(Korean Movies) Anchor, 2022

Anchor, 2022 release 2022.04.20 genre thriller country korea Rating Audience over 15 running time 111 minutes grade 6.0 cumulative audience 171255 Synopsis “I would be very happy if my death was reported through the mouth of anchor Jeong Se-ra.” Five minutes before the live broadcast, to ‘Sera’ (Chun Woo-hee), anchor of the broadcasting station’s signboard … Read more

(Korean Movies) I want to know your parents, 2022

I want to know your parents, 2022 release 2022.04.27 genre drama country korea Rating Audience over 15 running time 111 minutes grade 7.1 cumulative audience 416161 people Synopsis “Someone must have done something wrong. But never my son.” 'Kim Geon-woo', a student at the prestigious Haneum International Middle School Leaving a letter with the names … Read more

(Korean Movies) Waiting For Rain, 2020

Waiting For Rain, 2020 open 2021.07.26 genre Drama/Romance/Melodrama country Korea ranking all spectators running time 117 minutes grade 7.8 cumulative audience 401193 Awards 41st Golden Cinematography Awards 2021 cookie video One Synopsis “This is a story about waiting” ‘Young-ho’ (Kang Ha-neul), who was living a boring three-year life without clear dreams or goals, Reminds me … Read more

(Korean Movies) THE WAILING, 2016

THE WAILING, 2016 release 2016.05.12 genre Mystery/Thriller/Drama country Korea ranking Audience over 15 running time 156 minutes grade 7.3 cumulative audience 6879989 Awards 37th Golden Cinematography Awards 2017 Synopsis The village is turned upside down by a series of mysterious events that take place after an unfamiliar stranger appears. Police conclude tentatively as a mass … Read more