(Korean Movies) A Bittersweet Life, 2005

A Bittersweet Life, 2005 release 2005.04.01 genre Action/Drama country Korea ranking Youth not allowed running time 120 minutes grade 8.7 cumulative audience 1112950 people Awards 42nd Baeksang Arts Awards 2006 Synopsis I thought it was the best option. However, in that moment, the whole world became an enemy. A hotel's sky lounge that floats like … Read more

(Korean Movies) Forbidden Quest, 淫亂書生, 2006

Forbidden Quest, 淫亂書生, 2006 release 2006.02.23 genre Comedy/Drama country Korea ranking Youth not allowed running time 139 minutes grade 7.5 cumulative audience 2304368 people Awards 27th Blue Dragon Film Awards 2006 cookie video One Synopsis A delightful lewd sensation by decent gents! “What a bizarre book!” Chosun's most prestigious family, making his debut as an … Read more

(Korean Movies) Proof of Innocence, 2015

Proof of Innocence, 2015 release 2016.06.16 genre crime/drama country Korea ranking Audience over 15 running time 120 minutes grade 7.6 cumulative audience 1243065 Synopsis “I’ll even take your pants off.” A refreshing shot blown by a gold spoon! Once a model police officer, now a successful broker 'Piljae' (Kim Myung-min). One day, a suspicious letter … Read more