(Korean Movies) Tazza: One Eyed Jack, 2019

Tazza: One Eyed Jack, 2019

Tazza: One Eyed Jack, 2019
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'Ilchul' (Park Jung-min), the son of the legendary Tazza 'Jjak-gwi' and a high school student, is not interested in studies, but is a good poker player at the poker board. Sunrise, who falls in love with Madonna (Choi Yoo-hwa), who she accidentally found out at the poker board, is tricked by Lee Sang-moo (Yoon Je-moon), who keeps her by her side, and learns the bitter taste of poker properly. Do Il-chul, who has lost his money and lost his pride, is driven to the edge of a cliff, and an unidentified Tazza 'Aekou' (Ryu Seung-beom) appears in front of him.

Aeku, who designed a huge board with a large sum of money, gathers Tazzas from all over the country. Starting with the sunrise, the king of shuffle (Lee Kwang-soo), Yeong-mi (Lim Ji-yeon) with extraordinary acting skills, and Kwon Won-jang (Kwon Hae-hyo), a hidden expert, gathered as a 'One-Eyed Jack' team that can beat anyone. I'm jumping into a new board to change…

When you bet, you risk your life! Because it's tazza!


Korea's representative series <Tazza>!
Back to poker!

The box office hit <Tazza> series of Chuseok is back with a third story. The <Tazza> series, based on the cartoon by Heo Young-man, was loved by the audience as it thrilledly captures the world of the fierce battles of the tazzas on the battlefield. <Tazza> (5.68 million people) in 2006 and <Tazza – Hand of God> (4.1 million people) in 2014, the box office maker that decorated Chuseok splendidly, and the <Tazza> series, which has established itself as Korea's representative franchise movie, is playing poker this time. changed

<Tazza: One Eyed Jack> captures the exciting world of poker with 52 cards. <Tazza: One Eyed Jack>, a new edition, is filled with more colorful fun including a solid story, interesting characters, and changed visuals. The 'One-Eyed Jack' team of 5 people, including Tazza Aeku, who designed a huge plate that will change lives, Do Il-chul, the son of the legendary Tazza 'Jakgwi', and Tazza Magpie, Youngmi, and Kwon Wonjang gathered from all over the country by Aeku. Utilize your individuality and unite as one. The poker play of those who take one step back and one step forward for the final match arouses an exciting curiosity throughout the viewing, making the next round even more anticipated in an unpredictable situation.

<Tazza>, as Korea's representative series, has expanded the horizons of entertainment films based on its unique worldview. <Tazza: One Eyed Jack>, the third story of <Tazza>, invites the audience with a new style and solid story.

All in for a chance to change your life!
Upgraded team play of 'One Eyed Jack' team

<Tazza: One-Eyed Jack> is a masterpiece with brilliant team play. Whereas the previous <Tazza> series dealt with Japanese playing cards such as seotda and gostop, <Tazza: One Eyed Jack> is about poker. Unlike hanafets, team play is essential due to the nature of poker, which is large and light and cannot be cheated by just playing with your hands. The teamwork of the 'One Eyed Jack' team was more important than anything else, as director Kwon Oh-kwang said, "There are many moments when we play as a team, and it is interesting to create a board with different characters." Starting with Aeko, who designed the huge board, Tazza Sunrise, a newbie born with Tazza's blood, a magpie with brilliant hand skills, Yeongmi who attracts people with her excellent acting skills, and Wonjang Kwon, a hidden expert on the gambling board, come together to create a fantastic team. Under Aeku's strategy to read the flow of the board, the team is formed, the board is made, and every moment is exciting. The invincible 'One Eyed Jack' team, armed with different hand techniques and charms, fascinates the audience by performing different activities in the unpredictable world of poker.

What made this perfect ensemble possible was the actors who played the 'One Eyed Jack' team. It was a big homework for the actors to make use of the individuality of each character but make the team stand out. Those who developed chemistry at once showed the best combination to complete one scene with an ad-lib.

Park Jung-min, Ryu Seung-beom, Choi Yu-hwa, Lee Kwang-soo, Lim Ji-yeon, Kwon Hae-hyo
All the smokers are out!

Chungmuro acting tazzas came to the rescue and completed the best casting team.
Park Jung-min, who has emerged as a leading actor through numerous films, takes on the role of Do Il-chul, the son of the legendary Tazza Jjak-gwi. Do Il-chul was a rookie Tazza with natural talent, but he meets Ae-koo and enters the world of a true master. Like director Kwon Oh-gwang’s wish, “I hope it starts with a boy’s face and ends with a man’s face,” the sunrise reborn as a true tazza and the meticulous change of acting by Park Jung-min, who played the sunrise, are one of the big points to watch. Park Jung-min had to play skillfully like a poker player, so he spent about 7 months practicing until he learned how to play cards at the same time as casting. In addition, he tried to master the small gestures and atmosphere of the players by observing the broadcast of poker tournaments and works of various card materials. After watching the movie, he said, “If it’s not Park Jung-min, who else can do it? The audience will also deeply sympathize with director Kwon Oh-gwang's words, "No one else came to mind."
Ryu Seung-beom, who has both strong presence and personality, announced a welcome comeback by taking on the role of Tazza Ae-ku, who always designs only winning boards. As the 'One Eyed Jack' team is formed around the invincible Tazza Aeku, Aekoo is an important character that holds the center of the play. Ryu Seung-beom, who puts each character with a unique personality and digests it as his own, again shows a presence that arouses admiration. As soon as he appeared, he radiates an aura that dominates the screen, and his fellow actors also praised him, saying, “I was most fortunate to have met him” (Park Jung-min) and “I felt a lot of energy through the energy on the set” (Lee Kwang-soo).
Chungmuro's rising star Yoo-Hwa Choi presents a fresh image as Madonna, a woman who shakes the poker board. Her mysterious charm provides a decisive moment for the sunrise to jump into a bigger plate. Her mysterious charm, which appears on every big screen and confuses the sunrise, is maximized by Choi Yoo-hwa's new image, which still has a lot to show. You can expect Choi Yoo-hwa to take a leap forward that will captivate the hearts of the audience as Madonna, the character who “has a complex inner world that is difficult to define in one word”.
Popular actor Lee Kwang-soo is a magpie with brilliant hand skills and shows the hidden card role of <Tazza: One-Eyed Jack>. Magpie, a leader in the shuffle technique that can skillfully place the desired hand, demonstrates an indispensable presence in the team with flamboyant words as much as its unique technique. Magpie, who adds fun and humor to the right place, and his partner Yeong-mi's sparring chemistry are sure to be a vital force in the play. As the king of shuffle, Lee Kwang-soo, who said he did not let go of the card before and after filming in order to handle the card flexibly, will be amazed by the performance of the card hand technique that he did without a double.
Actress Lim Ji-yeon, who has a colorful atmosphere and color, takes on the role of Yeong-mi, who has bold hand skills and charm, and transforms into a new one. Youngmi leads the operation of the 'One Eyed Jack' team with a smile that disarms people and her extraordinary acting skills. “The director said that it would be better to just play ‘Lim Ji-yeon’ as it is. As he said, “I was able to act as I was.” Young-mi was a customized character for Lim Ji-yeon. Lim Ji-yeon, who showed perfect character digestibility as if wearing my own clothes, will be able to see more advanced acting.
Kwon Hae-hyo, a luxury actor who does not need words, adds stability to the 'One-Eyed Jack' team as Jae-Ya's hidden master, Won-Jang Kwon. Wonjang Kwon, who has a strong knowledge of gambling skills, is a strong pillar for young tazzas who are about to make new bets, and Hae-hyo Kwon's presence shines brightly. He, who said he came with the mindset of “I want to play well” with his juniors, naturally melted into the 'One Eyed Jack' team with a strong personality and showed the skill of acting Tazza accumulated over a long period of time. Everyone will be immersed in Kwon Hae-hyo's trustworthy acting.
The best acting breath of the acting tazzas playing on the screen can only be seen in <Tazza: One Eyed Jack>.


the real pro world
<Tazza: One Eyed Jack> Behind the scenes!

♠ Behind-the-scenes footage of the high-level psychological warfare presented by the tazzas! The filming team of <Tazza: One-Eyed Jack> worked hard to capture the overall atmosphere with weight by changing the sport to poker. In a poker game, a high level of psychological warfare determines victory or defeat. Director Kwon Oh-kwang had to capture the tense atmosphere with the tazzas who did not even shake their eyes on the poker board where deceit was rampant. As the director said, “Rather than scanning the colorful gambling board with the camera, I focused on expressing the tension of the moment with the actors’ facial expressions and subtle breathing.” For this, the team used an anamorphic lens. An anamorphic lens with a wide angle of view adds texture to the screen and at the same time conveys a sense of realism that allows you to focus more on the person. Unlike previous <Tazza> series, cinematographer Byeon Bong-seon uses dark colors and high-contrast lighting to capture the atmosphere of a heavy poker board, while simultaneously capturing the flowing poker play and actors' performances in a long breath. The long-breathing shooting was able to capture the real emotional changes and facial expressions of the actors who change at unexpected moments. You will be able to experience the vivid world of Tazza that is transmitted through the screen in <Tazza: One-Eyed Jack>, which does not miss the spectators' sights by maximizing the tension by using rough zoom and moving effects.

Real and real! Behind-the-scenes art that reflects reality!
Art director Bo-mook Kim took the overall art concept as a keyword with the human desire to stir the poker board. I set up dark retro-style places by using various colors, thinking that the deep stimulation of colorful colors can reflect the desires of the characters.
The most important thing for director Kwon Oh-gwang in setting the location for the film was a sense of reality, and the first result was Tulbo House. Tulbo House was a gambling board where high school student Sunrise came and went like a meal. The art director, who wanted it to feel like a space that you would find if you look around, created a set inspired by the electronics market in Yongsan. The roof was placed between the shopping mall and the shopping street to take advantage of the characteristics of the Yongsan shopping street that faced each other indoors. made The whole story of the film begins in Tulbo House, a street where high school student Sunrise is a bicycle-friendly street in Noryangjin, once popular but now alienated, but still full of human desires.
Sunrise, when he meets Ae-ku and enters the real world of Tazza, he experiences a new world in a mini-casino led by Ae-ku. If Tulbo House is a reality for Sunrise, the mini casino is an ideal place. Therefore, the mini casino was made into a large and colorful space that contrasts sharply with the Tulbo House. First, the mini casino set the light differently. Unlike the Tulbo House, where the shade lamps were lowered one by one where they were absolutely necessary, neon lights were installed according to the structure of the space to enhance the splendor of the mini casino. As a whole, the productions that make up the casino emphasized the intense and splendid feeling of light by using metallic reflectors. In addition, accessories such as a poker table made of leather and red cover leave a deep impression of this place.
Aekhu Hideout is a place where Aekku and the 'One Eyed Jack' team put great effort into creating a space where they can harmonize together. The art team was fascinated by the structural power of the iron structure and repetitive windows of the huge warehouse building in Incheon, and selected this place as a hideout. However, the task was how to fill this large space. Starting with the idea that Aeku is a character in a still time that has been kept secret for a long time, he filled the space with various vintage accessories imported from abroad. Tables, sofas, and chairs were filled with special props with traces of his hands on each table, sofa, and chair to make it feel like the most childish and comfortable space. In this place full of old space and props, the strange chemistry where the 'One Eyed Jack' team gets together for the first time will provide a different kind of pleasure to the audience.
The fish farm, which captures the climax of the film, was one of the most difficult and difficult spaces for the art team. One of the highlights of the movie is the battle that takes place in a dark and damp space far from poker. Since it's a scene where the game is closer than any other poker board, the art team made a huge set of fish farms through various design modifications. It was impossible to photograph the actual farm, and the abandoned farm couldn't contain the desired structure and scale, so a large-scale construction was carried out in an empty building in Ganghwa Island, from columns to water tanks. The poker play at its peak in the middle of the farm, which is full of wet energy and so deep that the depth is unknown, will deliver an unforgettable tension to the audience.


Poker Glossary

Poker: Players place bets by looking at their cards, and the player with the highest card combination wins.

types of poker
Seven Poker:
A game played with 7 cards
Draw Poker: A game where no one else can see your cards, no cards are shared, and you can trade some of the cards you receive.
Five Card Draw: A poker game played with five cards and without revealing any cards at all.
Lowball: A poker game in which the player with the lowest combination wins.
Badugi: A Korean-style card game similar to lowball. A poker game played with only 4 cards
Stud Poker: A game where other players can see some of their cards.
Hold'em: A poker game in which the player with the highest card combination wins by creating a card combination with 2 individual cards and 5 community cards shared by all players, revealing each other's hand.

ranking of poker
Royal Straight Flush :
10♠ J♠ Q♠ K♠ A♠
The highest ranking of poker games. Five cards arranged in order starting from A with the same pattern
Straight Flush: 1◆ 2◆ 3◆ 4◆ 5◆
Five cards arranged in lower order than A with the same glyph
Four Card – Four of a Kind : : 7♣ 7◆ 7♥ 7♠
Four cards arranged with the same number
Full House : A♠ A A♥ K♠ K
3 cards have the same number and 2 cards have the same number
Flush : K♥ 10♥ 7♥ 5♥ 3♥
5 cards with the same pattern regardless of number
Triple – Three of a kind : 5♠ 5♥ 5♣
3 cards of the same number
Two Pair : 8♣ 8♥ 4♣ 4♠
Two cards with the same number in two hands
One Pair: A◆ A♣
Two cards with the same number in one hand

poker terminology
Betting: The
process of raising the stake during a match
Call: means accepting that the player in front of you has raised your stake.
Fold = Die: to give up the game
All-in: The act of accepting a call by betting all of the assets one owns.
Push: When a draw with the dealer in casino table poker against the dealer
Ante: A basic money that is compulsory to bet at the start of the game, a kind of participation fee
Punkka = Bluffing: A strategy in which one's hand is not good but one's hand is good as if the hand is good or the bet is raised or received a call and followed.
trickster: a person who lends money to gamble at an open gambling board
Raise: The act of betting more money
Maid: The act of completing the genealogy
Blue Chip: The most valuable of the three types of chips used in poker.
Operate: The operation of pointing out a specific person on the poker board and targeting only that person to make them go all-in or become a loser
Sweep away: What you say when you win all the money
Ace: A player who is the main strength of the team
Oringnada: A word derived from all-in, running out of money at the gambling board
Jackpot: A large amount of money accumulated in poker because there is no winner or continuous burning. or winning or receiving such money
Kang: sign
Tan: A technique of replacing existing cards with pre-set cards with a fraudulent gambling technique.
Match Four: When there are not enough players to play the game, people who are acquainted come together to play
Poker Face: Do not change your expression so that your opponent cannot tell whether your hand is good or bad.
Hidden Card: The last seventh card received from Seven Cards.

type of bet
Betting on only the first stake
Check: Deferring a bet to an opponent
Quarter: Bet ¼ of the total stake so far
Dadadang: Bet half of the bet of the person in front of you
Half: Bet ½ of the total stake so far
Cole: means accepting the stake raised by the person in front of you
Die: to give up the plate

poker abbreviation
Two-Piece: Two-Pair
Artou: Ace Two Pair
KATU: King Two Pair
Rod: Triple
5 bags: 5 triple
Mulka: Nor pair
line: straight
Back line: back straight
Home: Full House
Stipple: Straight Flush

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