(Korean Movies) Alienoid, 2022

Alienoid, 2022 release 2022.07.20 genre Action/Fantasy/Sci-Fi country korea Rating Audience over 12 years old running time 142 minutes grade 7.1 cumulative audience 1067865 people box office 5th place cookie video One Synopsis “From a very long time ago, aliens have taken away their prisoners. I have been imprisoned in a human body.” As of 2022, … Read more

(Korean Movies) Hit-and-Run Squad, 2018

Hit-and-Run Squad, 2018 release 2019.01.30 genre crime/action nation Korea ranking Audience over 15 running time 133 minutes grade 6.3 cumulative audience 1827020 people Synopsis Hit and Run situations occur, Sunma is coming! Inspector Eun Si-yeon (Gong Hyo-jin) belongs to the internal affairs department, the most elite organization in the police. Siyeon, who is tightening the … Read more

(Korean Movies) START-UP, 2019

START-UP, 2019 release 2019.12.18 genre drama nation Korea ranking Audience over 15 running time 102 minutes grade 7.6 cumulative audience 3318676 people Awards 25th Chunsa International Film Festival 2020 Synopsis I hate school, I hate home, I hate studying even more. Taek-il (Park Jung-min), a rebellious child who earns 1 spike a day for his … Read more

(Korean Movies) Lovely Rivals, 2004

Lovely Rivals, 2004 release 2004.11.17 genre comedy country Korea ranking Audience over 15 running time 109 minutes grade 8.0 cumulative audience 846683 people Synopsis The whole school shakes 'Cheongbangchuk female teacher' Vs 'daringly mature elementary school student' Toss and turns, toss and turn, one win! A female teacher and a female student clash in one … Read more

(Korean Movies) The Big Swindle, 2004

The Big Swindle, 2004 release 2004.04.15 genre Crime/Thriller country Korea ranking Youth not allowed running time 116 minutes grade 8.6 cumulative audience 943241 people Awards 3rd Korea Film Awards 2004 Synopsis Brain Survival of Korea's Best 'Kuns'!! One Shot! An elaborate brain game begins. Choi Chang-hyeok (Park Shin-yang), who has been out of prison for … Read more

(Korean Movies) Sad Movie, 2005

Sad Movie, 2005 release 2005.10.20 genre Romance/Melodrama/Drama country Korea ranking Audience over 12 years old running time 108 minutes grade 8.2 cumulative audience 902077 people Synopsis A 30-year-old firefighter chooses a ring to spend the rest of his life with her beloved. A white man and a deep-seated woman who have been in love for … Read more

(Korean Movies) Intimate Strangers, 2018

Intimate Strangers, 2018 release 2018.10.31 genre Comedy/Drama country Korea ranking Audience over 15 running time 115 minutes grade 7.5 cumulative audience 5294155 people Awards 39th Korean Film Critics Association Awards 2019 cookie video One Synopsis Shall we play a game? Everyone, look at your phone. Sharing everything that comes over dinner Calls, texts, Kakao Talks, … Read more

(Korean Movies) The Spies, 2012

The Spies, 2012 release 2012.09.20 genre Drama/Comedy/Action country Korea ranking Audience over 15 running time 115 minutes grade 5.5 cumulative audience 1310895 people cookie video One Synopsis “There are 50,000 local spies in South Korea, especially infiltrating the core of power. By chance, I saw the documents on the desk in Kim Jong-il's office. The … Read more