(Korean Movies) The City of Violence, 2006

The City of Violence, 2006 release 2006.05.25 genre Action/Drama country Korea ranking Youth not allowed running time 92 minutes grade 7.3 cumulative audience 1021638 people Awards 8th Korea Video Contest 2007 Synopsis friend is dead 2005 Onseong. Tae-soo, who was a detective in Seoul, returns to his hometown after ten years after hearing the death … Read more

(Korean Movies) Forbidden Quest, 淫亂書生, 2006

Forbidden Quest, 淫亂書生, 2006 release 2006.02.23 genre Comedy/Drama country Korea ranking Youth not allowed running time 139 minutes grade 7.5 cumulative audience 2304368 people Awards 27th Blue Dragon Film Awards 2006 cookie video One Synopsis A delightful lewd sensation by decent gents! “What a bizarre book!” Chosun's most prestigious family, making his debut as an … Read more

(Korean Movies) Death Bell, 2008

Death Bell, 2008 release 2008.08.06 genre thriller/horror country Korea ranking Audience over 15 running time 88 minutes grade 6.7 cumulative audience 1634192 people Synopsis Elite students from 1st to 20th in the entire school who are locked in school! The bloody midterm exam that started again, D-day On a Saturday, about 170 days before the … Read more

(Korean Movies) Lifting Kingkong, 2009

Lifting Kingkong, 2009 release 2009.07.01 genre Drama/Comedy country Korea ranking all spectators running time 120 minutes grade 9.4 cumulative audience 1262858 people Awards 46th Baeksang Arts Awards 2010 Synopsis With a weightlifting coach for a rural girls' middle school All they have is power, but they are made by country girls who risk their lives … Read more

(Korean Movies) Operation Chromite, 2016

Operation Chromite, 2016 release 2016.07.27 re-opening 2016.09.13 genre War country Korea ranking For audiences over 12, for audiences over 15 (re-opening) running time 110 minutes 141 minutes (Reopening) grade 5.6 cumulative audience 7051237 people Awards 37th Golden Cinematography Awards 2017 Synopsis On June 25, 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea by surprise, and Seoul was … Read more

(Korean Movies) The Beauty Inside, 2015

The Beauty Inside, 2015 release 2015.08.20 genre Romance/Melodrama country Korea ranking Audience over 12 years old running time 127 minutes grade 6.9 cumulative audience 2058205 people Awards 2nd Korean Film Writers Association Award 2015 Synopsis Men, women, children, the elderly… even foreigners! Woojin, a man who changes into a different shape every day when he … Read more

(Korean Movies) The Divine Move, 2014

The Divine Move, 2014 release 2014.07.03 genre crime/action country Korea ranking Youth not allowed running time 118 minutes grade 7.1 cumulative audience 3566852 people Awards 51st Daejong Film Festival 2014 Synopsis The game board of the gods turned into crime A number that risked your life begins! Tae-seok (Jung Woo-seong), a professional Go player, loses … Read more