(Korean Movie) Decibel, 2021

Decibel, 2021 release 2022.11.16 genre action nation korea Rating Ages 12+ running time 110 minutes grade 6.8 cumulative audience 901426 people cookie video One Synopsis The moment the noise gets louder, it explodes. The sound of a boiling kettle, the sound of opening a window, the sound of children laughing at the playground… Moments later, … Read more

(Korean Movies) THE NEGOTIATION, 2018

THE NEGOTIATION, 2018 release 2018.09.19 genre crime country Korea ranking Audience over 15 running time 114 minutes grade 7.0 cumulative audience 1967750 people Synopsis The best negotiator, Ha Chae-yoon, who never lost his cool under any circumstances. At the scene of emergency dispatch, both the hostage and the hostage taker die and are shocked. 10 … Read more

(Korean Movies) V.I.P., 2016

V.I.P., 2016 release 2017.08.23 genre Action/Crime/Thriller country Korea ranking Youth not allowed running time 128 minutes grade 6.1 cumulative audience 1373342 people Synopsis Kim Gwang-il (Lee Jong-suk), a VIP from North Korea, is the prime suspect in the murder case, as planned by the National Intelligence Service and the CIA. Police officer Chae-do (Kim Myung-min), … Read more

(Korean Movies) Hot Young Bloods, 2013

Hot Young Bloods, 2013 release 2014.01.22 genre Comedy/Romance/Melodrama country Korea ranking Audience over 15 running time 121 minutes grade 7.8 cumulative audience 1676040 people Synopsis “Dating these days is not even dating~~!!” Youth is naturally hot and has surplus energy! The legendary jackpot that shook Chungcheong-do in 1982! 'Young-sook' (Park Bo-young) is Iljin, a woman … Read more

(Korean Movies) The Face Reader, 2013

The Face Reader, 2013 release 2013.09.11 genre period drama country Korea ranking Audience over 15 running time 139 minutes grade 8.0 cumulative audience 9135806 people Awards 50th Baeksang Arts Awards 2014 Synopsis A man's face contains all three things in the world! A genius contemplative artist who sees through everything about that person by looking … Read more

(Korean Movies) Soar into the Sun, 2012

Soar into the Sun, 2012 release 2012.08.15 genre Action/Drama country Korea ranking Audience over 15 running time 113 minutes grade 6.9 cumulative audience 1201944 people Synopsis Tae-hoon (Jung Ji-hoon), a pilot of the Air Force special flight team 'Black Eagles', is expelled from the team while performing 'Zero Note', a prohibited flying technique at an … Read more