(Korean Movies) Golden Slumber, 2017

Golden Slumber, 2017 release 2018.02.14 genre crime/drama country Korea ranking Audience over 15 running time 108 minutes grade 5.2 cumulative audience 1387562 people Synopsis trust no one and must survive A kind and sincere delivery driver 'Geon-woo' (Kang Dong-won). He has recently been selected as a model citizen and has become famous, but he gets … Read more

(Korean Movies) The Beauty Inside, 2015

The Beauty Inside, 2015 release 2015.08.20 genre Romance/Melodrama country Korea ranking Audience over 12 years old running time 127 minutes grade 6.9 cumulative audience 2058205 people Awards 2nd Korean Film Writers Association Award 2015 Synopsis Men, women, children, the elderly… even foreigners! Woojin, a man who changes into a different shape every day when he … Read more

(Korean Movies) Cold Eyes, 2013

Cold Eyes, 2013 release 2013.07.03 genre crime/action country Korea ranking Audience over 15 running time 119 minutes grade 7.3 cumulative audience 5509019 Awards 50th Baeksang Arts Awards 2014 Synopsis of a man without a trace Remember everything! A special organization monitoring team within the police that specializes only in monitoring crime targets. In a surveillance … Read more

(Korean Movies) Love 911, 2012

Love 911, 2012 release 2012.12.19 genre Drama/Romance/Melodrama country Korea ranking Audience over 15 running time 120 minutes grade 8.2 cumulative audience 2475797 Synopsis 'Go-su', a tough man, 'Han Hyo-joo', a woman who hits him A good day to save people, we met! Firefighter Kang Il (Ko Soo), a firefighter who sacrifices his life every day … Read more