(Korean Movies) The Cursed: Dead Man’s Prey, 2020

The Cursed: Dead Man’s Prey, 2020

The Cursed: Dead Man’s Prey, 2020
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The reanimated corpse 'again' committed murder!

At the scene of the murder, the suspect and the victim are found dead.
However, the suspect's body was found dead three months ago, leaving the police confused.

Meanwhile, reporter Im Jin-hee, who is tracking the mystery, is appearing on the radio.
He receives a call saying that he is the real culprit in the murder and wants to conduct a live interview.
Police and netizens are paying attention to reporter Im Jin-hee's online live broadcast.
On the day of the interview, the criminal who appeared there foretells three murders by the resurrected corpse…

The day the first murder was foretold,
A huge number of 'again' corps appeared and started attacking indiscriminately.
The police authorities, who tried to defend themselves, are helpless.
Who is really behind them?

This summer, the only 'method' to stop them is coming!


again (again)

It contains records of people, history, literature, institutions, customs, folktales, etc. from Goryeo to the early Joseon Dynasty.
[Yongjae Chonghwa] A type of youkai that appears in Volume 3
A reanimated corpse with a black hand meaning 'here' (在此矣).

His hands and feet are black, and his walking and moving movements are unnatural.
It is said that he could speak human language and had wisdom, just as he remembered during his lifetime.

In [Yongjae Chonghwa], Goryeo Jeongseung Han Jong-yu
When I was young, I formed a group of dozens of people called “Yanghwado” (楊花徒).
Paint both hands and enter a shaman's ritual or mortuary
An anecdote that surprised people by mimicking 'again' is introduced.

“Im, Im, where have you gone”
To the wife who sits in the empty hall of the mortuary and sings
With the sound of a black hand reaching out through the veil
“I am here” Mrs. Hani is frightened and runs away
The ball takes everything set on the defrost
It is recorded that the act of return was carried out.


Curse of Death 'Method' (謗法)
Resurrected corpse 'again'
The 'how to' universe expanded from drama to movie!

The novelty of combining Korean shamanism and the occult with the 'Method', the cursed ability to cause death with Chinese characters, photos, and belongings, and the excellent storyline written by Yeon Sang-ho, director Kim Yong-wan's excellent storyline that stimulates the five senses The drama [Method] boasted high popularity throughout the broadcast, receiving favorable reviews as the most Korean occult thriller with the addition of directing skills and dense acting by the actors. The movie <Method: Reconciliation>, which expands that special worldview to the screen, depicts the story of digging into the reality of a mystery in order to prevent a serial murder case caused by a resurrected corpse.

Reporter Im Jin-hee (Um Ji-won), who is pursuing a mystery, receives a mysterious call while appearing on the radio. He is the culprit of the murder case and wants to do a live interview with Im Jin-hee. The murder case in question was a case that confused the police when it was found that the suspect, who was found dead with the victim at the scene, had died three months ago. In the interview conducted in everyone's attention, the criminal foretells three murders by the resurrected corpse, and on the day the first murder is predicted, a huge number of 'again' corps begin to attack indiscriminately. Im Jin-hee, who has an intuition that there is a reason behind all this, and Baek So-jin (Jung Ji-so), a methodist who appeared after 3 years, work together once again to uncover the truth of the mystery.

˝I was thinking about a story that could develop Asian ghosts and ghost stories in a modern way, and the subject of 'Against', a corpse that was revived under the control of a shaman, captured my heart', and marked the beginning of <Method: Again" Writer Yeon Sang-ho Jeon, while maintaining the main worldviews and characters, such as 'Method' and 'Methodist', grafted the fresh subject of 'Reconciliation'. In the ancient book [Yongjae Chonghwa] written by Seong-hyeon, a tattoo artist in the mid-Joseon Dynasty, ‘Jaecha-ui’ (在此矣) has black hands and feet, and the movements are unnatural, but it is a Korean tradition that is said to be able to speak human words. It is a kind of yokai in fairy tales and refers to a resurrected corpse. Director Kim Yong-wan, with writer Yeon Sang-ho, focused on Korean traditional religious elements, and expanded the scope to East Asia and expanded the scope to East Asia, and expanded the scope to East Asia, thinking that “a new story can come out if we borrow the contents of the yadam and apply it to the worldview of ‘method’’. The investigation was conducted, and a unique and different story with the addition of Korean zombies and Indonesian magic, and the expanded-scale movie <Method: Again> was born.

<Train to Busan> Screenplay by Yeon Sang-ho
Drama [Method] Original crew
<Train to Busan> <Wailing> <The Black Priests> <Sabaha> The box office meeting crew

Writer Yeon Sang-ho of the drama [Method] and director Kim Yong-wan met again with <Method: Again>. ˝I thought that even the audience who had not seen the drama could enjoy watching it as another entertainment movie˝(Um Ji-won), ˝[Method] The story, direction, and genre were all interesting and interesting. I was curious and curious about how the story would unfold” While the actors who took the lead roles following the drama such as (Jung Ji-so) expressed high expectations, for <Method: Again>, <Train to Busan> <Wailing> <Black Priests> The mystery box office production crew of <Sabaha> was in full force.

The animation <Seoul Station> that realistically expresses the disaster situation in which a mysterious virus spreads, <Train to Busan>, which mobilized 11.56 million viewers by inducing a K-zombie craze around the world, 4 years after <Train to Busan>, various human beings set in a post-apocalyptic background Director Yeon Sang-ho, who built the so-called 'Yeonni Bus' that penetrates even to 'Peninsula', which depicts a group of people. He, who opened a new chapter in Korean genre films by shocking the audience with a solid storyline and ingenious imagination in each work, took on the screenplay of <Method: Again> following the drama [Method]. Director Yeon Sang-ho, who 'was connected with the worldview of the drama and wanted to draw a powerful story in the form of a mystery-thriller that is a little more intuitive and contains a lot of bizarre action', is directed by Yeon Sang-ho. It arouses the curiosity of the audience by incorporating it into a story that can be sympathized with.

Here, through the drama [Method], director Kim Yong-wan, who gave a thrilling horror to each episode with a fresh material called 'Method', a cursed ability that leads to death, once again grabbed the megaphone of 'Method: Re-use'. ˝I had a lot of trouble to show a new picture that was different from the existing zombie movies. Martial arts director Choi Bong-rok, along with choreographer Han Dong-hwan, art director Jeong Min-kyung, music director Kim Dong-wook, etc., including choreographer who designed the movements of K-zombies such as the movies "Train to Busan" and "Peninsula" and the Netflix original series "Kingdom" The producers got together. In addition, Hwang Hyo-gyun, director of special makeup for the <Train to Busan> <Peninsula> <Sabaha> <Wailing> and <Along with the Gods> series, and Lee Ji-hoon, who took part in <Train to Busan> and <Peninsula> and participated in <Train to Busan> and <Peninsula>, etc. A new crew member joined and completed the 'Method' universe.

Uhm Ji-won, Jung Ji-so, Jung Moon-seong, Kim In-kwon, Ko Kyu-pil, Kwon Hae-hyo, Oh Yoon-ah, Lee Seol
[Method] Up to original family & newly joined new characters
Colorful casting! Harmonious synergy!

In 2020, Uhm Ji-won and Jung Ji-so of the drama [Method], which has thrilled many maniacs, work together once again with the movie <Method: Again. In addition, the original family of 'Method' such as Jung Moon-sung, Kim In-kwon, and Ko Kyu-pil, and new faces such as Kwon Hae-hyo, Oh Yoon-ah, and Lee Seol are raising expectations with a colorful cast.

First, actor Uhm Ji-won, who exudes a changeable charm in each work with his unique character digestibility, traverses the screens and CRTs such as movies <Stranger Family> <Missing: Missing Woman> <Master> <Wish>, and dramas [Postnatal Care Center] [Manipulation] I'm back as 'Im Jin-hee', a journalist who struggles to prevent a bizarre serial murder case committed by the dead. Director Kim Yong-wan said, "Actually, a very professional and meticulous figure who takes care of people perfectly suited the character of 'Im Jin-hee'." From the movie <Parasite>, which swept the Academy and Cannes, to the recently concluded drama [One day, destruction came through the front door of my house], the newcomer Ji-so, who has been attracting attention for vividly portraying characters with strong personalities, how to cast the curse of death again It is divided into 'Baek So-jin'. Director Kim Yong-wan said, “He is a very delicate actor, so detailed emotions were expressed on his face. If the image of a girl in the drama was strong, you will be able to see a more mature image in the movie”, adding to the curiosity.

On the other hand, actor Jung Moon-seong, who is loved for his role of 'Do Jae-hak', a witty and blunt resident in the popular series [A wise doctor's life], has a 180 degree different charm as 'Jung Seong-joon', the team leader of the metropolitan investigation team doing his best to solve the case. Introduced, <Banga? Actor Kim In-kwon, who has proven a wide spectrum of acting across genres such as Banga!> <Gwanghae, the man who became king>, <God's move> and <The Himalayas>, is the representative of the independent news channel 'Urban Detective', as 'Kim Pil-seong', in the drama [Passionate Blood]. Actor Go Gyu-pil, who has been active as a scene stealer in various works such as Priest], [Vagabond] and [Kairos], disassembles into ‘Professor Tak Jeong-hoon’, an expert on shamanism, and energizes the play by claiming to be a strong supporter of ‘Jin-hee’ and ‘So-jin’. Also, actor Kwon Hae-hyo, a veteran actor with 32 years of acting career who is active in plays, movies, and dramas, is the subject of a murder notice as 'Lee Sang-in Executive Director'. Actor Lee Seol, who doubles the tension of the play by appearing as 'Byun Mi-young, managing director,' as the provider, and shows off a strong presence in each of the works with a unique atmosphere and bold acting that is not like a rookie, is a new VJ for the independent news channel 'Urban Detective', new VJ 'Jesse Jung'. ' Take on the role and fill the play richly.

Bigger than zombies! faster! smarter!
The intense car-chasing action of the 'again' corps that has never been seen before
Overwhelming visuals! Cool action pleasure!

Director Yeon Sang-ho, the protagonist of the K-zombie craze such as <Train to Busan> and <Peninsula>, and the staff of ‘K-zombie experts’ who participated in the series <Train to Busan>, <Peninsula> and <# Alive> [Kingdom], are in full mobilization for the birth of ‘Against’. It is expected to show a different attraction and powerful action.

As director Kim Yong-wan said, 'Again,' moving under someone's control, as director Kim Yong-wan said, 'while relentlessly rushing towards the target with bizarre body movements, the focus was on expressing 'again', a being with power that humans cannot handle. Through its restrained and concise movements that seem reminiscent of a sword choreography, the Legion catches the viewers' attention with a completely different movement from the existing zombies. Jeon Young, a choreographer who participated in <Train to Busan> and <Peninsula> and [Kingdom], paid close attention to every step of the corps' stride, gaze direction, and arm angle. The bizarre movement of the corps of 'Against' created a unique mood of 'Method: Again' and raised the tension of the play.

In particular, the intense car-chasing action performed by the 'Revisit' corps in the middle of the movie is a secret weapon that only 'Method: Reconciliation' can show, providing the audience with extreme pleasure. The 'again' corps, who were chasing the target to execute the first murder notice, boarded taxis lined up on the roadside in unison to catch up with the fleeing vehicle, drove themselves, and began to surround the target vehicle. Martial arts director Choi Bong-rok said, “The taxis of the same color driven by the ‘reconsiderations’ were filmed imagining a swarm of ants.” It was filled with images of people running and running, completing a car chasing scene that has never been seen before. Like a soldier's ritual, the 'again' corps surrounds the target vehicle with a knife-like movement, and starts with a taxi that flies towards the target vehicle and falls, clings to a moving vehicle, transfers, and rushes toward the target indiscriminately. The above is actually filmed and delivers a more dynamic and thrilling pleasure. Stronger, faster, and smarter than the existing zombies, the action of a different level of the Korean zombie 'again' corps will give the audience the pleasure of a cool and thrilling entertainment movie with overwhelming visuals and spectacular sights.


Gray makeup, cold facial expressions, restrained movements, even a group dance!
Catch up with the third main character 'again' the corps

Unlike the existing zombies, the gray face of 'Against' was completed with the imagination of the production team based on the content recorded in the old book [Yongjae Chonghwa], 'hands and feet are black'. Special makeup director Hwang Hyo-gyun, a K-zombie expert who participated in the <Train to Busan> <Peninsula> <# Alive> [Kingdom] series, further developed the request of director Kim Yong-wan, who wanted to give a point to his dark lips, so that something toxic spreads from his mouth to his body. It's set up to look like it's out. On a pale face with no eyebrows removed, a vein-shaped silicone patch was made and adhered to the lips and wrist, and a delicate gradation effect left a strong impression on the appearance alone. Here, the unique pattern on the wrist of 'Jaejae' is a design created by the art team after extensive data research, showing the details of producing different symbol patterns and texts with silicone patches for each 'jaejae'.

For the performance of 'Against', Jeon Young's choreographer and 'veteran zombie actors', who were active in the <Train to Busan> and <Peninsula> and [Kingdom] series, participated in large numbers. The restrained movements of the 'again' corps and the cold and sober facial expressions were not an easy challenge for them as well. Dozens of actors not only moved at the same angle as if they were performing a knife dance, but also went through a rigorous training of 1 to 2 months to get rid of the habit of acting as a zombie. In addition, even if a slight scratch or minor injury occurred due to the violent movement of 'Again,' rushing towards the target, he had to maintain a calm expression characteristic of 'Reason' while hiding the pain. On the other hand, director Kim Yong-wan, who thought about the costume the most, made use of the characteristic of 'Replay', which moves as a group, and set that all of the 'Regain' wear a gray hoodie uniform so that they can feel a little more dynamic when they do the action. to stimulate the fear of everyday life in those who choose it. Lastly, cinematographer Lee Ji-hoon, who emphasized the fast speed of 'Again' with time-lapse shooting with the number of frames adjusted according to the angle and size of each scene, uses a lighting that actively utilizes a blue filter that matches the cool image of 'Again'. It helped to highlight the cool action pleasure provided by the corps again.

The highlight of the movie! The secret of the car-chasing scene

The car-chasing sequence was the highlight of the movie and was chosen as a favorite scene by many staff and actors. Starting with the taxi stop in Magok, Seoul, where the 'Regain' Corps boards a taxi to pursue, Incheon's road where car chasing takes place, and the tunnels of Changwon, Gyeongnam, where the relentless aspect of the 'Regained' Corps stands out, and detailed It was never easy for the actors and staff to shoot all of these spaces, from the Namyangju set for action scenes, in a consistent way. In particular, in the case of the scene of 'Against', in which the body is blown over a moving vehicle and rushed, the key was to install rails on the set, raise 9 to 10 vehicles, and then match the actors of the role of 'again' who attached wires. . If the timing is not right, it could lead to injury, but thanks to the perfect collaboration between the martial arts team and the filming team, after thorough pre-preparation, the nano-level precision summed up, a lively and daring car chase scene was born. Here, from the techno crane used to show the big moves of the 'again' corps at once, the racing drone chosen to show the thrilling city run with a lower view, and the rigging shot that allows the vibration of the road surface to be transmitted intact. I was able to capture more vividly realistic scenes by using various equipment, such as (a technique of taking a picture with a small camera attached to the body) and Russian arm equipment to get as close to the subject as possible.

East meets West! Birth of a global K-zombie

<Method: Reconciliation> returns to a more expanded world, from 'Regaining' in traditional Korean folktales to Indonesian shamanism, totemism, a form of primitive communal religion, and Western barriers. Art director Jung Min-kyung, who worked with the drama [Method], has completed a unique worldview of <Method: Again>, encompassing the East and the West, by adding a flash of imagination based on extensive data research. The barrier of ‘Sojin’, who has been trained for three years, has transformed the shape of an ancient astronomical map based on the moon that changes in visibility with time. While referring to the various types of barriers related to , the traditional patterns of Indonesia were reflected in order to infuse oriental colors, and various variations were made from the barriers on the walls of the abolished laboratory to the patterns of the wrist of ‘repeat’. In addition to the barriers described above, the Indonesian shaman's space, where the art concept of <Method: Reconsideration> is concentrated, and the art team put much effort into, contains more than 100 tows (made of earth made of people or animals) inspired by Indonesian totemism. As a prize, religious and magical objects) were created by hand by the prop team, and each small prop was set with meaning. In addition, the meticulous efforts of the staff who made 200 candles themselves and worked in detail from the amount of light to the traces of candle wax was able to create a space with a gloomy and bizarre atmosphere that has never been seen before.


<Method: Reconsideration> Glossary

A word that means to cast a spell to curse. Choi Se-jin, who was a language scholar in the Joseon Dynasty, wrote a hoon in the Chinese character study book [Hunmongjahoe], written in 1527, with a hoon called 'How to do it'. In 2016, the National Institute of the Korean Language opened in the Korean language dictionary, “Urimalsaem,” which is an old word for “using magic.”
In the play, the ‘method’ possessed by ‘methodist’ Baek So-jin (Jung Ji-so) is a curse that causes someone to die with a Chinese character name, photo, and belongings. It dies in a shriveled form. Even if the three conditions are not met, if the opponent is in front of you, you can perform the 'method' just by holding it with your hand.

#Stigmata stigmata
Traces of religious significance among the marks on the human body. It refers to the scars, such as the wounds on the hands, feet, forehead, and side of Jesus Christ when he suffered. In the drama [Method], it was revealed that 'Baek So-jin' and the demon 'Jin Jong-hyun' (Seong Dong-il) were connected by the same stigma, giving a shocking twist.

#The barrier
Originally a Buddhist term, it refers to the practice of restricting actions by classifying certain places during the practice. Popularly used as a kind of magical shield, it is an important device in various scenes, from the barrier drawn by ‘Baek So-jin’ for training and the barrier to conceal space to the huge barrier of the Indonesian shaman ‘Dukun’. appears as

Indonesian shaman, a black magician, and is like a Korean shaman. In Indonesia, where there are various kinds of ghosts, there are numerous 'Dukun' active, and depending on their purpose and ability, 'Suwuk', 'Dukun Siwer', 'Dukun Susuk', ' There are several types of 'Dukun', such as 'Dukun Jampi'. 'Dukun' in the movie is 'Dukun Santet', who has the ability to curse someone.

It is a combination of the words corpse (nekros) and fortune-telling (manteia), and refers to a necromancer who summons the souls of the dead through black magic, voodoo, and so forth to fortunetelling. In current popular culture, it is commonly used as an image of a shaman who summons the corpse. In the play, the shaman 'Dukun', who controls the 'against', can also be seen as a kind of necromancer.

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