(Korean Movies) The Advocate : A missing body, 2014

The Advocate : A missing body, 2014

The Advocate : A missing body, 2014
Audience over 15
running time
117 minutes
cumulative audience
1128288 people


“Winning is justice.”
Ace lawyer 'Byong-seong' (Lee Seon-gyun) with a top 1% brain and a 100% chance of winning. A new request comes in from him, who has successfully completed a large-scale lawsuit. Defending the leading suspect in the Sinchon female university student murder case without a body or evidence! Although it is a seldom solved case, his brain starts to move quickly, and he and his partner 'Director Doctor' (Im Won-hee) secure decisive evidence to acquit the suspect at the scene of the incident.

“From now on, I am the protagonist of this case!”
On the day of the trial, he refutes the objections of Jin Seon-min (Kim Go-eun), a junior prosecutor who clashes with every case. As always, the moment when you are sure of victory! The suspect confesses that he killed the victim. A sudden confession changes the situation, and he faces the biggest crisis of his life, with suspicions of manipulating evidence in order to win…

The moment I was certain of victory, the reversal began
The exhilarating counterattack of the ace lawyer with crumpled self-esteem begins!

[ Who is angry lawyer ]

top 1% brain
100% chance of winning

A person who knows no humility
the undisputed ace

winning is justice
i will be the truth

<Going to the End> Lee Seon-gyun
This time it's the ace lawyer!

[ About Lawyer ]

exhilarating! It's chewy! refreshing!
In October 2015, a new style anti-war chase is coming!

Actor Lee Seon-gyun, who captured the hearts of the audience with <Going to the End> last year, which drew 3.45 million viewers, returns with <Angry Lawyer>. If in <Going to the End>, he achieved unanimous satisfaction by digesting the desperate and struggling characters in his own style in his own style. The moment it starts and is expected, it has completed a new style of anti-war chase drama that exhilaratingly overturns that expectation.

<Angry Lawyer> is a movie depicting the exhilarating counterattack of an ace lawyer whose pride is trampled upon by the reversal that started when he is 100% certain of winning a murder case with only a suspect and no body or evidence. Based on his outstanding brain and ability, the ace lawyer 'Dyongseong' is equipped with confidence instead of humility and lightness instead of seriousness. The full-scale case that begins with an unexpected headshot in the trial he thought was perfect, who did not even know about defeat, offers tension and immersion that cannot take your eyes off of the unexpected and exciting development that bites the tail. In particular, instead of passively reacting to unexpected reversals every time they face it, Byun Hyo-seong, who takes full advantage of his own talents and strengths, overturns the board and seeks new reversals, adds the charm of a character movie to a chewy story. Lawyer> Creates unique fun. In addition, <Angry Lawyer> is a new style that combines the thrilling pleasure of riding a roller coaster, chewy fun, and an attractive character like never before, which completely breaks away from the frame of the existing court movies and adds the highlight of a chase action that runs all over Seoul. In October 2015, the movie will shake up the theater district.

There has never been a lawyer like this before!
The birth of a unique character equipped with brain, confidence and style!

<Angry Lawyer> is different from previous works that feature lawyers as the main character by creating a new character that overturns the stereotypes about the profession of a lawyer in our heads. 'Dongseong' armed with a firm belief that "Winning is justice" and the confidence that the protagonist of the trial is not the victim or the client, but "I am." The smart side of defenseman who always shows a clear evidence, clear intellectual ability, sharp reasoning ability to not miss a single clue at the murder scene, and a brilliant wit at the decisive moment is the opposite of his usual witty and humorous appearance. He leads the play all over the place with his charm. While he was winning enough to receive jealousy from those around him, he experienced an unexpected defeat, but the shock was short-lived. Be the center of fun.

And Byeon Hwa-seong's external style, equipped with sophistication from head to toe, puts emphasis on the character's personality. A perfect suit fit anytime, anywhere, and matching casual sneakers, sunglasses and a backpack instead of a briefcase that shine more indoors. This was completed after a long discussion between actor Lee Seon-gyun, director Huh Jong-ho, and the costume team in order to break the fixed image of the profession of a lawyer and show a character that is lively from the outside. Lee Seon-gyun said, "I wanted to show a person who has a point different from the lawyer I usually think of. I wanted to show a lawyer with a bouncing charm who is interested in fashion and likes trendy music, and I wanted to portray him as a person with light humor and energy.” Armed with differentiated charm from the outside to the inside, from head to toe, the defense of <Angry Lawyer> will captivate the audience with its personality and exhilarating performances that have not been seen in Korean films.

Ace Lawyer Lee Seon-gyun
Rival prosecutor Kim Go-eun and loyal partner Im Won-hee
A fresh combination of actors armed with different charms!

<Angry Lawyer> is a fresh combination of popular actors armed with different personalities and charms such as Kim Go-eun and Im Won-hee, along with the transformation of Lee Seon-gyun, who can be called a professional actor from cooks, doctors, veterinarians, detectives, and lawyers. evoke From the drama [Pasta]'s Chef Barruck, to the heart-warming doctor from [Golden Time], to the delicate sensibility veterinarian in the movie <Wagon Car>, to the timid husband in <All About My Wife>, to the desperate detective in <Going to the End>. Lee Seon-gyun, who has built trust by perfectly digesting various characters with his own colors regardless of fields and genres such as movies, action and melodrama. Lee Seon-gyun, who took on the role of a lawyer for the first time in his life in <Angry Lawyer>, has completed a fresher character by injecting unique personality and pleasant energy into the character of a confident and confident lawyer anytime, anywhere. Director Heo Jong-ho said, "The straight and candid character of the defense character and Lee Seon-gyun's usual appearance show perfect synchronicity. Lee Seon-gyun's cheerful and unfaltering appearance melted into the character of the defender and was completed as a more attractive character." Although I am a lawyer, I tried to express the charms in it as freely as possible.”

On the other hand, Kim Go-eun, a hot actress who has recently been cast as the female lead in the drama [Cheese in the Trap] following her deep and delicate acting skills in various works, plays the role of 'Jin Seon-min', a rival prosecutor who takes on the same case as the lawyer. He takes on the role and meets Lee Sun-kyun for the first time. Kim Go-eun, who has repeatedly challenged herself through bold and unique female characters in her previous works, is expected to take on a realistic professional character in <Angry Lawyer> and show rival chemistry with Lee Seon-gyun with a natural yet confident charm. Im Won-hee, who heated up the small screen through the MBC entertainment program [Real Men 2], breathes life into the decomposition play with the partner 'Chief Dr. Im Won-hee, a doctoral officer who grumbles at the unreasonable request of the lawyer who pursues the case, but always stays by his side, brings laughter and tension to the right place with the perfect combination play with Lee Seon-gyun. In this way, the fresh ensemble of three actors, including Lee Sun-kyun, Kim Go-eun, and Im Won-hee, will fill the screen with irresistible fun.

The running of a lawyer who runs on his feet begins in the city!
100% pleasure, a unique attraction of chasing action through downtown Seoul!
Korea's first Supreme Court location!

<Angry Lawyer> provides a cool and intense pleasure with the action of a lawyer who runs directly across the city center of Seoul away from the limited space of the courtroom. Director Heo Jong-ho wanted to complete the spectacle with the unique style of <Angry Lawyer>, inspired by the professional characteristics of an ace lawyer with quick judgment and agility. As a result, a creative pursuit action unique to <Angry Lawyer>, which vividly captures the charm of an intelligent and smart person, was born. Against the backdrop of a large, crowded Han River site, when a person holding a clue to a decisive incident appears on a motorcycle, the car chase in a foreign car that Byeong-Sung loved terribly, a chase to chase a motorcycle running down a narrow road, and From the bike procession to the chasing scene of the campers digging through the gaps. The various actions of <Angry Lawyer> offer a different attraction with a dizzying development that goes beyond expectations as much as the story. In addition, the scene in which Byun Hyo-seong, who made a plan to escape by subway in a crisis situation, escapes the situation with perfect timing and momentary wit, adds Lee Seon-gyun's light action acting and rhythmic direction to deliver a sense of urgency.

In addition, <Angry Lawyer> made the location of the Supreme Court for the first time in Korean film history, increasing the realism of the play. Heo Jong-ho and the production team, who thought that no matter how elaborate the set could not embody the authority and atmosphere of a real space, were allowed to shoot at the Supreme Court after much consideration. I was able to capture more realistic and realistic scenes, such as the figure of Byun Hyo-seong in front of the Statue of Justice. From the unpredictable chase scene in the middle of downtown Seoul to the realistic space that enhances the vitality of the characters, <Angry Lawyer>'s colorful attractions will double the fun of the movie.

[ Why angry lawyer ]

“I wanted to capture an attractive character.
Intelligent, humorous, friendly and cute
Through an attractive lawyer character
I wanted to convey pleasant energy, empathy and catharsis.”
– Director Heo Jong-ho –

“Unexpected reversal, felt in the process of unraveling it
Light speed, cool feeling as if running without brake.
The sense of urgency and joy I felt while reading the script
I am sure it will be conveyed to the audience as well.”
– Actor Lee Seon-gyun –

“I read the screenplay in an instant.
I was immediately fascinated by the fast-paced story.
If you follow the breath of the case
You will find yourself immersed in it at some point.”
– Actress Kim Go-eun –

“Events that repeat reversal in reversal,
A solid story that goes on without a break,
To the extent that I don't know how the running time passes
I think it will be a fun movie.”
– Actress Im Won-hee –

[ It's edge style ]

A style tip recommended by an angry lawyer!

Dare to break free from formulas and stereotypes!
The daring of wearing sneakers and backpacks on suits, even when going to the Supreme Court
Of course, this is only possible if you support your style with a perfect suit fit!

No matter what others say, I am the truth!
Indoor sun for autumn direct sunlight.

Now is the time for lawyers to jump on their feet!
Perfectly digests even the riding look for the stomach

What is the point of style? Confidence!
Who is the protagonist of this case from now on? That's me!

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