(Korean Movies) The Classified File, 2015

The Classified File, 2015

The Classified File, 2015
Audience over 15
running time
107 minutes
cumulative audience
2860786 people
24th Buil Film Awards 2015


A true story that happened in Busan in 1978
After a child is abducted, an investigation begins, and at the special request of the child's parents, Detective Gong Gil-yong decides to conduct a top-secret investigation to protect the child. Meanwhile, the family travels around a famous fortune teller to check whether the child is alive or not, but only receives a desperate answer that the child is already dead, and finally goes to the master craftsman Kim Jung-san.

“Clearly alive”
Dosa Kim, who was trying to solve the child's problems, is convinced that the child is still alive and that the first call from the criminal will come on the fortnight. On the fifteenth day, as Kim Do-sa said, a call arrives, and the detective, who is convinced that the child is alive with the clues sent by the criminal, believes Kim Do-sa's words. However, after a month has passed, the investigation has not progressed, and in a situation where everyone is focused on finding the culprit rather than the child's life or death, only the two detectives Gong and Dosa Kim continue the investigation to save the child…

“June, the Tao prophesies and the detective moves”

[ Foreword ]

At that time I
As reported in the newspaper, I thought the police had solved the case.

We, the people of the world,
He only knew that 'that case, it seems like this has been resolved'.

But in fact,
The two people who caught the real culprit have been hidden for decades.

Those people have lived their lives like that without ever speaking officially anywhere.
They reflected on the time, saying, 'It's a story buried in the path of the past'.
I saw it then. The two eyes are moistened.
When I saw those eyes, I was like, 'Oh, I'll have to make this into a movie.' I thought that

– Director Kwak Kyung-taek

[About the movie <Top Secret Investigation>]

The kidnapping incident in Busan in 1978
The real story hidden for 37 years unfolds on the screen!

In the 1970s, kidnappings were particularly frequent. In February 1973, the criminal policy authorities greatly strengthened the punishment for abduction of minors in order to calm the rising public opinion, but at a time when kidnapping cases did not stop, an elementary school student in Busan was abducted twice, in 1978 and 1979. incidents occur. In the case of the second incident that occurred in 1979, the first in Korea to introduce hypnosis investigation to arrest criminals, the child's ransom amounted to 150 million won, the highest amount in the history of kidnapping, and the world was so noisy at the time that the president announced a statement to the public. In both the first and second kidnapping cases of the child, the police arrested the criminal and the case was closed.

However, among the two incidents, there were those who saved the child from the first incident in 1978. Detective Gong Gil-yong and Prosecutor Kim Jung-san, who were commissioned to investigate at the special request of the child's parents, are the main characters. At that time, when kidnapping incidents were frequent, the government was concentrating on arresting kidnappers. Since there were many precedents that the life or death of a child would be at risk if the majority of child abduction cases were converted to public investigation, Detective Gong Gil-yong and Prosecutor Kim Jung-san conducted a special investigation in secret only to 'find the child'. Thanks to the efforts of these two people, in the first incident in 1978, the child was able to safely return to his parents' arms after 33 days. However, since the investigation was conducted privately, the story of the two was not reported to the media, and even after the investigation was concluded, the achievements of Detective Gong Gil-yong and Master Kim Jung-san were not revealed to the world.

In a case that made headlines in the Republic of Korea in 1978, Detective Gong Gil-yong and Master Kim Jung-san find a child who was abducted by an accident. The hidden story of the two people, which has been kept secret for the past 37 years, is the start of the movie <Top Secret Investigation>.

Kwak Kyung-taek, Kim Yun-seok, and Hae-jin Hae united in 'belief'!
A hot story of a detective and a master swordsman who fell in love with three men!

Director Kwak Kyung-taek, who first came across the hidden truth of the kidnapping case from Detective Gong Gil-yong, who he met by chance while writing the script for <Friend 2>, thought that the police had solved the case as reported in the newspaper at the time, but he actually saved the child. was interested in the fact that they were separate. 'I just had to find a child for the sake of my family. The case isn't the problem… Director Kwak Kyung-taek, who sees the moist eyes of the two characters reflecting on that time, decides to bring to the screen the story that has been hidden for 37 years. I didn't want to reveal the truth, but I wanted to show the hidden story of their beliefs and efforts to return the child to their family.

Director Kwak Kyung-taek's sincere <Secret Investigation> is joined by Chungmuro representative actors Kim Yun-seok and Hae Hae-jin, adding to the credibility. First of all, Kim Yun-seok, the best actor in Chungmuro, who is self-proclaimed, disassembles into 'Gong Gil-yong', a detective who conducts a confident investigation to save a child, and shows a warm side unlike the existing charismatic characters. Kim Yun-seok, who is known to be more careful than anyone else when choosing a work, read the scenario of <Top Secret Investigation> and first thought of 'Chicken Baeksuk'. Like now, without the help of advanced equipment and forensic investigation, the investigation process of detectives running directly to find traces of the criminal is drawn without any fuss, so I thought it was a story like white rice, delicious even with a little bit of salt. Unlike other investigative plays, this analog and heavy story is said to have resonated as much as the director, raising the audience's expectations.

Yoo Hae-jin, who plays the role of 'Kim Jung-san', a magician who is certain of the life or death of a child by solving an unusual four-question order, became more interested in the movie, which is based on a real incident. While reading the scenario, he received complex emotions from the fun of a joint investigation between a detective and a mastermind, as well as the pain as an adult in a society. I was fascinated by the sincerity of the character Kim Joong-san, a 'guru' who sincerely prays to save her. Instead of a characteristic pleasant image, he adds curiosity to his new transformation by melting a serious and human aspect into the character.

The fact that it is a drama sympathized with by three men, director Kwak Kyung-taek, actors Kim Yun-seok, and Yoo Hae-jin, who have walked only one path of 'movie' is another reason to look forward to <Top Secret Investigation>.

When everyone is chasing the criminal, the two men looking for the child!
The stories of real adults who need these times!

In the movie <Top Secret Investigation>, the Seoul investigation team decides to turn the case into a public investigation because they think the child is already dead, and the Busan detective team tries to lure and arrest the criminal to Busan to avoid losing their achievements to them. And among them, there was a master swordsman Kim Joong-san and detective Gong Gil-yong, who only worried about the child's life or death.

In fact, at the time, master Kim Jung-san, who predicted the child's life or death at the request of his parents, was convinced that only the police who selected him based on his orders could save the child, and that that person was Detective Gong Gil-yong. Master Kim Jung-san said, "Other philosophers and shamans said that they all died when they saw the child's orders. cuz it's old But I am alive because I count in the opposite way. Because I am strong, I can endure the difficulties.”

Detective Gong Gil-yong, who carried out an investigation with confidence in his experience of investigation and Kim Jung-san, who was convinced that the child was alive or dead, remembers the feelings he felt during the investigation process. “I spend 33 days waiting for the culprit to contact me. How I felt while watching my family while sleeping in that house for 32 days. While working as an investigator, I only thought that if I could find this kid while working as a police officer, I would have no free time. But I was devastated to hear that the child was still alive. I heard that the child is alive.” Detective Gong Gil-yong's sincerity, conveyed through the interview, melts in the drama of the movie <Top Secret Investigation>, delivering a heavy message to the audience.

Through the story of two characters who put the safety of children first when everyone is focused on the criminal, the movie <Top Secret Investigation> will remind you of the beliefs that adults in need in this era full of individual selfishness should have.

[Until the movie <Top Secret Investigation> was born]

Chungmuro luxury production crew is in full force!
Artistic Director Jeon In-han of <Winging Taegeukgi>, Lighting Director Jung Young-min of <Monster>
<Going to the End> <Snowpiercer> Kim Chang-ju, editorial director
<Friend 2> Costume manager Lee Eun-kyung, cinematographer Ki Se-hoon, and music director Kim Hyeong-seok!

As the historical background of the movie <Top Secret Investigation> was in 1978, director Kwak Kyung-taek wanted a staff who remembered the times as the main production team. Accordingly, art director Jeon In-han and lighting director Jeong Young-min, who spent their childhood in the 70s, and Chungmuro veteran producers who worked with director Kwak Kyung-taek are united to gather the audience's expectations.

The first to be called were Art Director Jeon In-han, who had worked with director Kwak Kyung-taek several times in his previous work, Lee Eun-kyung, head of the costume department, and cinematographer Ki Se-hoon, and lighting director Jeong Young-min, whom he met after a long time since his debut. Art director Jeon In-han, who was in charge of art in <An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth>, <Typhoon>, and <My brother> and was in charge of the set in <Taegeukgi Flying>, said, “The documentary, documentary video, I collected a lot of historical materials such as books from the period.” He said, “In the case of a place that appears as a temporary office in the basement of a theater during the play, the production team did not draw it, but hired an artist who drew the actual theater sign and set it with his picture.” From the streets of Korea in the 1970s, which are shown in ancient stories and movies, to the interiors of ordinary houses, it perfectly reproduces the past. The costume that director Kwak Kyung-taek considered most important when recreating the era was taken by Lee Eun-kyung, head of the costume department of Friend 2 and Broken Arrow. Lee Eun-kyung, head of the costume department, said, “In particular, Director Kwak Kyung-taek wanted to perfectly reproduce Eun-ju’s school uniform. So, I put the most time and effort from collecting data such as photos of the students at the time to making it.” She contributed to the realization of the times at the time by adding thorough historical research in design. In addition, cinematographer Ki Se-hoon of <Friend 2>, <The Ugly Duckling>, <Love>, < Typhoon>, and <Friend> once again collaborated with director Kwak Kyung-taek, and it has been a long time since his debut films <Desperate Water> and <Doctor K>. Lighting director Jeong Young-min, who encountered Han, was mainly responsible for lighting dark and heavy films such as <Monster>, <Broken Arrow>, and <Namyeong-dong 1985>, and showed various lighting and shooting techniques. We plan to capture unique screens of our own on the screen.

In addition, editor Kim Chang-joo, who won the 35th Blue Dragon Film Award for <Going to the End> and the Best Editing Award at the 50th Daejong Film Festival for <Snowpiercer>, joins, and further investigates the investigation process of detectives and thieves who arrest criminals in the play. It will be edited with speed and excitement, allowing the audience to enjoy the tension unique to the investigation genre. Finally, composer Kim Hyung-seok, who is well-known as a composer of many popular songs, joined as the music director of <Top Secret Investigation> and captivates the ears of the audience with music that matches the mood of the movie 100%. In this way, from art, lighting, costumes, filming, editing, and music, <Top Secret Investigation> will be a well-made Korean movie in 2015 that will satisfy the eyes and ears of the audience.

<Top Secret Investigation> traveled the country in search of traces of the 70s for reality
Filming in 9 cities nationwide, including Busan, Daejeon, Ulsan, Jecheon, and Gwangju!
More than 80% of the total volume is on location!

<Top Secret Investigation> depicts a real story that took place in Busan in 1978. From Busan, the source of the kidnapping, to Seoul as the criminal moved, the scope of the investigation in the play expanded nationwide, so director Kwak Kyung-taek and the production team took about 75-80% of the total filming of the movie on location.

Location was so large that it took up three quarters of the film, so the production team paid more attention to location hunting than anything else. The most important condition for choosing a filming location is 'reality'. The production team preferentially searched for a place where the 70s era remains as much as possible, even without a lot of setting. The city that became the main base was Daejeon. At the time of location hunting, near Daejeon Station, near Daejeon Station, ahead of redevelopment, the production team discovered several areas with a 70s feel in the play. In front of the barbershop we found, we filmed each in the material building. In addition, the theater, which was prepared as the investigation headquarters of the detectives in the central part of the country, was filmed at the Gwangju Theater in Gwangju, Jeolla-do, which has a large scale and retains its old appearance to this day. There were also unexpected places. The apartment that appears as the house of a relative in Seoul of the kidnapped child was actually filmed in Seoul. The Gyeongnam apartment, located in Banpo, Seoul, did not have any problems with the historical background, and above all, thanks to the active cooperation of the apartment residents, the production team was able to shoot easily in Seoul, not in the provinces. Daejeon Metropolitan City, which became the main base, as well as Seoul, Busan, Gwangju, Ulsan, and Jecheon, the actors and crew moved to 9 cities across the country, transforming it into a stage for <Top Secret Investigation>. Director Kwak Kyung-taek said, “Out of all the works he directed, including <Typhoon>, which cost 20 billion won, <Top Secret Investigation> made the most of domestic travel.” This is the point.

[Director Kwak Kyung-taek's Favorite Scene]

Director Kwak Kyung-taek's selection of the best 2 scenes from <Top Secret Investigation> not to be missed!

– Touching scene with the kidnapper in front of the KBS broadcasting station
In front of a KBS broadcasting station, a kidnapper tries to make contact with 'Eun-ju' aunt. At this time, Detective Gong Gil-yong faces a new phase in the investigation as he encounters a strong suspect for the first time while conducting an investigation based on several clues. Director Kwak Kyung-taek was more careful than ever before filming this scene, which is one of the highlights of the movie <Top Secret Investigation>. Since the meeting place was a wide road in front of the broadcasting station, vehicles in the 1970s appeared the most, and the number of auxiliary performers was significantly higher than ever, depending on the setting in which a large crowd appeared in front of the broadcasting station. Director Kwak Kyung-taek rehearsed several times since the day before filming. In addition, in order to capture everything from the tense expression of 'Gong Gil-yong' in an unpredictable situation where the suspect may appear when and where it is unknown to the chaotic moment when a large number of people pour in, cameras were placed throughout the filming site from various angles. While filming, director Kwak Kyung-taek worked so hard that he ran all day with the actors without sitting even for a moment, and this scene was also cited as one of the scenes he put a lot of effort into filming in <Top Secret Investigation>.

– Gong Gil-yong-Kim Jung-san's emotional explosion scene on the edge of a slope!
The process of conducting a joint investigation between a detective and a sorcerer, two opposite characters, was never easy. The moment when the conflict between 'Gong Gil-yong' and 'Kim Jung-san', who is forced into amnesty as the top-secret investigation chosen for the life or death of the child gradually falls into difficulties, also reaches its climax. The moment when two characters arguing for their own cause collide was filmed in the narrow hallway of the apartment. In the movie, the emotional performance of the actors was the most important because it was a key scene just before the climax. Because of this, it is said that even famous actors Kim Yun-seok and Yoo Hae-jin, who have a formidable skill in acting, could not hide their tension before filming. It is said that the two actors separated from each other in a corner of the filming set, like athletes before the finals, and worked hard to capture the emotions of the characters as much as possible.
Director Kwak Kyung-taek, who said he liked this scene the most in <Top Secret Investigation>, said, "It was the situation that impressed me the most during the pre-interview with real people. It is said that Master Kim Jung-san shouted to leave immediately. He said that it should never be longer than 33 days, and that wherever Detective Gong Gil-yong goes, he will surely find the child. It was only when the two got together that they confirmed each other's sincerity that everything was to save the child. I transferred the emotions I felt during the interview to the script, and I wanted to convey it to the audience as well.” Even though it was such a difficult scene, thanks to the hard work of the two actors and the affection of the director, the emotional explosion scene of 'Gong Gil-yong' and 'Kim Jung-san' was able to be born as a famous scene that decorates the climax of 'Top Secret Investigation'.

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