(Korean Movies) The King’s Case Note, 2016

The King

The King’s Case Note, 2016
Audience over 12 years old
running time
114 minutes
cumulative audience
1635003 people


Ye-jong (Lee Seon-gyun) is a clever king who has to dig up all the cases himself to unlock his job. To assist him, a new officer named Lee Seo is appointed, who possesses academic knowledge, family, and appearance (?), as well as extraordinary talents that will never be forgotten once seen.
However, Lee Seo, who has been acting foolishly against his will, gets the stinging gaze of Yejong and begins a hard life in the palace.
Just at the same time, strange rumors start to circulate in Hanyang, and Yejong has a gut feeling that all the rumors and events are unusual. Yejong and Yiseo mobilize all their scientific knowledge and knowledge to uncover the truth of the rumor… !

Wage chasing case X Rookie officer chasing wages
A fun scientific investigation that goes beyond the palace and beyond the walls begins!

Taejo founded the country
Sejong invented Hangeul
We follow the case!

Wage chasing case X Rookie officer chasing wages
Joseon's first palace combo was born!

<The King's Case Note>

[ The King's Film Notebook ]

King and officer by day, secret investigation by night?!
<Gone with the Wind> <The Joseon Detective>
The 2017 Comic Investigation Act is born!

<The King's Case Note> is a comical investigative action drama in which the reckless king Ye-jong (Lee Seon-gyun) with sharp reasoning power and the stupid new officer Lee Seo (Ahn Jae-hong) with a genius memory conduct a scientific investigation to uncover the truth of the rumor that has shaken Hanyang. am. <The King's of the King>, a comic investigative action drama that continues the genealogy of works that have led to great success with novel materials and fun that break the formality and typicality of existing historical dramas such as <Gone with the Wind>, <Detective of Joseon> series, and <Pirate: The Bandit Who Goes to the Sea>. Case Note> presents differentiated fun with the fresh material of scientific investigation in the Joseon Dynasty and the delightful combination play of the unprecedented special king 'Yejong' and the stupid new officer 'Iseo'.

‘Yejong’, a special king who suits his aptitudes for anatomy rather than the Analects, and the crime scene rather than the palace, and ‘Iseo’, a new officer with the extraordinary ability to remember anything he has seen once. <The King's Case Handbook> stimulates interest through the activities of those who approach the reality of rumors that shook the public's mind based on the never-before-seen characters of the king and officer, the real and logical reasoning. In particular, he is a unique king who goes out on a spy-street every night to find clues in the events that follow, or even performs autopsy of the corpse himself. And although he is usually the best at the time, the combination breathing of a stupid new officer who demonstrates his abilities at the decisive moment and performs unexpected activities provides lively fun. The ensemble of Ye-jong and Lee-seo, who digs up the case without falling more than '5 steps' (five steps) from each other even when their hands and feet do not match in an urgent situation, cause unpredictable fun and laughter. In addition, <The King's Case Notebook>, which delivers various attractions with original imagination spaces and props such as the king's secret space hidden in the palace, the morgue of the corpse, and a submersible boat that cuts through the water, is released in April in the theater district, for both men and women. It will mesmerize the audience with delightful laughter and fun that can be enjoyed by young and old and the whole family.

Find the truth of the rumor that shook Joseon!
Wage chasing case X Wage chasing officer
A palace combination with a different class!

The meeting between the king, who must see and follow all the incidents with his own eyes, and the stupid new officer who is tasked with not being more than five steps away from him, creates unpredictable laughter and chemistry. 'Yejong', the king of the Joseon Dynasty, possessed a keen curiosity and bold action based on his extensive knowledge of medicine and science. King Yejong, who leaves like the wind wherever there is an incident, brings fresh fun with his unique charm differentiated from the heavy and solemn king who appeared mainly in historical dramas. In particular, Yejong keeps Lee Seo by his side to uncover the truth of rumors that confuse the public, but Yejong nags at the absurdity and frustration of Lee Seo, who is dull and slow. During the day, he radiates his presence as a king in front of the ministers blinded by self-interest, and at night, the colorful charms of Ye-jong, who walks to the scene of the incident, breathe life into the play.
On the other hand, with his extraordinary memory, brain, and unparalleled loyalty, a new officer named Lee Seo easily passed all the tests of the strict type of discipline. Contrary to the splendid specifications and full enthusiasm of the manor system, Yi-seo, who struggles with Yejong's reckless instructions and makes mistakes because of his body that does not follow, disarms the audience with his friendly and lovely charm. In particular, he follows the scene of the incident to cry and eat mustard at the instructions of Yejong, who often puts ‘Eomyeong’ first, but in times of crisis, Lee Seo’s brilliant wit is displayed, and Lee Seo’s performance in doing her part is unexpected and lively in the play. provides

In addition, if you open your mouth, Yejong, the best super-gap in Joseon, who is perfect from vulgarity, bullying, and pretentiousness, and Gap Yiseo, who suffers 24 hours a day and night, the breath-taking breathing shown by Lee Seo is the birth of a new combination that cannot be seen in existing historical dramas. It is expected to arouse sympathy from the audience.

A delightful combination of the man who became king Lee Seon-gyun and the lovely officer Ahn Jae-hong!
Taste the royal honey chemistry created by the first meeting of the two actors!

<The King's Case Note> is the first meeting between Lee Seon-gyun, the man who became the king of Joseon, and Ahn Jae-hong, a bone-loving man, and expects a different kind of fun. Lee Seon-gyun, who showed a variety of appearances through works of various genres including mystery, romantic comedy, and action such as <All About My Wife> and <Going to the End>, is a super king with sharp reasoning skills, pretentiousness and arrogance. It shows a new transformation with 'Yejong'. Lee Seon-gyun, the king of Joseon chasing after a case with bold driving force and sharp reasoning, took on his first historical drama through <The King's Case Note>, creating a new, modern, attractive king character that preserves the character's personality rather than the dignity and authority of a king. paid After capturing viewers with the nickname 'Bongbli' as Jeong Bong-i's character in the tvN drama [Reply 1988], Ahn Jae-hong, who recently emerged as a Chungmuro blue chip through the movie <Fabricated City>, is an officer during the day with extraordinary memory. At night, he plays the role of 'Lee Seo', a cost-effective new officer who can operate 24 hours a day until the secret investigation, exuding infinite charm. Ahn Jae-hong, who plays the role of Lee Seo, a new officer who combines education, family, and appearance, as well as extraordinary talent that he never forgets once seen, delivers a pleasant laugh by perfectly digesting a silly and erratic character through his unique and delicious acting. Regarding the collaboration with Ahn Jae-hong, Lee Seon-gyun said, "Ahn Jae-hong is an ordinary actor who has the charm that makes you feel good just by being there, but he has everything in it. He was a partner who was like a lover, who spent almost every day of the filming period together.” Ahn Jae-hong said, “Everything was just as good. The few months we spent together with Lee Seon-gyun, a senior I usually like and respect, were very special, and it was a really happy scene thanks to them.” Sometimes like bosses and subordinates, sometimes like older brothers and sisters, sometimes like comfortable friends, Lee Seon-gyun and Ahn Jae-hong, who completed the best breathing at the decisive moment, are the male males in the Korean film industry that have continued through <Master>, <The King> and <Cooperation>. It will show the luxury honey chemistry that continues the chemistry lineage.

A 15th-century Joseon version of forensic investigation that will surprise CSI
The King's Secret Space, Optometry Room, Submarine Ship
Check out the novelties that have not been seen in the existing historical dramas!

<The King's Case Note> is about a king and a military officer, but their main stage is the various incident sites beyond the palace. In this way, the fact that the king sets out to find the case with his own feet and solves the case based on scientific reasoning rather than intuition or instinct is the main point of making modern fun and novel attractions different from existing historical dramas. Director Hyeon-seong Moon tried to break away from the frame of historical dramas that focus on historical facts and historical facts and create unexpected fun that stimulates the cinematic imagination. While capturing the image of the times at the time, it completed a unique spectacle with a modern sensibility.

Secretly located in a seemingly ordinary palace, Yejong’s secret space is a secret meeting room for Yejong and his officials, as well as a personal space where Yejong analyzes the case. Various props such as objects are placed to add to the special character of Yejong and the space. And when a bizarre incident of setting the people's heads on fire occurs, the scene where Yejong directly examines the body catches the eye with a unique visual that combines the times of Joseon and modern scientific investigations. The process of solving various problems based on scientific and chemical principles, the appearance of the ship's submarine 'submarine', and the large-scale stone chamber in the basement of a shabby hut, etc. It enhances the vitality of the audience as if they are participating together. As such, the creative sights drawn in <The King's Case Note> based on the novel subject of a Joseon version of scientific investigation will double the fun of exciting and delightful adventures and provide new experiences to the audience.

[ The King's Production Notebook ]

A set of modern sensibility and creative sights,
Meet the new Joseon era that has not been seen in previous historical dramas!

If the existing historical dramas focused on reproducing the times in history based on thorough historical research, <The King's Event Notebook> presents a different attraction with a bold attempt to break the frame of historical dramas and a space with a modern sensibility. The production design team, who was in charge of directing the entire space in <The King's Case Note>, made use of the traditional style and magnificence based on historical evidence for the basic framework of the set, such as wood and Korean paper, while adding a modern Western-style architectural style. created a novel and whimsical space. The king's secret space, which is the main background of the film, added a special space by borrowing the round arch of Western gothic architecture from the entrance. The high ceiling reminiscent of a Western library, the books stacked on top of it, and anatomical materials that fill the space, as well as the meeting table of the king and the guides made in the form of an octagonal stage octagon, reveals free-spirited and curious Yejong characters. At the same time, it shows a young and modern sense. This space was completed with a lot of effort, with a production period of only 4 weeks, and about 30 staff members. Considering that the basement, which is another major location in the film, is the most natural space located under an old hut, realistic rocks, tree roots, and tree supports were used to create a different atmosphere. And based on the cinematic imagination, the Korean version of the submarine submersible ship was produced by matching materials such as wood, Korean paper, and nets in a combination that could actually float on water. The various production designs of <The King's Case Note>, completed through different concepts and methods, will catch the eye as a sight that incorporates creative ideas that have not been seen anywhere else.

Dynamic and spectacular!
Feel the vivid sense of reality as if you are going on an adventure!

<The King's Case Note> focuses on capturing the spectacular adventures of the king and the officer who directly walk the scene of the incident in a more dynamic and realistic way. To this end, the filming team utilized an Anamorphic Lens that can show the space contained in the camera angle wider, and the Steady Cam, which vividly expresses the movement of a person and makes the movement of the camera flexible, is actively used. took advantage of The movements and expressions of the actors are intact, including the scene of Gwangnaru, which contains the active play of King Ye-jong and Yi-seo, who went directly to the river to uncover the truth of the rumor, and the scene of Yi-seo, who traces the decisive clues of the incident through his genius memory. The captured scenes are added with a lively camera movement, giving the audience three-dimensional pleasure as if they were with Yejong and Yiseo. In addition, <The King's Case Note> introduced the Dry for Wet technique, which uses special smog on the ground to create an optical illusion of being underwater, instead of underwater photography, where the camera's speedy movement is limited. did. <The King's Case Note>, which filmed an underwater scene using a device that quickly rotates the camera 360 degrees after floating the actors on the water with a wire, was able to capture the actors' actions and facial expressions more spectacularly. <The King's Case Note>, which captures the unpredictable adventures of the two characters, King Ye-jong and new officer Lee Seo, who do not know where to go, will give the audience an exhilarating pleasure.

Recorded at Warner Bros. Studio for the first time in a Korean movie!
Music composed by a 100-member orchestra! Breaking stereotypes of historical dramas!

<The King's Case Note> doubles the pleasure and fun with bold music production that goes beyond the stereotypes of historical dramas. Music director Kim Tae-seong, who was in charge of the music for <The King's Case Note> following <The Last Weapon Bow> and <Myeongryang>, wanted to complete the music with a fresh and thrilling feeling in line with the characters, modern attractions, and exciting adventures in the movie. Therefore, instead of the traditional Korean scale and musical instruments, we borrowed the melody of a Hollywood adventure movie and completed the dramatic and magnificent music presented by a large-scale orchestra of 100 members. In particular, <The King's Case Note> was recorded at Warner Bros. Studios in Hollywood for the first time in Korean film history, and the top Hollywood orchestra that played theme songs such as <Interstellar>, <Batman> series, and <Indiana Jones> participated to produce premium music. I put a lot of effort into completing it.

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