(Korean Movies) THE BAD GUYS: REIGN OF CHAOS, 2019


Audience over 15
running time
114 minutes
cumulative audience
4573902 people


The prisoners have escaped!
An unprecedented incident occurs in which the prison convoy overturns and the worst criminals escape.
In response, the police convene the 'Special Crime Investigation Division', a top-secret project where imprisoned criminals catch heinous criminals.

Crazy dog… Let's solve it again!
'Gu-tak Oh' (Kim Sang-joong) goes to visit the legendary fist 'Park Woong-cheol' (Ma Dong-seok), who has been active in the past.
A new team is formed by recruiting emotional con artist Kwak No-soon (Kim Ah-joong) and former detective Koh Yoo-seong (Jang Ki-yong).

The bad guys have become stronger, more sophisticated, and more poisonous with the addition of new members.
As they dig deeper into this case, they intuit that there is a huge criminal organization behind them.
They start moving to clear the worse ones…

Lawless arrest operation of bad guys!
They come to think like niggas and act like niggas!


'Release Crazy Dogs' on the screen!
The topical drama [Bad Guys] is born into a more refreshing 'crime entertainment action' movie!

The movie <Bad Guys: The Movie> is a crime entertainment action depicting the unstoppable activities of the bad guys who once again unite to catch the worst criminals that have disappeared after an unprecedented escape from a convoy. It was made into a movie with the motif of the drama of the same name, [Bad Guys], which has been evaluated as opening a new chapter in the Korean genre drama, such as achieving the highest viewership rating for OCN’s all-time dramas in 2014.

The drama [Bad Guys] has a fresh setting of 'Those who commit violent crimes get rid of worse evil' at the time of broadcast, and characters in the play such as 'Oh Gu-tak' and 'Park Woong-cheol', who are talked about as the life characters of Kim Sang-joong and Ma Dong-seok. was well-received, leading to a response from viewers. Accordingly, the movie <Bad Guys: The Movie> drew a lot of attention even before production.

The movie <Bad Guys: The Movie> maintains the characters and worldview that have been loved by viewers in the drama, but adds upgraded action, humor, and intense chemistry through the joining of new characters to captivate the audience beyond the CRT. will be. Here, writer Han Jeong-hoon, who is drawing a stroke in the genre, presents strong characters and compelling stories in each of his works such as dramas [Vampire Prosecutor], [Bad Guys], and [38 Fraudulent Squadron]. Movie> and plans to present a thrilling development. After [Bad Guys] and [38 Squadron], Ma Dong-seok, who once again worked with writer Han Jeong-hoon on <Bad Guys: The Movie>, said, “We will continue to exchange opinions and create more lively fun. A person who creates a foundation that can be used,” he said, foretelling that this <Bad Guys: The Movie> will also provide fast development and exhilarating fun that will not take your eyes off of it for even a moment.

Story, characters, action and even humor! Everything is there!
This Chuseok, the most exhilarating crime entertainment action is expected to be born!

<Bad Guys: The Movie> plans to captivate the audience by adding a different storyline, new characters, a larger action scale and bursting humor to the drama [Bad Guys], which has been loved for its unique worldview.

An unprecedented situation occurred in which a convoy transporting prisoners from the prison exploded, and heinous criminals escaped. As the top-secret project 'Special Crime Investigation Division', which was disbanded, is reunited, the bad guys, long-cherished by fans, return with exhilarating fun. Director Son Yong-ho, who introduced himself as a fan of the original drama, said, "There are fans of existing dramas, and because it is a movie, the most important thing was to be able to persuade movie fans." It was revealed that efforts were made to maximize the fun and scale of the film. In addition to 'Oh Gu-tak' and 'Park Woong-cheol', the core characters of the drama [Bad Guys], 'Kwak No-soon', a brain of the bad guys, a new emotional con artist, 'Ko Yu-seong', a former detective and a solo rookie in charge of the young blood of bad guys is designed to maintain a balance between characters by clearly distinguishing their own skills, strengths, and personalities. In particular, about the enhanced humor along with the chemistry between the four different people, PD Bae Bae Hong said, “The dialogue between the characters has become much more interesting. Another difference unique to the movie is that you can laugh and laugh while watching it.” Here, the director said, “Since it is a character-oriented film, I was able to raise the level of action more easily and increase the cinematic scale.” In addition, to realize the cinematic scale, the production team searched for unique locations such as Incheon, Asan, Chungnam, and Wanju, Jeollabuk-do, and boasted that they tried to complete action scenes that had not been seen before in various places in the country that were selected differently.

Kim Sang-joong, who once again played the role of 'Gu-tak Oh', a designer who collects bad guys, said, "It will break through emotions such as regret and frustration." Here, Kim Ah-joong, who exuded an indescribable charm with 'Kwak No-soon', said, "It is an entertainment action movie that the whole family can watch, even though it is a crime movie," raising expectations for the exhilarating action that all men and women of all ages will enjoy this Chuseok.

They come to think like niggas and act like niggas!
From the original character comeback to the joining of the new character!
Check out the perfect teamwork of Ma Dong-seok X Kim Sang-joong X Kim Ah-joong X Jang Ki-yong!

Gu-tak Oh, the designer of the 'Special Crimes Investigation Division', which collects bad guys and clears the bad guys, and 'Park Woong-cheol', the legendary fist serving a 28-year sentence, and the leader of the bad guys' actions, is just a reunion. Guys: The Movie> received a lot of attention. Kim Sang-joong and Ma Dong-seok, who showed off their unrivaled presence among the original characters with their intense acting, generously showed their affection for the character they were acting again after 5 years. Kim Sang-joong said, "I was happy to meet again a character I had a lot of affection for, and I hope that many people will feel catharsis again through this character." In action movies, you will be playing a character that is poisonous to ‘Ma Dong-seok’, and this character is the beginning of it.”

Kim Ah-joong, who introduced her character as “a swindler who moves for his own benefit, but is also a chatter and human,” is a new emotional swindler that has not been seen in the drama [Bad Guys]. I played the bad guy's brain 'Kwak No-soon'. Here, Jang Ki-yong, who draws attention as a rising star of the CRT, is a lively former detective who plays 'Go Yoo-seong', a solitary rookie with a five-year sentence for manslaughter and manslaughter while trying to catch a criminal. Regarding Jang Ki-yong, who joined <Bad Guys: The Movie> as his first screen debut, the director said, “I played a character who is responsible for the young energy of the bad guys, but on set, he energized me with his sincere, gentle, and sarcastic personality. .”, adding to the curiosity.

The bad guys, who are armed with the charms of 4 people, said, “They are very charismatic when it comes to catching worse guys. As Jang Ki-yong said, “They have distinct colors, so it’s a more attractive combination.” As Jang Ki-yong said, they are different, so they will radiate more attractive chemistry and fill the screen with exhilarating action and humor in September.


Bigger, new, upbeat! A world view that is further expanded on the screen!
The story behind the movie adaptation of <Bad Guys: The Movie>!

The movie <Bad Guys: The Movie> is a work based on the original OCN drama [Bad Guys], which caused a sensation when it aired in 2014 with a strong genre personality. In particular, this <Bad Guys: The Movie>, which will be unfolded on the screen, is bigger than the drama, new, and heavily armed with lightness, raising expectations.

First, the most important point that Director Son Yong-ho and the production team thought about in the process of completing the movie was to continue the original worldview, but to be reborn as a genre movie of crime entertainment and action that could appeal to a wider audience. In fact, director Son Yong-ho said, "Based on the solid worldview built by the drama, I have been thinking for a long time in various fields such as character warrior description, space, location, and action to satisfy both original fans and new moviegoers." It confirmed the many efforts put in to further maximize the fun and scale of the movie while retaining the connectivity of the film.

In addition, the charm of the legendary fist 'Park Woong-cheol' (Ma Dong-seok), who received much love through the drama, and 'Oh Gu-tak' (Kim Sang-joong), the designer of the bad guys, are further strengthened, while at the same time, the new face emotional fraudster 'Kwak No-soon' (Kim Ah-joong), the scoundrel New fun was captured by taking advantage of his chemistry with the new 'Go Yoo-seong' (Jang Ki-yong). Director Son Yong-ho said, "The skills and personalities of the existing characters and the newly joined characters were clearly set differently. It is very pleasant and refreshing to see people who are likely to create only dissonance and become a team,” he said, raising expectations for the unique chemistry of the characters that will unfold in the movie.

Finally, by creating an exquisite harmony of humor and action, the film's own light tone and manner was added. Producer Bae Bae Hong expressed his satisfaction and pride, saying, "The story that makes you sweat is added to the large-scale action, spectacle, and humor that you couldn't see on a CRT." Director Son Yong-ho also said, “If you focus on character descriptions and their chemistry in the early and mid-stage, in the second half, the scale increased and the action was strengthened. You will be able to feel refreshed without boredom throughout the running time.” <Bad Guys: The Movie>, completed after such hard work, is expected to captivate the audience at once this Chuseok through upgraded action, humor, and intense chemistry while maintaining the characters and worldview that have been loved by viewers in the drama. am.

A refreshing shot of true action masters!
Actors' passionate action camera for unrivaled action scenes!

It is no exaggeration to say that 'action' was the most important topic in <Bad Guys: The Movie> from the planning stage. This is because, given the nature of the film, which is freer than a drama and can utilize a wider screen, it can present a wilder yet exhilarating action. In addition, as it is a work with a strong character, the fact that it can contain different styles of action also served as an advantage. In this way, everyone's efforts to increase the scale of action began by matching the point that can differentiate the drama from the most to 'action'.

Starting with 'Park Woong-cheol' (Ma Dong-seok) who pushes and sees with force, 'Oh Gu-tak' (Kim Sang-joong) blows a heavy shot at the decisive moment, and 'Kwak No-soon' (Kim Ah-joong)'s agility, which excites admiration by showing off his hidden action skills, Even the style of 'uniqueness' (Jang Ki-yong) that rushes without hesitation, director Son Yong-ho differs the feeling of the action shown for each character, and pays a lot of attention to increase the reality of these actions. The martial arts director and actors devote themselves to learning the action sum for each scene. In particular, Jang Ki-yong received training at Seoul Action School before filming to show a fight-style action that was not shown in his previous work, and he did not spare his enthusiasm for the work, such as directly digesting high-level actions such as wire action. it's the back Kim Ah-joong, who shows the action at the climax, also adds to expectations by revealing, “I was very worried in the process of learning the action, but I was able to have fun and the result came out well.”

Meanwhile, <Bad Guys: The Movie> is also a work in which Ma Dong-seok's work in the action genre shines through. In the climax, director Son Yong-ho talked about the action scene in which 'Park Woong-cheol' confronts a large number of members by himself, saying, "This scene would have taken at least 3-4 days, but Ma Dong-seok completed it in a day and a half. He is an actor who deserves to be called an 'action master'." The movie <Bad Guys: The Movie>, where you can see the unique action scenes created through the actors' efforts, will be perfectly positioned as a crime entertainment action movie that brings a refreshing shot to the theater district.

It fully captures the worldview and scale of the bad guys!
From nationwide locations to set installation and remodeling, the entire space was born!

In realizing the world view of <Bad Guys: The Movie>, one of the parts that director Son Yong-ho and the production team put a lot of effort into was the space and the setting. We decided that we needed a unique space that could show the cinematic spectacle more intensely in the existing solid worldview, so we hired places that could highlight situations and people in Asan, Incheon, Wanju, etc. that considerable effort has been put into

The road scene where an unprecedented convoy escaped occurred was the most difficult filming, such as a convoy bus and truck collided and overturned, so it took a lot of effort to cast the actual road. For a more realistic scene while minimizing CG in the collision accident scene, we prepare special structures and props and install them on the road, as well as perfectly realizing the flow of buses and vehicles that are overturned in an accident, all staff take 2 weeks. It has been sold out for over a period of time to capture the overwhelming scale and realism.

Also, in order to reborn as a unique space while retaining connection with the drama [Bad Guys], the abandoned cathedral, a hideout for bad guys, found an abandoned church in Wanju, Jeollabuk-do. Director Son Yong-ho said, “It had to be a space that could handle the cinematic scale. After diligently searching all over the place, we found the most suitable place and remodeled it as a set.” Expressing the irony of being a cathedral as a hideout for bad guys as a space, it will delight fans of existing dramas while remaining a more impressive space for moviegoers. will be.

The logistics warehouse where the bad guys fight for the last time is a huge warehouse located in Incheon, and after a long time consultation with many companies that use the place, a realistic and huge scale was completed. Since it is a space where a large number of people are put in and even a large-scale group action is unfolding, meticulous preparation was required from small props to movement lines. Producer Bae Bae Hong said, “Actually, we had to avoid the time it takes for items to enter and exit the warehouse, so it took an art team and a prop team to set it up and restore it to its original state,” he said. It gives a glimpse of the efforts of the production crew to capture the film, predicting the birth of a high-quality work.

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