(Korean Movie) SWITCH, 2021

SWITCH, 2021

SWITCH, 2021
Ages 12+
running time
112 minutes
cumulative audience
421881 people
box office
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Overnight, life turned 180 degrees!

'Park Kang', a top 10 million actor in casting and the best known scandal maker.
I am enjoying the splendid single life,
The only thing they will hug on Christmas Eve is the trophy at the year-end awards ceremony.
He catches his only friend and clean-up professional manager 'Cho Yun', grabs a drink and catches a taxi.

The next morning, to 'Park Kang' waking up in a strange house
Two little kids I've never seen before come to my arms,
First love 'Suhyeon' who broke up for success bombarded with nagging
Isn't it about blowing the back smashing?
In addition, the manager 'Cho Yun' became a 10 million actor
He is taking the top star position he deserves…
What absurd situation is this?!

'Park Kang', whose life has turned 180 degrees, is upset.
Suddenly, I remember a word the taxi driver inadvertently gave me last night…

“If you had the opportunity to change your choice, what would you do?”


life comparison experience poles and poles

Anhamuin Top Star ↔ Extreme Job Manager
Overnight, the lives of a top star and manager change?!
Set up an extraordinary 'life switch'

The lives of two men who are close yet distant, a top star with a lot of money and no concept of work, and an extreme job manager in charge of cleaning up after him, change 180 degrees overnight. The movie <Switch>, where the imagination that everyone has probably experienced at least once becomes a reality, is looking for theaters in the new year. <Switch> is the story of a top star 'Park Kang', who is a top star who enjoys a splendid single life, an actor with 0 in the cast, a scandal maker recognized by others, and the moment his life turns 180 degrees on Christmas.

Kwon Sang-woo and Oh Jeong-se, who are close friends since their days as unknown theater actors and who will show off their tiki-taka through a love-hate relationship as top stars and managers, said about the setting of 'Life Switch', "It was fun to have a subtle feeling like looking in a mirror. You will be able to taste two flavors in one film” (Kwon Sang-woo), “A film that will allow the audience to enjoy the situation when the two characters are switched,” (Oh Jeong-se). It showed confidence and satisfaction. Lee Min-jung, who worked together, also said, “The reversal of roles between Kwon Sang-woo and Oh Jeong-se is a point to watch,” adding to the anticipation for “switch chemistry.” Director Ma Dae-yoon, who said he was interested in stories dealing with a world different from reality and a different life, said, “I actually saw friends who started acting together and one became a top star, and it was very interesting. I thought it would be fun to express the contrast between the two in a movie,” he said, revealing the background of planning <Switch>. In addition, “I focused on capturing the acting of the actors so that rich emotions can be revealed in a simple narrative. In particular, I wanted to highlight and show the ironic situation through the decalcomani-like visuals of the two actors, Kwon Sang-woo and Oh Jeong-se, wearing identical costumes.” let it

From the bizarre setting in which the lives of a gorgeous top star and a livelihood manager are reversed, to the acting and fantastic chemistry of the actors who offer extreme charm. <Switch> is scheduled to visit the audience on January 4, 2023 with novel fun and delightful laughter.

Laughter button actors
'Kwon Sang-woo', the perfect genre level, 'Oh Jeong-se', the irreplaceable 'Lee Min-jung',
Even acting prodigy 'Park So-yi & Kim Joon'!

From Kwon Sang-woo, Oh Jeong-se, and Lee Min-jung, who challenged themselves to two-color characters, to child actors Park So-yi and Kim Joon, who played the role of a hidden card. Laughter button actors who are familiar with the public and have a high affinity for them have come together in <Switch>.

[Stairway to Heaven] <Same-age Tutoring> <Cruel History> <God's Number: Demons> <Hitman> <Detective> series, as well as numerous hits such as comedy, action, drama, and melodrama. Kwon Sang-woo, an accomplished actor, took on the role of 'Park Kang', who went from being an idle top star to a livelihood manager overnight. “When I had concerns about acting, I gained confidence in actor Kwon Sang-woo’s bold appearance” (Oh Jeong-se), and “He led the scene comfortably and responsibly as if he were the head of the movie <Switch>” (Lee Min-jung). Kwon Sang-woo, who received the award, demonstrates the essence of Kwon Sang-woo's life acting by realistically portraying the heart of a man in a funny situation where his life is literally turned upside down.

<Men's Manual> <Swing Kids> <Extreme Job> [When the Camellia Blooms] [Psycho But It's Okay] [Uncle] Actor Oh Jung-se, who radiated a strong presence with perfect character digestion in each work, 'Park Kang' and 'Jo Yoon' whose life is reversed Taking on the role, Kwon Sang-woo and Kwon Sang-woo foreshadow the extreme synergy. Director Ma Dae-yoon said, “From the time I wrote the scenario, I immediately thought of actor Oh Jeong-se for the role of 'Jo Yoon'. He showed the best acting as expected.” Expectations are raised for the delightful performance of character craftsman Oh Jeong-se, who will show a reversal from a manager suffering from the aftermath of scandal maker ‘Park Kang’ to a top star with fatal charm.

On the other hand, from [Boys Over Flowers] [Smile, You], which made their names known to the public, won the newcomer award at major domestic film awards ceremonies <Cyrano; Dating Agency>, and even the national drama [I've been there once] that captivated small screens in 2020. Actress Lee Min-jung, who is loved for her colorful charm and stable acting, takes on the role of 'Soo-hyeon', who is the first love of 'Park Kang' and becomes a rising artist after studying abroad. In the changed world, she transforms into a real-life wife who has been married for 10 years. Kwon Sang-woo expressed his gratitude to Lee Min-jung, saying, "I received a lot of help when I was acting because she portrayed the role of my wife well with her easy-going charm." Here, Park So-i, a genius child actor who appeared like a comet through <Save me from evil> and <Collateral>, and Kim Joon, who monopolized viewers' love for his role as the 'universe' in [Hospital Playlist], play 'Park Kang' in the changed life of 'Park Kang'. Taking on the role of 'Rohee' and 'Roha', twin siblings who suddenly appeared in front of them, they present a cute charm and take on the culmination of steamed family chemistry, claiming to be a happy virus in the movie.

Box office switch ON Happiness index UP

Laughter + fun + empathy + emotion!
New Year's theater in 2023, following <Speed Scandal> and <Miss Granny>
The birth of a 'upside-down' happy movie!

In 2008, <Speeding Scandal>, which took first place in the box office that year, depicting the story of a popular radio DJ who turned into an idol who had a daughter and grandson overnight, and in 2014, a 70-year-old grandmother who turned into a 20-year-old flower girl for the first time in her life. <Miss Granny> has been remade overseas and has been a success worldwide. In the new year of 2023, <Switch> is expected to be overturned once again following the two works that were loved by audiences of all generations due to unexpected and extraordinary situations, friendly characters, a story in which laughter and emotions are properly harmonized, and good performances from the cast actors. ' It draws attention by predicting the birth of a happy movie.

Top star 'Park Gang' enjoys a life that lacks nothing. He chose to break up with his first love 'Suhyeon' in order to focus on his work and succeeded as an actor in the 0th place in casting. On the night of the taxi ride alone, 'Park Kang' wakes up in a strange house to the taxi driver's meaningful words, "What would you do if you had a chance to change your choice?" He lived a life that he did not choose in the past, a house where his wife, Suhyeon, and his golden children live together. <Switch>, which depicts the story of a character who finds the true meaning of life through a situation where everything changes overnight, conveys a pleasant and warm laugh while drawing deep sympathy from many people. “I think these things that we miss, make mistakes, and regret in our lives are well expressed. A work that gave me an opportunity to look back on my life” (Kwon Sang-woo), “Not only does it cause laughter with an interesting concept, but it seems to throw a certain sense of emotion and things to think about with the keyword ‘family’ towards the end of the movie.” (Oh Jeong-se), “There is a road that no one has ever been to, and it is a movie that feels like a theater of life, so many people will be able to relate to it” (Lee Min-jung). The switch> raises expectations.

Just as director Ma Dae-yoon said he wanted to convey the message that “happiness is not so far away, you can find it right in front of your eyes,” the movie <Switch> will provide a special time to the audience who have forgotten the preciousness of everyday life.


'Hospital room motive' Kwon Sang-woo & Oh Jeong-se, 'Real couple chemistry' Kwon Sang-woo & Lee Min-jung
Kwon Sang-woo, Oh Jeong-se, and Lee Min-jung boasted an unbelievably brilliant chemistry in their first acting collaboration. First of all, Kwon Sang-woo and Oh Jeong-se, who met in the hospital room as 'Orange Man' who peels oranges with their mouths and 'Orange Man' who peels oranges with their mouths in the 2018 movie <The Detective: The Beginning> are said to have many things in common, drawing attention. The two were able to show off a stronger chemistry by forming a consensus, such as not only being about a year apart in age, but also continuing their activities by going back and forth between movies and dramas without a break, and being the father of two children. On the other hand, Kwon Sang-woo and Lee Min-jung, each of whom are a couple of good actors in Korea, are said to have been close friends even in private. Kwon Sang-woo always cheerfully led the set atmosphere and thanked Lee Min-jung for portraying the image of his real-life wife. The chemistry between the two actors in the movie raises expectations.

Career top star, career manager?! Prepared Actor Oh Jung-se
As an actor who boasts a wide acting spectrum, actor Oh Jeong-se, who has already experienced roles as a manager and a top star, plays the manager 'Ki-jun' who has shared the joys and sorrows of 'Jun-oh' (Jung Kyung-ho) for a long time in the drama [Missing 9], a livelihood entertainer. >(2013) as the top Hallyu star 'Lee Seung-jae'. In particular, in <Men's Manual>, which is considered a masterpiece of Korean romantic comedy and also known as a movie that has made Oh Jung-se a fan of virtue, he has captivated numerous female fans with his bottomless bravado and devilish charm.

Virtually one-person N station?! Kwon Sang-woo's transformation is endless
Kwon Sang-woo, who became an unknown actor with 0% casting overnight from 0 million actors cast in the play, took on the role of one N in <Switch>. Including the king who acted as a top star, the people who were falsely accused and in trouble in the changed world who became unknown actors, the doctor Ahn Jung-geun shouting long for Korean independence, the new bridegroom who makes a hundred years old with a ghost, the escort warrior who goes out to protect the king, theatrical stage from above to various forms. Actor Kwon Sang-woo's character-specific acting will provide the fun of finding and comparing each character.

Lee Byung-hun, Son Heung-min, and even Yoo Jae-myung! 'Surprise~' special cast
'Surprise~' actors appear in various places in the movie and draw attention. First, veteran actress Kim Mi-kyung joined the role of the mother of 'Park Kang', who spends her life comfortably enjoying her old age, such as luxury shopping and cruise travel, and instead of aging overnight, she loses sleep at night worrying about her son. Actor Hwang Seung-eon makes a friendly appearance in the role of the Nth daughter of the charming top star 'Park Kang' and fills the play. In addition, Kim Ha-young, the representative actor of [Mysterious TV Surprise], makes a special appearance as a senior actor of 'Park Gang', and actor Lee Byung-hun and soccer player Son Heung-min are mentioned by their real names, adding realism and doubling the fun of the play.


What if you could go to a moment in your life?

kwon sang woo
Before a work that was disappointing at the box office? ^^

Oh Jeong-se
two days ago?
(Interviewer) I fell two days ago.
I want to go back and tell you to be careful hahaha

Lee Min-jung
It's university days.
Wouldn't there be more options in life?

Soi Park
I want to go back to the past and film <Switch> again.
I want to take three more

Joon Kim
I want to go to the future where I became sand.
When people die, they become sand.
I wonder how it feels when I become sand

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