(Korean Movies) The Beast And The Beauty, 2005

The Beast And The Beauty, 2005

The Beast And The Beauty, 2005
Audience over 12 years old
running time
101 minutes
cumulative audience
1339833 people


The wrong meeting of the beast and beauty?
Gu Dong-gun (Ryu Seung-beom), a voice actor who specializes in the sound of the cartoon movie 'Monster', can't see, but he has a girlfriend named 'Jang Hae-ju' (Shin Min-ah) who is prettier than anyone else in the world. Dong-gun, who became Hae-ju's limbs and created a world just for her, explains himself to Hae-ju, who is curious about her appearance, as if he had the appearance of 'Tak Jun-ha', a high school classmate, instead of a harsh impression with a large scar on his forehead.

The worst situation a lie has created!
The happiness of a lie is short-lived… . Haeju's eyes were opened after surgery!! Frantic for fear that lies will be exposed, Dong-geon goes to Hae-ju's hospital, but when he sees Hae-ju, who doesn't recognize him, he accidentally tells him that he is Dong-geon's friend Jeong-seok. In the end, he runs into Hae-Joo, who comes to Dong-Gun's house, and runs into him, and in a panic, Dong-Gon tells a megaton-level lie that Dong-Gon went to Hawaii.

The biggest crisis in love for an unbalanced couple!!
A crisis more than Haeju's awakening is coming to Dong-geon, who has been wandering around without being able to stand in front of Hae-ju! High school classmate Tak Jun-Ha (Kim Kang-Woo), who explained to Hae-Joo about her appearance, happened to meet Hae-Joo. The appearance of the perfect king-car prosecutor is also painful, but Tak Jun-ha falls in love with Hae-ju at first sight and begins to attack Hae-ju. The situation is even more twisted as the foolish gangster 'Do-sik' (Ahn Gil-kang), who dreams of revenge on Prosecutor Tak, intervenes in front of Dong-gun, who is watching in secret. Then one day, when Dong-gun sees Hae-ju and Jun-ha look like a picture, he leaves Hae-ju with tears and decides to go to Hawaii… .

Will they be able to save the unbalanced couple's increasingly twisted love?

ISSUE 1> Boasts the best quality!! _ space and set

Before I open my eyes VS After I open my eyes, there are two feelings. Haeju's 'Jazz Bar'

Among the spaces in the movie <The Beast and Beauty>, the most striking representative place is Haeju's workplace, 'Jazz Bar'. Above all, the Beast and the Beauty, which paid a lot of attention to art, put a lot of effort into the set and space, so that the total cost of making the set, which determines the quality of the movie and provides attractions, was over 200 million. For 'Jazz Bar', which shows the difference between before and after Haeju's awakening, a luxurious blue-toned bar was hired to film the part before he woke up. produced and filmed. In addition, before waking up to take a picture of the exterior of the Jazz Bar, before waking up, in the Paju Publication Complex, where unique and sophisticated buildings are gathered, after waking up, he hired a cafe in Jeonju to draw pictures directly on the exterior of the building. show it nicely The fun of comparing the space that has changed between imagination and reality before and after Hae-Joo Hae opened his eyes at the beginning of the movie will also be different.

Where romance takes place, in front of Haeju's house in Buam-dong

The most romantic space in the movie and the place where the most events take place is in front of Haeju's house. According to the director's opinion that it would be good to have a house that is assimilated with nature while retaining traces of time, we headed to Buam-dong, where cute houses that are 30-40 years old are gathered. In Buam-dong, which recently became famous under the influence of <My Name is Kim Sam-soon>, <The Beast and Beauty> was filming in the front alley and <My Name is Sam-soon Kim> in the back alley. The production team, who found Haeju's house and the alley in front of the house, covered the entire wall of Haeju's house with ivy and moss to create a naturally aged and comfortable feeling. It is no exaggeration to say that simple happiness is expressed on the walls and trees of the house so that you can feel the warmth even when you arrive in front of the house. In particular, on the tree in front of Haeju's house, hand-made lilac flowers are attached to each branch to make the atmosphere of the long alleyway more romantic. There were many complaints of inconvenience from the residents during the filming that continued for about 10 days and nights, but the locals often complained about the alleyway that became more beautiful thanks to the landscape in front of the house created by the art team and the lilac flowers. Even after filming was over, they asked me not to demolish it.

ISSUE 2> Run to anywhere in Korea and abroad!! _ location

Saipan! Overseas filming blitz!

'Hawaii' in the movie is a place where Dong-geon's warm heart wants to show Hae-ju a beautiful world, and it is a place where Dong-geon stays for a while and misses Hae-ju after leaving Hae-ju at the end of the movie. The Hawaii episode was filmed in Saipan for 3 days and 2 nights to realistically convey the feeling of tropical nature. The scene where Hae-Jae listens to Dong-Gun's explanation and imagines the whole view of Hawaii, and the scene of Dong-Gun Koo, who is heartbroken at the heart of longing for Hae-Joo in front of the blue sea, were filmed. At that time, the sunset over Saipan that unfolded before Ryoo Seung-beom's eyes made the atmosphere feel as if it represented Dong-gun's heart. Not only does it contain the blue sea and clear sky of the Pacific Ocean, it also tells the heartbreaking story of Dong-gun who misses Hae-ju.

First released on the screen of 'Seoul National University Gwanak Arboretum', called the secret garden!

'Ryu Seung-beom, Shin Min-ah' Where did this couple mainly go on a date? After the release of <The Beast and Beauty>, there is a place that will be in the spotlight as the best date course. It is 'Seoul National University Gwanak Arboretum'. It has an exotic atmosphere and is full of trees and rare plants that are rare in Korea. It is a secret flower garden that was initially created for the purpose of research and has not been opened to the public for over 40 years. The beautiful appearance of this arboretum, which has only recently been opened to a small number of people on weekends, can be seen at the dating site of <Beast and Beauty>.

ISSUE 3> Actors who showed their hidden talents with innate talent_Actors

Ryoo Seung-beom, Shin Min-ah, and Kim Kang-woo's hidden personal skills are revealed!

In the movie <The Beast and Beauty>, you can check out the hidden organs of Ryu Seung-beom, Shin Min-ah, and Kim Kang-woo.
Ryoo Seung-beom's character Dong Dong-gun is an expert in the cartoon movie 'Monster'. Also, in order to film the high school festival reminiscence scene in the play, we practiced rap and dance to the 'farewell formula' of the most popular song 'Ref' at the time. Thanks to this, you can appreciate the fast rap and dance skills that are comparable to singers. Minah Shin is also a jazz pianist by profession, and in the movie, she works with 'Insooni' and accompanies the famous jazz song 'My Romance' and plays the piano. In addition, Kim Kang-woo, who appears as a king-car prosecutor, practiced so that there was nothing lacking in dancing and singing in order to digest the perfect image in the movie. The song and dance in 'Farewell Formula' with Ryu Seung-beom, and Yoo Jae-ha's 'Hidden Road' at the moment he confesses his love to Hae-ju, perfectly digested two songs in the movie.

The two male actors who made Ryoo Seung-beom cry (?)

Ryu Seung-beom, who always makes the other actors laugh with his witty ed-libs on set. However, in <The Beast and Beauty>, there were actors who made Ryu Seung-beom hold his belly button. The first is comedian 'Ahn Sang-tae'! Ahn's unique accent and expression in every line made Ryoo Seung-beom laugh to the extent that it was impossible to film. In the end, Ryoo Seung-beom is unconditionally filmed for the continuous NG! He said that he would not give NG even if he pinched his legs, suggesting the intensity of the comic. At the time, it was said that not only Ryu Seung-beom, but also the staff couldn't hold back their laughter in the small studio, so the NG of the staff continued to be a difficult filming. Also, another crisis is coming to Ryu Seung-beom, who wanted to overcome the crisis of laughter after Ahn Sang-tae's filming was over! A meeting with singer 'Jongshin Yoon'! Yoon Jong-shin, who has shown off his all-around entertainer, injured his finger before filming, but immersed himself in comic acting practice during that time! It is said that as soon as the main filming began, Ryu Seung-beom's face was smiling and tears were not drying in his eyes.

Romance of on-site staff around Ryoo Seung-beom, Shin Min-ah, and Kim Kang-woo

Gather the savages~ Gather the swordsmen~ Everyone loves beauty!
As the filming began in earnest, a strange current was detected between the staff at the filming site of <Beast and Beauty>. Among the female staff, the faction was divided into the Ryu Seung-beom faction and the Kim Kang-woo faction. On the day of Ryu Seung-beom's filming, the hair style of a certain staff changed, and on the day of Kim Kang-woo's filming, another female staff came with makeup. Because of the two men who stole the hearts of the female staff, the field staff are cold. Ryu Seung-beom and Kim Kang-woo, who do not know English, were able to spend happier days than any other filming site. However, the most popular actress was Shin Min-ah. Under the direction of cinematographer Kwak Young-min, who has been the best member of Shin Min-ah's fan club for a long time, the filming team always writes the phrase 'Minah's angel' (the name of Shin Min-ah's next cafe) on the tape indicating where she is standing, and draws hearts, etc. showed affection. Above all, whenever director Lee Gye-byeok gave her an acting order, Shin Min-ah opened her big eyes and made a circle with an 'OK' sign like a Batman pose, taking over the cuteness of my staff. “Director, will you be okay if I do that?” He also pressured (?) the director with an aegyo pose.

Gorgeous outfits just for beauties! A total of 40 costumes were produced!

What stands out the most in <Beast and Beauty> is the colorful costumes of the female protagonist, Haeju. All the clothes that appear in the movie are made only for Haeju in the movie, and there is only one in the world. If Haeju's image was expressed in white and blue colors before she wakes up, after she wakes up, she can see everything in the world, so Haeju's clothes change with vibrant colors and designs centered on intense red and green. There were a total of 40 costumes for Haeju, so it was fun to see new outfits for each shoot, but above all, it is said that Shin Minah enjoyed the most, as she said that looking at Haeju's outfit made her smile.

ISSUE 4> Can't be more fierce than this!! _site

Mosquito '40 million' move to Jeonju! A Midsummer Night's Battle with Mosquitoes

The biggest enemy on the set of <Beast and Beauty> was a mosquito swarm in midsummer. In particular, the shooting of the exterior of the Jeonju Jazz Bar was reminiscent of a war against battle mosquitoes. Because of the job of Haeju, a jazz bar pianist in the play, there were a lot of night shots, especially in Jeonju, where Haeju's jazz bar was filmed after waking up. It is difficult to shoot all night, but the attack of the battle mosquito made it even more difficult for the actors and staff. In the end, despite the heat from the next day of filming, there were some staff who were fully armed with long sleeves, but wore raincoats because of the power of mosquitoes that pierce jeans. In the end, all kinds of mosquito repellents spilled out. Mosquito repellent sprayed and applied to the body, mosquito repellent, and even a quarantine device… Thanks to this, the staff took the mosquito repellent all night and filmed, and for 5 nights in Jeonju, they spent about 2 million won on mosquito repellent alone.

The action scenes are also comical!

In the movie <The Beast and Beauty>, where every scene is comical, even the 'street car chase scene and arrest fight scene' in which prosecutor Tak Jun-ha arrests the Guryong faction is comically included. The street car chase scene and the 4:1 Guryong group arrest fight scene filmed for a total of 4 days at Yongsan Electronics Market are the main scenes where prosecutor Tak Jun-ha's charming appearance and his fateful first meeting with Hae-ju begin, as well as the scene that decorated the crank-up. do. Director Lee Gye-byeok, who intends to present a car chase scene in which the two main characters stand out, focused more on Haeju's bewildered expression and Junha's masculine figure, who suddenly got into the car, rather than the flashy movement of the car. The chase scene, in which the Guryongpa had to run under the underpass after closely following the van, was filmed by Kim Kang-woo and Shin Min-ah without a double, adding to the realism. Prior to filming, Shin Min-ah looked a little nervous, but as soon as filming started, she was excited like a child riding a roller coaster in an amusement park. Shin Min-ah finished the filming with a smile until the end, even as she received all kinds of garbage thrown from Guryong-pa's car. Shin Min-ah and Kim Kang-woo getting out of the crushed car to the director Why is it funny even if we shoot action scenes in our movie? He even joked. In the subsequent Guryongpa arrest scene, Kim Kang-woo showed an agile action move to arrest four gangsters with a pair of handcuffs and a jacket. Director Lee Gye-byeok saw this and even said that he would prepare an action movie by Kang Woo-pyo right away. Kim Kang-woo, who learned high-level action at the action school before crank-in for the fight scene, showed off his martial arts skills to the fullest as a hot-blooded swordsman through this scene.

Director! Director! Our director, Gye-byeok Lee!

Director Lee Gye-byeok of <The Beast and the Beauty> had unusually many accidents and accidents while filming <The Beast and the Beauty>. The director's son 'Kang San-i' was born the moment he boarded the plane to shoot Saipan, leaving behind his uneasy mind leaving his wife in full term. Also, at the end of August, just before the crank-up, director Lee Gye-byeok suddenly contracted chickenpox. The director, who could not meet the newborn child due to filming, was unable to meet his son 'Kang San' again for more than 3-4 weeks, when the chickenpox virus is dormant in the body. Director Lee Gye-byeok, who makes his debut with <The Beast and the Beauty>, which melts the love story with a beautiful wife in various places, made his debut as tough as the restless beast in the movie.

ISSUE 5> Comic Oldboy you will regret if you miss it!! _Homage

One of the hidden highlights of <The Beast and Beauty> is the homage scene to the movie <Oldboy>, which director Lee Gye-byeok made a comedic meltdown. In the movie <Oldboy>, Oh Dae-soo (Choi Min-sik) and Lee Woo-jin (Yoo-tae), who are shocked to hear the full story of the incident from Lee Woo-jin, are shown together with the conspiracy process, and the final, cold-headed face of Woo-jin Lee is shown in a split screen. Afterwards, along with 'Cries of Whispers', it was considered one of the best scenes of 'Oldboy'. The face of Haeju, who was engulfed, and the face of Donggun, who was lying, were edited in the same way. In addition to that, the familiar theme of Woojin Lee is played in the background, adding to the fun. With the wit of director Lee Gye-byeok, the famous scene of 2003's most talked-about movie <Oldboy> was reborn as a scene unique to <The Beast and Beauty>, a comic melodrama that does not lose its laughter despite the seriousness. This scene, which you will regret if you miss it, will bring unexpected joy and comedy to the audience.

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