(Korean Movies) TOXIC, 2022

TOXIC, 2022 release 2022.04.22 genre drama country korea Rating Audience over 12 years old running time 108 minutes grade 8.9 cumulative audience 158265 people Synopsis “I knew, people could die” A disease of death that appears in spring and disappears in summer. Their struggle to uncover the reality of the murder weapon that brought death … Read more

(Korean Movies) HONEST CANDIDATE, 2019

HONEST CANDIDATE, 2019 release 2020.02.12 genre comedy nation Korea ranking Audience over 12 years old running time 104 minutes grade 7.3 cumulative audience 1538308 Awards 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards 2021 Synopsis Up until yesterday, an honest candidate from today?! The third-term lawmaker, Joo Sang-suk, who is the easiest to lie, loses his clear ability. … Read more

(Korean Movies) The Accidental Detective, 2015

The Accidental Detective, 2015 release 2015.09.24 genre Comedy/Crime/Thriller country Korea ranking Audience over 15 running time 120 minutes grade 7.5 cumulative audience 2625686 people Synopsis “I’m not the culprit just by looking at it!” VS “What a fool with no horns pretends to know!” Power blogger Kang Dae-man (Kwon Sang-woo), who runs the nation's largest … Read more