(Korean Movies) Tazza: The High Rollers, 2006

Tazza: The High Rollers, 2006

Tazza: The High Rollers, 2006
Youth not allowed
running time
139 minutes
cumulative audience
5686147 people
6th Korea Film Awards 2007


Beware of strangers..!

Goni, who works in a furniture factory and lives a shabby life, is a passionate young man who prioritizes money to help him get out of poverty rather than college! One day, Goni gets caught up in a hwatu board played by Park Moo-seok and his party in a corner of a furniture factory. One match of 'Seotda' played with twenty cards! However, Goni loses all the money he had saved for three years on the board. Belatedly realizing that it was a match made and played by professional gamblers Tazza, Goni sets out to find Park Moo-seok and his party, and meets the legendary Tazza Pyeonggyeongjang as if by chance in a warehouse where there is a dispute over gambling. And he promises to stop playing hanbok if he wins five times the amount of money he lost, and goes on a road to accompany him to a full-fledged flower fight.

There are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies..!

Goni has finally entered Tazza's path! While traveling around the Pyeonggyeongjang and local expeditions, they are introduced to Madam Jeong, the designer, the flower of the gambling board. Goni wins a lot of money on a board that Madam Jeong has designed in advance, and in the end, she breaks her promise with Pyeonggyeongjang, unable to overcome her growing desire. Goni chooses to part with Pyeonggyeongjang after a splendid gambling life with Madam Jeong. Goni, who has had a final goodbye with Pyeonggyeongjang, who is boarding a leisurely train, meets at the train station, a vicious venomous servant and a tazzaran maw of death. Afterwards, Go-ni meets Go Gwang-ryeol, who shakes the board with a raucous joke at a chat board at Madame Jeong's bar, and leaves Madam Jeong with him while escaping the police crackdown. Unlike Goni, Ko Gwang-ryeol is a Tazza full of humanity with an office worker mindset who says that he can only pick as much as others earn! The two boast a fantastic breath and sweep the national hwatu boards.

I'm aiming for you, the last game that risked my life…!

Goni and Ko Gwang-ryeol are running on an expedition together and making their own gambling life. At a bar he accidentally stops by during an expedition, Go-ni meets Hwa-ran, the owner of the bar, and they are attracted to each other at first sight. Meanwhile, Goni finds Park Moo-seok, who made him immerse himself in this world, and Kwak Cheol-yong, the man who controls him, and finally succeeds in revenge in a beautiful way. However, Kwak Cheol-yong's Soo-ha asks for help from the Goni for revenge, and the Go-ni and Go-gwang-ryeol are drawn into the game by using Madam Jeong, who has love and hatred for Go-ni as bait. Cygnus remembers the anglerfish he passed by at the train station, and senses that it is a 'bite of death'. But Goni doesn't deny it. After rejecting Go Gwang-ryeol's disapproval and leaving behind her love for Hwa-ran, the woman who made her dream of a normal life for the first time, Go-ni boards herself on the ship where the plate of death will unfold… .
The war of flowers with nowhere to retreat..! Each one's grudges, desires, and fleeting hopes are all tangled up in one episode…!

“There is nothing to be afraid of, nothing to be embarrassed about.
Like everyone I know, one day I will get hurt or die.
Because that's Tazza… ”

【Tazza】: A slang term for a professional gambler who has reached the highest level

– To become <Tazza>!? –

First, Tazza's first posture is a beast! Violence is power.
Second, hands are faster than eyes.
Third, there is no safe gambling board in this world. Trust no one!
Finally, there are no permanent friends or enemies on this floor!

【 About Movie 】

Fight with flowers, Tue.Tu! There is life in this.

Here is a man.
An ordinary young man who lived every day with the fun of working in a furniture factory, collecting the pennies he earned.
However, his life takes a moment in an unexpected direction.
Everything is a terrible 'accident'.
In that way, the hwatu cards he catches for fun shake his whole life.
A young man who started to recover lost money, but can never forget the thrill of winning the first time.
The desire to win and the desire to win is so wriggling from within,
In the end, the young man can't leave the hwatu board to 'live life as an art'.
First of all, his teacher, who attained the enlightenment of life,
A woman who tried to possess him,
A colleague who made friends with him,
No one can stop the man from jumping into the final plate of death.
Because everyone knows the reason why they risk death and jump into a flower fight.

one day. Chapter 場. Chun 春. Mong 夢.
As such, this story is about the 'desire' we all know and harbor.
A story about the vain desires of humans, only when they reach the threshold of death that they realize that everything was just a futile dream.
It is a story about a 'human' who realizes it only through 'Hwatu'.

【 Hot Issue 】

the power of the original

<Tazza> is a film adaptation of the cartoon “Tazza” by Heo Young-man and Kim Se-young. “Tazza” was serialized in Sports Chosun for 4 years from July 1999 and gained great popularity. , Part 2 Hand of God, Part 3 One-Eyed Jack, Part 4 The Song of Belzebub), and left an unprecedented record of over 1 million page views on average on the Sports Chosun website. The cartoon 'Tazza' depicts the thrilling world of competition on the gambling board with the word 'Tazza', a slang term for a professional gambler who has reached the highest level. The breathtaking tension created by the psychological warfare and fighting between the tazzas is definitely the highlight! This charm has given birth to a lot of bad people, and as the popularity of comics matured, rumors about its movieization continued to rise. It may be taken for granted that “Tazza” is receiving a lot of attention as it has brought about a major change in the domestic comics market. do. It can be said that it is the recognition of many people for the power and fun of the story of “Tazza” itself. Thus, in 2006, the manga “Tazza” was finally made into a movie and revealed. The vast story <Tazza> finally opens on the screen with the hope that it will be a deep drama about human desires, support from readers who have loved the manga, and fans who wished it was made into a movie!

director's power

The person who will draw the picture for <Tazza> is director Choi Dong-hoon. Director Choi Dong-hoon, who made his splendid debut with <Reconstruction of Crime>, chose <Tazza> as his second film. The combination of an interesting original work and a storyteller director makes many people go crazy. Director Choi Dong-hoon, who says that the huge presence of the original is both a strength and a burden to himself, has adapted the 'Part 1 Jirisan Jakdo' over a year, which is the beginning of a vast story and the most focused on the desire of the main character, Goni. In the adaptation work, the director moved the background to the 1990s, and collected the stories under the slogan 'Goni's journey to become a tazza and the human groups he meets'. The main character, Goni, is a natural matchmaker, his teacher, the legendary Tazza Pyeonggyeongjang, Goni's comrade, Tazza Ko Gwangryeol, and Madam Jeong, the flower and designer of gambling. The film moves around these four main characters. In addition, more than 10 supporting characters appear around them, including Tazza Maw of Death, Hwaran of Goni's love, Mu-seok Park and Cheol-yong Kwak, the representative gangsters of fraudulent gambling who led Goni to the game board, and other supporting characters such as Partisan, Jjak-gwi, Seran, and Yong-Yeong. All of these 15 main characters live and breathe with their own personalities, wearing the vibrant prints and lines of Director Choi Dong-hoon. Director Choi Dong-hoon, who is good at character expression, will be buried here again. In response, director Choi Dong-hoon revealed his ambition to show a story different from the comics along with the definition of 'a growing-up drama and a road movie of Goni' in which many characters appear. Let's look forward to the second film of this gifted storyteller!

actor's power

After the news of the movie adaptation, the interest in the actors was really great, to the extent that there was a debate among fans. In particular, the four main characters Goni, Madam Jeong, Gyeongjang Pyeong, and Gwangryeol Ko, who will lead the film, were of great interest. Among them, the actor who received the most attention is Jo Seung-woo, who plays the main character, Goni! Director Choi Dong-hoon, who had Jo Seung-woo in mind for the role of Go-ni from the time of writing the screenplay, said before and after filming, 'I am certain that it is the luck of this film to have met an actor named Cho Seung-woo'. Cho Seung-woo, who shows his amazing acting skills by putting his own color in any role, is planning to create a new swan that is unique to Cho Seung-woo with a strong charm hidden in softness. Kim Hye-soo, who plays the female lead Madam Jeong, raises expectations with a different character called 'a femme fatale who controls the thugs'. Director Choi Dong-hoon, who has always been looking forward to working with Kim Hye-soo, left a short and strong word about her acting as a villain in this movie, 'a wonderful actress'. Baek Yoon-sik, who plays the legendary Tazza Pyeonggyeongjang, who first joined <Tazza>, is an actor who has been praised by many for being the best casting since casting. Following <Reconstruction of Crime>, he will be working with director Choi Dong-hoon for the second time, and he will always show a performance that will remain in the legend in <Tazza>. And Yoo Hae-jin, who plays the role of a commoner-type Tazza, is expected to firmly establish herself as a dignified lead through <Tazza>. His acting ability, which has perfectly digested humorous roles, shines through in <Tazza>. In addition, the faces of 11 supporting actors, including Kim Yun-seok, who plays Agu, and Lee Soo-kyung, who plays Hwa-ran, are gorgeous. You can expect great performances from actors with strong personalities!

the power of the greats

This incredible credibility given by the combination of the original work, the director and the actors makes <Tazza> the most anticipated work of the second half of 2006 without hesitation. The best experts in each field are the best. I met the movie <Tazza>! This fall, it will show the essence of a well-made entertainment movie.

[Production Note]

Actors' effort, effort, effort to become a tazza!

Actors who had to play Tazza with excellent skills were given the task of learning the hanafuda before filming. In response, the actors underwent a very special pre-work to learn a Japanese hanafuda from former Tazza Jang Byung-yoon. It goes without saying that the training was more severe for Cho Seung-woo and Kim Hye-soo, who couldn't handle the hanafuda at all. In particular, Seung-woo Jo was the most skilled Tazza station, so he had to learn everything from basics to professional techniques, so he suffered several times. The actors' efforts to become close with the hwatu like this are beyond imagination! As a result of practicing to the point that their hands tingle and bleed like the characters in the movie, the actors' hand movements are unusual!

Gambling board, get it right!

How to reproduce the scene of the gambling board was one of the important keys to the movie <Tazza>. As professional gamblers are the main characters, most of the story takes place on the gambling board, and it was also a big concern for the production team that <Tazza> was expected to be a full-fledged gambling movie. In particular, because the film is set in the 1990s, it is different from the current gambling scene and it is also different from the cartoons set in the 1960s, so the production team had to go through more and more difficulties in verifying it. In the end, over a year of adaptation work, the production team's meticulous period research and cinematic imagination combined to create various gambling boards. It will be a different pleasure to see various gambling boards such as plastic houses, warehouses, closed rooms, and ships.

<Tazza> is on a nationwide tour!

In the movie, Goni becomes a tazza and then travels around the country to sweep the hanafate board. The production team worked hard to capture the feeling of this vivid journey. Like the cygnus in the movie, he actually traveled around the country to film. The actual movie <Tazza> is so incomplete that it is hard to count the number of set shots among the 72 episodes of filming. In this way, the number of on-location shootings is much higher than that, as well as Gyeonggi Province around Seoul, Gunsan, Iksan, Jeonju, Busan, Jinhae, and across the sea to Subic and Macau in the Philippines. In 4 months, the filming team of <Tazza> visited 15 cities!

A special appearance by the original author, painter Heo Young-man, and mountaineer Park Young-seok!

Painter Young-man Heo, the original author of the cartoon "Tazza," and his best friend, mountaineer Park Young-seok, appeared as cameos in the movie. The two made a surprise appearance as gamblers playing Hanafuda in Madam Jeong's secret room. There were concerns as rough tones and ferocious expressions were essential, but on the day of filming, the two received applause from the staff for their natural acting that was as good as professional actors. And the staff below director Choi Dong-hoon expressed their feelings of being honored to appear in the original artist Young-man Heo. Their appearance indicates that the movie <Tazza> is receiving the attention and expectation of the original author.

【 Special Info. ]

-All about Hanafuda and Seotda!-

【Hwatu (花投)】: Play with flowers or play with cards with flowers on it. There are 12 pictures representing the 12 months, 4 each, for a total of 48 pictures. It is a game that Koreans have come across at least once, and it is a representative Korean entertainment game that is played when family members begin to gather on holidays such as Chuseok and Lunar New Year. More detailed types include Gostop, Seotda, Minhwatu, Yukbaek, and Jigoting. There are divided opinions about the origin, such as the autogenous theory, the Chinese theory, and the Japanese theory, but it is not known exactly yet.

※ In the movie…? Hanafuda is a fight over flowers – Madame Jeong / Hanafuda is a sad drama – Pyeonggyeongjang

【Seotda】: A game played with 20 cards. After turning 2 cards in front of each person, the higher the rank of the combination of 2 cards, the more winning. The order follows a set genealogy, and the genealogy varies slightly from region to region and from time to time. It is not a game to win simply because the rank of the combination is high, but it is essential to read the opponent's mind and hand, as well as to have the guts to bet on the number of wins!

※ In the movie…? Seotda's World of Twenty – Pyeonggyeongjang

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