(Korean Movies) The Chronicles of Evil, 2015

The Chronicles of Evil, 2015

The Chronicles of Evil, 2015
Audience over 15
running time
102 minutes
cumulative audience


Director Choi, who is about to be promoted to a special level, is kidnapped by a mysterious man after a dinner party. While trying to escape the crisis, Choi commits an accidental murder and decides to cover up the case for promotion.

"The corpse I killed reappeared before my eyes."

The next morning, the body that Choi had killed is revealed while hanging from a construction crane in front of the police station, and the Republic of Korea is turned upside down. Choi, who is in charge of the murder he committed, feels anxious about the narrowing of the investigation network.

“The real thing is now.
I need to know who you are and why you did that."

Director Choi manipulates and reconstructs the case to cover up his mistakes. Then one day, a mysterious phone call comes in to the police station, and a man appears at the police station saying he is the real culprit…

"I killed him. Please call for Chief Choi."


“Human, are you so stupid?
commit another sin to cover up the sin committed by mistake
He commits a greater sin to hide that sin… ”
<Chronicles of Evil>

as we live
Unintentionally doing bad things
to hide what he has done
There are times when you have to do something else.

"The Chronicles of Evil"
Struggling to cover up a murder case
In the past, he meets his pure and just self.
The story of 'Banjang Choi'.

Here the audience will feel.

The fact that 'People do not change even if time passes'

this is it
This is the hidden meaning in the title of <Chronicles of Evil>.

Directed by Baek Un-hak


The return of Son Hyun-joo, who recorded the box office history of Korean thriller films!
The first thriller work of 2015 selected after <Hide and Seek>!

Actor Son Hyeon-ju, who has established himself as an actor who can be trusted and seen by showing strong acting in each work, is expected to strike Chungmuro once again through <Chronicles of Evil>. Son Hyeon-joo has been loved by the public for his small and friendly characters such as [First Love], [Sons of Sol Pharmacy], [Rosy Life], and [Hit]. The work that gave a turning point in his acting life, who always seemed like our neighbor, was the drama [The Chaser] (2012). Son Hyeon-joo takes on the role of 'Baek Hong-seok', a former homicide detective who uncovers the truth behind her daughter's death through [The Chaser], delivering an intense performance that has never been seen before, bringing hot tears and emotions to the small screen. He won the Baeksang Arts Awards for the best TV acting award, proving that he is the best actor of this era. Even though he stood at the top, his challenge did not stop. In 2013, Hyun-joo Son chose Hide and Seek as her first lead role on the screen. He perfectly expressed the duality of a man with obsessive-compulsive dyslexia along with the face of a reliable family head, setting a record for being the number one Korean movie thriller (5,604,104 people). With this, he has achieved both box office and acting skills, and is still running towards endless acting transformation.

Son Hyeon-joo, who has added credibility to each work like this, returned to the screen after two years with <The Chronicle of Evil>. Although it is a similar genre to the previous work <Hide and Seek>, it was the scenario that made me choose <Chronicles of Evil>. Son Hyun-joo said, "The genre is not important when choosing a movie. When I read the script of <The Chronicles of Evil>, I never felt that it was not interesting for a single moment. I was curious how it would be expressed on the screen if it was such an interesting scenario.” He explained the reason for choosing the thriller genre twice in a row. In <The Chronicle of Evil>, he expressed the psychological conflict of a detective who accidentally commits a murder in the best situation ahead of his promotion to the special level with explosive acting skills. Director Baek Woon-hak of <Chronicles of Evil> said, “There are joys and sorrows in the eyes of actor Son Hyeon-joo. I was horrified the whole time watching his performance. The first day I cranked in, I trusted him 100%. Actor Son Hyeon-joo perfectly portrayed the emotions and concerns of the character,” he said, expressing satisfaction with his acting. <Chronicles of Evil>, which will serve as a new turning point in Son Hyun-joo's acting life, is expected to captivate the audience with a thriller that tightens the hearts of the audience in 2015.

<Going to the End> <I Am the Killer> <The Terror Live>
Join the Korean box office production crew!
A film made with realism, you can't miss it until the end!

The best producers who made Korean box office hits have come together. The work of the box office staff, such as <Going to the End>, <I Am a Murderer>, <The Terror Live>, and <The Last Weapon Bow>, enhanced the film's perfection. The most important thing to them, who were in charge of box office works, was 'reality'. Director Baek Woon-hak tried to deal with the tension felt in daily life rather than excessive art or stylishness, which are the recent domestic movie trends, and this was created in detail by the hands of the box office producers.

It was Jang Won-seok, the producer of <I'm Going to the End> and <I Am a Murderer> who recognized the possibility of the scenario before anyone else. He said that the power of the scenario is exceptional, surpassing the concerns of those around him that there is a similarity in the setting of the situation with <Going to the End>. He said, “It is a thriller genre, but the movie develops rapidly from start to finish and has an unpredictable story flow. It is a film that everyone can enjoy comfortably and forget the boredom of everyday life.” In addition, cinematographer Park Jong-cheol, who showed a thrilling video through <The Last Weapon Bow>, participated and followed the emotional moment of the character in detail. Director of Photography Park Jong-cheol said, “In general, the thriller genre focuses on events and the camera work is done. However, in <Chronicles of Evil>, I thought about the camera work focusing on the emotions of the characters. Audiences who watch the movie will be able to immerse themselves in Son Hyun-joo's character and enjoy it."

Art director Nae-kyung Nae-kyung of <Bat> and <Mother> struggled more than anyone else between reality and cinematic expression. The reality emphasized by director Baek Woon-hak was endlessly tuned in the line not to miss the fun of the movie. As a result, art director Nae-Kyung Lee created a space that is realistic and immersive for the audience. Martial arts director Shin-woong Kim, who showed various actions through <Suspect>, <Spy>, and <Bow of the Last Weapon>, completed a real action based on 'judo' to highlight the fact that he is a veteran detective with a long career. Lastly, music director Hwang Sang-joon, who left a deep impression with the music inserted in the right place such as <The Pirates: The Bandit Who Goes to the Sea>, provides dramatic fun by helping the audience feel the aural tension in the isolated situation of the character. do.

<Chronicles of Evil> is a high-quality thriller with the participation of a box-office producer who boasts the best skills in each field, and is scheduled to be presented to the audience in May 2015. .

Chungmuro's classic scenario
An unpredictable development! The tension that cannot be missed until the end!
The birth of an intense chase thriller that tightens the heart in 2015!

<Chronicles of Evil> is an unpredictable chase thriller in which 'Chief Choi', who accidentally kills a person at the best moment before the special event, becomes the person in charge of the murder he committed and begins to cover up the case, and gets involved in a bigger crime. Director Baek Woon-hak completed the first draft of the scenario in two weeks based on the ideas he came up with while working on the script. Producer Won-seok Jang decided to make the film despite the fact that he was filming <Going to the End> at the time, but fell in love with the script of the movie. Son Hyun-joo of <Hide and Seek> also believed in the script unconditionally and decided to appear at once. Like Son Hyeon-joo, Ma Dong-seok, Choi Daniel, and Park Seo-joon also joined in believing in the solidity of the scenario. Director Baek Un-hak said about <Chronicles of Evil>, "The audience can enter 'Choi Banjang', which is at the center of the incident, and follow the character's gaze and watch it with interest. It is a movie that allows the audience to think about their past through the story of 'Banjang Choi'," raising expectations for a new style of thriller.

<Chronicles of Evil> begins with the accidental murder of 'Chief Choi', who was on the verge of being promoted to a special level. He reconstructs the case to cover up his crime, and the case that starts from here rushes towards the shocking truth. In the course of the case, the actor's detailed emotional performances allow the audience to immerse themselves in the film by asking the question 'What if it is me?' Director Baek Un-hak said, “Most thriller films have a clear structure of opposition between good people and bad people. But Chronicles of Evil is not like that. On the surface, only bad people come out, but if you listen carefully, there are many parts that you can understand and sympathize with.” The appearance of an unexpected person at the moment when they believed that the incident was completely manipulated adds to the tension in the film and tightens the hearts of the viewers. With such a densely structured story, a series of unexpected events, and the final reversal in the never-ending development, <Chronicles of Evil> is a well-made box office thriller following <Hide and Seek>, <Going to the End>, and <The Terror Live>. The heat will continue.

A combination of actors who cross generations!
Son Hyun-joo, Ma Dong-seok, Choi Daniel, Park Seo-joon!
A powerful shot! The encounter of the best actors that Korea is looking forward to!

In <Chronicles of Evil>, not only Son Hyeon-joo, but also Ma Dong-seok, Choi Daniel, and Park Seo-joon, who are heavily armed with their acting skills, work together to add credibility. Director Baek Woon-hak said, “It was so much fun to work with great actors in <Chronicles of Evil>. Son Hyun-joo perfectly expressed the emotions and concerns of the character contained in the scenario. Through this movie, I was able to confirm heavy emotional acting from Ma Dong-seok, and Daniel Choi showed a real and intense performance. In addition, Park Seo-joon immediately understood and expressed the demands of the scene.”

Son Hyeon-joo, who returned to the screen two years after <Hide and Seek>, took on the role of 'Choi Banjang' in <Chronicles of Evil>, showing various emotions inside, increasing the immersion of the play. Ma Dong-seok, who is playing an unrivaled performance in Chungmuro by mobilizing 10 million viewers in the crime thriller genre with <War Against Crime: The Golden Age of Bad Guys>, <The New World>, and <Unfair Transactions>, is a loyal man who believes and follows 'Chief Choi'. Joined as 'Detective Oh'. He adds to the fun of the play with his overwhelming charisma and strong presence. Ma Dong-seok, who has shown various actions in numerous works, is said to have shown extraordinary passion by providing action ideas to martial arts director Kim Shin-woong. In addition, Daniel Choi, who captured the hearts of women with his soft image while going back and forth between the CRT and the screen, will show the most shocking acting transformation since his debut by playing a vicious villain who puts 'Chief Choi' in danger. <Cyrano; He showed a pure man in front of love in "Love Manipulators" and a strong, charismatic look in "The Conspirators", and what kind of appearance he will show in "Chronicles of Evil" is raising expectations. Park Seo-joon, who is a rookie detective who believes and follows 'Chief Choi', but who notices the suspicious behavior of 'Chief Choi' while investigating the case and conflicts between trust and suspicion, is played by Park Seo-joon, who has been on a steep rise in recent dramas and entertainment shows. The acting will add to the tension.

The movie <Chronicles of Evil>, in which four actors with special charms, including Son Hyeon-joo, Ma Dong-seok, Choi Daniel, and Park Seo-joon, unite and raise expectations, foretells a fantastic ensemble through the passionate performances of actors armed with the best acting skills and passion.


STAFF COMMENTARY 1. Actor Chronicle
The success story of <Hide and Seek>! Son Hyun-joo, the king of acting!
His real appearance revealed by the production team who wrote the Korean box office chronicle!

Actor Son Hyeon-joo captivated the public with his long-established acting skills. Son Hyeon-joo, who did not miss even the smallest detail in the scenario and started filming with trust and affection for the work, once again made the production team who worked with him admit that he is the best. The following is an interview with actor Son Hyeon-joo as revealed by the staff of <Chronicles of Evil>.

“Son Hyun-joo is a treasure” – Director Baek Woon-hak
In <Chronicles of Evil>, which focused on the changing psychology as the event progressed rather than flashy actions, the key was to convey emotions to the audience through the camera. Director Baek Woon-hak said about Son Hyun-joo's restrained acting, "There are all joys and sorrows in the eyes of actor Son Hyun-joo. In particular, it perfectly expresses the pressure, melancholy, and gloom that the character should contain. I still get goosebumps every time I think about the acting in those eyes,” he said, expressing his satisfaction with his acting.

“Son Hyun-joo is lighting” – Song Hyun-seok, lighting director
Lighting director Song Hyun-seok did not forget to praise the actor, saying, "No matter what kind of lighting you use to create the atmosphere of a scene, when actor Son Hyun-joo starts acting, he creates a scene much better than any other lighting." Lighting director Song Hyun-seok tried not to disturb the actor's performance with excessive lighting. Therefore, rather than lighting close to the actor, I used the lighting that opens the space, and I tried to maximize the emotions of the actors by finely adjusting the tone and contrast according to the psychology and emotions of the characters.

“Son Hyun-joo is a fashionista” – Director of Photography Park Jong-cheol
Son Hyun-joo had to digest all the action scenes in the movie as well as the emotional acting of the character. The most memorable scene for cinematographer Park Jong-cheol, who had to capture all of these scenes, was the alley chase scene. Son Hyeon-joo had to run several times for the chase scene in an alley in an old residential area in Incheon, but he started filming without showing any difficulty. While filming the dark alley chase scene with the camera in close contact, there were moments when he almost got injured while trying to avoid a collision, but the actor went into filming without showing any pain and showed a professional side. In response, director of photography Park Jong-cheol praised Son Hyeon-joo as “an actor with a style of acting”.

STAFF COMMENTARY 2. Chronicles of the box office
The producers who led the box office in Korea reveal themselves!
The best work in photography, lighting, art, and music!
Psychological tension, subtle emotions and deep realism

There is one thing that the production team of <Chronicles of Evil> emphasized with one mind. It was 'the tension that emphasized the realistic feeling of the space we are living in, not an excessive cinematic expression for genre characteristics'. To convey the feeling of what is happening in reality, cinematographer Park Jong-cheol of <The Last Weapon Bow>, lighting director Song Hyeon-seok of <The Terror Live>, art director Nae-gyeong Nae of <Mother> and <bat>, and music director Hwang Sang-jun of <Pirates: Bandits to the Sea> this came together For <Chronicles of Evil>, cinematographer Jong-cheol Park said, “I excluded the unique camera technique, color, and texture, and focused on the emotions of the actors to create a realistic tracking thriller feel and psychological tension. In order to express the feelings of the character who become more anxious as it progresses toward the second half, we tried to capture even the slightest tremor in the actor's eyes by making the depth of field shallow and mixing telephoto and zoom lenses." Here, Song Hyun-seok, lighting director, explained, “After the incident, we created an atmosphere by adjusting the contrast according to the emotions of ‘Chief Choi’.” In particular, lighting director Song Hyun-seok realistically depicts the feeling of light by bringing street lamps used in daily life and shooting without artificially creating lights such as street lamps that reflect off vehicles.

In addition, various tensions can be seen in the space of the movie. It was a great challenge for art director Nae-kyung Nae to complete the interior of the police station, which occupies the largest portion of the film. Art director Nae-kyung Nae-kyung said, “In order to focus more on the inner conflicts of the characters and the movement that takes place in the space where the events occur, colors are excluded as much as possible, and the density and tension occupying the space are expressed as much as possible. It is one of the spaces that we constantly thought about so that such expressions could appear well.” Here, the music in the right place in the movie doubles the thrill in the movie and creates tension. Music director Hwang Sang-joon said, "As it is a heavy story, I thought about how the audience could maintain the tension of the film." He formed about 50 musicians for the music of <Chronicles of Evil> and created music.

<Chronicles of Evil>, completed after the hard work of the best producers in each field, presents realistic tension through the harmony of shooting, lighting, art, and music, and heralds the birth of a different thriller.

STAFF COMMENTARY 3. Location Chronicle
A series of tensions hidden in each space!
Revealing every nook and cranny of Korea discovered with the passion of the box office crew!

In <Chronicles of Evil>, as important as a character's emotional change was the location of the emotions. In order to express the tension felt in the space, the production team went through a lot of discussion while visiting various parts of Korea from the production stage.

Reconstruction of the interior of a police station with mixed emotions: Busan set
The interior of the police station, the most important space in the movie and the most elaborate, was born on a set located in Busan. The police station, which occupies the largest portion of the movie, reflects the psychological changes experienced by 'Chief Choi'. The room of 'Chief Choi' located in the police station is composed of glass walls, effectively demonstrating the psychological pressure of 'Chief Choi' as the investigation proceeds. In addition, the ceiling inside the police station was also lowered, creating an important space in the movie by focusing on the psychological part of the protagonist, such as making people feel anxious through the appearance at the investigation headquarters.

Crane murder case found in 9 regions nationwide: Dongtan New Town
<Chronicles of Evil> begins with the shocking idea that the body I killed is hanging on a crane. To find the location of the crane murder case that made a strong enough impression on the material alone, the crew visited many apartment construction sites. I visited all construction sites across the country, including Pangyo, Gwanggyo, Geomdan, and Unjeong, as well as major cities such as Pangyo, Gwanggyo, Geomdan, and Unjeong, as well as major cities such as Busan, Gwangju, Incheon, Jeonju, and Sejong. In the meantime, they discovered the construction site of Dongtan New Town. Art director Nae-kyung Nae said, “When selecting the location for the crane murder, I focused on finding a place where there is no geographical difference from the space called the police station. The size of the construction site, the existence of tower cranes, and the location were particularly important. It was very difficult to find a space that satisfies all of these and where I could shoot, and I was very happy to find it.”

A suspenseful alley chase scene: Incheon
The alleyway in Incheon, where the scene of catching the suspect who put 'Chief Choi' in danger was filmed, was a very important place to elevate the psychological pressure to the extreme. The production team of <Chronicles of Evil>, who was looking for a place not only for the psychological pressure but also for the urgent chase scene, chose a narrow alley in an old residential area in Incheon. The houses lined up and the alleys divided into several branches were the best place to complete the urgent chase scene in the movie. The breath-taking chase that unfolds in a very narrow alley where more than two people cannot walk through projects the anxiety of the character inherent in the dark and irregular space, raising the tension of the play to the apex and foretelling the birth of a new chase scene.


“Every human being is in an extreme situation.
It's instinctive to act spontaneously.

and that human
Depending on the situation, how much worse could it be…
This is the place to witness it firsthand.

<Chronicles of Evil>

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