(Korean Movies) The Game, 2007

The Game, 2007

The Game, 2007
Audience over 15
running time
116 minutes
cumulative audience
1479859 people


Round 1 >> A sweet offer that cannot be avoided, a shocking bet
Min Hee-do (Shin Ha-kyun), a street painter who paints portraits of people in the park, is an ordinary young man who is poor but feels that even the smallest of daily life is precious with his lover Eun-ah (Lee Eun-seong). One day, he receives an unidentified phone call. And invited to a secret and huge mansion, Kang No-sik (Byun Hee-bong), who is called a big hand in the financial world, proposes a once-in-a-lifetime bet with a huge amount of money. Hee-do, shaken by his reckless proposal, eventually accepts Noh-shik's proposal and begins the biggest gamble of his life in order to keep his normal, happy life with the one he loves.

Round 2 >> Everything changed with just one game
Poor street painter Min Hee-do and the legendary financial godfather Kang No-sik. With just one dangerous game, their lives are completely changed. Hee-do, who lost all of her youth and body in an instant, and No-shik, who has not only wealth and honor, but also youth and body, which are everything of a young man. Hee-do, who lost everything and fell into a pit in an instant, with the help of her uncle Tae-seok (Son Hyeon-joo), goes to find Noh-sik's wife, Hye-rin (Lee Hye-young). And she offers Hee-do a way to recover her reversed fate.

Round 3 >> Finally, the life-threatening game begins.
Hee-do prepares for a dangerous game once again to turn everything back. He conspires with Kang No-sik's body to throw the final score once again. Who will be the final winner?

[ Intro ]

one day suddenly,
risk your youth
can have 3 billion
What if I was offered a sweet bet?

A single, irreversible match
The biggest gamble of your life

Do you want to start?

Hot Issue_Betting
** Betting _ The first act of betting money, the role of signaling the start of the game

The first round of <The Game>!

Shocking material never seen before
Change your body! bodily extortion

There are numerous genres of films that choose various and fresh materials to draw the attention of the audience. Among them, <The Game>, a film that stands out the most, presents a strong shock to the audience by dealing with the unique and exotic subject of 'body robbery', which has not been seen in any other movies. A breathtaking confrontation between two men who steals and loses through an unprecedented and dangerous game of exchanging one person's life for a huge sum that cannot be touched in one lifetime is unfolding on the screen.

Min Hee-do, a painter from a poor street who has everything but has only a young and healthy body, with Kang No-sik, a tycoon of an old and sick financier who has everything, makes a fateful bet. The story of the film is enough to arouse a different curiosity in the audience. <The Game>, which amplifies expectations only with the subject of 'body robbery', is expected to open a new chapter in the Korean film industry in 2008.

Hot Issue_ Raise
** Raise _ Betting more than the opponent's bet.

The second round of <The Game>!
Pay attention to the breathtaking Raise of two men who are stolen and taken away!

The best game that will shake Korea in 2008
The final match that sparks sparks begins!
Shin Ha-kyun and Byun Hee-bong are well-known Korean actors. Shin Ha-kyun, who presented various charms in many works such as <Welcome to Dongmakgol> and <Leave when you clap>, and Byun Hee-bong, who captivated 10 million viewers with <Monster> and surpassed Al Pacino in the drama <White Tower>, Clash with The Game>. In the meantime, taking off the friendly and friendly image shown on the screen and on the CRT, both actors play the roles of a shy but good man and a vicious and greedy man at the same time. It is usually difficult to be immersed in a single character in a movie, but the two actors perfectly portrayed the characters of Kang No-sik and Min Hee-do with attractive acting based on solid basics.

In the beginning of the film, Shin Ha-kyun plays a poor street painter Min Hee-do, but after just one bet, he changes 180 degrees to Kang No-sik, who is obsessed with Min Hee-do's memory. The falling Minheedo undertakes a radical transformation. Byun Hee-bong, who showed the power of a noble acting that only middle-aged actors can spurt, and Shin Ha-kyun, who is so immersed in the role just by looking at it, is curious about how the battle between the two men will unfold on the screen after the game that risked their lives. to stimulate

Hot Issue_ Call
** Placing the same amount on the board as set by Call_bet or raise.

The third round of <The Game>!
Call a helper to help you with your game!

Hyeyoung Lee, Hyunjoo Son, Eunseong Lee
A wonderful combination of expected actors
In <The Game>, not only Shin Ha-kyun and Byun Hee-bong, but also actors based on solid acting skills came together. Actress Lee Hye-young, who shows the epitome of provocative charisma with the aid of the femme fatale that leads men to ruin, Son Hyeon-joo, who has been loved for her savory acting on screens and CRTs, and Lee Eun-seong, who showed off her unique charm by playing a unique character, etc. Reliable actors who will give strength to the film have joined.

Her uncle Tae-seok (played by Lee Hye-young), who is a femme fatale who can use anything for whatever she wants, and Hee-do (played by Shin Ha-kyun), who has been deprived of her body with a single bet with a large amount of money, participates in a dangerous game. Son Hyeon-joo), and Eun-ah (Lee Eun-seong), who loves Hee-do but feels confused and confused after returning from a dangerous game, infuse richness into the story of the movie and expect a synergy effect. As such, Lee Hye-young and Son Hyeon-joo's dignified acting and rising newcomer Eun-seong Lee's fresh acting will further enhance the dangerous confrontation between the two men with unknown results and captivate the audience.

Hot Issue_All-in
** All in_ Betting all the money you have during the game.

The last round of <The Game>!
Don't be vigilant until the very end and do All-in!

Continuing <Oldboy>, <Reconstruction of Crime>, and <Blood Nude>
Unpredictable Well-Made Reversal
Unpredictable twists such as <Oldboy>, the shocking ending that the woman she loved is her own daughter, <Reconstruction of Crime>, a perfect two-player role to escape the investigation network, and <Blood Nude>, a meticulous revenge for love. There are films that are deeply engraved in the minds of the audience as a result of the ending. These films lead the audience with a dense and solid composition for a running time of about two hours, and then blow their souls away with a powerful shot at the end of the film.

<The Game> is ready to once again create a sensation in domestic theaters with a well-made reversal that will follow the genealogy of these films. The unpredictable ending and reversal of the movie is enhanced by the unique and exotic material of 'Body Robbery' and the unpredictable change of acting that Korea's leading actors such as Shin Ha-kyun, Byun Hee-bong, and Lee Hye-young will give. Accordingly, <The Game> will give the audience a thrilling catharsis as well as a surprise and strong impression that surpasses anti-war films such as <Oldboy>, <Reconstruction of Crime>, and <Blood Nude>.

[ production note ]

01. 'Body robbery' Even a medical expert kneels in a unique material!
The imagination in the film is gradually becoming a reality. When released in 1997, the movie <Face Off>, which caused controversy for the story that the faces of the two main characters were exchanged through surgery, was released in late November 2005. The success of the face transplant surgery of Like this, <The Game>, in which the bodies of two men are swapped through brain surgery, is also not only happening in movies, but it seems possible in the not too distant future in reality. According to the opinion of the experts who participated in the process of planning the film for the first time, the next stage of research that can treat damaged nerve cells, myocardial cells, diabetes, etc., well known as 'Hwang Woo-seok's stem cells', is the 'The Game' material. Brain transplantation is possible. The unique material of body robbery in <The Game>, which made even medical specialists slap their knees, seems to be an example of expanding the realm of Korean cinema.

02. Surgery scene asking 150 million won!
The production team paid attention to the most notable scene in the movie, the operation scene of Min Hee-do and Kang No-sik. It was a bold set production to put the operating room with a unique and strange feeling from the movie, which is different from the existing hospital operating room. Since brain surgery is the most important part of surgery, equipment used for actual surgery was required. As a result, the production crew looked for expensive equipment necessary for surgery, and managed to gather information that a medical seminar in which all doctors and medical equipment companies participated was being held in Gyeongju. And, as a result of the PT at the seminar, the production team was able to reproduce the perfect operating room by receiving expert advice as well as a total of 150 million won worth of equipment, such as precision microscopes for brain surgery, medical devices, and operating tables, which are few in Korea. there was.

03. Actors' unconventional shave, Jeolla acting!
<The Game>, where the understanding and research on the character had to be different than any other role. Because the roles of Min Hee-do to Kang No-sik and Kang No-sik to Min Hee-do were reversed in a one-time game that risked their lives, the actors' hardships were not the only ones. Both actors boldly abandoned their previous images and shaved their heads for the surgical scene in which the roles of each other were reversed. However, the actors who were worried about the staff saying that they look younger after shaving were able to comfortably act.

In particular, Shin Ha-kyun went all-in on <The Game> with a daring Jeolla acting that actors may be most reluctant to. In the scene of bathing with a youthful body after the bet, the acting that reveals all the back from head to toe is also immortal. Ha-kyun Shin, who is usually quiet and shy, is very shy, but once he enters the filming stage, he takes on acting without any hesitation. Byun Hee-bong also performed as passionately as Shin Ha-kyun. Kang No-sik, who has won the world's wealth and honor, but is waiting for death with his life, after a seizure and a bet, Hee-do, who fell into the abyss, endures pain because of his ailing body, leaves a strong impression due to his poor acting skills. . The performances of Byun Hee-bong and Shin Ha-kyun, who burned their fighting spirits, will add to the fun of watching <The Game> and arouse vivid sympathy.

04. <The Game>'s hidden helper, painter Lee Tae-kyung!
In order to express the life of Noblesse Kang No-sik, where everything from a huge mansion to an office with a neat interior, the production team, who wanted a cool set and painting, went around the country to recruit. And finally, I was able to meet Lee Tae-kyung, a famous painter not only in Korea but also abroad, creating a sensation in the art market. Drawing attention mainly on psychological changes and emotional communication of characters, he showed a lot of interest in <The Game>, such as visiting the Busan set in person to discuss the concept with the director and actors after seeing the scenario. And he promised to do anything that would help the movie, and in addition to portraits of the actors, he gave the production crew a picture just for <The Game>. This painting was hung in the hallway when Hee-do entered the mansion at the beginning of the movie, led by No-shik's sweet proposal, and it overwhelms the viewer with a mysterious and mysterious feeling that seems to foreshadow the future fate of No-sik Kang and Min Hee-do.

05. Life's biggest gamble born in 'rain'!
In <The Game>, there are many scenes where it rains. Various kinds of rain scenes such as rain and drizzle appear in order to convey the change of heart of the main character more clearly to the audience. However, since various state-of-the-art equipment used for filming is the opposite of water, the <The Game> staff had to desperately defend the camera and lighting equipment for every rain scene. In addition, although it is summer, it was the worst situation for actors and staff to go to filming in an environment where the temperature was basically dropping at night and it was hit by artificial rain that weighed more than 127 tons. However, the actors and staff went to the filming, defending the lowering body temperature despite the murderous environment, such as slipping in the mud and ripped raincoats. With the fighting spirit of these actors and staff, the rain scene, which accounts for about 30% of <The Game>, was able to be completed by adding strength to the confrontation between Min Hee-do and Kang No-sik with vivid and high quality.

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