(Korean Movies) Forbidden Dream, 2018

Forbidden Dream, 2018 release 2019.12.26 genre period drama nation Korea ranking Audience over 12 years old running time 132 minutes grade 8.3 cumulative audience 2000648 people Synopsis King Sejong, the greatest king in history Jang Yeong-sil, a genius scientist who was born as a Gwan-no and became a third-class Daehogun. They were two people who … Read more

(Korean Movies) A… Scarlet Letter, 2004

A… Scarlet Letter, 2004 release 2004.10.29 genre Romance/Melo/Thriller country Korea ranking Youth not allowed running time 119 minutes grade 5.8 cumulative audience 1030668 people Synopsis Two murders, three loves, and four endings Mismatched love… that love's stigma… Ki-hoon, a man who is not harsh on the world. As a homicide detective, he and his elegant … Read more

(Korean Movies) Forbidden Quest, 淫亂書生, 2006

Forbidden Quest, 淫亂書生, 2006 release 2006.02.23 genre Comedy/Drama country Korea ranking Youth not allowed running time 139 minutes grade 7.5 cumulative audience 2304368 people Awards 27th Blue Dragon Film Awards 2006 cookie video One Synopsis A delightful lewd sensation by decent gents! “What a bizarre book!” Chosun's most prestigious family, making his debut as an … Read more

(Korean Movies) Eye for an Eye, 2008

Eye for an Eye, 2008 release 2008.07.30 genre action country Korea ranking Audience over 15 running time 101 minutes grade 8.2 cumulative audience 2058616 people Synopsis 100% situation control, genius intelligent criminal Ahn Hyun-min A perfectly designed prelude to revenge rises! In broad daylight, 600 kg of smuggled gold bars disappear like smoke from the … Read more

(Korean Movies) White Night, 2009

White Night, 2009 release 2009.11.19 genre drama country Korea ranking Youth not allowed running time 135 minutes grade 8.1 cumulative audience 949896 people Awards The 30th Korean Film Critics Association Award 2010 Synopsis Fate has plunged them into white darkness! A man who has just been released from prison is brutally murdered. When the investigation … Read more

(Korean Movies) THE PRISON, 2016

THE PRISON, 2016 release 2017.03.23 genre crime/action country Korea ranking Youth not allowed running time 125 minutes grade 7.2 cumulative audience 2931953 Awards 38th Golden Cinematography Awards 2018 Synopsis No traces or evidence! The perfect crime starts in prison At night, prisoners go out and create perfect crimes in Korea. Ik-ho (Han Seok-gyu), who reigns … Read more

(Korean Movies) My Paparotti, 2012

My Paparotti, 2012 release 2013.03.14 genre drama country Korea ranking Audience over 15 running time 127 minutes grade 9.0 cumulative audience 1716438 people Awards 10th Jecheon International Music Film Festival 2014 Synopsis vocal genius gangster vs problem teacher Their rough ensemble begins! Sang-Jin (Han Seok-Gyu) was once a good singer, but is now a music … Read more

(Korean Movies) The Berlin File, 2012

The Berlin File, 2012 release 2013.01.30 genre Action/Drama country Korea ranking Audience over 15 running time 120 minutes grade 8.0 cumulative audience 7166688 people Awards 14th Busan Film Critics Association Award 2013 Synopsis Berlin, a doomed city with a huge international conspiracy hidden. Jeong Jin-soo, a resident of the National Intelligence Service, finds out about … Read more