(Korean Movies) The Divine Fury, 2019

The Divine Fury, 2019

The Divine Fury, 2019
Audience over 15
running time
129 minutes
cumulative audience
1611163 people
40th Golden Cinematography Awards 2021
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After losing his father when he was young, the martial arts champion 'Yong-hoo' (Park Seo-joon) remains only distrustful of the world.
One day, he discovers that a deep wound of unknown cause has been made on his palm.
Go to a place where there is someone to help.
There, he met the exorcist priest Ahn (Sung-ki Ahn) from the Vatican.
'Yong-hoo' realizes that his wounded hands have special powers.
Through this, he learns of the existence of evil that is disrupting the world,
We'll be with Father Ahn, who is looking for the powerful mastermind behind and spreading evil, Ji-Shin (Woo Do-Hwan)…!

Will you be on the side of evil?
Will you fight evil?
Summer 2019, the messenger of the gods is coming!

[ Prologue ]

one who fights evil
he is a messenger of god

A person who runs an errand after receiving an order or request
Prophet who received a revelation from God

[ About Movie ]

Martial Arts Champion X Kuma Priest
They come against the evils of the world
Summer 2019, the birth of the youngest and freshest movie

<The Lion> is a movie depicting the story of a martial arts champion 'Yong-hoo' meeting an exorcist priest 'Father Ahn' and fighting a powerful evil that has plunged the world into chaos. The story of <The Lion> begins with a wound of unknown reason that suddenly occurred after a nightmare about a martial artist who had only distrust of the world after losing his father in an accident when he was young. Before meeting 'Yong-hoo' and 'Yong-hoo', who met the exorcist priest 'Father Ahn' and realized that there is special power in their wounded hands, 'Father Ahn' fought alone against the evils hidden all over the world. The encounter between the two characters, the martial arts champion and the exorcist priest, stimulates interest in a new setting that has never been seen before, and instantly draws the audience into their world. In particular, the performances of 'Bride Ahn', who performs exorcism rituals heavily with years of experience and years of experience, and 'Yong-hoo', who subdues the bully with the special abilities and power given to him in a moment of crisis, deliver fresh fun. And the inner conflict of 'Yong-hoo', who can't easily erase his resentment and wounds towards the world, adds a dramatic sense of immersion while changing little by little due to 'Bride Ahn', who risks her life and carries out her mission based on strong beliefs. While those who spread evil around the black bishop 'Ji-shin' who penetrates the opponent and uses his weakness are starting to move, 'Father Ahn' who must stop this and 'Yong-hoo' at the crossroads of an important choice. Running towards the highlight in the thrilling development that unfolds between them, <The Lion> provides a thrilling cinematic pleasure with dynamic sights and powerful action with fantasy imagination. <The Lion>, which adds a new material that is rare in Korean cinema, bold genre trials, and intense fantasy and action highlights, will shake the theaters with the youngest and freshest movie this summer.

<Youth Police> Director Kim Joo-hwan & Park Seo-joon's collaboration
National actor Ahn Sung-ki and rising star Woo Do-hwan join
Summer 2019, the newest and most attractive teamwork completion

Director Kim Joo-hwan and Park Seo-joon, who heated up theaters in the summer of 2017 by captivating 5.65 million viewers with a new style of youth investigation action <Youth Police>, collaborated once again through <The Lion>. Following the movie <Youth Police>, the popular actor Park Seo-joon, who crosses the screen and the CRT from the drama [What's Wrong with Secretary Kim] to the entertainment show [Youn's Kitchen 2], started to transform into a new character, disassembled into 'Yong-hoo', a martial arts champion who faced evil in <The Lion>. . Park Seo-joon, who said, "A character with a charm that is opposite to the roles I've played in the past," unlike the bright and cheerful image of the past, portrayed a character with a strong external wound with a more mature acting. For the role of 'Yong-hoo' who faces the evil of the world and faces an unexpected event, Park Seo-joon, who directly digested high-level action from martial arts to wire action and CG action, is expected to coolly captivate the summer theater district with his passionate performance.

Here, national actor Ahn Sung-ki, who celebrated his 62nd anniversary this year, is returning to the screen as the exorcist priest 'Father Ahn' who chases away evil. Ahn Sung-ki, who said, “I thought it could get a new power,” perfectly expressed the role of 'Bride Ahn', who risked her life to chase the existence of evil, with her unique soft charisma and heavy presence, as well as challenging Latin and action acting to create a new charm. is going to convey In particular, Ahn Sung-ki, who has shown impressive chemistry with his opponents in each work, will show a special collaboration that transcends generations with Park Seo-joon, who plays the role of 'Yong-hoo' through <Lion>.

In addition, Woo Do-hwan, who emerged as a rising star by showing a unique mask and intense acting through the dramas [Mad Dog] and [Save Me], joins <The Lion> and adds to the tension. Woo Do-hwan, who said, "I wanted to create a villain that did not exist before," takes on the role of 'Ji-shin', a black bishop who spreads evil, adding to the immersion in the play with a mysterious charm that penetrates the opponent at once. The fresh and attractive teamwork and explosive acting synergy of director Kim Joo-hwan, Park Seo-joon, Ahn Sung-ki, and Woo Do-hwan, who took on a new challenge through <The Lion>, will fill the screen with the unique attractions of <The Lion>.

<Along with the Gods>, <The Wailing>, and <The New World>
A world where photography, art, special makeup, CG, and music are elaborately completed> The world of <Lion> that will overwhelm the summer of 2019 unfolds!

The best staff from Chungmuro, who has broadened the horizon of the Korean film genre with fresh sights and innovative technology, gathered for <Lion>. Cho Sang-yoon, who worked with director Kim Joo-hwan through <Youth Police>, focused on capturing realistic images so that the audience could naturally accept the fantasy setting of the film. To this end, instead of excluding the tempo of artificial breathing and camera walking, the dramatic realism was maximized by shooting using a wide lens. , increased the immersion of the play by recruiting and filming players. In addition, the highlight action scene in the second half vividly captures dynamic and dynamic movements with one-take shooting with minimal cuts.

Art director Lee Bong-hwan, based on reality, wanted to realize a fantasy visual that was not found in existing Korean films, from selecting locations such as St. effort was put into production. In particular, the Babylon set is a unique space with a ceiling height of more than 6m, and finished with a luxurious and modern space using finishing materials such as metal, glass, and acrylic. A secret atmosphere was created. In addition, the symbol of the Exorcist Priesthood to which ‘Father Ahn’ belongs is used with permission from the actual logo image of the Vatican, and each item of the ceremony, such as an exorcism bag, a cross, a rosary, and a holy water bottle, is produced directly by a craftsman or the process of overseas airlifting. The world of <Lion> was built to perfection by making elaborate efforts down to every detail, such as creating a separate design in consideration of the character's characteristics as well as the symbol that symbolizes 'Jishin'.

The special makeup director Pi Dae-seong, who participated in <New World>, <Veteran>, and <International Market>, created a strong visual of the boomaja by differentiating the texture and color of the blood vessels and muscles according to the stage of the boomerang. In addition, Dexter Studio, which was recognized for its innovative technology through the <Along with the Gods> series, is a visual realization of the special ability of 'Dragon', and various scenes from 'Jishin' to change in CG to stimulate fantasy imagination. An intense and new attraction was completed. The film <The Lion>, completed with the challenges of the producers in each field, will lead the audience to a new world they have never seen before.

A differentiated visual that has never been seen before
Maximized cinematic pleasure
A powerful combination of action and fantasy that will hit the summer of 2019

The production team of <The Lion> made special efforts to complete the action-packed thrilling action with the addition of fantasy sights that could not be seen in existing Korean films. In the process of exorcism, the actions of the bumas who show superhuman movements and the activities of 'Yong-hoo' and 'Bride Ahn', who struggle against them, form a cinematic pleasure and tension with an active production that exceeds the expectations of the viewers. For this, the production team focused on composing the action specialized for each character, in the case of 'Yonghoo', the action to subdue the opponent with a strong sense of striking characteristic of a martial arts player, and the bumaja freely change the movement line by focusing on the movement of animals. The concept is differentiated by giving each character a different personality and intensity of action, while showing abilities that are more than human. Here, the black bishop 'Jishin', who spreads evil, gives a strong impact with the powerful destructive action of a character who has all the abilities of evil.

On the other hand, from the pre-production stage, through close collaboration between each team, the CG to be used in the action scenes with fantasy settings was designated in advance and shot with that in mind, so that a more complete and intense scene could be completed. In particular, after thinking a lot about the visual implementation of the hand of 'Yong-hoo', which has special power, for the first time in a Korean movie, LED lighting was attached to the actor's hand and filmed, and then the effect was added with CG in post-production. Through the process of controlling the brightness, size, and color of LED lighting from stage to stage, I was able to draw more realistic movement and speedy action. And in the second half of the play, you can see a unique visual that combines special effects, CG, and art that put effort into creating a new visual without missing out on reality. The action sequence of <Lion>, which has become more powerful through this, will overwhelm the eyes and hearts of the audience.

[ Production Note ]

Perfect harmony of special makeup and cutting-edge CG
Behind the scenes of the second half highlight action sequence

One of the most important tasks in producing <Lion> was how to visualize the battle between the divine messenger 'Yonghu', who exhibits special abilities, and 'Jishin', the black bishop who spreads evil. Accordingly, the production team created a highlight sequence in the second half that explodes the abilities and energy of the two characters to the maximum through an exquisite combination of special makeup and cutting-edge CG. And by adding an effort not to miss reality, creative and immersive fantasy visuals were realized.

Jishin's original visual, which transforms into a more powerful being by borrowing the power of evil, is designed with various animal motifs such as albino crocodiles and snakes. tilted In particular, by applying the Life Casting technique that mimics the actor's body as it is, special makeup that attaches artificial skin made of silicone to Woo Do-hwan's whole body took 7 hours for each shoot. could be expressed naturally. In addition, Dexter Studio, who was in charge of the CG of <Lion>, completed the more powerful and overwhelming visual of 'Jishin' through sophisticated CG work such as skin that glows in five colors like snake scales and eyes that turn red when demonstrating the power of evil.

The highlight action sequence in the second half, where 'Yong-hoo' and 'Ji-shin' collide, was created through close collaboration in each field, such as shooting, makeup, martial arts, and CG. The action of 'Yonghoo', which suppresses the squirrel with the special power of the hand, predicts the movement of fire in advance and constitutes the movement of the action. It embodied the shape of a rising vivid flame. The action of 'Ji-shin', which has strong destructive power, is based on the concept of superhuman movement that combines all the abilities of the squirrels that have appeared so far, and expresses a more realistic and fast-paced action using wires. The highlight sequence in the second half of <Lion>, completed through extraordinary considerations and new attempts, will present intense catharsis with original and immersive action.

Details with cinematic imagination and fantasy added
Behind the scenes of <Lion>'s special props

In order to realize the movie world of <The Lion>, which depicts the clash of good and evil in real life, on the screen, the production team made meticulous efforts from one small piece. The colorful props that add cinematic imagination and fantasy settings to the objects we see around us lead the audience into the world of <Lion> and stimulate curiosity.

# 'Bride Ahn''s exorcism bag
The Kuma bag, which 'Bride Ahn' has been using since the days when she was active in the Vatican, catches the eye with a sturdy and heavy accessory like an alter ego of 'Bride Ahn'. This bag was produced as a major accessory representing the 'Bride Ann' under the premise that sacred relics and an exorcism bag to store them were awarded to those who belong to the exorcism priesthood called 'Arma Lucis (Weapon of Light)'. . The production team paid attention to various pocket designs so that various belongings such as crosses, holy water bottles, and Bibles could be stored, and the Kuma bag was completed with extraordinary efforts to produce separately through a craftsman.

# 'Bride An''s rosary ring
In <The Lion>, the rosary ring worn by 'Father Ahn' during exorcism is a kind of weapon that exerts special abilities. When the exorcist wears the rosary ring on his thumb and touches the body of the savior, the iron heats up and inflicts pain on the robber. As such, the rosary ring, an important object used for exorcism, has a design with ten protrusions surrounding the cross in the center, and the phrase 'Arma Lucis', the exorcism priests group to which 'Bride Ahn' belongs, is engraved.

# 'Bride Ahn''s silver charcoal case & holy water bottle
Charcoal made by burning olive trees, a silver case containing it, and a holy water bottle are another weapon of 'Father Ahn'. The charcoal from burning olive trees has sacred power, and when the cross is made with the charcoal and the exorcist prays, dark power cannot penetrate into the space. The holy water bottle contains holy water that arouses evil hidden in the body of the mother, and this is also engraved with the logo of "Arma Lucis" to which "Bride Ahn" belongs.

# 'Jishin''s Crow Ring & Snake Fang
The raven ring of 'Jishin', the black bishop who spreads evil, is a tool imbued with evil powers, and is used when he performs secret rituals against the existence of evil. When the power of evil is exerted, the crow's eyes turn red and cause fear. In addition, detailed settings and imagination are added, such as snake fangs, a weapon that can inflict fatal wounds on opponents with good influence, and bracelets engraved with two snakes that reveal that 'Jijin' is a black bishop with high status and power. Jishin's props will lead the audience into a fresh fantasy of evil.

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