(Korean Movies) The Divine Weapon, 神機箭, 2008

The Divine Weapon, 神機箭, 2008

The Divine Weapon, 神機箭, 2008
Audience over 15
running time
134 minutes
cumulative audience
32nd Golden Cinematography Awards 2009


The Continent's Threat to Korea
It was neither the king nor the state who faced it!
1448, 30th year of King Sejong
Fearing the development of new firearms in Joseon, one imperial family secretly attacked the artillery research institute, and the lab encyclopedia 'Dissolution' evacuates the only daughter Hong-ri (Han Eun-jung), along with the 'Chungtong Registration' containing everything about the development of the new weapon, and is about to be completed. Self-destruct with 'Shinjeon'. When the plan fails, Ming dispatches armed forces disguised as a large-scale envoy to search for the missing 'Führer Registration' and 'Hong-ri'…

What the hell is that new firearm?
Seol-Ju (Jung Jae-Young), who was trying to participate in trade with the continent with a plan to take good care of it when she heard that the famous envoys were coming, loses all her fortune due to misinformation. Then, one day, Chang-Gang (Heo Jun-Ho), Sejong's escort guard, comes to him and asks him to pay a large sum of money for Hong-ri, a woman full of secrets. Seol-ju, who accepted the deal to save the top, finds out that she is a key figure in the development of the secret weapon 'Shinjeon' and tries to send her back, but is fascinated by the power of 'Shinjeon' she has shown and participates in the development of the new weapon with her colleagues.

This is truly the choice of the king of this country…
However, due to the raid of the Ming samurai who have narrowed the siege, the 'French Registration' is lost and the development of the new shrine falls into a labyrinth. Meanwhile, when Joseon did not surrender, Ming pushed 100,000 troops to the banks of the Yalu River and pressed the court, and King Sejong ordered the suspension of the development of the new shrine for the safety of the people. Seol-ju, angry at this, disobeys the commandment and starts the fight for the final completion of the new battlefield…


Completed by King Sejong who dreamed of becoming an absolute power
The world's first rocket cannon

However, great achievements are not recorded in history.

by great powers for 560 years
The splendid feat of misfortune that had to be hidden
A film is reborn with the imagination thrown by it!

[ Prologue ]

“Shin Jeon is a very clear and pleasant film that confirms our abilities once again.
Laughter, sadness, action, even a well-planned drama…
It will be a 'movie that can be enjoyed by a variety of people because it provides complex fun.'
-Director Yujin Kim

“The movie <Shinjeon> is a work that put a lot of effort into writing three or four other works.
Making stories from history that we can be proud of in an exciting and new way
At the same time, I wanted to make a work that would brighten the future of our film!”
– Writer Lee Man-hee

“You will be amazed at the power of the new war, you will be surprised by the people who tried to protect it,
You will be amazed by the great story of the whole movie!”
– Actor Jung Jae-young

“In our hidden history, the world's first rocket is an unimaginably great hero.
And that is 'our spirit' that the public must know, regardless of the box office success of the film.”
– Actor Heo Jun-ho

[ About Movie ]

A refreshing combination of historical facts and cinematic imagination
The pinnacle of the faction syndrome following <Silmido>, <The King's Man>, and <Glamorous Vacation>
2008, only one faction spectacle <Shinjeon>

In 2003, after <Silmido>, the first domestic film to break through the 10 million mark, <The King of King> and <Glamorous Vacation> succeeded in succession at the box office, establishing faction as the best-selling genre of Korean films. Faction works that are completed by adding dramatic fun to historical facts or true stories are the most preferred genre by Korean audiences. The movie <Shinjeon> is based on the world's first multiple rocket artillery 'Shinjeon', which actually existed in the history of Joseon. It is a faction masterpiece that intriguingly depicts the stories of people who tried to protect them. In addition, <Shinjeon>, which not only re-examines history, but also has abundant entertainment such as a huge battle scene with 100,000 troops on the continent, the majesty of the new war that shook heaven and earth, and spectacular sights, <Shinjeon> is attracting attention as the only work that will reach the peak of the faction craze. .

Joseon achieved the world's first rocket artillery 560 years ago.
A great achievement not recorded in history is revived on the screen!
<Shinjeon>, a national masterpiece that will bring refreshing national luck to Korea

Joseon and Sejong, the small countries that developed the 'first rocket artillery' new war 300 years earlier than the West. This was a huge achievement that even the Ming Dynasty, a great power at the time, did not dare to attempt, but little is known to us today. One of our nation's best inventions has fallen asleep as it is through the twists and turns of a long history, a battle between great powers. The movie <New Warfare> breathes refreshing energy into the people of Korea living today by reviving the great moments of our history through the screen. In particular, the sorrow of the small country 'Joseon', which had to break its pride 560 years ago amidst the threat of the continent, reflects the current situation of the Republic of Korea, which was not free from the influence of neighboring powers even in 2008. Perseverance and achievements come with an even hotter sound. <Shinjeon>, met during Chuseok, the national holiday in 2008, will be established as a true national masterpiece that moves our hearts by adding these echoes.

<Silmido> <Public Enemy> Director Kang Woo-seok Producer
<Promise> Director Kim Yu-jin, writer Lee Man-hee, the protagonist of the mythical box office
The big project of the Korean movie box office Troika

Director Kim Yu-jin and writer Lee Man-hee of The Promise, a monumental work that opened a new box office history in the Korean film industry in 1998, are the ones who opened the renaissance of the Korean film industry. When there were many single theaters, the movie "The Promise" mobilized 660,000 viewers in Seoul alone and took the top spot at the box office. And in 2003, director Kang Woo-seok was the creator of <Silmido>, the first Korean film to mobilize 10 million viewers. The movie <Shinjeon> writes a new box office history, and the fact that the three main pillars of the Korean film industry, who give credibility just by the name, united in one work, is a work that makes you feel a hot thrill. With the combination of three writers, director Kim Yu-jin, who directed a director that moves the viewer's heart, director Kang Woo-seok, a box office hitter in Chungmuro, and writer Man-hee Lee, who has presented amazing scene settings and excellent dialogue scenarios, the movie <New Warfare> is the first place in the audience's expectations in 2008.

Jung Jae-young, Ahn Sung-ki, Heo Jun-ho, Han Eun-jung
And another main character, 'Shinjeon'
A secret weapon that will surprise the world <Shinjeon> is revived

Actors who are called naero on domestic screens and CRTs mobilized to protect the new game. Following <Kang Cheol-jung: Public Enemy 1-1>, Jung Jae-young is aiming for a second hit this summer; Heo Jun-ho is active on the screen, CRT and musical stage; The fact that Korea's best actors gathered up to Ahn Sung-ki, a true national actor who bears the weight of the work of Edo, alone makes the trust in the movie <Shinjeon> extraordinary. However, there is another main character in this film that is just as important as the actors. That's the 'Shinjeon' that was revived in the movie. With the help of Dr. Yeon-seok Chae of the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, the performance of the new warfare, which was restored to be able to launch not only in appearance but also in actual launch, will provide a surprising experience to modern audiences beyond 560 years.

[ Production note ]

A huge challenge that overturns the standards of 21st century Korean film masterpieces!
Production period of 5 years and 8 months, a long journey across the Korean Peninsula
The passionate passion of the production team that transcends the scale!
The total production period of the movie <New Warfare> was 5 years and 8 months, of which only the data research and the screenplay work were carried out for 4 years and 6 months. The effort of the producers can be glimpsed. In addition, the background of the movie <Shinjeon> is the entire Korean Peninsula, starting with Wonju for about 7 months, then visiting Seoul, Yongin Korean Folk Village, Andong, Jecheon, Namwon, Taean, Wando, Suncheon, Sokcho, and a total of 17 regions across the country. It was possible because of the nationwide location hunting that took place for two years.

Permission to shoot Gyeongbokgung Palace for the first time in film history
In one day, 5 cameras, 500 extras were mobilized to enter the palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace is a place that has never been opened for filming before. The production team's strong will to capture even a single scene of perfect history led to a long persuasion, eventually achieving the splendid feat of being the first permission to shoot Gyeongbokgung Palace in the history of movies. However, the allowed schedule was only one day, 5 cameras, mobilization of 500 extras, and shooting from dawn to dusk, reminiscent of a military operation.

One of the best highlights not to be missed
The final battle scene completed after 2 months of filming!

The highlight of the movie, the final battle scene depicting the confrontation of the elite troops of Joseon against 100,000 troops on the continent, takes two months of filming, a total of 5,000 extras, and the launch of 2,500 new wars, suggesting the grand scale of the movie. In addition, the large blue screen installed outdoors for filming the CG source in the movie is 8 meters high and 70 meters long, exceeding the size used in the movie <Taegeukgi Flying>. The battle scenes in the movie <Shinjeon> will present an unprecedented spectacle to Korean film history through elaborate post-production.

Successful launch of 'Shinjeon' restoration,
Relive the great achievements of our ancestors!

The new game in the movie is a 'real new game' that can be launched not only in appearance. The restoration process of the new shrine, which took a total of 6 months, was another challenge for the production team to show the great achievements of our ancestors as facts rather than lies. With the active cooperation of Dr. Chae Yeon-seok of the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, who succeeded in restoring the actual new warfare, the art team for design, special props team for production, and special effects team for gunpowder production were perfectly coordinated. ' It adds interest because it resembles the figures who jumped in to complete it. It is said that Dr. Chae Yeon-seok was 120% satisfied with the completed new story. In addition, the power of the actually launched 'Shinjeon' will provide a fresh shock to modern audiences with an upgraded appearance by recruiting the visual effects team of <Monster>.

Chungmuro historical drama players are all out!
1448, re-creating the appearance of the early Joseon Dynasty!

Since it is a work set in the early Joseon Dynasty, the biggest task of the production design was to bring out the cinematic feel in the meticulously verified era of the time. Under the general direction of art director Min Eon-ok of <Chunhyang-dang> and <Blood Nude>, the set was built for the Ming imperial family, the laboratory, and the interior of the royal family at a total cost of 4 billion won. In order to bring out the feeling of the artist, he spends more time making props such as drawings and formulas rather than sets. Han Pil-nam, the makeup team leader of <Jinyi Hwang> and <Scandal> , It will also give you a different kind of fun to see the styles and costumes mixed with the late Goryeo and the early Joseon Dynasty in the movie created by the costume designer Jeong Kyung-hee of <Blood Nude>.


issue 1. Sejong, the best Seonggun of Joseon, re-examines his other ambitions!
Sejong, who is considered to be the greatest king in the history of half a million years, but his father's love and failure to rise to the throne as the third son, there have been various interpretations of his craftsmanship and ambition. Sejong, who appears in the movie <Shinjeon>, was impressed by the threats from the famous envoys, and turned around and said, “Yeah Byung-huol!” There is also seen the drasticness that provokes Although King Sejong paid tribute to the royal family who had been sent to his home country as a small country, the starting point of <Shinjeon> was to re-examine Sejong, saying that what he really wanted to create was not Hangeul, but 'Shinjeon'!

issue 2. Goryeo remained in the early Joseon period of great chaos!
The Joseon dynasty, which replaced four kings within 50 years of its founding, persecuted the Goryeo refugees to establish royal authority, but they also advocated anarchism. The representative of such Goryeo refugees is Seol-ju, who was the son of a gunpowder maker in Goryeo, and as the dynasty changed, he became a middle-class man, leading a group of people with the same intentions as himself. Seol-ju's fateful choice to follow the king of Joseon, who denied herself as a hermit in the chaotic period, reflects the times of the early Joseon Dynasty. Filtration scholar Hong-ri also appeared as the granddaughter of Mu-seon Choi and the daughter of Hae-san Choi, a key figure in the development of freight cars from the early days of King Taejong of the Joseon Dynasty, based on historical facts. .

Issue 3. A pretty or good side dish woman, a young eunuch, various tribute…
Anyone would be outraged that the time and now, when even a great king could not face the threat of a great power, is not much different, but Sejong, who is evaluated as a realist and a good dictator, had no choice but to kneel in front of the bigotry. During the reign of King Sejong, Seondeokje did not like war, so instead of horses, he demanded Haedongcheong, the master of Joseon's hawks, and a big dog and a lynx, so that the Haedongcheong capture order was issued nationwide. In addition, Joseon eunuchs who were paid tribute were often sent as eunuchs as eunuchs, and they took the lead in exploiting the court and exploiting Joseon.

isse 4. The history of gunpowder and wagons… Facts hidden in <Shinjeon>
1) At that time, only China could make gunpowder, and Joseon had to change a lot of tribute and a small amount of gunpowder. At the end of the Goryeo Dynasty, Mu-seon Choi made gunpowder, which led to the development of freight cars in the early Joseon Dynasty. This was documented in King Sejong, and as a result, 'Shinjeon' was recognized as 'the world's first rocket artillery with blueprints'. That blueprint is the 'Registration of the Führer' that is stolen and taken away in the movie. In addition, the mass production of gunpowder was made possible by Seolju, who received the recipe from her father, who was a gunpowder factory at the end of the Goryeo Dynasty.

2) Salt is the most important thing to make gunpowder. The main ingredient of salt vinegar is potassium nitrate, and Choi Mu-eun was able to make gunpowder by finding out that the secret to making gunpowder was obtained from this salt vinegar. When the research institute secretly manufacturing firearms was blown up by Myeong assassins, Sejong and Changgang, who lost both gunpowder and technicians, had to rely on Seolju, who knew the secret to separating gunpowder components from salt vinegar. This is because it was discovered while collecting this salt.

3) In fact, about two rocket-type weapons called 'Bihwachang' were developed in the Jin Dynasty of China in 1232, but 'Shinjeon' is the oldest among the existing rocket artillery designs. What China, the cradle of gunpowder, did not dare to come up with was that it had the disadvantage of being able to explode from the friendly side before flying and attacking the enemy. On the other hand, Joseon's paper made with excellent papermaking made a great contribution to keeping gunpowder from exploding until it flew.

issue 5. Why Sejong 30 Years?
On September 13, the 30th year of King Sejong, Sejong delivered to each province the 'Registration of Chongtong', which recorded the development method for the development of new weapons and hwachas, which began with Juhwa, a firearm that has been around since the end of Goryeo, and instructed them to 'develop firearms and practice shooting'. do. Strictly speaking, the new warfare could be called a 'single-shot rocket', and the 'wagon' played the role of loading and propelling it. According to the records, a freight car with a separate name, 'Chongtonggi', is said to have been developed during the King Sejong era, and it is said that the freight car was developed. It is also possible to interpret that a freight car was developed during that time. The film is based on the historical fact of the 30th year of King Sejong and the completion of the presidential registration when it is shown that King Sejong's death was 32 years after his accession and Munjong was involved in the development of the new war car and the new war car during the reign of Crown Prince. Also, in the movie, Moonjong's role as a crown prince who does not back down from discussions with the envoys and suffers with Sejong can be said to add imagination to historical facts.

[What is the secret weapon of Joseon? ]

“I hope that the movie <New Warfare> will become a work that will instill pride in the people of Korea and instill a dream for the future in the youth by making it well known that our people are a world-class nation with great scientific and technological creativity.”
– Dr. Chae Yeon-seok, former president of Korea Aerospace Research Institute

1. The world's first rocket with blueprints in existence!
A war weapon of tremendous power with the longest firing length of 2 km!

Singijeon, the world's first rocket with existing blueprints and the secret weapon of Joseon that commanded the continent, was divided into small, medium, and large new battles and was effectively used in various battles. In particular, it is said that once fired, the arrow flies up to 1-2 km away, causing the enemy to become confused and help lead the war to victory. Among the gunpowder wars, which began in earnest after the self-development of gunpowder, the new war was completed in the 30th year of King Sejong, who achieved the most peaceful period of the Joseon Dynasty, and made a remarkable contribution to King Sejong the Great's operation to restore the territory of the 4 armies and 6 bases, which extended from the Yalu River to the Tuman River.

2. 10:1 Impossible Fight!!
Was it really the women's clothes skirts that contributed to the battle of the clothes?

February 12, 1593 at 6 am. Haengjusanseong Fortress, which was guarded by only 2,800 people, is attacked by 30,000 Japanese soldiers armed with high-tech guns. After twelve hours and nine attacks to capture Haengjusanseong Fortress, which had no walls, the Japanese retreated leaving only 10,000 casualties. In this battle, the Japanese army suffered a heavy blow that was difficult to recover, and Joseon provided a decisive opportunity to reverse the Imjin War… History recorded this battle as the Battle of Haengju. Was the cause of this victory in the battle of the clothes line because of the stones carried by the wives in their clothes, as they learned in elementary school history class? General Kwon Yul had a secret weapon like a ghost that overwhelms the Japanese guns with a range of 50 to 100 meters!

3. We buried ourselves in history!!
The best weapon in the world that made the continent tremble in fear!

As the pressure on Joseon of the Ming Dynasty, which newly conquered the continent following the Yuan Dynasty, increased, it boasted a range of 2km and made barbarians and Japanese people tremble in fear. Later, it was used to suppress the rebels in Anseong in the 4th year of King Yeongjo (1728). Finally, the record in the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty, which was said to have been made, disappears from history. The Joseon Dynasty, which gave in to the pressure of the people of the world, neglected science and technology, and lost even the will to develop technology, has buried itself in history as the last possibility of advancing to the continent and the most outstanding product of science and technology.

4. Unlucky Joseon's secret weapon whose secrets were hidden in the etiquette book
Resurrected with the dedication of a scientist!

The last record that the new shrine was used to suppress the rebels in Anseong in the 4th year of King Yeongjo (1728) disappears. The blueprint containing the secret of the completion of the new temple was found dramatically in the Joseon etiquette book 'Gukjo Orye Seorye', but the question remains unanswered why the products of science and technology that dominated an era were not officially preserved and hidden in the etiquette book. The existence and blueprint of the new war was only rediscovered by Dr. Chae Yeon-seok of the Korea Aerospace Research Institute in 1975, and was recognized as the world's oldest rocket design by the International Society for Space and Aviation (IAF).

[ Epilog ]

In the winter of 2004, it was at a mountain lodge meeting in Seoraksan for the development of materials for new equipment.
The directing staff pushes the professional books in the ramen box in front of me.
Read 50 books.
Lying in bed, soothing my sleepy eyes, reading the diplomatic documents of the Joseon Dynasty
At some point, I jumped up and sat down.
'Listen to the quirky Joseon'
These are the official words of the Ming Dynasty emperor in a letter to the king of Joseon.
blood rushed upside down.
It's rude Joseon… I don't even use such low-key words even on servants.
Ah, Joseon was like this… Our ancestors suffered so poorly…

Sinshinjeon is a work written with anger.
Such humiliation and resentment can be repeated at any time.
I wanted to show how the ancestors protected this river through the new game.

2008… One day
Writer Lee Man-hee

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