(Korean Movies) The Fatal Encounter, 2014

The Fatal Encounter, 2014

The Fatal Encounter, 2014
period drama
Audience over 15
running time
135 minutes
cumulative audience
3849700 people
1st Korean Film Writers Association Award 2014


On the hour of the hour (3 a.m.)
'Kwain is the son of Crown Prince Sado'. One year after King Jeongjo, Jeongjo (Hyun Bin) cannot sleep at night, suffering from constant assassination threats. Sang-chae (Jung Jae-young), the servant whom Jeongjo trusts the most, protects him like a shadow day and night.

Half hour (4 am)
As the day dawned, King Jeongjo headed to Daewangbijeon to greet Queen Jeongsun in the morning. Hong Guk-yeong (Park Seong-woong) and Sang-chae, the captain of Geum Wi-yeong, who are in charge of the king's escort, follow him.

On the hour of Myo Time (5 a.m.)
'If the boss gets hurt, I'm not well'. Queen Jeongsun (Han Ji-min), the best leader of Noron, warns Jeongjo by revealing her ambitions implicitly.

Myoshi (卯時) half-hour (6:00 a.m.)
Wol-hye (Jung Eun-chae), a nine-year-old girl from Jeongjo's residence, goes to collect clothes, and Hye-gyeong-gung (Kim Seong-ryeong), the mother of Jeong-jo, comes to visit and worries about her son's well-being, saying, "Last night's dream was a bad place."

Jin Hour Hexagon (8:30 am)
Meanwhile, outside the palace, Sal-su (Jo Jung-seok), who has the best skills in Joseon, is asked to assassinate Gwang-baek (Cho Jae-hyun) to get the king's neck tonight…

Surrounding the king's assassination, those who have to live, those who have to kill, those who have to live
The 24 hours of mixed fate begins!

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