(Korean Movies) The Happy Life, 2007

The Happy Life, 2007

The Happy Life, 2007
all spectators
running time
112 minutes
cumulative audience
1202719 people
44th Baeksang Arts Awards 2008


A sweet life, isn't there anything exciting about it?
20 years ago. The rock band Active Volcano was disbanded after being eliminated from the University Song Festival for three years in a row. now? Ki-yeong (Jung Jin-young), a first-class white student who is accustomed to eating after retirement, Seong-wook (Kim Yun-seok), a busy middle-aged man who meets a child who is good at studying burdensomely and gets lost by courier during the day and surrogate driving at night, and himself who sent his wife and children abroad to study abroad. This proud goose father Hyuk-soo (Kim Sang-ho) makes a sudden decision after returning from the funeral of Sang-woo, the leader of 'Active Volcano'. We decided to re-form the rock band 'Active Volcano' that will heal your sweet life!

There's nothing stopping us! We have rock!
Uncles who became active volcanoes again. Lead guitarist Ki-young, bassist Seong-wook, and drummer Hyuk-soo can't stand their rusty performance and shaky singing skills, so they ask Hyeon-jun (Jang Geun-seok), the son of Sang-woo, who died, to give vocals. 'Active Volcano' was able to play properly on stage with the input of Hyeon-jun, a vocalist who has both looks and skills, except for cheapness. However, the joy is short-lived, and the greatest hurdle is approaching again for them… …

Can an active volcano erupt?

[ prologue ]

you… Are you still only 'dreams'?

There is a white supremacist who has to keep an eye on his wife and middle school daughter who go to work.
There is a busy father who drives a courier during the day and a surrogate operation at night.
There is a goose father who spends his wife and children studying abroad and fills his nostalgia with videos.

They too once roamed the college lawns in trumpet pants and long hair.
Although we were dropped three times, we were from a rock band that participated in a college song festival.
They were the men who loved 'rock', the freedom itself, more than anyone else.

It's not as grandiose as everyone else has, but it's incomparable to anyone else in the world.
They too had their own huge dreams.
However, as they reach the age of forty, even the freedom to dream is a luxury.

I once captivated women with one lead guitar.
It was quite popular with a powerful drumstick show, holding its form with a heavy bass note.
Now it has become just a dream, a hope, and the past to be forgotten.

If only I could do it again just once,
If only I could go back to the times I believed would explode someday
If only I could make that small but precious dream come true
I want to stand up again in order to blossom the flower of passion in the heart of a middle-aged man over forty.
Those old dreams that were buried because of reality are wriggling again.

"now… Don't hesitate, let's do it!"

[ Hee Hee-nak 樂 KEY ISSUE ]

ONE. An energy-charging movie that reads the times!
It is said that 25% of Korean adults suffer from depression, and 95% of office workers are stressed. Koreans, who are pressed for time, rarely have time to spare, so they cannot even relieve fatigue and stress properly. How can we turn this dark and boring daily life upside down? The answer is simply 'failure'.

The so-called 'TVXQ in your 40's,' which boasts splendid dance skills even in middle age, the Internet UCC craze where individual ideas and hidden talents spread without change, the world's top Korean B-boys who dropped out of school and fell into dancing, in front of Hongik University Even the band of office workers that filled the instrument practice room… Now, the Republic of Korea is changing into a place where people who commit without hesitation become happy.

The movie <A Happy Life>, which stands in this flow, says that the joy in life is not grandiose, but 'as long as it's good enough for me'. The protagonists of <A Happy Life> find their confidence as if they were standing in the center of the world only when they started a rock band.

The movie <A Joyful Life>, which tells that if you can do what you want with the courage to do what you want without worrying about what others say, even a boring world can change happily. It is a movie with a 100% energy charge rate that makes you cry.

TWO. A human comedy that the whole nation will enjoy!
<Home>, a story of a 7-year-old grandson and an 80-year-old grandma's sympathy bringing laughter and emotion, <Welcome to Dongmakgol>, a story of soldiers from South Korea, North Korea, and the United States gathered in Dongmakgol, a village pure like a fairy tale, to protect the village as one. The communication and reconciliation shown by heterogeneous characters gathered in one space always conveys a great resonance in the hearts of the audience. If there was <Home> in 2002 and <Welcome to Dongmakgol> in 2005, then in 2007, the movie <A Joyful Life> that will make the whole nation happy is here.

In <Happy Life>, men in their 40s and Hyun-jun, a young man in their 20s, get together as a rock band Active Volcano. Although they collide with dissonance, they gradually feel warmth in the way they look at each other. Hyeon-jun's courageous leadership leading the immature uncles, and the happiness of the uncles who discover the passion of their youth through Hyun-jun are sometimes seen as 'friendship' that transcends the generation gap.

An active volcano that has become a real team with a genuine passion for rock and a sincere understanding of each other. The appearance of the four men opens the bar in the hearts of the audience, giving them the joy of meeting the father, child, boss, co-workers, and juniors inside. So band active volcanoes exist among us.

<Happy Life> is a human comedy that touches the hearts of people all over the world.

THREE. Director Lee Jun-ik + Writer Choi Seok-hwan = enjoyable movie
Director Lee Jun-ik and writer Choi Seok-hwan reunited with <A Happy Life>. The two have been working together since 2003, from the exciting fusion historical comedy <Hwangsanbee>, <The King of Kings>, which rewritten the box office formula, and <Radio Star>, which gave an unforgettable impression among those who are being forgotten… They have been recognized as the best combo by creating interesting stories that look at the world from a different point of view.

Myungcombi's fourth ambitious work <A Happy Life> is not about people who want to come back to the past by shouting "I want to go back!", but the most passionate people who make the place where they stand as a playground. The deep pathos and the true meaning of happiness shown by those who do not lose their dreams will provide warm commas and subtle exclamations to modern people who have no time to breathe.

With a story with strong suction power, laughter is a basic gift and emotion is a bonus, the movie <A Joyful Life> is not a movie that you laugh once and forget, but a movie that you want to take out when you are tired and tired. will be.

FOUR. Everything is real. Music Power Start!
The music alone is reason enough to choose this movie! <A Joyful Life> stimulates the five senses of the audience through the collaboration of directors Lee Byung-hoon and Bang Jun-seok, two top Korean film music, and 100% real performances by the actors.

Music director Lee Byung-hoon, who showed brilliant music in <Gwangsik's younger brother Gwangtae>, and music director Bang Jun-seok, who showed the right selection and composition for <Radio Star>, ambitiously prepared for <A Joyful Life> is 'It's Exploding'. and 'a happy life'.

The representative song 'I'm going to explode', the representative song of an active volcano, with the attractive lyrics saying that your heart will explode because of the woman you fall in love with at first sight, and 'Happy Life', a song containing the free spirit of an active volcano that will live happily no matter what anyone says, are highly addictive with easy and comfortable rhythms and melodies. Here, even the best rock music such as 'I've been away for a while' and 'It's a fire game' are sung again through an active volcano.

A total of 6 songs including the theme song. Director Lee Jun-ik's seemingly impossible dream of "I wish actors would actually play all the songs" was miraculously realized through hell's training. Jinyoung Jung, Yunseok Kim, Sangho Kim, and Geunsuk Jang practiced for more than 8 hours a day with their personal trainers in a practice room measuring about 2 pyeong before filming for a month before filming. More than 100 broken guitar strings and more than 30 broken sticks. Thanks to the actors who showed superhuman power, all the music in <A Joyful Life> was able to be filmed with 100% real performance.

Director Lee Jun-ik's greed did not end there. Introduced the first multi-recording method that is different from the existing recording method. Originally, there was only one simultaneous recording team at the film set, but <Happy Life> focused on not missing out on live performances performed by the actors themselves during filming by putting in a professional music recording team.

The music of <Happy Life>, which moves even the live sound of the scene to the screen and creates the illusion of being at a concert, is an opportunity to elevate the level of Korean film music to the fullest while radiating the charm of the rock band Active Volcano. will be

FIVE. This is the best casting!!
The three best actors Jung Jin-young, Kim Yun-seok, and Kim Sang-ho meet the jewel-like actor Jang Geun-suk in one word.
Let's do this: The highlight of Korean movie casting!

They performed flawlessly and became essential nutrients for each movie. Jung Jin-young of <The King's Man>, Kim Yun-seok of <Tazza>, and Kim Sang-ho completely melt into the characters in <A Joyful Life> to the extent that they do not know whether they are real or acting. Director Lee Jun-ik said about them, “The actors have a much stronger reality than the characters in the scenario. It is a paces trio where the acting melts into the character as it is.”

Hyunjun, the last member of the active volcano, who will not be depressed by the charisma of the three actors, after several auditions,
It was unanimous as Jang Geun-suk, who has perfect singing and performance. Jang Geun-suk is a tan who has been steadily accumulating since his childhood days.
With his strong acting skills and hidden singing skills, he bleeds young blood into the film.

Jo Yeon-jin is also not to be missed. Go Ah-seong, the heroine of the movie <Monster>, is a daughter cheering for her immature father Ki-young.
As Joo-hee, Kim Ho-jung and Chu Gwi-jeong, who performed representative performances of housewives of this era, appear as surprise actors of Korean rock.
From the representative trans-fiction to No Brain, who volunteered to appear in Friendship. <A Joyful Life> is the best actor
She is ready to captivate the audience with her perfect acting ensemble.

[ Encore! Production Note ]

1. It's the first time I've seen something like this!! A shocking transformation of the actors!!
Forget the past In the movie <A Joyful Life>, an active volcano meets 20-year-old Wan So-nam Hyun-jun, and not only his colorful tattoos but also his fashion changes. A full-coloured shirt, studded jeans, and matching horseshoe shoes. The dark eyeliner handles even the sexy smokey makeup, while also showing off a bold hairstyle.

Kim Yun-seok gave a lot of strength to the point where even using a can of spray was not enough, so DEVIL_Devil's hair was turned over. Jinyoung Jung's aka Mick Jagger's style is a bushy lion's head. Kim Sang-ho gave his thin hair a point with a passionate red headband, and Jang Geun-suk took the lead in the 2007 hair trend with a short hairstyle that is close to a shaved head. The four men's charismatic transformation will make the hearts of girl fans pound.

2. The warm friendship of an active volcano achieved through the camp
The dorm life that every idol group who said Nanda Long went through. Hwasan Hwasan, a four-member rookie rock band composed of vocalist Hyunjun, guitar Kiyoung, bassist Seongwook, and drummer Hyuksu, also had a camp period comparable to that of a star. Guest house of 00 University in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do. The active volcano was used as a hostel throughout the filming period of <Happy Life>, and during filming, they ate, slept, and worked together to build teamwork.

Countless days when we practiced all night long, through performances, acting, and drinking and dancing. The four men are proud of their closer relationship than the active volcano in the movie, where you can feel the friendship of 20 years. Even after the filming is over, their friendship continues without meeting each other.

3. Performances of active volcanoes bursting with laughter and emotion!
There are five unforgettable performances in the movie <A Joyful Life>. Only three of them are briefly disclosed. First, the audition scene in which the active volcano reunited recklessly challenged with one desire to stand on the stage. The audition, which became a mess due to his playing skills ignoring the pitch and the mistake of dropping a drumstick, is the first performance of an active volcano that cannot be seen without a smile. Second, the club performance scene of an active volcano that has undergone a radical transformation with the joining of Hyun-Jun. The active volcano, which has undergone a dramatic transformation with smokey makeup and tattoos, shows explosive stage manners that excite the audience.

And the impressive cargo performance. The colorful costumes and splashing makeup are erased, and the active volcano's song 'Happy Life', which is sung with only one sincerity, presents a warm impression to all the viewers of the movie. In addition, the rest of the performances of the active volcano, which cannot be described in words, will become famous scenes that will remain in Korean films.

4. It's more fun if you know!! Hidden Actors in Movies!!
Do you remember the staff who appeared as surprise actors in <Radio Star>? Like <Radio Star>, <Happy Life> has the fun of finding hidden staff. Go Seok-dong, a director who drew attention as a young man who was begging for a job in <Radio Star>, appears as a clerk at a used car sales center in <A Joyful Life>. Producer Kim Seong-cheol as the clerk of the musical instrument store, the lighting team as the tattoo shop clerk, and the makeup team as a hair designer at the hairdresser were mobilized. > debuted in Because of their hidden acting skills, director Lee Jun-ik said, "Isn't it the case that you select staff after auditioning?"… Expect great performances from the staff.

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