(Korean Movies) THE DAY I DIED : UNCLOSED CASE, 2020


Audience over 12 years old
running time
116 minutes
cumulative audience
234522 people
42nd Blue Dragon Film Awards 2021


And life begins again!

On the night of a typhoon, at the edge of a cliff on a remote island, the girl disappears, leaving only a note.
Detective Hyun-soo, who is about to return to work after a long hiatus, goes there to end the disappearance of a girl who was a major witness in a crime by suicide. A former detective who was in charge of protecting the girl, a family who lost contact with her, and a villager named Suncheon-daek, who last saw the girl, met Hyeon-soo, who was tracing her path. it hurts As the investigation progresses, 'Hyun-soo', who becomes more and more engrossed in the girl who resembles him, is one step closer to the truth hidden behind the incident…


Kim Hye-soo's Choice

Korea's representative actress Kim Hye-soo,
Perfect transformation into a detective who tracks the truth behind the case!

Actress Kim Hye-soo, who has captivated audiences of all generations with her powerful presence and ever-changing charm in each work, crossing screens and CRTs, returns with the movie <The Day I Die>. <The Day I Die> depicts a girl who disappears to the edge of a cliff with only a will, a detective who tracks the case at the edge of life, and a silent witness who reached out to them.

In <The Day I Die>, Kim Hye-soo takes on the role of Hyeon-soo, a detective who faces the truth of life while tracing the traces of Se-jin, a girl who disappeared from the edge of a cliff. Kim Hye-soo, who was immersed in the role by making exhausted and dreary external changes to express the character whose life she believed in was shaken up in an instant came in Before I even knew what the genre was and what kind of role it was, I somehow felt like I was destined to do this movie. Director Park Ji-wan, who said he couldn't believe Kim Hye-soo's appearance, which was written with the screenplay stage in mind, said, "You will see a different side of Kim Hye-soo who is perfectly assimilated into the character 'Hyun-soo', who is desperately trying not to give up on life, even though she is in despair. It will be possible”, raising expectations.

Kim Hye-soo, who once again took on the role of a detective following the drama <Signal>, digs to the end of the truth hidden behind the case, while proving the power of Korea's representative actor with sincere acting that delicately expresses the inner side of a person whose daily life has collapsed. .

Glowing Smoke Ensemble

'Top' Lee Jeong-eun & 'rookie' Noh Jeong-eui,
Kim Seon-young, Lee Sang-yeop, Moon Jeong-hee
The hot synergy created by the best actors, and the density of the play!

Actors such as Lee Jung-eun, Noh Jeong-ui, Kim Seon-young, Lee Sang-yeop, and Moon Jeong-hee, armed with various personalities and excellent acting skills, worked together for <The Day I Die>. As Lee Jung-eun said, “I was fascinated by the independent and colorful characters,” the passionate acting of the actors who transformed into the characters themselves and the radiant ensemble double the immersion of the play.

An intense scene stealer of <Mr. Sunshine>, <The Dazzling>, <Strangers are Hell> and <When the Camellia Blooms>, and the topical work <Parasite>, which swept the Academy and Cannes in 2019, received the American Actors Guild Award for Ensemble Award for Film Lee Jung-eun, a popular actress who took the lead role in the recently popular drama <Once Upon a Time>, which swept the Best Supporting Actress award at the Film Festival, took on the role of 'Suncheon-daek', a silent witness who lost her voice in an accident. “It was difficult to get rid of language, which is the first means of communication, and to convey and express emotions completely through actions and expressions without lines, but it was a rewarding task because I learned a lot” It evokes a heavy resonance and empathy with the acting of the whole body, which communicates with facial expressions and gestures and conveys the details of emotions without a voice. Noh Jeong-eui, who has grown from a child actor with strong acting skills to a next-generation actor that the film industry should pay attention to, takes on the role of 'Sejin', a girl who disappeared at the center of the incident. Noh Jeong-eui, whom director Park Ji-wan praised as 'a very seasoned actor', naturally digests a character with a large amplitude of emotion and draws attention by standing shoulder to shoulder with veteran actors.

In addition, talented actress Kim Seon-young, who plays the role of licorice with lively acting in every work she appears in such as the popular drama <When the Camellia Blooms> and <Crash Landing on You>, is the closest friend to ‘Min-jeong’, who cares for ‘Hyun-soo’ and heals the wounds. Lee Sang-yeop, a multi-talented actor who stimulated the decomposition of emotions with movies and dramas, followed by entertainment, took on the role of Detective Hyeong-jun, who was in charge of probation for Se-jin, delicately expressing the figure of a person experiencing internal conflict. Actress Moon Jeong-hee, who takes on the role of 'Jeong-mi', a stepmother who Se-jin relies on and follows, fills the play with impressive performances despite her brief appearance.

event and aftermath

An interesting story development in the form of an investigation
An emotional drama with a different perspective is coming with a deep afterglow and warmth!

A girl who disappeared without a trace at the edge of a cliff on a remote island overnight, a detective pursuing her whereabouts, and a silent witness who reached out to them. A different film has appeared, depicting the people who met in the same space and at different times.

<The Day I Die> is the story of the disappearance of Se-jin, a girl who was taken care of as a major witness in a criminal case. It consists of an interesting structure in the form of an interrogation investigation that looks back on the reason 'Sejin' disappeared by meeting this lost family and the residents of the village where she stayed in turn. Director Park Ji-wan, who said he was usually interested in the aftermath of the incident, said, “For others, the case is already over, but for some, it may still be a work in progress. After some time has passed, I thought that if I looked at it from a different perspective, I could see another side that other people had not seen.” Here, Kim Hye-soo, who plays the role of 'Hyun-soo', identifies with 'Hyun-soo' as she digs into the girl's case, feeling a chain of emotions strangely connected to her, and a common situation. It is a chance to grow up to look back on yourself and live a better life. It adds to the anticipation for <The Day I Die>, saying that it is a film necessary for those who are tired of life, have low self-esteem, and are constantly receiving unfamiliar wounds.

Through the process of tracing the truth of death, <The Day I Die> depicts a meaningful story that captures the inside of a person who is looking for the 'reason of life' in detail and looks into the person behind the incident. Announcing the birth of a delicate emotional drama that will deliver warmth to those who desperately miss the touch of

A special solidarity drawn with sincerity

A message of courage and comfort that we need now,
Talking about hope in the end of despair!

In recent years, works depicting women-centered narratives and their unique solidarity, such as <Kim Ji-young Born in 1982>, <Hummingbird>, <Miss Baek> and <When the Camellia Blooms>, have been well received in recent years, and another film is joining them.

<The Day I Die>, the feature debut of new director Park Ji-wan, who won the 10th Seoul International Women's Film Festival Asian Short Award for Best Short Film with a calm and warm perspective depicting the worries and growth of high school girls with a calm and warm perspective. Previously, many famous actors such as Kim Hye-soo, Lee Jeong-eun, Noh Jeong-ui, Kim Seon-young, Lee Sang-yeop, and Moon Jeong-hee joined and received a lot of attention early on. Director Park Ji-wan, who said, “I wanted to draw a story of gaining strength to live tomorrow from relationships between people,” said the girl who disappeared to the edge of the cliff, the detective who tracks the traces, and the island villagers who gave their hands to each other. It captures the invisible solidarity of women standing at the edge of the cliff in detail and in depth. ˝The feeling that women’s emotional solidarity is tightly connected like a net’ (Kim Hye-soo), ˝ The process of relationships between the characters in the movie unfolds in an interesting way, and you can feel the powerful power of caring for the loneliness of others in it” ( Lee Jung-eun), ˝My life's work. <The Day I Die>, a work that gives a lot of consolation and something to think about” (Roh Jeong-ui), etc., is a work that gives warm comfort and courage to those who are in despair with a deep sense of solidarity. pay

On the other hand, it is said that the emotional sympathy of the actors and the synergy between them were different even at the actual filming site. ˝It was a work in which the silent encouragement and solidarity between the actors at the filming site was very strong ˝ (Kim Hye-soo), ˝ The time we spent together on the island towards the same goal was an amazing experience and memorable’ (Lee Jung-eun), ˝ The time I had with my seniors The whole process was so happy and grateful” (Noh Jeong-eui), etc. The messages of healing and consolation written by their strong solidarity and perfect breathing can be seen in <The Day I Die> in November 2020.

I wonder about that island

Incheon Jawol-do – Jeungdo, Sinan-gun, Jeollanam-do – Ungdo, Seosan-si, Chungnam
A secret village in the movie complete with three islands

The island boasts colorful scenery in <The Day I Die>, from rough waves, steep cliffs, and even a dark forest road. Filming took place on three islands: Jawoldo in Incheon, Jeungdo in Sinan-gun, Jeollanam-do, and Ungdo in Seosan-si, Chungcheongnam-do. As for the reason for choosing to shoot on the island, director Park Ji-wan said that ˝ 'Sejin' is isolated on a remote island, 'Suncheondaek' has been lonely there for a long time, and 'Hyeonsu' has a hard time getting into the island by boat. did. I wanted to actively reveal the situation and feelings of the character through space.” Filming on the island was possible thanks to the efforts of many staff. The location team that took a boat for a long time to search for places one by one, the simultaneous recording team that was choked up by the tremendous wind noise, the sun came in and out, and even the clouds moving quickly because of the wind, the filming team struggled with the fickle island weather. It was not the only suffering. In particular, the staff, keenly aware of the tidal difference in the West Sea, which they had only seen in books, lost the sea in front of them a while ago, and were worried that the height of the sea would change by checking the tide table every time, and to match the ship connection scene. It went through unexpected variables, such as moving up the West Sea. The actors also suffered, but Lee Jung-eun, who had to go to Seoul, was in a panic because there was only one round trip a day, and it is said that she was able to escape safely from the island with the help of the village chief.

Although filming on the island was unpredictable, the filming was completed safely thanks to the generous generosity of the islanders who brought food and willingly gave up their houses for the convenience of the actors. In addition, the actors and staff who worked together to film a good scene whether a typhoon came or the wind blew built a stronger teamwork than any other movie, forming a strong bond.

The island scene in the movie, which was created through the efforts and passion of many people, enhances the immersion of the play as if it represents the feelings of the characters standing at the edge of their lives, and at the same time, the beautiful natural scenery spreads across the screen, adding to the sights.

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