes on the role of 'Ahn Hyuk-soo', an investigator belonging to the crisis negotiation team of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. He not only plays an active role as a strong helper of negotiator Ha Chae-yoon (Son Ye-jin), but also causes laughter at the right place and the right scene, providing a different kind of fun. In addition, this year alone, various characters such as female warrior (play [Electra]), ghost (drama [Lovely Horribly]), housewife dreaming of deviation (independent film <Me and Me's Promise>), and wife of a pure love (movie <Wind Wind Wind>) Actor Jang Young-nam, who perfectly digests and exudes explosive acting energy, appears as 'Chief Han Young-sook' in the Department of Foreign Affairs, adding to the fun of the movie with delicious acting.

Lee Moon-sik, a master of comic acting, makes a special appearance as 'Jung Jun-goo, team leader,' of the crisis negotiation team of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, and performs realistically as a reliable senior of 'Ha Chae-yoon' and a character who holds the key to the movie. In addition, Jang Gwang, a luxury actor with a wide spectrum, takes on the role of 'Hwang Ju-ik', a high-ranking foreign affairs and security chief of the Blue House, exuding heavy charisma. He takes on the role of 'Chairman Koo Gwan-soo' of Nine Electric, who is entangled in a bad relationship with him, revealing his strong presence.

<Negotiation>, the only crime entertainment film in the Chuseok theater district in 2018, will provide an overwhelming sense of immersion to the audience with the addition of Korea's representative talented actors who 'trust and watch', while further enhancing the film's perfection.

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