(Korean Movies) The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful, 2019

The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful, 2019

The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful, 2019
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“The world is one of two
Will it be a playground or a living hell?”

'Gwisu', a child who lost everything in Baduk
Heo Il-do, the only teacher he leaned on, lost and survived alone.
Plan revenge on the world.

The choice of fate is in God's game board!

Gwi-soo (Kwon Sang-woo), who jumped into the relentless betting board that drove him to his limbs,
He travels around the country and competes with people who play Go like a ghost…

A battle for life and death!
Would you like to put God's moves back?


“In the <Divine Move> series, ‘Gwisu’ was the beginning of all stories”
Writer Yoo Seong-hyeop

<Divine Move: Destiny> is a spin-off of the <Divine Move> series.
It deals with the story of a character named 'Gwisu' mentioned in the play 15 years ago.


Who is the 'gwisu' that appeared in <God's Move>?

“Would you like one?”
A note is delivered to Tae-seok, who is imprisoned in a prison cell, asking him to play Go, and a knock is heard in the next room.
Two people playing Go against a wall through a knock sound.

“Who are you? We know the name.”
Tae-seok, who played Go with the man next door for several days with a wall in between, never wins.
He asks for his name to know his name, but he doesn't answer.

“Seek the Lord in Gwancheol-dong”

“There is one person in Busan who writes such a number…”
A man who wins Tae-seok by sitting in a solitary room and playing Go with only his head.
The 'Lord' says that he calls him 'Gwisu'.


initiation and paving
“I saw Lee Chang-ho’s 9-dan Go at the World Baduk Championship 15 years ago.
It came like a martial arts movie with a sense of tension and thrill.
By transferring that tension to the screen, Go is not an old game.
I wanted it to be a living, breathing world and a place of action.”
Writer Yoo Seong-hyeop

“Through the deeper world of Go and more diverse characters than the previous one,
You will be able to feel the wider worldview.”
Director Regan

“In the worldview unique to the <Divine Move> series, Go masters of various styles
The focus was on having a great match like comic coloring and martial arts.”
Hwang Geun-ha, the producer of <A Divine Move>

“It is possible only within the movie world view of <God's Move>”
I boldly expressed cartoonish scenes.”
Director of Photography Kim Dong-young

“If <Divine Move> tried to express coldness,
<God's Move: Gwisu-Pyeon> struggled to express the heat.
Martial arts director Kim Cheol-jun


The original producers of <God's Move> unite!
Spin-off Criminal Action <God's Move: Your Hands>
Brilliant comeback on Thursday, November 7th!
Would you like to put God's moves back?

The topical work <God's Move>, which caused a sensation in both workmanship and box office due to the meeting of Go and action in Chungmuro in 2014, will make a comeback to theaters on November 7th, 2019 (Thursday) after 5 years.

The movie <God's Move: Ghosts> is a movie in which a 'gwi-soo' who loses everything and survives alone battles for life and death with people who play like ghosts in the world of cruel betting boards. This work is a spin-off work dealing with the story of 15 years ago of the previous work by reuniting the original crew of <God's Move>, which mobilized 3.56 million viewers in 2014 with a different subject of betting Baduk. In particular, it was made into a crime action movie with a unique style with a sense of cartoon imagination and rhythm to deal with the birth story of 'Gwisu (鬼手),' which means 'those who put a number like a ghost' that appeared in the previous work.

It is considered a difficult challenge to make a successful film into a spin-off work with the concept of expanding it into a series in the Korean film industry. This is because the audience's expectations for the expansion of the worldview and characters shown in the previous work are also rising. In response, the original production team responsible for the perfection of the previous work participated in <Faithful Move: Ghosts>. Starting with producer Hwang Geun-ha, who was in charge of planning, scriptwriter Yoo Seong-hyeop, cinematographer Kim Dong-young, lighting director Kim Hyung-yong, art director Oh Gyu-taek, music director Jang Hyuk-jin, editing director Shin Min-kyung, as well as Go advisor Kim Seon-ho, a Go player, all worked together to create the film. While maintaining the originality, we focused on the variation of the story that changes.

To deal with the 15-year-old story of <Divine Move>, which was well-received by depicting the battles of life-and-death players on a betting board, <Divine Move: The Devil> is a unique crime action movie with more comical imagination and rhythm than the previous work. Announcing the birth, it plans to show off its unique strong presence in theaters in November.

I risked my life for a new character!
The number of six-person, six-color acting masters that will overwhelm the screen!
The passionate performances and challenges of those who will change the game in Chungmuro!

The production team of the movie <Divine Move: Gwi-su-Pyeon> paid attention to the casting of the legendary character Gwi-soo, who Tae-seok (Jung Woo-sung) from the previous work, <Divine Move> is looking for. Above all, we needed an actor who could perform all the classic and seasoned actions that can be compared with Jung Woo-sung, who was called an action legend. After a long time of preparation, the original production team of <Faithful Move> unanimously chose Kwon Sang-woo as Gwi-soo, the one who bets life and death on the board.

Kwon Sang-woo for the movie <God's Strike: The Handmaiden> trained for more than 3 months of high-intensity action practice, lost more than 6kg, and trained his body to be close to 5% body fat. In particular, he completed the character through in-depth discussions with martial arts director Kim Cheol-joon in order to digest the new style of action unfolding in each scene.

With Kwon Sang-woo, who plays Gwi-su, the lead, in the movie <Divine Move: Gwi-soo-Pyeon>, there are many actors who will play a role in acting. Kim Hee-won as the master of go-go, Dung Master, Kim Seong-gyun as Heo Il-do, the master of go-between, Heo Seong-tae as the vicious Busan weed, Woo Do-hwan as a loner who lost everything due to Go, and Won Hyeon-jun as Jang Seong-wudang who plays baduk. The acting corps, who perfectly digested the character, give a sparkly performance in the movie. In the fierce battle of Go in the state of breaking the seal, their acting battles also foretell a feast of overwhelming characters with a confrontation between the two poles, like black and white Go stones.

Released on November 7th (Thursday), <Faithful Move: Goi-Soo> is the best performance from Kwon Sang-woo, who risked life and death for the role of 'Gwi-su', and Kim Hee-won, Kim Sung-kyun, Heo Seong-tae, Woo Do-hwan, and Won Hyun-jun, who will show the best acting skills. The gods will show you one plate that sticks properly.

More colorful than cartoons!
Upgraded stamp breaking Go action!
A new observation point from the original producers of <God's Move>!

The appearance of <God's Move> in 2014 attracted a lot of attention as a cartoonish element to the extent that there were search terms related to the original cartoon or webtoon at the time. In particular, after the success of the movie, webtoon officials coveted it and showed the possibility of expanding it as an attractive content to the extent that there were cases of suggesting the movie as a webtoon or comic book production. In this <God's Move: The Handmaiden>, as it deals with a wider worldview, it seeks to differentiate it from its predecessors by adding personality and novelty. It's more like cartoon-like characters than cartoons, adding newness to the stamp-breaking style Go action.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the world of competition in a checkerboard with dimensions of 45 centimeters in width and 42 centimeters in height, 19 horizontal and vertical parallel lines, and 361 squares, is a microcosm of life. Terms frequently used in everyday life, such as life and death, settling, and defeat, are derived from Baduk. In the movie <God's Move: Ghosts>, the seal-breaking style of Go action game has been upgraded more than its predecessor. The breathtaking and overwhelming confrontation has been upgraded to a variety of games from psychological warfare to life-and-death Go, spectator Baduk, maenggi Baduk, pandon Baduk, and private Baduk, showing a unique confrontation with a resolution different from the previous work <God's Move>.

In addition, the colorful action unfolding in a unique space such as alleyways, toilets, and foundries melted in the background of the movie that started in 1988 will make you enjoy watching a cartoon. In particular, the story development that breaks the dojo one by one, like watching a popular mobile game or cartoon, delivers excitement and thrilling tension that surpasses that of previous works. At the same time, martial arts director Kim Cheol-jun said, "If <God's Move> tried to express coldness, <God's Move: The Ghost Edition> was concerned with expressing heat." stated that he has made an effort.

In particular, in this <Faithful Move: Ghosts>, even if you do not know much about Go, if you follow the process of breaking a dojo, even the audience will experience sitting in the center of the game board of the gods.


The production team who produced the perfect Go match based on the actual notation!
A detailed number of actors who recognized all the notations!
A stylish Go game scene full of tension is born!

If <God's Move> showed how intense and focused Go is a sport that requires concentration through the world of betting Go that was not known until now, this time, <God's Move: Goesusion> focuses attention on stylish and diverse Go games that pay attention to detail. make it The original production team of <God's Move> reunited, and this <God's Move: The Ghost Edition> made an effort to deliver the fun of the Go game beyond its predecessor.

The production team applied their own playing style to each character for the dojo-breaking story. In <God's Move: Ghosts>, you can meet 6-person, 6-color Baduk, including life-and-death Baduk, spectator Baduk, maenggi baduk, pandon baduk, private stone Baduk, and godly Baduk. The production team made use of the fun of watching the game with various variations such as the way the characters place stones and the way bets are made to suit each game style. At the same time, scenes full of tension were produced with various game methods, such as one-color Go, in which a game is played only with a single colored Go stone, and multi-layered Go, in which one-on-many Go games are played.

In particular, all the great countries appearing in the movie were based on the notation that Kim Seon-ho, a Go player who had been with him since <God's Move>, made a board and was verified by about 30 professional Go players. Based on this notation, the actors had difficulties not only in acting the character, but also understanding the notation and performing detailed performances of playing Go. In response, the production company CEO Hwang Geun-ha said, “The actors did not spare any practice. He recognized and memorized the notation of one game he was putting on, and he played a cool game of Go.”

In this way, actors and staff work together to add authenticity to the colorful Go game, which is expected to create a stylish 6-person, 6-color, unique Go game unique to <God's Move: Gwisu-Pyeon>.

The number of wins in the original action that raised the actor's breathing to the maximum!
A stylish action that perfectly captures the world of intense betting Go!
# Toilet Action # Alley Action # Foundry Action

In <God's Move: Destiny>, stylish actions that make you feel action catharsis appear between the big powers. The raw, uncounted action leads to the creative action-style world of the <Divine Move> franchise.

Martial arts director Kim Chul-joon said, "Just as Baduk does not miss the opponent's moves, the action of <God's Move: The Hands of God> requires you to watch the opponent carefully," he said. As a character who would have trained in physical strength and action alone without learning a specific martial art, he needed action acting that did not show the combination of actions in advance. did it Martial arts director Kim Cheol-jun said, “Kwon Sang-woo is good at action and has excellent concentration. Normally, I memorized the total required for a day or two in two or three hours.” He praised his passion and talent. Kwon Sang-woo is expected to show off the unique action style of 'Gwi-soo' by perfectly digesting the striking action and elegant action without stunts.

In <God's Move: Destiny>, there are three big action sequences that were created through the efforts of actors and staff. First of all, the 'toilet action', in which the ghost and the hook-eyed party face off, is an action that stands out in light, darkness, and contrast. >’s shooting concept is most clearly revealed.” Here, Kwon Sang-woo shows a realistic feeling of hitting by wrapping a go ball soaked in water in his hand. Next, the narrow 'alley action', which shows off the naked action of 'Gwisu', is expected to heighten the intense tension that makes you sweat through a short sense of distance. Lastly, the hot action scene of the foundry, which contrasts sharply with the frozen warehouse action of the previous work <A Divine Move>, is a scene where you can feel the sharp emotional confrontation between the ghost and the loner. The desperate action of a loner, the defense of Gwi-soo who understands his feelings, and the restrained emotions are expected to focus on the stylish action unique to <God's Move: The Devil>.

Implemented with intense color and texture contrast
A stylish mise-en-scène unique to <God's Move: Destiny>

Since <God's Move: Ghosts> deals with the story of 'Gwisoo' 15 years ago in <God's Moves>, the original producers focused on the setting to capture the past on the screen. In particular, as both 'Young Ghost' and 'Adult Ghost' appeared, we tried to realize the flow of time by using the contrast of texture and color.

As cinematographer Dong-Young Kim mentioned, “I used tungsten lighting for childhood scenes to give it a warm feeling”, the past story of ‘Gwi-su’ uses tungsten lighting that can give an orange color and anamorphic lenses to give it an old-fashioned retro feel. It could be implemented emotionally. In the process of growing into a cool figure through a crisis, he tried to contrast by mixing blue colors little by little. In addition to this, unlike young Gwi-soo, who filmed with a contemplative feeling, after Gwi-su grew up to be an adult, he actively used a wide-angle lens to make changes so that the audience could approach the person a little more.

In addition to the contrast of colors, the strong characters that seem to have come out of a cartoon are also noteworthy. The unique spatial backgrounds that go well with each character and the unique Go masters who have been hiding from all over the country give you the fun of seeing villains appearing in games or cartoons. Here, the images completed with different colors and textures for each character create a stylish mise-en-scène unique to <God's Move: Gwisu-Pyeon> and show its unique charm.


Three generations one country
Meaning that life in the world is like playing a game of Go

great country
the act of playing

notation [棋譜]
A record of leaving a single board of Go

death and death
the crossroads of life and death. A generic term for the battle between stones and stones to live and die.

start [initiation]
Placing Go stones one at a time on a checkerboard

Before the stipulated time limit is exhausted, the timekeeper reads the time limit for one start numerically to the player concerned.

paving stone
Placing stones early to give an advantage to a mid-fight fight or home possession

singular [單手]
If you put one more move, you will win the opponent's stone.

axis [逐]
A method of driving the opponent's stone to become singular

patching [敗着]
The decisive handshake that caused the loss

A unit for counting the empty spaces on the checkerboard that has become self-occupied

Count the number of houses after playing Go

revival [復棋]
To criticize the baduk game that has been left behind, to put it aside from the beginning.

Source: Go Dictionary of Korean Origin

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